How I Avoided Air-Sickness During My Helicopter Tour, + 4 Products I Use & Love

Recently on THIS post, Linda left a comment asking about a product I had mentioned a few years ago–my battery storage/organizer. I purchased this organizer below after reading a news article about a guy who had been storing “dead” batteries in a bag in his garage until he could take them for recycling. Apparently, some of the batteries were not completely dead, so when the tips touched they sparked a fire that burned his whole house down! What?!!!

I kinda freaked out when I read that because I was just storing my batteries in a plastic, zip-lock bag. I immediately sought out a better way to store them and found this organizer that I’ve been using ever since. I liked it so much, I bought one for my son and dil, as well. Who knew batteries could be so dangerous!

The organizer can be hung on the wall, but I just keep mine in a drawer here in my home office. The one I purchased is no longer available but I found two others that are very similar to the one I have. They even have a battery tester like mine, so you can test to see if a battery is dead before disposing of it. The two that are similar to mine are available HERE and HERE.


Anti-Nausea Bands

Many years ago when I was in college and taking flying lessons, the only time I ever felt nauseated flying in a small plane was when it was super hot and windy and I wasn’t the one behind the controls. For some reason, being the passenger during a very hot and bumpy airplane ride equaled nausea for me. On those really hot days, my instructor would let me get behind the controls early in the lesson before the nausea got too out of hand.

Not sure why I never felt sick when I was the one flying the plane on those hot days. Maybe when you’re having to focus it stabilizes that part of the brain or inner ear that gets discombobulated and leads to nausea.



Anyway, before I took off with Blue Hawaiian for a helicopter tour of Maui, I was more than a little worried about getting nauseated. It was a very hot day and I was wearing black jeans and a dark shirt as they had suggested when I booked the tour. I was told that light-colored clothing reflects in the windows and makes picture taking much more difficult.

Long story short, I was roasting for the entire flight! I was sitting in the back and I guess the A/C just wasn’t making it back that far. If I had been in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt, I would have been much, much cooler. Tip: If you ever take one of the helicopter tours, don’t wear long pants and a long shirt!



Thankfully, I had purchased a set of Sea-bands anticipating the heat and the bumpy ride might be an issue. When I first arrived for the tour, I asked one of the ladies behind the booking desk if the Sea-bands they had out for sale really worked. They had them available on a sales rack along with Dramamine, postcards, magnets and other goodies. Without hesitating, she said, “Yes, they do!” They were inexpensive so I decided to give them a try.

I put them on before we ever took off and I fully believe if I had not been wearing these, I would have gotten very sick during the tour. I probably would have had to use one of those “air-comfort” bags (YUCK!) that our pilot pointed out to us when we first got on board. As it was, I only had a little queasiness which was a miracle because I was burning up in my long jeans and 3/4 length-sleeve top and the ride was super bumpy at times. I am a true believer in Sea-bands now! I will never travel without them now that I’ve seen how well they work.

If you have any trips planned where you’ll be riding on super curvy roads like along the Amalfi coast in Italy or through the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, or on the road to Hana in Maui–or taking a helicopter tour, I can definitely recommend wearing Sea-bands. The info that came with my set said they also work great for sea-sickness on cruises, and even help with morning sickness.

Tip: It’s very important to read the information that comes with the bands because it shows exactly where to position them on your wrists to ensure they will work properly. You’ll find them available here: Sea-band.


An Extra Hand When Doing Yard Work

A few weeks back I was working out in the yard pulling tons of weeds. I still need to get back out there and finish up what I started. I kept wishing I had something to hold up the bag into which I was throwing all the weeds. As soon as I came in I Googled and found this. It had awesome reviews so I ordered one. I haven’t used it, yet–but will the next time I am out working in the yard. You can read the reviews and more info about it here: Bag Supporter.


The Yeti Love Continues

A couple of weeks ago I shared how much I was enjoying the two Yeti Tumblers I had purchased. I liked them so much, I ended up ordering a third one in bright pink.

Yeti Tumbler, Aqua and White


I’m obsessed with these things! I’m drinking so much more water now, which is a good thing. Every morning I fill them all up with ice and water and bring them upstairs to my desk. I go through all of them in the morning and usually refill them mid-day. I love how they keep drinks cold (or hot) and I love that they don’t sweat and make a mess on my desk.

