A Mother’s Day Table Setting

Welcome to the 193rd Tablescape Thursday!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  In honor of this special occasion, I’ve put together a table setting using  very special table “linens.”  My Mom crocheted this luncheon set back in 1956 while she awaited my arrival.

Mother's Day Table Setting


Here’s a photo of my Mom (and me) around the time she would have completed this set. Unfortunately, I never really got to know my Mom very well since she became ill when I was still small.  She never really recovered and passed away when I was a senior in college.


My sister took special care of this set for many years and passed it down to me just a few years ago.  I’m always in awe of all the work that went into making it.  I’ve crocheted, but never with such small thread.  The detail is really beautiful.

Mother's Day Table Setting


I worry that these lovely old traditions of crocheting and other beautiful needlework will  cease to exist one day.  I don’t know too many folks who still crochet.

Mother's Day Table Setting


Needlework can be so relaxing.  I used to crochet on long car rides to Washington, D.C. when we were stationed in Aberdeen, MD for Office Basic Training.  We loved visiting all the museums on the weekends.  I got a lot of crocheting done between Aberdeen and Washington.  I still have the huge throw I made during those trip and it has seen a lot of use over the years.

Mother's Day Table Setting


This china has a pretty gardenia in the center.  You can just see it in this photo below.


I love the sweet little jackets Mom crocheted for each glass.

So pretty!


I can’t imagine how long it took to make each one.


Thanks so much to Kathryn who left a comment on THIS previous post identifying the source of the pattern for this set.  I was able to find a copy on Amazon.

The Famous Puritan Crochet Book


I forgot to take a photo of the place mat so I snagged one from the table setting posted back in September 2008.  I had only been blogging for a month when that was posted.  The Puritan book actually calls this piece a place mat but that just doesn’t seem to do it justice, does it?

Mother's Day Table Setting


Mom also crocheted an oval hot plate mat and two pot holders.

Mother's Day Table Setting


I can’t begin to imagine how long it took to crochet this whole set since each piece is double sided.

Mother's Day Table Setting


Another hot plate mat…this one is round.

Mother's Day Table Setting


I placed it under the pitcher of flowers for this table setting.


One more photo of my Mom.  My sister told me the reason this photo is so creased and tattered is because my Dad carried it with him throughout World War II.


I wish the roses and lilies had opened in time.  It’s been raining and a bit chilly here the last few days, so I think that’s why they haven’t opened.  Hopefully they will open soon and I’ll snap a photo to share.


I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!  If you can’t spend it with your Mom, I know she will be with you in your heart and in your memories.


Happy Mother’s Day to mother’s everywhere!

Mother's Day Table Setting


Chargers: Horchow, 4-5 years ago
Dinner and Salad Plate:  International Glenwood, found antiquing
Flatware: Towle, King Richard
Napkins: Found antiquing
Napkin Sheaths: Local shop-The Magnolia Room
Napkin Rings: Pottery Barn, last year
Crocheted Luncheon Set: Crocheted by my Mom

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  1. Your mother’s crochet work is just exquisite. How lucky you are to have such a treasure. And how generous of you to share it with us. Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. A beautiful tribute to your mother Susan. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Susan, I remember these beautiful pieces from a previous post. Your mom was very talented with the crochet hook. These are gorgeous treasures. Love the little pansy blooms. I think it is very special that you have these for your home. Thanks for hosting each week and Happy Mother’s Day to you. ~ Sarah

  4. What a pretty table honoring your mother, Susan! I love that you featured her crocheted table set — what a work of art it is! Just think of the hours represented in all those crocheted flowers! I remember similar cozies for glasses of iced tea — very functional AND pretty!

  5. Happy Cottage Quilter says

    Susan your table is so beautiful. And what a sweet tribute to your Mom. I too lost my own Mom when I was in my 20’s. She never knew her grandchildren. Even though my mother in law lived to be 91, it’s tough to lose Moms when we are so young.

