Nautical Table Setting With David Carter Brown Driftwood Dishware

Welcome to the 308th Tablescape Thursday!

I’m taking you out on the porch this week for a nautical, beachy-themed table setting.

Dinner on the Summer Porch


This table setting was inspired by some adorable salad plates I spotted recently on eBay while searching for something else. Does that ever happen to you…you visit eBay looking for one thing and find something else you love?

Summer Table Setting with Beach Theme


I wasn’t sure where this table was headed when I first started putting it together. At one point I was thinking of using a red lantern as the centerpiece along with red flatware, pulling the red from the salad plates. In the end, blue won out.  Try to ignore the cushions in the chairs…I should have removed those before I took pics.



The salad plates are by Casamoda and were designed by David Carter Brown. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a David Carter Brown pattern that I didn’t just love.

Blue & White Table Setting with David Carter Brown Plates


This particular pattern is called Driftwood. I love the lap siding background on each of the plates. I had to take a picture of each plate to share, they are soooo cute!

Just in case you were wondering, the Lighthouse Ferry is only two miles away. Just follow the arrow and you’ll be there in no time!

David Carter Brown Driftwood Plates


Lobsters, Fresh Off The Boat!  Ice Cold!

David Carter Brown Driftwood Plates


Let’s rent a boat for the day! We’ll sail out to that island we see off in the distance and spend the whole day gathering beautiful shells. Are you in?

David Carter Brown Driftwood Plates


When we get back from our day of shelling, we’ll have fresh clams, crabs and oysters for dinner. On second thought, you can have the oysters, I’ll stick with the clams and crabs. πŸ˜‰

David Carter Brown Driftwood Plates


Blue Glass Chargers for a Nautical Table Setting


Remember this fishing net I bought in Marshalls?

Fishing Net Tablecloth_wm


It’s been used as a table cloth in this tablescape…. (View tablescape here: Dining With The Seagulls)

Nautical Beach Table Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


As a backdrop for this table setting… (View tablescape here: Please, No Talking To The Lifeguard)

Beach Coastal Tablescape


As a part of the centerpiece in this tablescape… (View tablescape here: Patriotic Setting With A Nautical Bent)

4th of July Nautical Table Setting Tablescape 04_wmm


And finally as a table runner in today’s table setting. Who knew a fishing net could be so versatile!

Beach Themed Table with Lighthouse Inspired Centerpiece


Happy Summer! Enjoy every precious moment!

Beach Themed Centerpiece with Fishing Net, Shells & Lantern


Looking forward to all the beautiful tablescapes posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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Dinner on the Summer Porch



Chargers: Marshalls
Dinner Plate: Big Lots
Salad Plate: David Carter Brown, Driftwood, found 4 on eBay
Wine Glasses: Dollar Tree
Flatware: Horchow or Tuesday Morning (forgotten which)
Fishing Net: Marshalls
Lantern: Marshalls



Tablescape Thursday


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  1. Linda Page says

    I continue to be amazed at how easily you repurpose things like the fishnet. Very clever. The fishnet is perfect as a table runner all decked out with the lantern and birds and starfish. I love the plates. I never look at eBay but I can see that I need to start!!

  2. No tablescape for me this week, but I’ll enjoy everyone else’s. I’m still getting all of my dishes organized in the basement, as the purge/reorganization continues. Whew, what a project! I’ll bet you loved getting back out on the porch, didn’t you? Thanks for hosting, Susan.

    • I did! Nice to see everything back where it goes. You are a brave woman, Rita! I dread the idea of moving one day and having to decide what to keep and what to let go.

  3. Love your beachy settings and your new plates Susan!

  4. Susan, I just love those dishes!!! I say I am not going to buy one more dish, but if I find those, they are definitely going to become part of my collection!

  5. Thanks for hosting! Love the nautical theme always makes me want to head to a beach get away!

  6. Great new plates Susan! They are perfect with your fab star napkins, and I think they would be great anytime of year for a coastal scape because they aren’t summery, they just make me think of coastal waters and fishing…and LOBSTER! Oh how I wish we didn’t have to pay and arm and a leg for lobster in the South! Thanks for the party today and a fun tablescape!

  7. You always inspire, and challenge…so I am encouraged to know you don’t always know exactly what you are going to do with a table. My favorite response when working with someone who insists on asking: “Okay Jonell what are you going to do here?” My response: “I make it up as I go.” It almost never ends up as what I had originally had in mind.