I recently added a larger one to my collection, thought it would be great for those long trips I occasionally make to see family in Ohio. I’ve also been using it when I’m out running errands during the day. It keeps me from going through the McDonalds drive-thru for a Coke. Well, most of the time. 😉

You’ll find this larger size that I last purchased here: Yeti Tumbler with Slide Closure.


Can’t Believe This 6-ring Key Holder Doesn’t Cost More

About a month ago I ordered a Louis Vuitton 6-ring key holder after hearing rave reviews about it from several YouTubers I follow. I’ve never purchased anything from LV and was curious to try one of their products. Also, I needed a better way to carry keys in my handbag since I was worried the sharp edges of the keys would damage my leather wallet and/or the inside of my bag.

While I was waiting on the LV key holder to arrive, I ordered a very inexpensive leather key holder I found here: 6-ring Key Holder. It had great reviews and I figured it would work fine until the other one arrived. By the time the LV key holder arrived, I had fallen in love with this one and hated to stop using it.

This one below comes in a lot of different colors and the leather is unbelievably soft. It actually feels much nicer than the LV key holder which is a coated canvas, I believe. I really like the one key thingy that sticks out from the top. It gives you a place to keep a key (like a car key) that you may need to access more frequently. Also, it has a little valet key ring down in the corner, so when you need to valet park you can just pop the valet key off without having to part with all your keys. Love that!

Honestly, I think this one is designed better than the expensive Louis Vuitton, 6-ring key holder and the leather feels wonderful. I’m really surprised it doesn’t cost a lot more! If you’re in need of key holder that will keep your keys from damaging the inside of your handbag or other items inside your bag, I can definitely recommend this one. Again, it’s available here in a lot of different colors: 6-ring Key Holder.


I’ve just started a new puzzle this weekend. It’s been several months since I worked on one. Can you tell where my head is these days? 🙂  (Puzzle is available here: Puzzle.)

Have a wonderful weekend, dear Friends!

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  1. The Sea Bands work wonders on Vertigo too. I’ve had this 3 times and it’s terrible. If you have never had it please read up on it and pray you never get it. But these Bands do help !
    Glad they worked for you and you didn’t get sick !

    • That’s good to know! I have a friend who suffers with that. I wonder if she knows about these. Yeah, me too…that would have been sooo embarrassing! lol Early in the flight, I wondered why our pilot kept asking me if I was okay. Maybe he saw the bands on my arms. lol

    • Do the bands work after vertigo hits, or do you have to know to use them before it starts? Thanks!

      • I’m not sure since I had mine on before we took off. Seems like in the reviews online, I think I read one where the person wasn’t wearing the bands, then put them on and felt better. It’s been a while since I read the reviews, but check those out because I’m pretty sure I read one that said that. So I think they do help even if it has started.

  2. All great tips, Susan. I’m going to get a battery organizer for my husband. We store them in the AC controlled house, but a great way to keep them organized to see immediately what we have. I’ve used the Sea Bands, and yes was happy I had them! As for Yeti, I don’t have any of their products, but they are an Austin homegrown company. Their products are very popular here! Here’s to a patriotic summer on a porch by the sea!!!

    • You just don’t want to let the tips of the batteries touch each other, especially the 9-volt type. That was the kind that caught on fire in the article I read.
      There must really be something to “pressure points” etc… because they definitely helped me, too.
      Oh, cool! Love that they are American made!

  3. Great tips, Susan! My ex was a corporate pilot and the hottest I’ve ever been was in a small plane in the middle of summer! Glad you didn’t get sick in the helicopter!

    • Ugh, they can be miserable! Before I started taking flying lessons, I went up in a Cessna 150 with a guy who had just recently gotten his pilot’s license. It was in the afternoon and miserable hot. I got deathly sick but somehow managed to not throw up. I would have died of embarrassment since he was a really cute guy. 🙂 The other time I did get sick was flying from the Kenyan bush on a tiny plane back to Nairobi. I really needed those bands on that ride! I don’t know why I’m so prone to airsickness when I get overheated, but it’s the pits!