  6. This is one of muy favorite dishes of yours, Susan, and also the crochets your mom did. They are just stunning and so sweet. I love the colors….Christine

  7. Happy Mother’s Day!

  8. You never cease to amaze me with your fabulous table settings. This one is so great for Mother’s day. Love all the fun crocheted pieces for that vintage feel and the fact that your mom crocheted them is extra special. The photo your dad carried with him during WWII is priceless for more than one reason. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!

  9. Susan, I love this table you set with beautiful things from your mom. The crochet doilies, placemats and such are really very pretty. The pink china with the magnolia’s ranks as one of my favorites.. Have a very happy mother’s day and a blessed weekend.. xo marlis ps. thanks for hosting!!

  10. Kathy @ A Delightsome Life says

    Hello Susan, I set a table in tribute to my Mother too. She passed away 11 years ago and I do miss her much – there’s a lot I wish I could share about life, my children and just express one more time how much I appreciate her. You have quite a beautiful treasure there in the crocheted items for the table – I just love the feminine color! Very special! I do appreciate you being a gracious hostess! God Bless, Kathy

  11. Pam - @diy Design Fanatic says

    Those crocheted treasures are amazing. I have many similar items that my grandmother made and I can’t even imagine how long it took to make them! Thanks for hosting Susan.

  12. Happy Cottage Quilter says

    Just wanted to add that I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day. Jocelyn

  13. Chubby Chieque says

    What a great and cute tribute to your Mum, Susan. You have such a wonderful treasures not just your material things without dear Mum above all. So, take care of all the memories in heart and enjoy every moment in thoughts. Happy TS… /CC

  14. I have a carried-it-with-him-all-during-WWII photo of my mom too. Really is something to cherish, isn’t it. Love the table. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it.

  15. Nancy @ The Headmistress says

    What exquisite works of art these are; I have never seen anything like them before. I know that they are special treasures! Thank you for hosting, and Happy Mother’s Day! Nancy

  16. Susan, what treasures you have from your dear Mom! How wonderful, too, that you realize the beauty of those crocheted items and all the time that she spent in making them. I love the tablescape! Happy Mother’s Day.

  17. Laurie Tester says

    Love those crochet pieces. How wonderful to have them. You have the same silver as my mother. I’ve never known anyone else that had it. Gorgeous table!

  18. Wow, I am so thankful a reader knew this pattern. I showed this to my Mom last year. I searched everywhere. I just ordered her a copy. Susan, this table is so pretty. It is fitting for Mother’s Day. I am sorry you lost your Mother. I am sure there is some emptiness there. Thanks for hosting and I hope you enjoy these very special day.

  19. Little Bit says

    Thank you for sharing such a sweet precious table. Amazing work and time in crocheting pieces like that, wow! So I have a silly question, but is your party supposed to be links from us that are only tablescapes too?, or is it called tablescape because you share one of your lovely tablescapes with us. I would always love to participate, but don’t always have a tablescape each week, so was wanting to put some other posts on, but hesitant to do so. I’m sorry I’m being such a ditz… Anyway, thank you for hosting! Little Bit from http://www.DecorateWithaLittleBit.com

    • No, not a silly question at all. This party is supposed to just be for table settings or tea settings/tea parties, things like that. Or, something “dish/china/flatware” related would be okay, too. I just try to keep it related to dining/table settings. Now, the Metamorphosis Monday party that’s posted on Monday…it can be any type of Before and After. So if you have a project or decor idea/change or any Before and After you wish to share, that’s a great party for it. Click on the “Parties” category at the top of BNOTP and I believe I have a bit more information posted there about the parties.

