Dining On The Summer Porch

Welcome to the 309th Tablescape Thursday!

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Dining On A Summer Porch

I’m taking you back out on the porch for this week’s Tablescape Thursday. Notice anything different?

Summer Dining Table Setting On The Porch


This picture from last week’s Tablescape Thursday may help you spot a change I made.

Dinner on the Summer Porch


Did you spot it–the little change I made to the porch for this week’s Tablescape Thursday? It’s pretty hard to miss, isn’t it?

I found the navy-colored “SeaShells” sign in Marshalls last summer. I wasn’t sure how I’d use it when I purchased it, but it was so inexpensive (just $12) I couldn’t resist bringing it home since I love decorating and tablescaping out on the porch in a beach-inspired theme from time to time.

Beach Table Setting on Screened-in Porch


Summer is still in full swing here in Georgia, although today had me thinking of fall since the temps were much cooler than normal for August.

Beach Themed Table Setting Tablescape in Green & Blue


I’ve always loved seeing blue and green used together in decorating. Today I paired them for a summertime table with a beach theme. I kept the centerpiece super simple, using a green lantern that normally lives on the wicker coffee table here on the porch. I started to place a few shells around it and decided to just leave it, as is.

Beach Themed Table Setting Tablescape With Crab Plates


I’ve used the crab salad plates in table settings here on the porch before. They came from HomeGoods back in 2010.

Beach Table Setting with Green Polka Dot Glasses


The green/white, polka-dot and striped flatware was found on eBay. The seller had them labeled as being from Pottery Barn but I’m not sure how accurate that is since they didn’t come in their original packaging. The set didn’t include a salad fork so I used a fork from another set of flatware.I love mixing and matching flatware in tablescapes. Don’t you think it makes for more interesting table settings?

Beach Tablescape in Green & Blue


The shell napkin rings were made from hot gluing large shells to plain, white wood napkin rings.

Green Polka Dot Glasses & Green Striped & Polka Dot Flatware



Green & Blue Beach Themed Table Setting


The green polka-dotted glasses are from the dollar store last summer. The wine glasses are also from the dollar store several years ago.

Summer Table with Green Polka Dot & Striped Flatware


I can never remember the name of this flower. I wintered it over in this pot in the garage this past winter and it has been blooming like crazy all summer. I brought it in off the deck and placed it where I normally have a red geranium here on the porch. The geranium is busy sunning itself on the deck today so this lovely flower is filling in. Update: Thanks to everyone who helped identify this sweet plant…it’s Plumbago.

Flowers for the Porch


Are you having beautiful weather right now, too? I’ll be having friends over this weekend for a cookout so I really hope this weather holds through the weekend. Do you have any special plans for the weekend?

Summer Dining Table Setting On The Porch


Looking forward to all the beautiful tablescapes posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I love the colors! Absolutely wonderful summertime table, Susan!

  2. Love the blue and green and mix and matching of your flatware and glasses on your table Susan! Your plant looks like Plumbago… it looks so pretty with your stool and pillows on your swing πŸ™‚

  3. Linda Page says

    I noticed your new Sea Shells sign immediately. Good deal on a cute sign. I love the blue/green table setting. So fresh and crisp looking. But the scene stealer is that awesome blue flowering plant!!! It is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Temps yesterday morning in East Texas were in the low 60’s! What a wonderful surprise for an August morning. Have fun this weekend at your cookout.

    • Thanks, Linda! It’s a dramatic plant on the deck. If I forget to water it for a day or two, it has a “fainting spell” and goes all diva on me. πŸ˜‰ Once I water it, it’s back good as new.

  4. I noticed the sign right away. Happy porch, happy colors, and even your plants are color-coordinated! Have a great weekend with your cookout – I’m headed for a jaunt through Old Towne Alexandria, Va. The cooler weather blasts have snuck in here and there throughout the summer in WV too, and I love it.

  5. Thanks for hosting I really love the blue and green it’s a great color combination. I tried to join you on Pinterest but I don’t think it worked correctly I will try to follow your directions above.

  6. I love the silverware you have. So cute. Well everything is cute. Your porch makes me want to hang out and drink sweet iced tea. And it’s hard to believe you’re the next state up and said the word “cooler” in August. LOL!
    Oh and those flowers are blue plumbagos (sp?) They are growing like crazy in our front yard right now.
    Have a lovely day.

  7. Carolyn Price says

    Plumbago!? I have been wracking my brain since I saw this post earlier this morning. While clearing some old pictures from my phone just now, I ran across some photos of the gardens at The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island … I had a photo of the same plant and the name just popped into my head. I think that lovely blue plant is plumbago. I can never remember it either, for some reason.
    Beautiful post, Susan, as always!! Love your fun stemware!