  4. Strike up the bands!! I’m off to order!! Have a wonderful weekend!! franki

  5. Donna zoltanski says

    You look so cute at the airplane. Priceless pic. I guess I will buy a yeti. I too need to drink more water.

    • Aww, thanks! That was taken the first time I soloed. It’s an ancient polaroid photo so it’s looks really dark though it was a sunny day.
      Hope you like it, Donna…I love all mine!

  6. Anne Shaheen says

    What would I do without your posts!? You introduce me to so many things I think about, but don’t take the time to research! My fav are your Talbot posts, and I have purchased numerous items from them online.

    • Thanks, Anne! My scallop shorts came yesterday, I had ordered two more pairs. I was afraid they would quit making them and I love them! I have 4 white pairs now, that should get me through several summers. 🙂

  7. Hi Susan.
    About the bag holder. Why not this one?

    It can be used in more that one way – to hold yard clippings. It is cuter, cheaper, and you can always use a liner to keep it clean.

  8. We took that helicopter ride when we were in Maui and surprisingly I didn’t get nauseous, but we also did a paraglide tour and I actually threw up a little on that one. Not fun! In August we are taking a yacht cruise in Croatia and I actually have a doctors appt in July for some seasick meds. Although they say it’s very calm I’m not taking any chances. With that said, I’m going to get some of those bands. We are also going to Sicily and taking a ‘Godfather Tour’ along hilly and curvy terrain, but I’ll be driving so should be fine. It’s funny how that works isn’t it? If I sit in the back on a long trip I almost always start to feel queasy, but in the front I’m ok. You’re probably on to something with that explanation of yours.

    • Ugh, there’s nothing like air-sickness, Doreen! I sympathize!
      Yeah, it’s so weird how when you’re doing the driving and concentrating, you don’t get sick. I’ve read about what causes it, it was something about what you’re seeing with your eyes not meshing or matching up with what your inner ear thinks is actually going on. They say to try and focus on something outside the window, but that never seems to help me. It would be awesome if the bands worked and you didn’t need the medicine, but you are smart to take it with you.

  9. Susan, I was wondering if you still fly occasionally? Your posts are always so interesting!

    • Thanks, Karen! Not anymore. I loved it when I was taking lessons and did get to solo several times, but I met my future husband during that time and between going to college full-time, working part-time at a vet’s office and planning a wedding, I didn’t have time for the lessons anymore. I still love it, though! 🙂

  10. C. Flanigan says

    Always such good suggestions,Susan. Thinking those battery storage cases would make great Christmas gifts for my husband and sons. Wow, that is a lot of Yeti cups. I have one and love it.

    • lol I know, I think I have all the ones I want now. I even bought one of the little short squatty ones that they say is great for ice cream or bourbon. lol You can scoop ice cream into it and take it anywhere and it doesn’t melt. I tried it and it worked…the ice cream I mean, not the bourbon. 😉

  11. I had no idea there was such a thing as a battery organizer!! I ordered one today but i got one a little smaller (holds 93) but has a cover on it. I also ordered some of the Hint water to try. Artificial sweeteners make my Fibromyalgia symptoms much worse and i have a hard time finding no calorie drinks. Thanks for a great post!!

    • Michele, let me know what you think about it, I love it! I can see how it would definitely make Fibromyalgia a lot worse. I can’t even chew gum with artificial sweeteners in it without having joint pain, so I avoid it all. It took me a while to figure out what was causing it. Diet sodas really get it going!

      • I love Hint water also. I can’t use anything with artificial sweeteners, so this is wonderful. I have several favorite “flavors.”

  12. I’m glad the sea bands worked for you, but I never had any luck with them. I tried meds once on a cruise and slept through the cruise LOL. What works for me is ginger capsules from a health food store. I get queasy on cruise ships as soon as they leave the harbor, but if I take 4-5 ginger capsules I’m good and the queasiness never comes back. (Probably more than I need, but I’m not taking any chances). My breath may smell like I have been eating ginger snaps, but I am awake and enjoying the cruise.

    • Carillon, so glad that works for you! That’s great!
      In case you ever need it, they now make Non-drowsy Dramamine. I took some with me when I went to Italy and took one when I went on the Amalfi coast part of the tour. It didn’t make me sleepy and seemed to work. If I ever go back, I’ll take it along with me in case, but I don’t think I’ll need it now that I have the bands.

