They Only Look Like Ornaments…

Welcome to the 301st Metamorphosis Monday!

Pssst…come over here a second, I want to show you something.

We’re in the Christmas section of Wal-mart…what do you see? Looks like ornaments, right?

Christmas Ornaments Become Placecard Holders and Napkin Rings


I’m seeing something else. Those antlers, the ones in a circle shape there on the top row…

Use Ornaments as Placecard Holders and Napkin Rings


To me, those look like great napkin rings…

Antler Napkin Rings


…for a Christmas table setting. Remove the sprig of greenery and it would work great as a napkin ring for an autumn, Thanksgiving, woodland or hunt themed tablescape. (Tablescape can be viewed here: Dashing Through The Snow) Actually, I’d probably leave the greenery for those, too…I just like how it looks.

Christmas Table Setting with Better Homes and Garden Dishware


See the antler ornaments hanging there on the left on the second row? Those come in pairs…two antlers for $1.97.

Use Ornaments as Placecard Holders and Napkin Rings


One set of those will make wonderful placecard holders for two place settings.

Antler Placecard Holder


That works out to less than $1 per placecard holder!

Antler Placecard Holder for Table Setting


They are perfect for a fall, Thanksgiving or Christmas table setting with a woodland or nature theme. (Tablescape can be viewed here: A Cozy Woodland Christmas Table Setting)

Fall Tablescape, Plaid Dinner Plates and Deer Salad Plates


Notice the sleigh there on the bottom row…

Use Ornaments as Placecard Holders and Napkin Rings


Those make excellent placecard holders…

Christmas Table Setting with Sleigh Place Cards


…in a Christmas tablescape.

Christmas Table Setting with Better Homes and Garden Dishware


…especially when there’s a sleigh on the salad plate. πŸ™‚ (Tablescape can be viewed here: Dashing Through The Snow)

Sleigh Place Card Holders


I purchased all the above ornaments placecard holders and napkin rings last year and I was surprised to see Wal-Mart has them in again this year. They must have sold well last year for them to bring them back. Just wanted to let you know in case you are in need of some very affordable placecard holders or napkin rings for your holiday tables.

I also purchased a few of these little sleds last year to use as placecard holders but never got around to using them in a tablescape. So those may show up in a table setting this season…in which case, forget you ever saw this and act all surprised! πŸ˜‰

Ornaments as Placecard Holders


It’s Back!

Well, at least it’s starting to hit the shelves. A couple of months ago I mentioned I was pretty sure Wally World would be bringing back the Better Homes and Garden Christmas dishware again this year? I’ve heard from 4-5 folks who have seen it in their local store. I stopped by a Wal-Mart near me last week to see if they had it in, yet. They didn’t have any plates, but they did have the large platters. I bet if I go back this week, the plates will be there.

Better Homes and Garden Nature-Themed Dishware at Wal-mart


I noticed it’s also available online. Took me a while to find it but I think this is it: Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Dishware. It looks like they replaced one of the salad plates that depicted a red bird last year with a snowy owl for this year. I hope they have those in the stores…definitely need to add an owl to my collection.  The dinner plates in the set online are prettier than the ones from last year, too….much more decorative! By the way, I’m not affiliated with Wal-Mart in any way…just mentioning this so there won’t be any disappointed folks this year.

Better Homes and Garden Christmas Dishes

If you’re new to reading BNOTP and would like to see a close up of the dishware and the adorable patterns, check out these three Christmas table settings from last year:

A Christmas Table Setting with a Touch of Whimsy

Dashing Through the Snow

Nature Themed Setting


Looking forward to the other Before and Afters for this Met Monday!


Met Monday


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  1. You are brilliant my friend! And you think like me so maybe I have a little of your brilliance as well πŸ™‚ I am itching to get over to WalMart now and pick up some things for my holiday table. What time do they open?
    Thanks for sharing and blessings to you dear lady,

    • Patti, if you don’t see them, wait a week or so and go back. I want to get the owl plate this year so this morning I drove over to a Walmart that had a lot of the dishes last year, and they weren’t in yet. A sales clerk said they are just starting to get things like that. I noticed there were tons of empty shelves near the Christmas stuff they already had…I’m sure those will be filled with all things Christmas soon.