    • I def don’t Jonell. You should see all the stuff I get out and don’t use by the time I have my table together. lol I like that…”make it up as we go.” That describes it perfectly!

  8. You always inspire me! I can see why you snatched up those salad plates on Ebay! They are just adorable! I believe I bought the same fish net from Marshalls and I have yet to use it. You have given me all kinds of ideas on how to use in different ways!

    • Chloe, I’m so glad this one doesn’t smell. I bought one in Michaels a few years ago that was supposed to be an “authentic” fishing net and it was a bit too authentic. It stunk to high heaven! lol Have fun with it!

  9. Yes, I’ll rent a boat with you and look for shells. Susan, this table is so pretty. I love that you chose to go with the blue. It’s so soft and serene. Those salad plates are great! I think I’m going to have to get some fish net. You have used yours a lot, and it always looks good. Thank you for hosting. laurie

    • Laurie, I so wish we could do that right now! I’m ready…let’s go! I just need to throw on some sandals and sunscreen and grab the picnic basket…we’ll be on our way! πŸ™‚

  10. Yvonne Shafer says

    Hi Susan! When you go shopping will you please get me the same thing?!! I absolutely adore the Driftwood plates! I learn so much from reading your blog. Somehow I’ve never heard of this artist and now want everything he’s made. I am so inspired by your posts and look forward to each one! Love the book reports too!

  11. I love the nautical theme table and those David Carter Brown dishes are so much fun! Thanks for the inspiring tablescape and the party too.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  12. Michele in IL. says

    Just gorgeous! Love your tablescapes and attention to detail! You need to move closes and join our “girlfriend’s” monthly dinner! We have one girlfriend who is so artsy/talented and she inspires us to use our grandma’s china and other unique table settings!

  13. Jean from Georgia says

    What pleasure you must be getting from your freshly painted porch, new dishes and cool summer evenings. Your table setting in beautiful.

  14. I am all in for renting a boat for the day. What shall I bring for dessert?

  15. Susan,
    It seems we both were thinking of the beach this week! I love your table! I never thought about using fish netting for a runner. Thanks so much for hosting!
    Blessings My Friend,

  16. I knew those looked familiar! I did a scape 2 yrs ago with those plates. I got them from the Dollar Day Sale at Pfaltzgraff. They came to a dollar something each with free shipping. I don’t know if they still have them.
    Great MID SUMMER table, as today summer is officially mid way! I plan on enjoying the next half without thinking about Fall. πŸ™‚

  17. Susan, I think this is one of your BEST porch tablescapes ever. I absolutely love every single thing about it.
    Every. Detail. Is. Perfect. Love those plates- great inspiration……….and a reminder summer is going fast.

    I’ll come and eat the Oysters – like them Rockefeller style though, yum. : – )

  18. Ooh I love it Susan! Those plates are so cute and I love the fish net scrunched in through the center. I’ve been trying to pull my head together for a nautical/seaside tablescape. I need to get it done! Ebay can be dangerous but it also can be very rewarding! Thank you for hosting!

  19. I’ll have the crab! Who knew you could get so much use out of a fishing net? I love the tablescape, those new dishes are too cute!

  20. Hi Susan! I love your nautical theme! Your tablescape is beautifully done! It reminds me of the summers at my parent’s house on Cape Cod when my children were little. Great memories! Thanks for sharing your tablescape and for hosting your party this week!
    LuAnn πŸ˜‰

  21. Beautiful nautical tablescapes, now that August is the last month of Summer. I can’t believe that August is here and running like every month in the past 10 years, lol! I love those plates and the centerpieces are all awesome, Susan, as usual! I loved oyster Rockefeller, as a NYorker we always used to go with the family to Rockefeller Center to have them specially.
    I’ve made my nautical and summer tables for this 2014 summer time.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week and thanks for the great tablescape party.

  22. Another lovely table for summer. Have you checked the Pier One 20% off sale? I found 4 lanterns that are so pretty. Two I am fixing with syrofoam ans I will take the top part of the inexpensive solar lights and insert and then decorate around them and put in my flower beds in front of my house. I have done this on my deck and it is such a nice way to light without lights that draw bugs. The other two will be either shower or part of a wedding gift. Always like to find something different and useful. Thanks for the great ideas.