  8. Love your porch and both tablescapes! The plant is Plumbago. I love it. It is a perennial, unless the cold gets it. It also comes with white blossoms.

  9. I love the fun flatware Susan! What a happy table! Love the bright blue and green. I did check Pinterest to make sure I was following BNOP and I am, but still haven’t received my invite to pin on the group boards πŸ™ Have fun at your cook out!

    • Thanks, Jenna! Jenna, I just tried to invite cha but it says you have already been invited. So check Pinterest and click on the little pin emblem in the top right corner and hopefully you’ll see the invite there.

  10. Your table is just as lovely as always! You never cease to amaze me with your tablescapes. Thanks so much for hosting, this is my favorite link up! I would also like to thank you for inviting me to join your group Pinterest boards. I am enjoying seeing all the wonderful tablescapes everyone has been sharing. Keep setting the table!

  11. Susan, This is a lovely setting. The blues and greens are a nice way to hold onto summer. I really like the crab plates (I didn’t see them the first time, given that I’m still pretty new here) and the flatware is great. Didn’t notice until you pointed out that the fork didn’t match, but I agree about mixing it up a bit for interest anyway. Love the shell rings too. I really need to unwrap my glue gun and actually use it!

  12. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Yes, I noticed the sign change right away, Susan! πŸ™‚ It’s very cute and what a bargain! And I also noticed the sheers aren’t up yet. As much as I love the way they billow in the breeze, it’s fun to see the expanse of the arches and what is beyond the ‘windows’ without them for a change. And the cushions are gone from the chairs.

    The porch looks so bright! Did you have it painted a lighter shade of white this time?

    Anyway, I love the beachy themed table scapes and the funky polka dot and striped flat ware looks great and lends to the casual feel. I don’t know how you keep coming up with new table scapes! This one has a light, care – free feel that suits the beach AND the porch. Thanks for sharing it.

    • I’m enjoying them down, too. It’s nice for a change…and does feel even more open with them down. I just took the cushions off the tablescape because the colors were going to fight the table. They will go back once I take that table apart. The seats really need them to feel more comfortable for seating.
      No, I went with the same color, it’s Sherwin Williams Duration…I think it’s called “Super White.” They have 3 basic whites and it’s the middle one.
      Thanks, Pam!

  13. Susan, this is such a refreshing table. Love the greens and blues, and I am wanting some of that polka dot/stripped flatware. I avoid Ebay, because I’m afraid I’ll get carried away ordering stuff, but you sure made me want to go check it out again. Love the sea shells sign too. laurie

    • lol I know…eBay can suck you right in, can’t it. πŸ™‚ It and replacements.com are the only places to find things that have been discontinued and I have a bad way of coming across things I absolutely think I have to have, that haven’t been made in 2 years. πŸ™‚

  14. rattlebridge farm says

    Susan, the porch looks gorgeous; and this pretty tablescape is just the thing to chase away the summer heat. The crab plates are adorable.

  15. Oh, Susan,
    I love it! The Seashell sign is perfect. The table is amazing. You never cease to amaze and inspire me. Thanks for brightening my day!

  16. Love, love, love the flatware! And the Seashells sign. Though, if I owned it, I’d probably paint it either blue or green (most likely green, cuz I’m not much of a blue person.) I surely wish I had your talent–and your stash of tableware. πŸ˜‰

  17. I noticed the sign right away and really like it!! Your table is lovely (as always) and I love Lime, White and Navy together, too, and use it a lot in my tablescapes. I’d love to know where you got the beautiful candleholder, too.

    • It is such a great color combination, isn’t it Susan. There is just something about blue and greens…very classic color combination! I think I found the candleholder in Kohl’s. It’s been quite a few years but I’m pretty sure that’s where it came from. They used to get them in every year and the color scheme would change, but they would always be that kind of stained glass look. I wonder if they still do that…haven’t checked in a while.

  18. Susan, the green and blue looks fresh and cooling for summer. I’m always a tad envious when I see your porch. It’s perfection! The flatware is definitely fun. The cute flatware could be made in France by Sabre. Any mark on the blade? The plant is blue plumbago. We have it growing in our garden. It’s both a heat and drought tolerant plant, but does freeze back in the winter. It also comes in a white bloom. One of my favorite plants for the reasons I’ve mentioned. Enjoy your weekend cookout on that wonderful porch.