  2. Great of you to share this info, Susan. I was too late last year. I’m trying to get the jump on decor and such. Having made a few changes in the sunroom already that have made the native Tarzan restless, I think I’ll stick to dishes – I can always say I’ll resell them in the antique booth. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for hosting.

  3. Susan, Thanks so much for sharing those adorable ornaments for napkin rings and place card holders! I got the BH&G dishes for my table last year after you shared them πŸ™‚

  4. Oh thank you for these super ideas! I will be heading to Wally World soon. Just did a woodland themed table for someone who is hosting her husband’s staff party this month so these will complete it beautifully. I so enjoyed the Sears Roebuck homes post and left a comment but deleted it before it showed up. That was a great one.

  5. Belladonna says

    Do you think they would ship out here to Australia? Oh my gosh they are just gorgeous , nothing like that here.

  6. You have a great eye for seeing the potential in these “ornaments” for your Holiday table. You can’t beat the price either!! Happy Monday! πŸ™‚

  7. Oh-oh-oh, heading back to my WalMart today to see if any of the dishes have arrived!!! Thank you for the heads up!

    • Barbara, I stopped by one earlier today and they didn’t have them…so it may still be a little early. I wonder why some areas get them faster than others. They were working like crazy to fill all the empty shelves in the Walmart I was in this morning so maybe they’ll have them out soon. I really want to get the owl one…hope they sell it individually and not just in the set online.

  8. Susan, thanks for sharing where you found your adorable napkin rings and place card holders! Thanks to you, we will all be looking at ornaments in a whole new way! Have a great week!

  9. Linda Page says

    You are dead set on making me spend all of my money. That’s what I get for wanting to be just like you when I grow up!!!!! OK, I am off to WalMart!!! You do realize that when I retire I will be on more of a budget and you are going to have to quit doing this to me!!! LOL!

    • LOL! I’m a terrible influence, I know! πŸ™‚ Linda, I don’t think the Walmarts around me have them yet, but some folks are finding them already. Let me know if yours does. Wish they would all get them at the same time!

  10. Oh how loved reading your post this morning!
    You’ve fueled me up with a Great Thanksgiving Idea!
    Thanks so much!
    I still enjoy each year my outdoor wreath and garland
    look-a-like from Pottery Barn tutorial that you posted
    back a few years ago!
    Wishing you a Super Great November Day!

  11. Great idea(s)! I have always picked up cute, inexpensive ornaments like this in the post Xmas sales but for a different purpose– to tie onto packages as an added gift. Like in almost everything I follow a theme in my gift wrapping. My family and friends look forward to what this years theme will be (usually something different for kids), and refer to these as “tah dahs”. Now, I will add to it by either using more as napkin rings or place card holders that will serve duel purpose as take home favors. That will allow me the thrill of an annual “hunt” for next years theme and tablescape! Thanks!

    • Debbie, I love that! I love a theme…what a wonderful idea for your packaging each year! Lately I’ve really come to love using the brown packaging paper and changing out the ribbon style each year. I would love to see your packages and how you carry out the theme! Here’s how it looked one year:
      Have you ever done a tartan theme? I bet you have. I’m obsessing over tartan this year!

      • Do I do tartan?! Oh yes, but with a “twist”, you see I have a Scottish Terrier named Fibber Magee. So now I have plaid and Scottie dishes, a tree and a wreath! I am always on the hunt for plaid or Scottie paper, ribbon and ornaments. Thanks for the link, I loved the look with packaging paper. Once I found toile paper and the look with plaid ribbon was sensational. Another year, after wrappings, I used a stamp of a Scottie to decorate the paper.

  12. Susan ~ You are a girl after my own heart! Your ideas are wonderful. I always look for different ways to use things and you have come up with some wonderful ones!
    Have a great week!