  20. Hi Susan! Oh, I remember when I first saw these beautiful crocheted pieces your mother had made! What a treasure to have them now. Your table is so lovely and this is a precious tribute to your mother. Happy Mother’s Day, sweet friend, Shelia 😉

  21. AshTreeCottage says

    Susan ~ you inherited your creativity from your Mom. What beautiful pieces she crocheted. This post is such a beautiful tribute to her memory and I think it is one of the loveliest tablescapes you have created. Happy Mother’s Day to you. I am sure that your children treasure you as much as you treasure the memory of your Mom. Big Hugs, Susan and Bentley

  22. Little Miss Magpie says

    What wonderful treasures to have from your mother. Lovely story, but very sad at the same time. I bet your mom is right there with you this Mother’s Day. Thanks for hosting this lovely party every week.
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  23. Donna@Conghaile Cottage says

    What a treasure to have those momentos that your Mom made. They are GORGEOUS! I am so sorry you lost her so young, she would be so proud of you now…That is such a precious picture you have of her and her little baby Susan(LOVE IT)…AND those wrinkles in the picture of her that your Dad carried in the war are “PRICELESS”… It’s amazing how our Mom’s were so talented in so many ways… I so happy you were able to get that booklet about your Mom’s crocheted set. It’s GORGEOUS(LOVE the color too). Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and setting, Happy Mother’s Day Week to you, Hugs, Donna

  24. Coastal Cottage Dreams says

    Susan: Your tablescape is so beautiful and is a wonderful setting for Mother’s Day especially with your mother’s keepsakes. The crocheted pieces are pretty, never have seen the drink jackets, I love them….I remember my great aunt crocheting placemats and doilies. Happy Mother’s Day!

  25. It is so beautiful. So elegant and feminine. I will have to get back here to go through all the very enticing looking posts! I need a full day just at my computer!

  26. So beautiful and such a treasure that you still have those precious memories to set your table. Happy Mother’s Day! XO Cindy

  27. Barbara F says

    Susan, you do everything with such grace. This is probably one of my top three fave tables in your repertoire. The crochet pieces are just breathtaking. The skill and patience involved is mind blowing to me. I see where you inherited your flair. Happy Mother’s Day, Susan, and I am sure your mother is so proud of you. xo

  28. Fabby's Living says

    How gorgeous Susan, she was very talented and very pretty too and you look like her! Beautiful table in her honor, so sad you didn’t have her for a long healthy time. I also posted my mother and her crochet lovelies she’s made for me over the years. Wishing you a very blessed MOTHER’S DAY. FABBY

  29. Kathleen says

    I remember those beautiful placemats your mom made. What a treasure! Your table is beautiful, and I know your mom would be very proud of you. We were blessed to have them with us during our formative years. My dad died when I was a teen, but I have such wonderful memories of him and definitely feel he had a strong influence on my life. Happy Mother’s Day, Susan! I hope you get to spend it with your son! Thanks so much for hosting!

  30. What a wonderful blog. My mother was an avid knitter. I have lots of afghans and sweaters from her but nothing as unique as this. The tablescape is beautiful & the blog brought tears to my eyes. I often wonder if you have a huge house. With all these great designs where do you keep everything? Happy Mother’s Day. You obviously had a classy mother. So sorry you did not have her for long.

  31. Yvonne @ StoneGable says

    Susan, Thank you for hosting TT and sharing with all of us your sentimental tablescape and memories of your Mother! You must cherish those pretty hand crocheted linens! I can just imagine her working on these to pass the time until your arrival! Knowing who made them makes them all the more lovely! Have a happy Mother’s Day!

  32. Susan (My Place to Yours) says

    I agree with Donna: your Mom would be so proud of you now! I love that, even though separated for a time, the two of you “collaborated” this week on a lovely Mother’s Day tablescape. It’s a table of wonderful memories, and a great tribute to your Mom. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Susan.

  33. allisamazing says

    What a beautiful table and your crocheted set is amazing and such a treasure since your mom made it. Thanks for hosting!

  34. What a lovely Spring table! Happy Mother’s Day!

  35. sweet violets says

    This tablescape took my breath away!!! What a beautiful set your mother made, and it had to take longer than 9 months to complete!!! And what a precious memory…love the glass jackets, how different….and the colors are so perfect and delicate!! It looks like you’ve taken good care of this set to be passed down.