    • Awww, thanks Sarah. I will Google that…thanks for the name! I do like it, the only thing that’s kind of weird about it is the spoon is really big, more of what I think of as a tablespoon size. But when I placed a regular teaspoon beside the knife, it looked dwarfed…so the knife is really big too. Actually, all three pieces are kind of oversized. For the salad fork, I had to use the regular place fork from my other green set with this striped/polka-dot set. If I had used the actual salad fork, it would have looked ridiculously small. So the whole set is kind of flatware on steroids. lol

  19. I love that flatware and the glasses too. Everything is so fresh, happy and welcoming. I like that new sign. I do what you do too ~ buy something not knowing for sure how I am going to use it and bang … inspiration hits! Let’s just call it psychic decorating πŸ˜‰ Thanks for another Tablescape Thursday!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  20. Oh, Susan, your table and porch look lovely! I love the sunlight streaming through your screens: everything looks so welcoming. Your table is airy and fresh and PERFECT for summer dining. The colors, the napkins, the plates, the accents: you’ve outdone yourself with its simplicity. I’d love to be there right now! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  21. Your table looks so pretty, Susan. I love the potted plant with the flowers, what is the name of that? I have an unusual post that includes seashells that I think you would find interesting. But it doesn’t have anything to do with pretty tables! I just realized the lamp beside the computer has a bulb blown and I can’t see a thing!

  22. Your porch looks so fresh and Summery! I love the blue / green colors, so fun. I like not having the white sheers on the windows, really let’s the view shine through. Going to a Baby Shower this weekend, so exciting!

  23. Now you have done it Susan. I cannot sit still. I am wanting to go shopping for white for my deck /or patio and along with that I have to have the semi finished roof over one end of the deck torn down find the perfect columns for accenting the deck boundaries and mmmm let’s see I may just need the open cover [arbor] and just the perfect size….well you get the picture. It’s time for me to get to work. and it’s all your fault. I just cannot resist all this fabulous temptation. [ you get an A+ ]

  24. Hi Susan,
    What a fun and pretty table. Those crab plates are so cute, and the whole
    stack looks wonderful, loved the addition of the polkadots in the glasses
    and flatware, such a fun look. Guess this means you have your porch all
    back together again……..everything looks so fresh.
    Thanks for hosting this fun party every week…..and thanks for all the lovely, cute and beautiful ideas you give us with your delightful tablescapes.

    Blessings, Nellie

  25. Hi Susan, your tablescape this week is absolutely stunning!! I love the way the outer cover of your napkins picks up the colour of the crabs in the plate. Your cutlery is fun, the whole thing is light and airy and of course, I love the ocean theme.
    Yes I did notice you had changed your sign, very nice.
    A question about the Pinterest. Do we pin other people’s tablescapes to your board? Not quite sure on this. Maybe its because I stood in the rain in the nightgown this morning, it was so welcome after weeks and weeks of 40 degrees plus. At lease it scared the crows away!! πŸ™‚

    • Megan you can any that you like, including your own. It’s a way to showcase your tables and others that you see and love. lol Is that celsius temps because 40 is COLD! I just Googled and 40 celsius is 104. Has it really been 104 where you live?!!!

      • Yes, it has Susan. We are in Canada’s only desert area and before, that kind of weather was only in August but the past two years it has begun earlier. Thank goodness for a/c, or I would not survive.
        Today is so much cooler, I am loving it, even had lunch on the patio.
        We have snow in the winter….go figure!! πŸ™‚

  26. Hi Susan,
    Your porch and tablescape looks so fresh and summery ~ I love it!

    Thank you for hosting,

  27. Love the blue/green combo and the flatware takes this table from simple to WOW!!!!

  28. I love plumbago. I heard they have hedges of it in FL. Lovely table! Today is gorgeous but some parts of LI had 13 in of rain in a short period of time. People who left their cars at the airport came back to cars that were totally ruined. Flooded some of the hospitals too. We were very lucky this time.
    Have a wonderful time at your cookout!
    Oh, I still have to fill out the whole form to leave a comment. Yvonne has the same format, but hers autofills for me. I rarely leave a comment if I have to fill out a form, lol, too much work!

    • Wow, hedges! I bet that must be beautiful when it blooms! Do they have the blue kind in hedge form, too? That is awful about the cars. I would be beyond upset if something like that happened. Ugh. 13 inches is a lot at one time!!! Some places don’t get that in a year. Sorry it’s doing that. It doesn’t do it for me but it may be because I’m using Chrome as my browser. I’m not thrilled with this comment plugin because when I reply to a comment, when the person replies back, it sends it to my Inbox instead of showing up here, so no one can follow the conversation. I’ve asked my developer for a better one that doesn’t do that and he said this is the best comment plugin he knows about. If you know which one Yvonne uses, let me know and I’ll look into it. Someone needs to create one that’s works and does all we want.

  29. Yes, I noticed the new sign right away–that navy blue really stands out on the new paint job. I am crushing on that the green lantern, now that it is centerstage. And the polka dots/stripes handles as well. Not ready to say good-bye to summer yet either!

