A Wee Bit Of Luxury, These Make A Beautiful Gift For Mother’s Day

I purchased a new lipstick refill for a case I bought recently and it arrived today. As I admired the color, I thought about how a beautiful lipstick case would make a great Mother’s Day gift, especially with a special engraving inside. Quite a few years back, I fell in love with the bow-shaped lipstick cases from House of Sillage and ended up purchasing quite a few as I caught them on sale over the next few years.

Luxury Lipstick Collection


A few months ago, I discovered Dior creates special edition cases from time to time. For spring this year, they produced a really pretty one covered in flowers.

Luxury Lipstick Brands


Here’s a closer photo… With all the cases I’m sharing today, once you choose a case, you can purchase any lipstick you wish to go inside and repurchase refills as needed. I love that idea!

Dior Millefiori Couture Lipstick Case, Guerlain Houndstooth Lipstick Case


Then I discovered Guerlain and fell down another big, beautiful rabbit hole.

Great Mother's Day Gift


You may remember when I shared their limited edition Cherry Blossom holder and the special lipstick they created to fit inside.

Cherry Blossom Lipstick, Guerlain, 2023


I especially love how they let you engrave the inside mirror with anything you wish and there’s no cost for the engraving. I ordered one for my daughter-in-law and was able to fit her 3 initials and the words, “Love you!” inside. For the ones I’ve ordered, I added my 3 initials. I love that personalized touch!

Guerlain Cherry Blossom Lipstick


They just came out with another adorable one for summer! Who can resist a case covered in flowers and bees! The lipstick color I chose to go inside was No. 77 (Light Pink) and I think it’s my favorite from Guerlain, although I do love their lip balm a lot, too. If you’re looking for a special gift for your Mom or for yourself, I think these make really special gifts, especially with an added engraving inside.



Here are the places where I’ve purchased these lipsticks in the past:

Guerlain Cases & Lipstick Refills:
Neiman Marcus

Bow Cases & Lipstick Refills
House of Sillage
Neiman Marcus

Dior Lipstick Cases


Luxury Lipstick Brands


See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Teresa M. says

    What a nice touch. Are they heavy?

    • Not really, but they definitely feel substantial. I think bow cases are a tiny bit heavier than the Guerlain cases. The Dior case isn’t heavy at all, not any more than a normal lipstick. I don’t think they are heavy enough to make a difference in how a handbag feels when carrying it.

  2. The cases are beautiful. I’m no to fond of the bows but I really like the others. Thanks for showing.

  3. I absolutely love these- especially the bows! I may be able to pull this great country out of the recession! LOL

    On a side note, when my Anglophile daughter-in-law was here for Easter, I told her about my Penhaligon’s fragrances that I first learned about through your blog. After it passed the “sniff test,” she turned to my son and told him that she wanted a bottle of Highgrove Bouquet for Mother’s Day. And one for her mother. And they needed to arrive early- in time for the Coronation on May 6! All this to say, there are going to be three women and two little girls sitting in front of the TV in their PJs watching the pageantry and smelling divine in the early morning hours of Coronation Day. LOL

    • Ha! That will be amazing! Love it! You will definitely all be smelling divine! ♥
      I purchased a second backup bottle about a month ago when I saw it pop up again on Selfridges since it keeps selling out. I’ve been using mine so much, I wanted a backup bottle in case they discontinue it one day. I have a feeling they are going to keep it around for quite a while though, since it’s such a popular scent.

  4. Christy Keyton says

    Oh my goodness- I had to have the one with the flowers and bees. The only place I could find to order it was Guerlain.com, but I got one! Got the mirror engraved with my initials too! So beautiful!

  5. Right now I use City Lips for lipstick. Are there any lipsticks that are equivalent to City Lips that I might buy so I could get one of these cute cases?

    • Unfortunately, the cases probably wouldn’t fit another brand’s lipstick. The cases are designed so you can change out to any lipstick color you wish, but I think it would only work with the lipsticks designed for that size/shape case.

  6. How pretty! We need to vote on our favorite.

  7. Tina W Reynolds says

    You’re right, they are a touch of luxury. I can see how I might become ‘addicted’ to those bows!

  8. Selma C Kessler says

    Oh my goodness! I just ordered the Guerlain floral bee case! When I was about 10 years old, I saw a lipstick case with a mirror at some store when mom took me on vacation. It had abalone on the top and it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen! Mom bought it for me, and I kept it on what I called my “treasure table” in my room. These cases remind me of mom, youth, and the joy over something pretty! Thank you for sharing your tidbits of joy, Susan!! ❤️

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