A Ride Up-Down Monte Solaro & An Impromptu Performance

My main computer, the one I use every day, is currently at the computer doctor being worked on. While it’s away, I thought I’d share a video I made back when I was visiting the Isle of Capri.

Most Beautiful Isle of Capri, Italy


While visiting Capri, I did a little shopping inside Carthusia where I purchased two small bottles of perfume.

Carthusia I Profumi di Capri, Antica Officina Del Profumo_wm


The island of Capri has two towns, Capri and Anacapri. One of the interesting things I learned while visiting Capri is that it isn’t pronounced the way most of usually say it. It isn’t pronounced the way we say capri pants. The emphasis is actually on the first syllable, not the second. The best thing I can compare it to is the way we say the word, copper. It’s kind of like that, but of course, ends in a “pri” sound, not a “per” sound.

Our guide blamed our mispronunciation on a famous movie star (forgotten which one) who visited the Isle of Capri many years ago and insisted on pronouncing it the way we say the pants, instead of the correct way.  Have you ever heard that?

Isle of Capri


Next I headed over to Anacapri where I rode a chairlift to the top of Monte Solaro. It was a bit scary riding in that tiny little chair dangling high above the ground.  There’s my beloved, waterproof Teva boots that kept my feet warm and dry through all the rainy days in Italy.

Riding up Mounte Solaro on Anacapri, Isle of Capri


The 12-minute ride up Monte Solaro was beautiful. The hillside was rich and green. I loved seeing this little hillside garden on the way up and again coming back down. There was a orange kitty walking through the garden on the return trip back down.

Garden, Anacapri


I made a video of some of the ride going up and some of it coming back down. As mentioned, it’s 12 minutes each way, but in this video I’m sharing 2 minutes going up and around 3 minutes coming back down.

I need to create a post and share the views from the top. Though it was super cloudy, it was still beautiful. Oh, that area you’ll see beyond the land is the Bay of Naples. In the original video, you can see the movement of the waves, but for some reason once the video was loaded to YouTube, it just all looks cloudy and misty instead of like waves.

To ride with me to the top and back down again, click here: Ride to the top of Monte Solaro, or click on the photo below. Early in the ride, I passed some of the folks I met while on this 17 day trip, so you’ll see them waving and saying “Hi” in the beginning of the video.

Note: On the ride back down, you’ll periodically hear singing behind the music I added to the video. A guy, actually I think two guys, burst into song on the way down. I think the view was just so beautiful, they couldn’t help themselves.


Hear Singing in this Video 🙂

If you want to hear the guys singing without any added music, you can listen to just the ride down here: Ride Down From Monte Solaro.  The singing starts around the 1.15 minute mark. Be sure and watch the first video linked above to see some of the scenery going up.

It made my day hearing the two guys somewhere behind me singing, so I had to upload that video separately so you could hear it, too. One of the guys sings off and on and you can hear him almost to the end of that video. You can also see the ocean waves out in the Bay of Naples in that video, too. For some reason that video turned out to be a bit clearer.

Isle of Capri


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  1. What was at the top? What did it look like? Do you get off and walk around to see sights?

    • There was a big flat area and a small cafe/shop where you could sit and have coffee to warm up, which I definitely needed. It was cold up there! Yep, you do get off and walk around…highly recommend it if you go there sometime. I took some pictures of the view, just need to find time to go through them all…will do that soon. I’m on a mission to get through all the photos I’ve taken on various trips.

  2. Susan, I enjoyed your video. It brought back our ride to Anacapri in 2010. I couldn’t believe the small gardens and vineyards planted on the rugged rocky and steep terrain. We had a beautiful blue-sky day when we were on Capri and the water was gorgeous. We ate one of the best pizzas in Capri in a small cafe with a gorgeous view! We love Italy and Venice is my favorite , I have been twice and hope to go back! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful Wednesday! Pam @ Everyday Living

    • I know, I was amazed by that, too. I wish we had a beautiful blue sky, it rained tons while I was in Italy. Don’t recommend October for travel to Italy. What month were you there, Pam?