    • Thanks, Mia! It’s still warm here in GA so I’m holding on to summer too…although it’s getting dark at 8:30 now…boo, hiss. A sure sign, fall is coming. I just need to embrace all the seasons I guess, I just love summer so much and those long, hot summer days.

  30. The beautiful plant is called a plumbago. I’ve seen it in blue and white. I have had both. And they usually do come back each year but uunfortunately after our unseasonably cold winter down here in coastal Louisiana, mine had to be replaced. But yours is b eautiful.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! I think the only reason this one survived is because I was able to put it in the garage for the winter, since it’s in a pot. I’m not sure it would have made it through the ice storm we had, otherwise.

  31. That porch is the perfect place for Sunday brunch!

  32. Linda C In Seattle says


    Be sure to have propane we ran out in the middle of BBQing Chicken this weekend.:(

    How is the Kimberly Queen: The Shed-free Fern doing this summer?
    Hope your back yard recovers from the flippers.

    Linda C Seattle.

    • It’s still hanging in there. I have it on the front porch now. lol about the flippers. πŸ™‚ You just reminded me, I need to check and see when I can treat for grubs.

  33. Linda C in Seattle says

    Hi Susan,

    Can you tell me is your Kimberly Queen Fern still holding its leaves?
    I really wanted to get one for my porch this summer, But have not seen
    any for sale in my area of Washington .

    Linda C Seattle

    • Yes, it is. The only time it drops them is when I forget to water it for too long and they start to die. Otherwise it holds them really well. I’ve been very pleased. It has an upright growth pattern. I wish they would create a Kimberly Fern that draped down a bit more like Boston Ferns do.

  34. Hi, Susan! I’ve pinned a couple of photos to the Fall/Thanksgiving Pinterest board, but they both appear turned sideways. Any ideas on how to rectify that? They look really weird turned that way, and I’m sure no one would be interested in seeing those! I don’t know if they’re showing like that exclusively on my computer screen or universally.

    I’m so glad to see this beautiful blue & green! Summer is still in full swing here, and refreshing color palettes are just what the doctor ordered! The crab salad plates are so cute (and perfect for crab salad!), and yes…I absolutely think mixing and matching flatware is fun and interesting! As I recall, that was done intentionally way back in Victorian(?) times to kind of indicate just how much flatware one could afford. We do it these days, of course, just because it looks cool when done right.

    I noticed the cool new Seashells sign right off the bat! I’ve always liked the other one, so for it to be gone was like ding, ding, ding!!!!!!!! I really like this one, too…the font is really cool!

    Thanks for hosting TT again, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the beautiful pictures presented on the Pinterest boards in the coming months!

    • Thanks Alycia! That is so interesting about the Victorians, I never knew that! That sign does kind of jump right out doesn’t it. I like it for a day but miss the old one too much to leave it up too long. Do you do that, get attached to things the way they are…probably means I’m getting old and set in my ways, huh? πŸ˜‰
      Alycia, I just tried googling how to rotate a pin/photo in Pinterest and I couldn’t find anything about it in their help section. I found this article (see below) and it says pics can’t be rotated once uploaded, but it has directions on how to correct it before uploading it, etc… I don’t know if it will be helpful. You may want to delete it and try pinning it again. Hope this article helps a bit.

  35. Susan…love the soft colors of the beautiful summer tablescape…the polka dot glasses are the cutest!…and I have loved being on your Pinterest Board..!!!
    Have a great weekend with your friends! They will certainly have the best hostess!

  36. nan, odessa, DE says

    SUSAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Down there in Georgia, where are the sheer drapes?????????????????????? I love your porch freshened up but miss the flowing sheers.

    • LOL! I took them down while the porch was being painted. Unfortunately, when they reinstalled the screens, they screwed the screws in so tightly, they dented the metal parts of the screens. So new screens are being made. Those should be installed next week, I’m guessing. Then I’ll put the sheers back up. I like it open but I’m kind of missing them, too.

  37. Just my style! And the sign was the first thing I noticed in the first picture because I’m a beach loving girl myself and I have a love affair with words.

  38. Still not typing much due to rotator surgery…wanted to tell you how awesome it is. Wonderful color scheme and very cheery!

  39. bobbi duncan says

    What a fun and happy looking tablescape!! I, too, love blue and green together–so fresh. The whimsical flatware is just adorable and the sheer green napkin over white is so perfect. Know you are enjoying your refurbished porch–wish we had one.This has been the most wonderful summer–we usually stay around the low to mid 80’s here, but 70’s have been even better.

    • This has been one of the coolest summers we’ve ever had, too. I love the heat though, too…love summer in all it’s glory! πŸ™‚ Thanks, Bobbi…hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  40. MUST***HAVE***PLUMBAGO!! Everything is gorgeous!! franki

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