  13. I saw your post last year on those ornaments. I think they look great as place card holders and napkin rings. And I loved those plates, even though I have very nice porcelain. I scurried to Wal-Mart and all those ornaments and plates were totally gone. I am hoping to beat the rush this year. Thanks for the heads-up!

    • Dotti, if your Wally World doesn’t have them yet, give ’em a week or so and try again. The two near me don’t have the plates yet, but I know some locations are getting them in from what folks are telling me…so don’t get discouraged. Hopefully all the stores will have them soon.

  14. I’m going to have to go to Wally World and grab some of those antlers! Thanks for the tip.

    Shannon ~

  15. Susan, you are so clever! What great ideas you’ve shared in this post. I’ll be looking at Christmas ornaments differently now. Thanks for the linky. laurie

  16. Thanks for the shopping trip Susan! I always forget about Walmart, they have great stuff sometimes and love their prices~I guess it’s time to get into the holiday spirit, thanks for the gentle nudge πŸ™‚

  17. I absolutely agree Susan! They make wonderful napkin rings.I love Walmart ornaments! They are so thrifty and fun!Excited to share that I bought my first white Christmas tree this year from Walmart.It really makes my vintage ornaments stand out and looks very Shabby Chic πŸ™‚

  18. I love dreaming up new ways to use Christmas ornaments! Thank you for hosting.

  19. Susan,
    Thanks for the “tip” about the antler ornaments as napkin rings & place card holders in our tablescapes!!! (Especially after my “sneak peek” yesterday!)
    Your Christmas Tablescapes and napkin folding are the ones I often return to many times throughout the year!
    Thank you for hosting Metamorphosis Monday each week!!!

  20. I love, love your ideas for tablescapes. Who would believe that the stunning tablescapes you create contain Walmart items. Beautiful!

  21. Thanks for the source for the cute accoutrements for your Christmas tables. I try to stay out of WalMart, but I may have to make an exception.

    I had trouble linking today, with the link thing insisting I don’t have a backlink to you, but I do. I don’t know if mine will show up or not.

    Thanks for continuing the party!

  22. Thanks so much for the party!! On my way home from working the night shift,this morning, where did I stop by WalMart!! Strictly to check out the Christmas section and I did see these but I definitely did not see them the way you did!! Love the sleds as place card holders and LOVE those dishes!! Thanks for the inspiration!!


  23. Peggy Thal says

    Love your vision in finding beautiful and unique items for your table decor. The antlers are adorable and so fitting to both Fall and Christmas. I too bought those plates last year for myself and my daughter in law. I have too many Christmas plates but who could resist. Definitely want to add the owl plate too. Thanks for the great tips and the gorgeous tables you make. Your blogs are always so exciting and I look forward to what you will come up with next.

    • Thanks so much, Peggy! Yeah, we have to find some of those owl plates this year! I hope they aren’t just in the sets online…keeping my fingers crossed. I know what you mean…I didn’t need more Christmas dishes but the prices were so good and the pattern is sooo cute, I couldn’t pass it up.

  24. Thanks so much for hosting, Susan!
    Have a great week,

  25. You set a beautiful table. Loving all of your ideas.

  26. I love your out-of-the box thinking with your “ornaments”! You go girl!! πŸ™‚
    xox, Crystelle

  27. Thanks for the party, Susan, and for the shopping tips — love that platter! Have a great week. πŸ™‚

  28. What adorable ideas for place holders and napkin rings! Especially for someone like me with a log cabin lol!

    Thanks for hosting Susan, and have a great week!


    P.S. I had some trouble adding the pic that I wanted. Said it was too large. Just wondering what your parameters are?

    • Ummm, I’m not sure why it did that. InLinkz sets the parameters. The only part it lets me choose is if the thumbnail is are 75, 100, 125, 150 etc… I always use 150 which allows three thumbnails per row. Usually InLinkz let’s you select the part of the picture to show and then lets you crop it…so not sure why it said it was too large. Maybe it had a glitch. Has it done that before, Doreen?

  29. rattlebridge farm says

    This may be the Tip of the Decade! Love all of the tablescaping ideas, Susan. Your dining room is one of my favorites in the world. Have a great week!