  23. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    This table scape really takes me away. Oh .. if only the beach really were just 2 miles away! I don’t know how I wound up in this land lubber state, but I sure do miss the water. *Sigh* Thanks for the mini escape, Susan. πŸ™‚

  24. This is adorable, Susan. Yes, who knew fish net would be so versatile? The art work on the plates is wonderful. I think I would have been tempted too. Love seeing the look back at the other settings. You always inspire me, though I don’t have a tablescape to share this week. My recent posts are one as part of the Blogland Tour, in which you get a mention, and a tabletop vignette on the buffet w/ MacKenzie-Childs and Staffordshire spaniels.

  25. Susan,
    I love the nautical tablescape and the new salad plates – how fun!! Thanks for the inspiration….would love to, at some point, see the tablescape with the red lantern and the red flatware! Always love your tablescapes!

  26. Selma Kessler says

    Susan, I love the net! Just love it! You provide so much inspiration with your tablescapes. :). You always add a bit of whimsy, which makes every table FUN. So glad you added that porch and started blogging!


  27. Great table, again! I especially like those blue glass chargers and the new salad plates are great.

  28. I am on the boat for the next 8 days, so any one of your nautical settings would be perfect for an evening meal!

  29. I love this table setting! Very vignettey! Is that a word? Blue always looks so good this time of year, doesn’t it? I did include a photo of Betsy Speert’s dining room. This was a first for me to blog about a famous designer. I need a nap, I was so nervous putting it together!

  30. bobbi duncan says

    Hi, Susan. What can I say–as always, everything is perfect! I like the netting gathered like that. The tablescape has me itching for our next beach get-away this coming week-end–got to get them all in as summer is too quickly disappearing. Just know you are enjoying that gorgeous repainted porch.

  31. Another wonderful nautical/beach theme table–I love it. As I sit here and bake in the Phoenix desert, your table makes me long for sea breezes and some great sea food. Have a great day. :0)

  32. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Btw, Susan. I’m going to pinch you! Every time (it seems) you search on ebay, you find awesome dishes and every time I search on ebay, I find nuttin! Grrrr.

  33. Susan, I really love this setting. The salad plates are wonderful and I work in a similar way – where one pattern drives the whole concept. I found your comment about not knowing where the table was heading particularly resonant, because I often feel the setting almost designs itself – or at least it seems to have as much input in its own development as I do. So glad you showed a detail of each of the plates. They’re really great. I am not familiar with David Carter Brown, so I’ll have to be doing some Googling next… πŸ˜‰ Love the netting too. Is that actual authentic fishing net?

    • Thanks, Lory! You are so right about how they just design themselves. I find if I try to overthink it, it doesn’t work. I just have to start and let it evolve. I’m not sure if it’s a real net. It feels a lot like one I purchased before that was supposed to be a real one, only that one smelled so awful, I had to return it back to Michaels where I purchased it. This one doesn’t smell bad, thankfully. lol So it may be the same as the real ones, just not a pre-used one. πŸ™‚

  34. Susan this dish pattern is so cute takes me back to clam bakes growing up on the East coast.always love your tables so Creative.Suise

  35. I tried posting and it didn’t go thru so here goes again. love your table as always its picture perfect. love the new plates it takes me back to clam bakes growing up on the Jersey shore.Susie

  36. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, those plates Susan….I want some!!! πŸ™‚

  37. Melissa Mash says

    As always, I loved your tablescape. A comment you made in your blog got me thinking. You said you were initially going to pick up the red in the plates but instead went with the blue. I loved it as blue is my favourite colour. But then I wondered how different it would have looked if you had gone with the red? It would be a fun comparison to show how the same “stuff” can look different depending of what colour you want to emphasize. Just an idea for a future post from one of your fans! Cheers from England, Melissa

  38. Hi, Susan! I don’t go on ebay a lot (I have been forbidden!), and I know I would be in trouble ALL the time buying stuff I hadn’t originally been looking for. Your roving eyes paid off with those great plates!!

    You really have used that fishing net in a number of fun and creative ways. It’s a great nautical staple, and you’re getting a lot of mileage out of it…and giving us all ideas! When you used it in the window in that one post, I LOVED it!

    Well, I hope you found the thing you were originally hunting for on ebay; otherwise, you’ll just have to sacrifice yourself and go back on there and hunt some more…and get sidetracked again! πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

  39. Back on the porch. Ahhhh, all is well again! Love the blue/white combo, so relaxing.

  40. Lovely! I agree…the nautical plates are wonderful and I love the versatile fishnet also.

  41. That fishing net is the best! You have come up with so many clever ways of using it. And I love the lobster plates!

  42. Heading CT way and ready for a nautical lobster lunch!!! franki

  43. Love this tablescape! Perfect for an end of summer party!

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