  13. Rhonda Ysusi says

    Hi, I always look forward to your posts! I was wondering if you’re still using your Peloton? Your postings were one of the reasons I bought mine and I love it! If you’re still using yours, it would be great to get an update post. I personally really enjoy Christine’s classes and I now find having followers and following other riders makes the Peloton experience even more fun. I’m #cambriacyclist

    • I do, but I mostly do the scenic rides and not the classes. My dil rides her’s daily and does nothing but classes. I should take another class because I’ve heard that they changed up the music on some of them. I didn’t always like the music. I think I’ll do that tomorrow, take a class again. What’s your favorite instructor now?

  14. I tried sea bands for severe morning sickness (lasted all day for five long months). It did not stop it but definitely helped. Highly recommend them. Wonderful to find things that help when you can’t or won’t take drugs to help. No side effects either.

  15. Susan, as I have an inner ear disorder (Meniere’s Disease) that Vertigo Attacks (violent dizziness) can be triggered by certain motions, I use the Sea Bands all the time and found they immensely help. i.e: In my case; when flying, if on a cruise or even on long auto trips.
    As for storage of batteries, also be aware that button batteries if touching can also produce a good amount of heat as like yourself, I once put quite a number of them (from my Xmas Tea Lights) into a sandwich baggy and prior to packing them away, thankfully noticed it. So lesson learned. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Thanks for tip on the flavoured water.

    • I have a friend who has that and she went through so much trying to get it resolved. So sorry you deal with that, Brenda! That’s awesome that the Sea-Bands have helped!
      That’s good to know about the button batteries. The battery organizer I have has little individual slots for those type batteries. Right now I just have mine inside their original packaging since I have opened them. You can see them stuck down sideways in the photo of my battery organizer.
      I’m sooo glad you noticed them heating up, that’s so scary! I did not know all this about batteries until a few years ago. Scares me to think about that now!

  16. I was with a customer and he made a strange face started pulling everything out of his pocket. He had “dead” batteries in his pocket that he was looking for replacements for. They made contact and got really hot. I never put dead batteries in the trash together

    • That is wild! That would definitely get your attention! Yeah, I don’t either. When I have to replace batteries in something, I throw each battery I removed into a different trash can in the house, so they can’t touch. I think I’m going to start putting a piece of thick tape over the ends, for extra assurance. I saw that done in one of the videos about how batteries start fires.

  17. Cyndi Raines says

    I ordered the battery holder after reading the post when you ordered yours and we really like it, everything in it’s own place. Will tell my sister about the bands as she still deals with a bit of dizziness upon getting out of bed some mornings as a result of a terrible case of Vertigo almost 2 years ago. Hopefully this will help. Thanks Susan! P.s. I agree air sickness is horrible and have had my miserable share of it when flying over the Rockies in the afternoon. At times can be quite turbulent, ugh.

    • Wow, vertigo sounds awful. I hope the bands help her, Cyndi!
      Ugh, mountains ranges are the worse. Whenever I have to fly to CA, it’s always so bumpy when we get out over of the Rockies.

  18. Have you discovered the Sort & Go puzzle pieces sorter tray set? The set includes 6 stacking sorter trays. I got one recently and love it (also gave one to a friend). Amazon has them for under $10.

  19. Yeti I like it but it leaks. I have written the company about it , No response.
    I use a straw to avoid drippage in myself.
    Batteries …sparking a fire . I ve never heard such a thing. Would like to know all details about this happening.
    I have founf many natural flavored waters at the grocery store. All good and many on sale. ICE is one of my favorites.

  20. Oh my goodness…what a timely blog entry for me! I recently started being nauseated when we go bird watching and I am looking around, rather quickly, to see the birds. Yesterday was hot and windy and I felt sick almost immediately, came home and slept for 2 hours….pretty much shot the day! I am SOOOOO trying the seabands….thank you for sharing that info!

    • Oh, wow…I love bird watching! I hope it helps, Rosie! Let me know if it works for you, too. Heat definitely makes it much worse for me, I’m usually okay if it’s not super hot. It’s something about the combination of the heat and the movement that gets me every time. Make sure you stay really hydrated when you’re out bird watching. Hope the bands help!