  30. Jean from Georgia says

    Well, so much for getting to work this morning. I never should have read this email before getting ready for work. So, off to Walmart for me this morning. I just love your ideas for table settings – thanks so much for your fabulous photos.

    • lol Sorry about that, Jean! πŸ™‚ If you don’t see the plates…go back in a week or so. It’s still a little early.

      • Jean from Georgia says

        Oh,my. You misunderstood. I am self employed and after reading your blog about all the ornaments used for table settings I was too excited to even think about working today. Went to Walmart to shop for ornaments, and found just want I wanted. Got to work right after lunch and had a profitable day all around.

  31. What a great idea.
    I think I will check out my Walmart soon..
    But more important, I love the mirror in your dining room
    Beautiful dining room
    Have a wonderful day

  32. Thanks for the heads up on those great “napkin rings” I’ll have to make a trip to Walmart! Hugs, Penny

  33. Thanks for the tip! I have the round antler ornament and now will get more, plus the other ones and the sleigh! You are so darn clever!!! Thanks for hosting. XO

  34. Love the way you think outside of the box. Walmart is on my list of errands today so I guess I’ll be stopping by the Christmas section to scoop up some of those circular antler for sure! Thanks for the idea!

  35. I am so happy we can talk about Christmas now! Great ideas, as usual…and have I mentioned before that I just adore your dining room from top to bottom? I am sure I must have, but even if I have, it’s so pretty, it’s worth mentioning again! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the party, Susan!

  36. LOL I think you just started a stampede on Walmart! I’ll definitely check out the ornaments. I adored those little sleighs you used last year. I’ll try to act surprised when I see the sleds appear on a post in the future!!

    • lol They will wonder why the sleigh and antler ornaments are so popular this year! Ha! Yes, please feign surprise if I work them into a table! πŸ™‚

  37. LOL Susan,
    I’d say if the goods serve our purpose, so they are … “good” goods! LOL
    Love your vivid personality and your vivid fantasy! πŸ™‚
    But, now I have two questions:
    #1: How on earth did I miss that beautiful ‘Dashing through the snow’ post, last year?! I love everything about that tablescape β™₯, and
    #2: Why, oh why, did “Wally World” leave Germany, years ago?! Argh!
    ~Hugs to you~

    • Thanks, Cecilia! So you had a Wally World? Cool! I wonder why they closed. Ummm, can’t imagine.

      • Susan,
        now this has made me curios, too and I have googled it: apparently Walmart did close in Germany because of cultural “problems” and cultural “differences”, i.e. in the US the cashiers are ordered to always be smiling at their customers but in Germany it is considered not “normal” to be kind and to smile at total strangers! In fact, once you have paid, the only thing that German cashiers say to you, is: Thank you for shopping here (and leaving your hard-earned money here!) but now GET OUT OF MY FACE, YOU SILLY COW! LOLOL
        I am ROFL!
        Here is a link:
        Hmm… very weird… however, Susan, I just want to remind you that I am Italian! lol

  38. Thanks so much for this tip, Susan! I will never look at ANY tree ornaments the same way! Your t’scapes from last year are so inspiring as well. Thanks also for hosting this terrific party!

  39. Oh those antler ornaments are just perfect – what a gorgeous table setting Susan !
    And those little sleds for name holders – wow – I’m in love !
    Thanks for sharing –
    AND for another great party.
    Have a great week

  40. Susan ~ The ornaments work just perfect on your table! Such a great idea! Thanks for hosting.

  41. Susan, Love the antlers, I picked them up a few years ago and they look great with my Safari themed table as well as my Texas themed table, sans the bells and holly. Love the Christmas dishes and hope our Wally World has them in stock! Thanks for some great ideas!

    • Gina, if you don’t see ’em…check back in a week or two. It may still be a tad early for some locations. Mine don’t have them yet, but other stores do from what I’m hearing.

  42. Well, aren’t you clever. I love the idea of using the antler ring ornaments as napkin rings and the sleighs as place card holders are adorable. Thanks for hosting!