    • My sister really gets all the credit for caring for it. She passed it on down to me about four years ago. on A Mother’s Day Celebration: Welcome to the 193rd Tablescape Thursday!

  36. lulumusing says

    As time passes, I think we appreciate more and more the things our mothers left behind. I hope the same will be true for my daughters…

  37. Oh Susan, I’m sorry that your mom died so young. I know you have missed her. I love this table in a dozen different ways. Her beautiful crocheted masterpieces are just lovely to me. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! And thanks as always for hosting this fun party.

  38. Deanna Schultz says

    I love Tablescape Thursday! So many ideas. Thank you for hosting!

  39. A Cottage in the Clouds says

    What a lovely, feminine table for Mother’s Day featuring such treasured items from your Mother. Beautiful flowers, too. I have the same background and I understand.

  40. Entertaining Women says

    Somehow, I picture your mom saying a little prayer for you with each and every stitch that she took as she created this magnificent luncheon set. I can just imagine the gentle smile that crosses your face each time that you retrieve this incredibly special treasure from the linen closet….a wonderful tribute and a perfect Mother’s Day setting. Thanks again for hosting us each week and for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  41. Oh Susan, this table is so pretty, and such a loving remembrance of your mom. What beautiful work she did! Clearly, her talent was passed down to you, with all the kivekt things you do in your home. She will surely be with you on Mother’s Day. I hope the day is a wonderful one for you!

  42. Susan, this tablescape is so beautiful, it is made more so, because of the memories woven into the lovely crochet work. The flowers are gorgeous. You brought back memories of my own mother, long deceased and the things of hers which are treasures forever. Thank you for hosting this tribute to all mothers, including ourselves and some of our children who have their own special Mother’s Day.

  43. What treasures, Susan! Your mother was, obviously, a very talented woman. My daughter still has the small knitted afghan that I did, while I was “waiting” for her. Loved seeing the family pictures – thank you for sharing and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  44. How neat you still have this! Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks for hosting! Sherry

  45. Tanya@takesix says

    What a treasure to have the beautiful crocheted items that your mother crafted with her own hands. A couple of the doilies I used in my doily runner this week were handmade by my father. He loved to crochet. Your table is so pretty and feminine. Happy Mother’s Day, Susan, and thank you so much for hosting!!

  46. Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest says

    Oh Susan! Your tablescape is amazing! I am stunned at how beautiful your mother crocheted………….it is SO PRETTY! Every single piece is exquisite! What treasures! I am sorry you, too have lost your Mom. She sure would be proud of your blogging and sharing her beautiful work with so many. What a talent she had, WOW!!!! Happy Mother’s Day to you, coming up!

  47. Katie@LeBeauPaon Victorien says

    Lovely table! I think it’s so neat that you have that set…and even neater that someone found the pattern book! It looks like your mom made the whole set, too! It’s really quite beautiful and she obviously really liked to crochet and did a fabulous job.

  48. SwedishCorner-DownUnder...Pernilla says

    Wow, that is one lovely table! So sorry about your loss at an early age. Your mum would be very proud of you making such beautiful table for Mother’s Day. Thanks for hosting 🙂 Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  49. On Crooked Creek says

    Susan, Like you, I am amazed at all the crocheted pieces our Mother’s made! I have never seen placemats such as these before! Absolutely beautiful works of art! This story touched my heart and soul! Happy Mother’s Day, dear friend! Fondly, Pat

  50. Susan, What a lovely table setting. Anne

  51. Sewconsult says

    Susan, I’m sorry that you lost your mom so early in life. The things that she left behind were such beautiful reminders. As my mother is in failing health, I am grateful for every single day that she is still with us. Happy Mother’s Day. Beckie

  52. Yellow Rose Arbor says

    A beautiful tablescape and tribute to your lovely mother. The crocheted set is absolutely a work of art and labor of love! So nice you were able to find the book of instructions! Your mother is so pretty in the pictures. I also have a special picture of my mother posted. Sorry to be so late, we left at 6:30 a.m. this morning and were at Mayo Clinic all day! Thanks so much for hosting! Katherine

  53. Anonymous says

    So very beautiful. My mother crocheted every day after lunch. Most of the work she sold or gave away as gifts. She used the tiny threads and small crochet hooks. I wish I had a piece of her work. I never learned how to crochet even though I watched her work every day . Thank you for sharing . Your mother would be very proud of the work you do now. Happy Mother’s Day.