  3. I’m jealous of your visit to Carthusia. I am a fragrance addict and my dream trip would involve visiting a lot of petfume houses or the actual places where the plants are grown. I’m afraid of heights: your chair lift looks a little scary!

    • Cynthia, you would have seriously loved it! The walls were covered in photos of the movie stars that used to vacation in Capri and shopped there. I wonder if any celebrities go there now. There are so many tourists visiting there now, they would probably be besieged if they did.

  4. How fun! I enjoyed the ride both up and down and the singing too!

  5. Such a gorgeous place! I rode the chairlift to the top when I visited there too but I thought the bus ride along the cliffs was even scarier. I thought for sure we were going to crash! Your photos are beautiful. Such an amazing view!

    • Shelley, I was just looking through my photos and came across some pics I took from the bus window and you’re right. We were right along the edge of that rail…and it is terrifying! One wrong move and you are off the cliff! It was like that riding to Positano, too! lol

  6. Oh, Susan, what a nice way to start my day: pretending I was on a chair lift in Italy, enjoying the sights. Thank you for taking the time to share this. Beautiful sights! And I LOVED the singing! Rosie

  7. Thanks for sharing your fun memories of Capri. Hubby and I spent a week there the last time we did an Italy trip. We absolutely loved everything about Capri–the food, shopping, hikes, Roman Empire antiquities, beautiful views–it was all perfection. Have a great day! Elena

    • Oh, wish we had much longer…a week sounds wonderful, Elena. Did you see any celebs during that time? I wonder if they still go there.

  8. Super views, but the singing–how unexpected but so fitting. What a experience! This and the canal ride recently were both so much fun, but I needed some hot beverage after:)

    • lol I needed a hot beverage during! Maybe even one that was a little doctored up to deal with the height and the cold. 😉 The singing blew me away, it’s one of those moments I’ll never forget. I was sad when he stopped because he really had a nice voice.

  9. Linda Page says

    Oh, how fun! I loved the ride up and down. It was beautiful even though overcast. And how wonderful to have someone burst into song and have a good voice! So serendiptous!!

  10. Loved Capri. I learned of the correct pronunciation from my very Italian cousin-in-law, before we went. We rode up on a Funicular and it was a beautiful sunny day, and I remember lemons being everywhere. I just dug out a tile I bought there to put it back out on display…. thanks for jogging my memory!

    • I saw a few lemons but mostly saw olives on our trip. Did you try the limoncello, Bernie? I tried it one time and it is strong! That stuff will definitely grow hair on your chest! 😉

      • I didnt try the Lemoncello there, but I have had it. You’re right, it is very strong and a bit of an aquired taste. I would eat raw lemons if it didnt do a number on tooth enamel!

  11. Beautiful

  12. Marlene Stephenson says

    Thanks Susan, looked like fun and beautiful.

  13. Hi Susan! I have been enjoying your blogs. Very interesting and varied. It was great enjoying The Netherlands and Belgium with you. We were so lucky to have the perfect weather at the perfect time at Glorious Keukenhof Gardens. You have had a lot of energy to have done so much painting etc. since you got home from our delightful river cruise. Right now I am on the train to Virginia to celebrate my youngest grandson’s graduation from Christopher Newport U. We have had no rain since we got home!

    • Hi Dorothy! We really were so lucky that the weather turned out so beautifully for us. I had a bit of a disaster with my camera…the lens was covered in something, I don’t know what, so a lot of the photos I took are badly out of focus. Thankfully I took a few with my cell phone. I can’t believe we finally got good weather and my lens was a mess and I didn’t know it. Bad luck, that was.
      Enjoy your grandson’s graduation and the train ride. 🙂

  14. Cyndi Raines says

    Awesome Susan. I think even I who am afraid of heights would have pushed myself to be able to see those views – just beautiful. And the singing – how fitting! Thanks for the ride!

  15. Luv’d it!! That’s how we started with our Limoncello … now we make it ourselves!! franki

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