  43. Carol Neibling says

    Did you see Deb’s Mountain Breath blog today? She has WalMart antlers, too. Also, I was at Kirkland’s the other day and they had lots of antlers and other Christmas tree decorations in very unusual colors.

  44. My WalMart does not have in the Better Homes & Gardens dishes yet. But I must have the OWL. Thanks for letting us know.

  45. All good ideas–the antler-cardholder is so cute. Mainly, thanks for another example of looking twice at something. Hope to burn that lesson into my brain and use throughout the year.

  46. You are the clever girl. I must confess though that I can’t even begin to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving!

  47. Mary Rose Borden says

    OMG! I’ve been looking for a sled that I could use as a place card holder/napkin ring/take home gift. I just got back from Walmart. I will purchase good chocolate truffles and adhere to the sled. I’m hosting a cookie exchange/holiday lunch with 9 of my high school friends and certainly will look so cute at each place setting. Your Blog is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing this find – dishes too.

  48. Linda Louise S. says

    I love the BH&G Christmas platter. Hoping I can get my hands on that. I remember the sleigh place card holder from your previous post. Did the glitter fall off onto the plate? I loved that idea but would be afraid of the glitter getting all over the place. It has a tendency to do that. I saw the ornaments at WW when I bought the dishes so maybe I will go back and get some. Thanks for the info. Have a beautiful day.

    • No, it seems to be stuck on pretty good. The sleigh could be placed in front of the plate instead of on it, if you were worried some might flake off. Thanks, Linda!

  49. i love the antler ornament ideas! so glad they are back this year and running to wal*mart this afternoon! lol. tfs and love all your tablescapes. mj

  50. We are going to a much larger town tomorrow, so will definitely check out their Wal-Mart.
    Love place card and napkin theme!!

  51. Your table is beautiful. I hope walmart has those sleigh ornaments…I am heading out tomorrow to see what I can find. Thanks for the heads up.
    Also…thank you for hosting your link parties. I love seeing your, and everyone else’s new ideas. I always swing by your blog on Mondays to touch bases, and share what I have done.
    Thanks for all that you do.

  52. Is the deer a salad plate? My mom and I are doing a tea and want a theme of deer so if we can get those individually that will be perfect. We will be haunting the area Wal-mart stores in the next week or two for those plus the ornaments with the antlers. Those will be perfect! Thank you for the ideas!

    • It is a salad. Carol, I just realized I linked to the wrong table setting at the end of the post.
      Here’s a link to the post where I used the deer salad plates:
      They did have them for sale individually so hopefully they will do that again this year.

      • Thank you for your reply Susan, my mom and I are mapping out the Walmarts to hit up tomorrow to see if we can find enough of the deer for our tea. And love the antlers for the napkin rings too. She has some beautiful dinner plates from her wedding china in 1954 that are solid red that will mix beautifully with these. We both love to mix and match our dishes and have quite a few sets between us. We just need to figure out who is going to get to store these new ones at their home. We rae both running out of room!

        • Carol, Deb just left a comment on this post that her Walmart has them in stock…she purchased them last week, but the Walmart stores near me don’t have them, yet. So it’s hit or miss right now since they are just getting them in. Hope you find them tomorrow! That’s so awesome that you guys can share to mix and match…love that!

  53. My WalMart has the Better Homes & Gardens dishes, and I bought the owl plates last week and some antler ornaments to use as napkin rings. Let the holiday fun begin!

  54. Great ideas Susan! I got the antlers last year to hang on my pantry knobs (and promptly dropped and broke them…used glue to fix them all up though). Thanks so much for sharing and for hosting every week. Have a great week!

  55. Thanks for the party. And what cool place cards and napkin rings ideas.

  56. Oh Susan, I love these — what a clever girl you are!! πŸ˜€ I love the idea of using these ornaments for napkin rings and place card holders. I’m heading out to our Wally World tomorrow; I hope ours has those same ornaments. I love this hunt-style look for holiday tables (and the rest of the home, too).

    Thank you so much for sharing this idea and for hosting. I also love, love those Christmas dishes. Have a great week!



