A Taste of Autumn with Beautiful Xavier Gold

Welcome to the 730th Tablescape Thursday! It was late evening when I completed this table setting. It’s definitely getting darker out a lot earlier these days, isn’t it?

Autumn Table Setting, 2022


With the cooler temps at night and the first day of fall behind us, I was in the mood for a tablescape with an autumn feel.

Fall Table Setting with Magnolia Centerpiece, Pheasant Vase


Not sure why but I always equate pheasants with autumn. No fall foliage in my yard just yet, so I filled Mr. Pheasant with magnolia. I should have tied a fall-colored ribbon around his neck! lol

Magnolia & Pheasant Centerpiece, Pheasant Vase


During my recent garage renovation, which involved a lot of moving of cabinets and dishes, I rediscovered my set of Xavier Gold china by Noritake. I was so surprised to see it’s still available since I’ve had my set for quite a few years. You’ll find it available here: Xavier Gold by Noritake.

Fall Table Setting with Pumpkin Soup Tureens


Wouldn’t you know, the dark red napkin in this place setting is turned where you can’t see the pretty, embroidered fall leaf.  At least you can see it in the place setting on the right.

Xavier Gold China, Noritake, Autumn Table


I paired Xavier Gold with pumpkin soup tureens, a find in Pier 1 quite a few years back. I really wish Pier 1 would reopen!

Xavier Gold China, White Pumpkin Soup Tureens


Xavier Gold is such a beautiful pattern for autumn, I absolutely love it! The chargers were from Horchow back in 2008.

Noritake Dinnerware, Xavier Gold, Perfect for Autumn


Here’s a closer view showing how beautiful this Xavier Gold appears in person. I love the gold rim–so pretty contrasting against the gorgeous autumn colors in the pattern. I need to invest in some gold-colored flatware, that would be stunning with this china! (China is available here: Xavier Gold by Noritake.)

Noritake Xavier Gold Dinnerware, Perfect for Autumn-Fall Dining


The leaf-covered water/tea glasses are from Dollar Tree several years ago. The amber goblets were a find in A Classy Flea many years back.

Fall Table Setting with Pumpkin Soup Tureens


I’ve had these birdie napkin rings for ages–so long, I no longer remember where I found them. I rarely use them but I really like how they look in this fall setting.

Birdie Napkin Rings


Autumn is officially here and I’m starting to get excited about the upcoming holidays. I pulled out a bunch of winter throws and a few more of my autumn favorites today and started spreading them around the house. It’s time for a bit of fall decorating! Are you starting to embrace fall or still holding onto summer?  Honestly, it felt like summer here today with temps in the 80s, but I know the cool nights we’re experiencing right now will soon continue right into our days. I’m looking forward to sharing some fall decor with you real soon!

Autumn Table Setting, 2022


Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Your “Early Autumn” table is gorgeous, I do love that china pattern and those white pumpkins. I’m so ready for fall, I think it’s my favorite season of the year. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks so much, Joy! I can’t believe it but I’m actually excited for fall, too! We are hanging onto summer a bit longer here in the south with our still warm days.

  2. Happy Fall Susan,
    When you started talking about the Holidays I thought of something to ask you..did Better Homes and Gardens put out a Winter Heritage plate last year? I couldn’t find any in my area and I know that you collect them also.

    • I’m not sure about this past year since I didn’t check. I have so many now from previous years, I haven’t added to my collection in a while. If you miss a year and there’s something you wanted, definitely check eBay. I bet they will pop up there from time to time.

  3. Very nice, classic styling. Happy Autumn, Susan! I am definitely seeing (and feeling!) earlier sunsets and later sunrises. Today we’re having rain and NW winds, ushering autumn in right on time.

    • Ohhh, that does sound like autumn about to pay you a visit. I was laughing at myself today. I opened the garage to go check the mail and some leaves blew in. I got out my blower and was blowing them out when suddenly there was a big breeze that would not end and a bunch more leaves came in. The wind was way stronger than my blower–it was a losing battle. Ha! Need to wait for a non-windy for blowing out the garage. lol

  4. I love your China in this and also your napkins. Do you remember where you bought the napkins? I love both of them. If I hadn’t bought the pumpkin dinner ware from Williams Sonoma last year, I would consider this for a lovely fall setting. I too use pheasants in my fall table settings. I bought many years ago a Fitz and Floyd Pheasant Soup Toureen and a matching platter under it. I have a lovely table runner that has pheasants at each end. I will try and take good photos this year and share with you.

    • franki Parde says

      What a beautiful tablescape!! Being from the midwest…pheasants remind me of Autumn, too. Getting started…including temperatures in 40s in am…oh, my!! franki

    • Thanks so much, Margo! I would love to see your table! I love Fitz and Floyd pieces…they do such gorgeous holiday pieces! I wish I could remember now, I’ve had those for a few years so I just don’t remember now. 99% of the time I used to purchase napkins in HomeGoods/TJMax, Marshalls, or Pier 1, so they probably came from one of those locations. Occasionally, I’ve found napkins in Tuesday Morning. So those are all great places to check.

  5. Very elegant tablescape. Would love to be invited for a meal at that table!

  6. Love this table, Susan! Your dinner plates are exquisite and perfect for this time of year! Still holding on to summer out here in So. CA, but have begun to pull out fall decorations to get the season change started!Enjoy your week!

    • Thanks so much, Rosie! I know what you mean, we were in the 80s again here today and I loved it! I am relishing these last hot days, love the hot weather!

  7. Beautiful table. Susan another beautiful table. I love the rich colors of the china and amber stemware. Perfect for Fall. Lovely.

  8. Really elegant fall inspired tablescape!

  9. Love, love, love that china! And you brought all the supporting touches together so perfectly. Temps are dropping this week with wind and heavy rains to hit later today, so am suddenly in the autumn mood. And thanks for the header change; I noticed it immediately!

