An Exciting Book-Movie Themed Table Setting: Godzilla Strikes Again!

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When Elena has family over for a birthday celebration, in addition to setting a beautiful or whimsical table for the grown-ups, she always creates a special table just for the kiddos in the family. During a recent gathering, she created an amazing table that captured the fascination of both the kids and the adults!

Elena said, “Of course, my main inspiration for this tablescape was a HUGE Godzilla toy based on the 2014 movie. He is 24 inches tall and 48 inches from head to tail, quite an imposing fellow when I place him on the kitchen table.”

Huge Godzilla for a Godzilla Themed Table Setting


“The kitchen nook table comfortably seats 6. I knew I had to find a rectangular Godzilla tablecloth measuring about 70 by 84 inches. Miraculously, I was able to find a great tablecloth that shows Godzilla with a wide-open mouth as he roars and menaces down on everyone below him.”

Godzilla in Godzilla Themed Tablescape


“The Godzilla toy is huge and takes up a big part of the table—but I also knew I needed to have some skyscrapers. Besides fighting other monsters and swimming in the ocean, Godzilla really likes to stomp around between skyscrapers at night. I pitched my skyscraper concept to Dear Husband and he made it happen.”

Godzilla Themed Table, Great for Party


“We bought a 6 ft tall redwood fence post (square in cross-section) and cut it into 3 pieces, three different heights. Next, we spray painted the fence post sections with matte black paint. Finally, we cut (what seemed like) zillions of little “windows” out of yellow card stock and glued the “windows” by hand to the black standing posts. Voila! We created three skyscrapers for Godzilla.”

Godzilla Themed Table Setting


Elena described some of the decorations she found saying, “I found a couple of very cool inexpensive Godzilla wall tapestries to pin to the valances on my kitchen nook windows. There’s one tapestry of Godzilla blasting his lightning breath up into the sky.”

Godzilla Wall Tapestry


“The other tapestry has Godzilla fighting with the three-headed monster Ghidorah. These are big tapestries and they add to the feeling of hugeness for the tablescape.”

Godzilla Themed Table Setting, Godzilla Poster


Elena kept the place settings kid-friendly so the little ones could just be kids and enjoy. Elena said, “For the place settings, I used simple blue plastic plates that I found at Target. I found cute blue striped acrylic beverage cups with lids and straws, the colors went well with the other decorations. I was able to find black Godzilla vinyl stickers for decorating the drink cups.”

Godzilla Napkins, Godzilla Glasses, Godzilla Themed Table Setting


Elena made these awesome napkins! Elena said, “I was happily able to find Godzilla cotton fabric at, and I used it to sew napkins to place on the plates. For eating utensils I used my iridescent flatware; it goes so well with all the other colors!”

The fabric Elena chose for making her napkins is perfect for this table setting! I love how the iridescent flatware adds even more mystery and excitement to this creative tablescape!

Godzilla Plates for Godzilla themed Table


The Godzilla-themed glasses Elena found worked beautifully for this kid-friendly table.!

Godzilla Glasses in Godzilla Themed Table Setting 04


Thanks so much to Elena for sharing this amazing Godzilla-themed table setting–I would love to have seen her grandchildren’s faces when they walked into the room! They must get so excited when they are on their way to Elena’s home for a special dinner because Elena always creates amazing tables for the little ones!

Godzilla in Godzilla Themed Tablescape


Below you’ll find a list Elena put together detailing where she found some of the items she used in her table setting. If the item is still available, you’ll find it linked below.


HUGE Godzilla Toy (based on the 2014 movie): I bought him on sale (I think) at Toys R Us, paid maybe $60.00 for him. Unfortunately, Amazon now wants $300 to $400 for the same toy! I definitely lucked out on the price.
Godzilla tablecloth—Walmart
Skyscrapers—6 ft redwood fence post (from Home Depot), matte black spray paint, yellow card stock, and glue from Michaels
Blue plastic plates—Target
Acrylic beverage cups with lids and straws—Target
Black Godzilla vinyl stickers for beverage cups—AlleyShop store on Etsy
Iridescent Flatware
Godzilla cotton fabric for napkins— (Spoonflower also now sells hemmed tablecloths in this same fabric pattern!)
Large Godzilla Wall Tapestries

Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Genessa Torsy says

    This is so fun! My kids would have LOVED this! Thanks for the ideas!!!! LOVE this blog!