  57. Hi Susan I grabbed these Better Homes and Garden plates the day after Christmas last year for half price and instantly started my planning one of six tablescapes I will be doing this year with them. Although I have not had a chance to use them yet I want to go and grab the owl one too. I did get the big bowl last year .thanks for the update.Susie

    • Susie, it’s so funny how you were able to buy them half price after Christmas and in some places, they ran out. You are going to have a blast setting all those beautiful tables! πŸ™‚

  58. Leave it to you Susan to come up with a creative way to use tree ornaments for a table setting. I absolutely LUV it! Will definitely be adding Wal-Mart on my shopping list when I soon visit New York state. -Brenda-

  59. Well it looks like the great 2014 Wal-Mart scavenger hunt has begun!!! I scored the salad plates (finally) last year and spied several ornaments in this post that need to be in my house. haha They have no idea what happens after you do these posts (or do they πŸ˜‰

    • lol I’ve never been contacted by anyone there, so not sure. They did get all these items back in so maybe our purchases last year encouraged them to restock them again. I guess I’ll never know. πŸ™‚

      • Your posts on these dishes I’m sure bring a surge in purchases at Wal-Mart, so of course they brought them back. πŸ™‚

  60. I love the napkin rings! I bought all that they had at “my” Wal-mart. I wanted to get the antler place card holders, too, but, alas, they weren’t to be found at “my” Wal-Mart. I’ll have to look in other stores. I must tell you that the reason I love the antler items is that my dining room is very Victorian and “fru-fru”, except that the walls are decorated with wildlife prints and my husband’s deer, elk, and antelope heads. My kids laugh at the disparity in our decorating but it reflects who we are!! All this to say I love the antler decorations/napkin rings. Also where did you get your antler handle knife, fork, and spoon sets?
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Love that combination and how you guys have worked it out, Patti. πŸ™‚ I found the antler handle knife and fork on eBay several years ago. The antler ones I kept seeing in store on line were insanely priced so I just kept checking ebay and one days those popped up. I can’t remember what I paid now but it wasn’t bad at all…so just check ebay occasionally for them.

  61. Lovely ideas, as always! I found the great chargers at Walmart this year with the pinecones and pine needles on them! They will look great on a Lodge inspired tablescape!

  62. Love those ideas……=) I saw those in Wal-Mart last week and looked at them a long time, wondering what I could use them for….I should have had you with me! My Wal-Mart has the plates – just got them in – and I am eager to add some to my collection! I have the platter on my “wish list”, too!
    Blessings to you,

  63. Christina McCall says

    Hi Susan, this is Christina from TN, started collecting a ton of these ornaments last year for a “Woodland Themed” Christmas tree for one of the guest bedrooms or in my office. I would have never thought of using that sled as a place card holder. I LOVE that idea and am on my way to Walmart to get a set of 12 tonight. Also, I did see on line the set of dishes. Not sure I want those, but so far our Walmart did not have any of this collection in stock as of 2 days ago. Last year I did buy the platter (before I realized how popular they are) so YES, I will be checking every other day or so to go ahead and get the salad plates. I do hope this year they will also be selling them individually and will have more than just the 4 designs shown. But who know.
    THANK YOU once again for a wonderful idea!!!! I can’t wait to get the sleds. You certainly can’t beat those prices for $1.97
    Working on getting a wreath on every window so I may message you about that later. Have a great week.

  64. Susan I love the antler ornaments. You have inspired me. I have a good size moose antler and I’m thinking I’ll use it for the centerpiece, incorporating other Autumn decorations. Then, I’ll steal your idea for the napkin rings! I love it!

    Oh, maybe I can go with the tartan fabric I have used in various ways since 1980 to make a tablecloth. Then use my moose antler and the napkin rings on the table for Chritmas. In 1980, I bought a handmade tree skirt, topper angel and a couple of pillow covers. I bought 5 yards of fabric, too. I’ve used them most every year. It will be so much fun to use the older pieces in such a fresh new way! Thanks!