  54. classicms says

    Susan, you have given all of us a wonderful Mother’s Day gift by sharing not only a beautiful table, but a beautiful love story. Your Mother’s talent for crochet is obvious in this beautiful table set. Your Mother’s talent for creating beauty is personified in you. Each week you share your talent for creating a beautiful home with hundreds of us. Thank you. I would like to suggest that one way to both preserve and enjoy your Mother’s handiwork, would be to consider having one piece of the set, perhaps one of the potholders, professionally framed. I think it would be lovely to include in the frame a copy of the precious photograph of you and your mother. Perhaps a vertical rectangle with openings in the mat for the crocheted piece and the photo. This would allow you to safely keep one piece of the set on view, and be a daily reminder of your mother Just a thought. Happy Mother’s Day. MM

  55. Susie {a.k.a. Mrs V} says

    I adore your tablescape ♥ and thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful mother. I love that you dad carried that one photo throughout the war. So touching. Thank you, as always for hosting a fabulous party! Happy Mother’s Day♥ Susie

  56. Susan your crocheted pieces are exquisite! I too am worried that it will be a thing of the past at some point in the near future. My mother crochet many pieces like this too, but unfortunately, I don’t have any. I believe my sister might have them. Your table is just wonderful. I loved it.

  57. Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest says

    What a sweet post, Susan, of the treasured masterpieces you have from your mom. I’m wishing you a happy mother’s day. Thanks for hosting another fun, great party with lots of great blogs to visit! ~Zuni

  58. RaggedyKisses says

    Oh my goodness, I gasped when I saw this!! Your mother was a beautiful woman!! I thread crochet and make doiles, and I can certainly appreciate all the love and care she felt with each stitch! You are so very fortunate to have this lovely set and I know it is close to your heart. Thank you so much for sharing it with the world! What beauty and grace is depicts!! Happy Mothers Day!!! Annie

  59. Rettabug says

    Your Mom was Gorgeous, Susan!! You look just like her, too! What beautiful treasures she left you, done in her own hand…those are the best kind. I truly enjoyed seeing how you set the table with these pretty vintage linens. I think crochet is experiencing a resurgence with the younger gals…at least, I see lots of it on Pinterest & many of my friends are teaching their teens to work with it. Mostly for edging on blankets & socks, but it is still crochet. Thank you so much for hosting TT. I’m happy to be able to join in this week, after missing a few due to a death in the family. Its nice to see all the happy celebrations in the works! Have a Blessed & very Happy Mothers Day yourself, Honey! Hugs, Rett

  60. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    Hi Susan, what a beautiful table full of memories. I remember the first time you shared the table and the memories. I can only imagine the hours your mother must have spent crocheting all these beautiful piece. I have a few pieces Mother made as well as my Grandmother. Thanks for sharing a beautiful table full along with your memories. Thanks for hosting each week. hugs ~lynne~

  61. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says

    What a cherished treasure you have of your mom….Because of the sentiment behind this tablescape…I must say that this is one of my favorite of all tablescapes…I am sure your mom is sitting at your table thinking of the time she crocheted that gorgeous set and thinking how wonderful it is that you have done such a wonderful tribute to her…the set is magnificent…. My mom did a lot of crocheting too and I treasure each and every beautiful piece….I could never sit long enough for her to teach me…she tried many times…I would rather rearrange the furniture than to sit… Have a wonderful Mother’s Day full of cherished memories!