      • Thanks Susan, I will let you know. This is a new thing for me…it is the quick turning of my head to look, I think, and yes, heat makes it worse. I will try drinking more water too. Trouble is, when you are out in the middle of this particular 7 mile drive, there are no…..’rest stops’….. LOL

        • @ Rosie: An easy test to confirm if your symptoms is that of Positional Vertigo (BPPV see footnote) ; lay down in a horizontal position flat on your back and turn your head to the right then to the left. In event either position causes dizziness then it is an inner ear problem that often can be easily rectified by doing a few consecutive repetitions of the Epley Maneuver. (Information can be found on the internet). *Note: This is not a cure as symptoms can periodically return (so in your case you may wish to test and do the maneuver prior to a bird watching session). Hope it helps. -Brenda-
          Footnote: BPPV = Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo triggered by certain postures or movements. i.e.: Tilting or positioning of the head left or right, forward or backwards.

          • Thanks Mrsben…. I will read the articles on the Epely Maneuver in more detail…I looked them over and hope that it can provide some relief! I wonder if part of the problem is looking thru binoculars WHILE turning my head rapidly (to find the birds), so that both the eyes and ears are affecting that feeling!?!? Looking forward to giving this a try and will let you know!

            • You are very welcome and hopefully you will determine what is triggering your symptoms. Also should mention, in the event you do the Epley Maneuver and it sends you into a ‘vicious spin’ don’t be alarmed as (in layman’s terms) the crystals within the inner ear are just repositioning to where they should be and you should be fine afterwards. -Brenda-

              • This is all so interesting and I never even heard of ANY of this info before! I never bothered to ask a doc about it, because it self resolves…..hopefully, I will be on the path to NO nausea!!Thanks again!

                • HI Susan and Mrs. Ben…I have a nausea update! LOL I used the Sea Bands today when bird watching….it was hot, and I didn’t change a thing about how I looked for birds. And I did NOT get sick to my stomach. I put the bands on right before the drive around the natural area, not even WAY beforehand, as suggested, and I was fine. The best part is that I am not sick the rest of the day either. So, I will definitely try this again, I think it worked, and was not a fluke. On a fun note, we saw 2 life birds for us, a black billed cuckoo and a peregrine falcon. Thanks, Susan, for posting about Seabands!

                  • Rosie, that is so awesome! I truly felt like they worked for me, too. I hope they continue to work for you. If I lived closer to you, I would totally horn in on your birdwatching trip! That sounds like so much fun! Congrats on seeing the two life birds! So exciting!

                    • Oh shoot, I typed out a long reply and as soon as I hit POST, I lost the connection….happened twice, don ‘t know if it is my computer or what. Anyway..yes, you would be so welcome on our birding trips! 🙂 And watch the movie The Big Year…about birders…such a fun movie! And thanks again about the seabands info…..Ok, I kept this short, let’s see if it posts. 🙂

  21. Thanks for the Hint water tip. What are your two favorite flavors? Artificial sweetners definitely cause joint pain for me. I’ve been using liquid stevia from Trader Joe’s with good results, if that helps anyone.

    • Mia, I just saw that I didn’t answer your question. I really love all of them and buy lots of different flavors, but I think my favorite are blackberry and watermelon.

  22. Terri Santiago says

    Hi Susan
    You great next to plane when you were taking lessons.
    I also love Hint water, I found it at Target, apparently a lot of other people like it too.
    Those travel bands, use them on cruises. Work great for me.
    I have the battery keeper like you have. Wonderful for storing different size batteries and testing also.

  23. Awww Susan,
    I like that photo of you very much; you look sooo cute (then and now)! 🙂
    Susan, I remember your post about that fire caused by batteries, that’s so scary! I wonder why manufacturers do not warn us! 🙁
    Oh, and I wish I had known about those bands a few years ago before I went to Lake Como! The serpentine roads there were a true nightmare for me, but then again, I learned that I don’t like to zigzag along narrow roads with mountains on the right and a lake on the left! Who knew?! lol
    PS: Susan, I’ve installed Google Chrome on my laptop, too, yesterday! Thank you, for the tip! And… I’ve noticed that that “Explorer” I have mentioned in my last comments to you… actually was Microsoft Edge!
    (I really thought that blue ‘e’ stands for “Explorer”!
    Shhh… don’t tell my son!) Lol

  24. barbara ann says

    I will try these for my vertigo..which can come on with too much cell phone use. Scrolling will make me begin feeling symptoms.