  65. Just terrific…you are a GIFT!!! franki

  66. Since our local Walmart has not received any of the BH&G plates yet, decided to “reach out” for the new owl salad plates. WH travels & he found 4 owl plates for me. My sister in a neighboring state also found owl & barn plates for me. Only found 2 barn plates last year. Hoping to find at least 4 of this year’s dinner plates…they really are so much prettier than last year.
    The quest for tartan plates will have to wait until next year; must start shopping for Christmas presents instead of plates. πŸ˜‰

    • Glad you were able to get some, Paula. It’s so weird how some stores have them and other don’t. I thought the dinner plates were prettier this year, too.

  67. Susan, I saw those ornaments a few weeks ago, I bought one of the little picture frame ones with the antlers for my brother who is an avid hunter, now you got me thinking about what else it could be used for. You are brilliant, I love how you used the antlers for a napkin rings!

  68. Cynthia Raines says

    Susan, ran right out to our Walmart only to find it picked clean!! No antlers at all, only 2 sleighs, which I purchased and 2 sleds, which I purchased. Went over to Lowes and found their selection of Christmas ornaments and to my surprise found really neat small ceramic deer heads in white or brown for $5.97, so I purchased two of the white ones. (May have to go back and get a couple more). I will be able to use those as place card holders with the antlers holding the card. Sorry I can’t send a picture of it, but you should check it out. I am pleased that my table of 6 will have a variety. Thanks so much for the super neat idea. I’ll keep on checking Walmart as I would like the antler napkin rings as well. My birthday is Christmas Eve so I really enjoy doing all the trimmings! Am a faithful reader, and enjoy your blog so very much.

    • Thanks, Cynthia! Sorry they went so fast…I guess folks can’t resist their amazing prices on ornaments. They are so much cheaper there than anywhere else and they have some really cute one. I will definitely check those out at Lowes…they sound super cute! Thanks for the tip!

  69. Well aren’t you a smarty pants!

  70. Hi Susan! I cannot thank you enough for this post! When reading one of you posts last year featuring the Better Homes and Gardens Christmas dinnerware, I could never find a pattern I like better. In fact, my theme this year is an old-fashioned Christmas and I was searching for a new pattern that would catch my eye. Lo and behold Wal-Mart has provided a lovely set for us all! I now have just the look I had hoped for and I thank you for the inspiration! I love, love, love reading your blog always! Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving and holiday season!!! Hugs~

    • Betsy, makes my day to hear that! I love that pattern, too…it captured my heart when I first saw it last year. I had to add those darling owl plates to my collection this year. I know your home must be looking beautiful…love the idea of decorating in an “Old-Fashioned” Christmas theme. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too!

  71. Susan– beautiful table setting! Is there any change you remember where you got the pretty acorn soup bowls in the first picture, or where I might be able to find something similar? Thanks and I love your decorating!

    • Maryjo, so sorry I’m so late in answering this. I bought those in Williams Sonoma several years ago. They had them on clearance. I’m not sure if they have gotten them in again. I think they usually have some type of soup tureen in the fall/winter, though.

  72. Susan,
    I am very new to creating tablescapes. I am wondering when you come across these single plates, if you buy whole sets… I saw your salad plates, but did you buy dinner plates and the platter and the small bowls?

    • Hi Lindsey, well it really depends on so many factors. If it’s a pattern that I’m completely crazy about and I can swing it, I’ll buy the dinner and salad plates, if I like both. Occasionally, I may not like the dinner plates but may love the salad plates, so then I just buy those. I bought both the dinner and salad plates for the Better Homes and Garden dishware at Walmart because they were so inexpensive and I did like both. So, it just really depends on the how much I love the pattern and how much that dishware costs. One of the neat things about creating different tables is if you have a set of cream dinner plates and a set of white dinner plates, you can create tons of different tables for different occasions by just buying salad plates because that’s what most folks see when they sit down at your beautiful table to dine. You can have tables for all holidays/occasions by just purchasing inexpensive salad plates. HomeGood, Marshalls, TJ Max, Walmart, thrift stores, etc… are all good places to look for fun salad plates.

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