  62. Laura Ingalls Gunn says

    I remember seeing this set a few years ago. I am in awe of it then as I am now. How blessed you are to have something so precious. My own dear mom passed away when I was 5 and I have but a handful of memories. Wishing you a happy mothers day. I will try again next week to link up since it is not up this week.

  63. Bettsi McComb says

    Susan, thank you for sharing this beautiful heirloom. Perhaps while your mother worked on it she imagined you all grown up and enjoying it. I bet she couldn’t imagine all of us enjoying it too! This is what I love about beautiful hand crafts, they give even after the giver is gone. Happy Mother’s Day!

  64. All The Pretty Dishes says

    Susan, Your Mom was beautiful. I’m glad your sister gave you her lovely crochet work to treasure. I’m sure you miss her as much as I do my Mom. What a sweet tribute to your Mother. Randee

  65. I know Mother’s Day is bitter-sweet for you and I am so sorry for your loss. Your Mother is looking down with huge smiles on her face as she admires the lovely tablescape you created with her beautiful crocheted pieces! They are so well done and very feminine – I’m sure you treasure them. What a wonderful tribute to your dear Mother!

  66. Susan, for some reason I was unable to add another thought — it would be great if pictures of the directions could be shown as I’m sure some talented women would love to make these! They take me back to a more gracious time when life didn’t carry the heaviness so often found today.

    • Winnie, I thought about that but I’m just not sure if Puritan (if it still exists today) would care about copyright infringement…or whatever it’s called.

  67. An heirloom treasure of love. franki

  68. What a beautiful post Susan! I love when you use your mother’s lovely crocheted place setting. B ythe way there are still lots of crocheters out there. I’ve met many through my blog. It’s a popular hobby again. I’m like you I’ve never crocheted anything with thread so small. My mom passed away in 1991 so Mother’s Day is bitter sweet for me now. Sorry for the typos but it’s hard to make corrections when typing on my iPhone.

  69. The Magical Christmas Wreath Company says

    The set is unbelievably beautiful. I’m about your age and I remember having little jackets for our iced tea glasses, they functioned as coasters. This winter I pulled out an afghan that hubby’s grandmother crocheted for us in the 70’s…it is orange and in a chevron pattern! Right in style now. Several ladies at our church meet weekly to crochet together, they make lap quilts for the homebound… Hope more of us will learn/continue to crochet. Thanks for sharing this lovely post.

  70. Nann from At Nann's Table says

    Susan I am SO touched by your post about your wonderful mother, her crocheting and your beautiful table. It brought back so MANY memories of my own wonderful mother although she did not crochet. But I have many of her wonderful things that she used including a tablecloth, china and crystal and I absolutely cherish them. I have shown them on some of my blog posts. THANKYOU for sharing this. As I said before it truly has touched my heart. Nann atnannstable.blogspot.com

  71. Nicole Day says

    What a beautiful table (as always) and sweet post. The crochet set that your mother made is so delicate and pretty – I can imagine the comfort and satisfaction she felt as she created them and once they were complete. A priceless heirloom! I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  72. Beautiful table and the amount of work that went into your mother’s set is mindboggling!!!! It is so gorgeous and the colors are still wonderful and fresh for today’s tablescaping! Happy Mother’s Day to you!!!!

  73. Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) says

    Happy Mother’s Day, Susan. What a lovely set, made with love by your Mom. Your sister did a wonderful job keeping it safe and pristine all of those years. I’m sorry to hear about your Mom’s illness… She was a beautiful woman and I’m sure she is smiling down from heaven, looking at your beautiful tablescape honoring her. Best, Gloria

  74. Decoratopia says

    That set is so gorgeous! What a great family heirloom from your mom. I used to crochet; if I still knew how, I’d order that book and attempt to make that beautiful set!