    • Whoa! I should check our weather, wonder if that’s coming our way here. Yup, I actually remembered to do it on time this season…changing that header. The Halloween header will go up in just 8-9 days. 🙂

  10. Ranger Smith says

    Love your Noritake! The white chargers, tureens and flatware really work with it. I’m totally holding on to summer but you are helping to nudge me into fall. Here in S. CA the temps are forecast in for the upper 90s this weekend so pumpkins and gourds seem out of place. Soon enough this will change. Thank you for sharing another great table.

    • Wow, that’s even hotter than what we have right now here in Georgia! No wonder you’re still holding onto summer. Hard to think about fall when it’s in the 90s outside!

  11. Your table is beautiful Susan, love the Xavier Gold china and the gorgeous pumpkin tureens. I think we all wish Pier 1 would reopen! The magnolia leaves are really pretty too. It might be the first day of Fall but our temps are in the 90s in Bham today, ugh! Thanks for the table fun~

    • Thanks so much, Jenna! I know the chances of it reopening are pretty much nil, but I really wish it would! Wow, that’s really hot! I think we only hit the 80s today but I just check and apparently we reached 91 degrees. Had no idea! I know that cooler weather is just around the corner, though.

  12. LOVE that fall table, and Mr Pheasant too! And your Noritake – oh my! Too beautiful! Thanks for your ever-inspiring work, and for hosting. I so look forward to Thursdays and all the beautiful tables. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    • Thanks so much, Barbara! Happy Fall to you! Hope you have an awesome weekend, too! I’m working on painting and repairing a bird house. Actually more like procrastinating today. lol

  13. Barbara Jackson says

    I really miss Pier1 too! Online is just not the same. Love the tablescape. I just brought up all my Fall decorations this morning. It’s rainy here in Rhode Island so it will be a nice cozy way to spend the day.

  14. Check out the pheasant candle holders from Pottery Barn or Williams & Sonoma.

  15. Gayle Kesinger says

    My F & M large basket arrived today. Box was a mess but basket looks ok. Did you decide how to attach the blocks of wood to raise it off the floor? I really love the look and I am looking forward to the treats I ordered. Haven’t decided between a tray or a glass top. Thank you, as always, for posting such great ideas. I am going to enjoy the basket as a side table a lot!

    • My shipping box looked a bit battered, too. I think they should make them a bit sturdier! I just have mine propped under my basket at the moment. I don’t think the screws that came with the feet will work very well. I noticed that the weave of the basket is quite tight on the bottom and I don’t want to risk damaging it with the screws. I’m still thinking velcro may be the way to go with the feet.

  16. Cyndi Raines says

    Absolutely beautiful and love the individual soup tureens. I have a gold pheasant and yes he reminds me of fall too. I had 5 or 6 adult wild turkies and 14 babies, pretty good size wondering around in my front yard the other day. They are so ugly, they’re cute. Temperature really dropped today 57 with a stiff cool breeze so yes, fall has arrived right on schedule and leaves are coming down. I have started bring out the fall pillows and have purchased smaller pumpkins with the long curly stems, love those! Going back tomorrow for the big ones and the Cin- derella kind. So excited when the pumpkins go in the yard! Hope to finish up the house this weekend, but always feel a little sad putting the lighthouse dishes and the seashell chargers away. But once the pumpkin dishes are out, then I’m happy again, lol! Happy Fall, Susan! .

  17. What a pretty tables cape! I especially like the pheasant; I think the same way about them. I put out small pheasants, a pheasant plate, and quail for fall. I also have some wild turkey salt and pepper shakers that my mom bought in Germany, and I use those. We are having company this weekend, so I will set a fall tables cape, also. I thought it was funny that you discovered dishes you had forgotten about. I’ve done that! Thanks for your ideas.

  18. Pier 1 is still open! They just moved to a completely online store. This table setting is beautiful. Thank you for bringing us doses of pretty!

    • I haven’t checked the online store in a while. It wasn’t that great the last time I checked. I’ll have to visit them again. I still miss shopping in the real store, it was so relaxing. I always found something to bring home with me.

  19. Wanda Bradkey says

    You continue to inspire me! Thanks for being so gracious to share. Happy Fall!

  20. Susan, I’ve been following you since the beginning many years ago. I was going through a very difficult time being a caregiver to aging parents, working full-time, and raising children. Your blog, along with a few others, was a beautiful lifeline during that time. You rekindled a love for decorating that has continued. I’m in a different season of life now and get immense joy in making my home beautiful and cozy. I confess that I had my fall decor in place by the end of August.

    • Thanks so much for that lovely comment, Anna. I’m so glad that life has eased up a bit and you can really enjoy decorating your home for the holidays. I’m all for decorating for whatever season or holiday you wish, as early as you wish! Life is fleeting so we need to do what makes us happy, to heck with what the calendar says! 🙂

  21. Cat Henderson says

    I love the flatware! I have a set that is similar but would like to add more, and different colors. Who is the maker? Also, I’m a china junkie but can’t afford to own more than the 4 full sets I already have, nor have the space for them so I just get a lunch plate/salad plate size of the styles I like. Will definitely be adding Xavier Gold to my collection! You inspire me!

    • Thanks so much, Cat! I’ve had that flatware for quite a few years so I’m not sure if it’s still being made. It’s by Argent and I think the name of it is Hampton /Signature. Here’s a link to where it used to be available on Amazon so you can see it there: https://amzn.to/3UyoWz8
      You may want to stalk eBay for a bit to see if it turns up there at some point. I’m often asked about that pattern so would love to know if you find it somewhere still available. I wish they wouldn’t discontinue flatware as often as they do.

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