    And for your Yeti. Try @freedomhandles. It put a handle on your cup!!

  25. I’m glad to know about the Sea-Bands helping with vertigo, I am plagued with it from time to time so I just added a pair to my Amazon wish-list and they’ll be part of my next order.
    I’m curious, does Stevia affect you like artificial sweeteners do? I have problems with artificial ones but because Stevia is actually made from a plant (a friend of my brother has one in his yard in FL, the leaves taste sweet!) it doesn’t seem to bother me, thankfully. I can put half a small packet in a glass of iced tea and it’s a perfect no-calorie treat! I will try the Hint water, too. I drink a lot of water but sometimes I want something with a flavor.

    • I haven’t used Stevia enough to know, maybe I should give it a try. Thanks for the reminder about it, Joy! I hope the Sea Bands help!

  26. Jackie Manning says

    I wish I had the bands on when I was in New York 22 years ago when I went on a helicopter round Ellis Island etc… I am usually a good traveller but certainly not that day!!! Maybe it was still adjusting to the time difference etc.. My daughter, 18 at the time has never forgotten how I embarrassed her. Wow, those Yeti tumblers don’t seem to be available in the UK which is probably just as well as they are quite expensive aren’t they?? My daughter now 40, has a lot of containers for water that she uses when running or cycling, I don’t think she pays very much for them. Also my grandson takes water to school every day in a container but his are mainly “Avengers”

    • Oh, man! I know how embarrassing that is, Jackie! I got so sick on a plane ride back from the African bush back to Nairobi at the end of my trip to Kenua. It was embarrassing throwing up in a bag surrounded by other people! Humiliating!
      The Yeti containers are a little pricey but totally worth it, I think. I really love the ones I have.

  27. I discovered the Sea Bands on a cruise and keep them in my purse all the time. They can be purchased a your local pharmacy too. They worked for me. Nothing worse than being nauseated.

    • I think I’ll start carrying mine with me full time. You never know when you might end up riding in a back seat of a car and find yourself feeling queasy. Good idea, Cindy!

  28. Great post, Susan, lots of good stuff! Impressed with the flying lessons, along with everything else you’re so good at! A true Renaissance gal.
    I love, love, love jigsaw puzzles too, and even tho they’re available online and on Kindle apps, there’s nothing like the real thing. The one you’re working on now is beautiful. Have you ever done a 3-dimensional one? I have one still in the box — couldn’t even think about doing it while kitty was still with us! I’ll have to get it out and give it a try…

    • Thanks, Marlene! No, I’ve never tried one of those…that sounds like fun, though! It’s been so hot lately, it’s a good time to stay inside during the hottest part of the day and read or do a puzzle. Sorry to hear your kitty is no longer with you…I know that is a very hard thing to go through. My son and dil just lost the kitty they adopted when they first got married.

  29. Since you travel a lot, what type of travel bag do you use for your carryon for the airplane? I’m looking at a large Longchamp le pliage. Thanks so much for your help and helpful posts.

    • Nancy, check out this previous post where I shared the bag I love to use. It’s gone with me on every single trip except the one to Kenya where I could only carry duffle-style bags.

      The reason I love that bag, besides the fact it’s adorable and has held up beautifully, is because I don’t have to carry it. I can load it down with my laptop, mouse, travel pillow, headphones, books, change of clothes, etc… and I never have to lug it through the huge Atlanta airport since it has wheels. It has a special spot to hold a laptop, if that’s needed. I’ve never found another carry-on that I like as well. When I get on the plane, I pull out my travel pillow, headphones and book, then stash it away in the overhead bin.

      • Wow! Thanks so much for your response. This bag sounds perfect. I’m sorry I didn’t realize you had already posted this earlier. I like, too, that it has wheels. I appreciate all of your wonderful tips and postings.

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