  75. Anonymous says

    FYI Crocheting is alive and well!! I am a crocheter and am in several groups with fellow crocheters. One group has over 300 members 🙂 My three year old granddaughter has already asked me to teach her how!! Yarn work is making its way back into colleges as well. Your mom was a very talented crocheter and I enjoyed viewing her work.

  76. Your Mother’s crochet work is so delicate and lovely, Susan! I am so happy you have the set as a remembrance. xoxo Karena Art by Karena

  77. Phyllis @Around the House says

    I love this setting…wish I could make those…so beautiful …your mom is also so beautiful…I think it is so amazing someone knew the pattern and you found it…wow who would believe it…come on over and see y Women’s Day Mag. spread sooo cool…phyllis

  78. Your crochet set your Mother made is just stunning. I have never seen anything like it and I’m sure it must be a very special treasure for you. Just absolutely beautiful.

  79. Thanks so much for sharing this. I stumbled across it a few weeks ago and immediately went on Amazon and ordered the book. Since then I have made several of the “cup holders”. Everyone who sees them, loves them and I have already given some as gifts. I have made a set of four (so far) to go with my “newest” antique find – Poppytrail sculptured daisy dishes – which I was inspired to look for after looking through your tablescapes. These go so perfectly with my newly redone kitchen/dining – it’s a butter yellow on the bottom half of the wall and moonlit white on the top and I had already decided to use daisies during the summer as an accent! Anyway, I made the cup holders with the yellow bottom, white flowers and green centers. Love them… BTW, it takes me about 2 hrs to make one cup holder. Thanks again for the wonderful idea.

    • Betty, those sound beautiful! I love that color combination and I bet it’s wonderful with the Poppytrail Sculptured Daisy dishes. Wow, 2 hours…so a set of four is about 8 hours of work. You could probably make them in your sleep now, I bet. 🙂 I do think they are beautiful! So glad someone is still crocheting…it’s becoming a lost talent/skill. Glad you were able to find the book!

  80. pam ~ crumptey cottage says

    Susan, what a treasure to have that artwork from your mother! I agree, so much detail. And it is still in beautiful condition.

    I haven’t crocheted in decades and recently began again. It’s been so much fun! Now, with the advent of youtube, it is so easy to go online and learn a new pattern. I can remember doing it as your mom did, having to read the instructions from a magazine. Now you can just crochet along with the experts and pause the video if you need to catch up. I’ve made a couple of baby blankets and hats for expectant mothers and now want to make some larger things, like afghans. It’s very relaxing as well as rewarding, seeing your work come to something useful. And in your mom’s case, something pretty. I’m glad you have something from your mom. 🙂 It really makes that table even more special.

  81. Susan, I, too, lost my mother fairly early and know how dear things are to me, as your crocheted pieces are to you. They are just exquisite! This table is so lovely. I have this pattern that I have pieced together over the years. Do you have actual salad plates for it? I have dessert plates, which are 6″ in diameter, but have not been able to find 8″ salad plates. I use white ones. I have the soup and berry bowls and bread and butter plates, but no salad plates. Please put my mind at ease or spur me on to keep looking for salad plates!

    • Thanks, Martha! I just measured one of the plates and it’s almost 7 1/2 inches wide. It measure 7 3/8 exactly. Not sure if it was meant to be a salad plates or dessert, but I think I’d use for either one. It couldn’t hold a big salad but it could hold a small one. Hope that helps.

    • Oh, and on the back it says: “International D.S. Co., Alliance, Ohio, Glenwood.” Glenwood is the pattern name.

  82. What A Beautiful Post You’ve Shared With Us!
    My heart has been touched deeply in reading it.
    Wishing you a Super Grand Mother’s Day this year!

  83. This brought tears to my eyes. I miss my mom and grandmothers so much and this is such a beautiful tribute. This one should be shared every Mother’s Day! My grandmothers were both crochet experts. They put edgings on towels and face cloths and pillow cases. They made quite a few tablecloths too. So much work went into your mom’s table pieces. I am so glad your sister saved them for you. The table you created is beautiful and I love the bouquet.

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