  2. Susan, I’m sitting here shaking my head and thinking, what??? How is this even possible? Who would make a godzilla tablecloth? Lol. I don’t know how Elena finds these things! A godzilla tablecloth? 😀 I can’t get over it. Seriously though, Elena does come up with the ideas and she always pulls it off! What a crazy cool table scape. That godzilla doll is incredible. It’s big, but it fits the table so well. And I love her idea for the ‘skyscrapers,’ lol. And that she got her husband in on the plan, lol. 😀 What a fun time the kids must have had. Elena, you are too much!

    • Elena S Wortman says

      Thank you, Pam. I have to admit that a Godzilla tablescape is a little wierd. However, I have promised my only grandchild (grandson) that I would work hard to do boys’ as well as girls’ tablescapes for the kids’ tables. Grandson can only take so much of the pretty froo-froo tablescapes which “are for girls.” LOL. What cracked me up was that three of the adults at the Mothers’ Day lunch wanted to eat at the kids’ table with Godzilla. And they did.

      • I’m glad you find a way to create more boyish tablescapes for him. I’m sure he’ll look back on these when he’s an adult and have very fond memories. But I still can’t get over the fact that a manufacturer actually made a godzilla themed tablecloth! Lol. But it worked out perfectly for your purposes. Maybe godzilla is more in demand than I realized. I just love that he’s stomping through your cityscape. So funny. Glad the moms got to enjoy it too.

  3. Jackie Allen says

    So fun – love the Godzilla tablescape!!!!! I have already started planning my Halloween event for this year! I know it is only July but I am super excited and this tablescape is giving me more inspiration!!!! Thank you for sharing.

    Jackie from Dallas

  4. So fun! I’m pinning it for future grandkids.

  5. Another crazy fun table from Elena! I bet the children’s eyes were popping! How amazing to find that tablecloth and so creative to make skyscrapers! Thanks for sharing Susan and Elena!

    • It is really fun to see the looks on the faces of The Littles when they first see their kids’ table. Their eyes get really big, and then the froo froo little 5 year old princess niece will immediately start discussing her Godzilla expertise with her boy cousins. It’s hilarious. I hope The Littles will have happy memories of our many family dinners at Nana’s house. :0)

  6. What a great table! I know lots of adults who would want to sit there! 🙂 Thanks again Elena and Susan, for the fabulous inspiration!

  7. Haha, that’s great. I know some big “boys” who’d have a lot a of fun with that too!

  8. How creative. Remember creating Kodac Memories ?
    Elena, anybody offered to buy the whole affair ?
    Thanks for sharing your awesome tablescape.

  9. Cyndi Raines says

    What an awesome table and those skyscrapers are perfect! Really like the flatware too, crazy perfect for this. This tablescape took me back to my childhood. The 4:30 p.m. movie would have a Godzilla week once a year and we loved watching those movies. We would sprawl out on the carpet and let ourselves get totally taken up in the monster drama. At commercial time, my older brother would act like Godzilla and attack us. What fun we had! Elena, I’m sure the memories you are creating will live long in your grandchildren’s hearts.

  10. What a fun table Elena and thanks for sharing Susan! My kids (3 boys) would have loved loved this when they were little. What a fabulous treat for the grands and I’m sure they will remember this one!

  11. Different – but FUN!

    • Rachelle, this was probably my silliest kids’ table yet, but it was a lot of fun– and it wasn’t that much work compared to other tablescapes I’ve done. I love having a special kids’ table with a fun kids’ theme–plus I love having everything on the table not likely to be broken by little hands. The parents of The Littles really appreciate this, they can relax and enjoy their meal, not having to worry about something valuable getting broken/ruined.

  12. That Godzilla table is so much fun! She didn’t miss one single detail. I am sure the kids loved it! Thanks for another tablescape Thursday. XO- MaryJo

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