Williams Sonoma Shopping Trip & A Bag You’ve Asked About Is Back in Stock

Happy Weekend! Yesterday, I headed out to do a little shopping in some of my favorite homeware stores and I snapped some pictures to share. Before I share those, if you were one of the dearhearts who contacted me after I shared this Lady Dior handbag that I purchased a couple of years ago, I noticed recently that the shop where I found mine has gotten another one back in stock. You rarely see them available now since Dior made this style bag about 3-4 years ago and they never repeat their special edition styles.

This is the Lady Dior in the beautiful studded design. Every year, Dior produces their regular Lady Dior bags along with a few special designs. This special edition sold out quickly and I always regretted that I didn’t purchase it when I first saw it in a Dior Boutique. I was thrilled when I found one in Excellent pre-loved condition a couple of years ago, plus I saved a lot by buying it preloved.

Dior Lady Dior Studded Supple Leather Handbag


The reason this style bag is called the Lady Dior because it’s one of the bags Princess Diana frequently carried.


I mostly carry this bag in the summertime, but as you can see in the first picture of this post and this picture below, it works great for winter, as well, since it’s a soft, cream-white color, not a stark white. The feel of the leather is amazing, you can absolutely feel the quality of this bag when you hold it and run your hand across the surface.

Lady Dior Studded Bag with beige Le Phoenix de Christian Dior Silk Mitzah Scarf


If you’ve always dreamed of having a Lady Dior, this one is currently available in excellent condition here: Medium, Studded Lady Dior. The price is almost half of what the bag would cost if it were available in a Dior Boutique today. You can see all the Lady Dior bags they have in stock here: Lady Dior Bags. For comparison, check out the regular prices at Dior online here: Lady Dior.

One thing to know, this bag is a little heavier than a regular Lady Dior bag due to the beautiful studding. If I’m wearing mine out to go shopping for several hours, I wear it with the shoulder strap and it’s fine. I don’t even notice it. If I’m just going out to dinner, I often just hand-carry it. I love it and it’s a bag that will never leave my collection! (See how a Lady Dior Bag is made by hand here: Lady Dior Bag.)


Shopping the Summer Dishware

I stopped into Williams Sonoma during my day out shopping and the first thing I saw was this beautiful Sicilian maiolica-style dinnerware. They designed it in scratch-proof melamine so it’s worry-free for either indoor or outdoor dining.


I love the lemon design! You’ll find this dinnerware available here: Italian Style Dinnerware for Dining Outdoors.


They had so many great nautical tables set up! I was in beach heaven drooling over all the designs!


Love this nautical table runner!



This was my favorite of all the dishware I saw. I kept thinking what a fabulous table this would set for our 4th of July celebration! The colors are perfect! What are you doing for the 4th? Are you having friends or family over for a cookout?


Love the lobster plates!


This dinnerware is all porcelain. Wouldn’t this be perfect for a 4th of July Lobster Bake?


Or, how about a Low-Country Boil! The special crackers and mallets they had out on display all look so professional–much nicer than most of the ones I’ve come across in the past. Those are all available here: Lobster/Seafood Crackers and Mallets.


Beautiful designs, I love them all! You’ll find all this red, white and blue nautical dinnerware available here: Crab, Lobster Dinnerware in Red, White, and Blue.


This collection below was really pretty in person, I kept reaching out to feel the plate—the colors were so pretty! It’s also Melamine, so great for outdoor entertaining. I love the design, it makes me think of the ocean and the waves crashing in on the sands. It’s available here: Outdoor Dinnerware.


They had the coordinating napkins, too. (See those here: Napkins.)


Okay, I’m off to put something together that was just delivered today. I hope to share it for Metamorphosis Monday! Have a wonderful weekend, dear Friends!

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  1. I am wondering if you ever got those screen doors installed? Would love to see photos of them.s.

    • Not yet. The painting company came back out and did the second coat of paint about a month ago, but I haven’t been able to find anyone to install them who I trust. I’ve called about 4-5 companies and they all say that they can’t find enough workers right now–they say that no one wants to work. I tried a few door companies and a screened porch company and they won’t do it since I didn’t buy the door from them/through them…so they can’t replace it if their installer makes a mistake. I will probably have to hire a handyman through some handyman-type company but since the doors together cost almost $3,000, I have to find someone who is very experienced in door installation. I’d love to see them installed but it has to be the right guy who knows how to notch out the doors for the hinges properly, in addition to installing them.

  2. Such a darling bag! And isn’t a trip to Williams Sonoma always fun? I like the little red hammers, especially! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your trip with us – hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

  3. Thanks for the field trip; they’re always fun!

  4. Wowzer, the Lady Dior purse is darling. Princess Diana was such a classy dresser. I ‘d like to dress like her when I grow up. Haha. Very classy. The you tube video of how these purses are made was enlightening to me. So much work goes into a single bag. Always a treat to visit your blog.

  5. The Lady Dior bag is just beautiful!

    Yesterday I went to the Williams Sonoma store at Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix, it’s a very large beautiful store. They had the colorful Sicilian dishes (stoneware and melamine) set up beautifully, and their table made me realize I have nothing for an Italian type tablescape. So…….(as if I need more dishes LOL), I am going to start planning a colorful Italian theme table with the Sicilian dishes and linens. The bright colors are just fabulous. And…….I can cook spaghetti with meat sauce, lasagne, etc., and I won’t have to worry about permanent staining of the linens. It’s a win-win! :0)

  6. Such great things at Williams Sonoma…our local store closed ! Have to take a road trip as you posted some things I ( ahem) NEED!

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