A Tablescaping Mini-Haul

I haven’t been shopping for tablescaping goodies in a long time. Today is the first day I have felt like getting out since I became sick with whatever it was I had. On my first trip out into the real world, I treated myself to a visit to Marshalls. It felt so good to get out of the house and just be normal again…well, as normal as I ever get. 😉

I found some cute things for summer entertaining and I thought I would share them with you now so if you see something you like, you will hopefully still be able to find them in your local store. I also tossed in a couple of things I purchased at Marshalls right before my trip to Ohio since several folks asked about those after they appeared in the “Secret Garden Party” post.

In that post I used a galvanized tub to chill our root beer; you can see it there on the ground toward the right side of the photo.

Oleander Collection Patio Furniture by Martha Stewart


I love this piece because it has the bottle opener built right in. It was $24.99. It’s actually a good bit darker than it looks in this photo but because it was full of ice, the outside had frosted over.

Martha Stewart Oleander Collection for Outdoor Parties


The same day I purchased the tub at Marshalls, I also purchased this cute tray in two sizes. They actually had it in three sizes and I was super tempted to buy all three because they were so inexpensive and you never know what size tray you’ll need. This one is the smallest of the three.

Martha Stewart Oleander Collection for Entertaining Outdoors


Filled with ice, it was perfect for serving Watermelon Mojitos.

Watermelon Mojitos


At the very back of this photo, you’ll see the medium size of that same tray. These trays are by Cynthia Rowley and they were priced at $9.99 for the medium one and $7.99 for the small. I think the largest tray, the one I didn’t buy, was around $12.99. Kinda wishing I had bought it now since these trays are great for outdoor parties.

You can see how much bluer the root beer tub looks when it’s not frosted over. It matched the Martha Stewart Oleander furniture really well. I think I need to find another one for my son and dil, or else give ’em this one.

Metal Serveware for Outdoor Parties


I almost never buy glassware because it’s the hardest thing for me to find space to store. You just can’t stack glassware like you can plates. But I couldn’t resist these adorable wine glasses with cobalt and aqua blue fish. They were just $2.99 a stem, love that pricing!

Fish Wine Glasses for Summer


Another cute find today were these paper straws. They were $1.99 for a pack of 24.

Patriotic and Summer Beach Themed Straws


I use straws a fair amount during the summer months, so I always like to have them on hand.

Watermelon Mojitos


My favorite patterns are the crabs and anchors…

Crabs and Anchors Paper Straws


…the lobsters and red gingham. Hopefully they will hold up well when in use.

Lobster and Red Gingham Straws


So, that’s my little Marshalls Mini-Haul. These are all recent purchases, some purchased just today, so they may still be available if you have a Marshalls nearby.


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  1. Love the crab straws! Very cute.

  2. Toooo cute! Thanks for saying where you got your great stuff! I like that! Happy Summer! Cindy

  3. I love everything…but especially the trays! I am a nut for cute trays as I use them for so many thing. And straws! Yes!

  4. Love the straws. I never think of that when I go shopping!

  5. Grandmom says

    Wow what a haul – all at the same place. We have a Marshall’s but it’s 45 minutes away so I won’t be able to get there until next week. It’s worth the trip to see if they still have the fish glasses & the straws!

  6. Great finds! Thanks for sharing! Love that you tell us where you got your stuff! Looks great !

  7. This is all so cute! My husband and I have a rule that we always stop at any Marshall’s/TJ Maxx we pass by (he likes the athletic gear and I like the home stuff). It’s the best!

  8. Susan, Glad you are feeling better. Shopping for glasses/dishes always makes me feel better. I love the fishy glasses. Another use would be fishy or shell soaps in one and guest toothbrushes/toothpaste in another in a guest bath or a beach cottage bath. Also, love the straws!! The star patterned ones are my favorite. I love Marshall’ s. Unfortunately, I am now about an hour from the closest one. I think I will serve the non-alcoholic watermelon mojitos at supper club. Thanks for the recipe. I am glad you were able to visit your son, dil & grandbaby. I am sure he is adorable and handsome. Would love to see a photo, but I understand and respect your family’s privacy. Too many looney-tunes out there and I do not mean the cartoon kind. Take care, Ashley

  9. Susan, glad to see you are better and up to a shopping trip. Great finds for summer tables. I’m loving the fun red, white, and blue straws. I need to look for some!

  10. Melissa Blaseck says

    Wow girl- you did good at Marshalls. I never find cute stuff like that there. I will have to give them another try. I usually end up at Pier 1/Pottery Barn, but I have never had luck buying stuff there for only $3.00/glass.

    Anyways, I will check Marshalls again. I really like those glasses. They are so cute for the summer time.

  11. I got 8 of the fishy glasses in highball size from HomeGoods. Along with several Tommy Bahama plates which are almost, but not nearly as cute as PB’s rope plates. Wish I had come across your trays- they are perfect for summer entertaining. Excellent mini haul! #strawaddiction

  12. Great shopping Susan, love those glasses and the trays. The closest T.J. Max to us is Winners, am going that way tomorrow. The largest one is HomeSense but an hour and a half away. All these stores come under the T.J. Max umbrella, but not sure whether they stock the same things and you can bet your bottom dollar, they will be more expensive up here in Canada.

  13. Lanita Anderson says

    Great finds, Susan! I love the metal trays and the drinking straws…..the anchors are my favorite! So glad you are feeling better!

  14. Ann Butler says

    I always ponder the paper straws when I see them. I have never bought because I am afraid they would fall apart really quick. Love the red gingham, blue with white polka dots and the anchors. Those glasses are adorable! Thank you for sharing your great buys.

  15. Ahoy!! You hit the jackpot!! franki

  16. Awesome finds! They are all wonderful, but I love, love those goblets!

  17. Love the straws: patriotic ones as well as basic summer themed ones. I hope your son/dil send pics of the 4th of July party that they must be having;)

  18. Marilyn (in Ohio) says

    Just loving this post – I think I’m envious! Don’t do much (or any!) entertaining anymore, due to illnesses, & don’t have the yard that would lend itself to this kind festivity, but it surely is wonderful to dream & drool!!

  19. Seana Nightingale says

    Wow, I saw those fishy glasses several months ago in our Home Goods and had them in my cart and then thought “what in the world are you thinking?”….even with the earthquake damage , I STILL have too many glasses and nowhere to put them! I sadly had to put them back, but now that I see them again, I’m so tempted. The blessing probably is though, that they’re long gone at my store! But I am going to have to go tomorrow to look for those darling straws!

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