Updates for the Master Bedroom and Guest Room, Expanding Storage

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Ages ago, I ordered three Billy Bookcases for my home office. FYI: I don’t recommend the Billy for book storage unless you are 1. Storing only paperback books or 2. Will be mixing in lots of tchotchkes on the shelves with your books. The shelves can’t handle a lot of weight and bow easily when loaded down with hardback books.

Wish I could just flip the bowing shelves over every so often, but the way the shelf is designed, that isn’t possible. I’m also using the Billy “extension” shelf on top that takes the shelves all the way to the ceiling.


A couple of years ago, I drove into the Atlanta Ikea and purchased a Billy Oxberg shelving unit. The Billy Oxberg is nothing more than a Billy Bookcase with the addition of glass doors. It’s perfect for storing items you would like to be able to view but wish to keep dust-free. I love it for handbag storage!

The added doors take the Billy Bookcase up like 10 notches! No kidding! Billy Bookcases look (and feel) so much nicer/high-end with the added doors. The door design is slightly beveled and super sleek. They really feel nice when you run your hand over them. Plus, they work great for handbags–no bowing shelves!

Handbag Storage with Ikea Billy Oxberg Bookcase Cabinet


I do recommend replacing the tiny wood knobs that come with the Billy Oxberg with something nicer, though!

Changing the Knobs on Ikea Billy Oxberg Bookcase


Much better! I purchased these knobs at Target but they don’t appear to be available now. You’ll find a lot of pretty glass/crystal knobs here: Glass-Crystal Knobs.

Crystal Glass Knobs for Cabinets


I have so enjoyed storing my bags this way that I decided to go ahead and order two more Billy Oxberg cabinets. I don’t have that many handbags, but I do have quite a few totes that I would love to keep out for easy access. So, where am I going to put two new Billy Oxberg cabinets?

Best Way to Store Handbags for Easy Access


See the antique trunk on the left wall here in the guest room?

Hardwood Flooring for the Guest Room


I’ve moved the trunk (and dollhouse) over to another wall here in the guest room.


I think I’m going to place the Billy Oxberg cabinets here. I measured and there’s plenty of space for two cabinets. Also, they will not stick out into the room as far as the trunk did in this spot which will give more space for walking past.

The Billy Bookcases are always out of stock, at least they seem to be here in Atlanta and online for delivery. I stalked the website for a few days and they briefly showed in stock one afternoon. I placed my order but delivery isn’t available until August, so it will be a while before they arrive. I’m having them delivered this time because the last time when I drove into ATL and bought a Billy Oxberg in person, absolutely NOONE helped me load it into my SUV, despite the cashier promising they would send someone out to help. Used to, when you purchased something at Ikea, there would be guys out on the loading dock to help. Sadly, those days are gone. So bring a friend or prepare to load everything on your own!


While I await the new Oxberg cabinets, I added an extension to my current cabinet. I’m not sure how I like it, I think the extension looks better when you have three Billy Oxberg units lined up together down a wall. I don’t have space to put them all together unless I put them in my upstairs hallway, and I don’t want to do that. I do love how the extension gave me one more shelf for bag storage. I was able to get 4 bags on the top shelf and now that I can see them, I will use them a lot more often than when they were hidden away in my closet.

Billy Oxberg Cabinet for Handbag Storage


One thing I’m looking forward to when the two new Oxberg units arrive is being able to space out the shelves so that one is high enough to use three of these handbag stands.


You may remember when I ordered the stands (they come in sets of two) so I could properly store my Dior Saddlebag. (Handbag stands are available here: Handbag Stands-Set of Two.)

Best Way to Store Dior Saddle Bag, Handbag Stand-Rack


I just ordered a second set of these stands so my two Frye Heidi Fringe bags that I’ve had squished onto the bottom shelf for several years, will now be able to hang. When sitting on the shelf, the fringe gets bent and wonky.


I think I like how it looks with the stand lowered a bit, plus that will work out better for arranging the shelves once the new Billy Oxbergs are here.


I love wearing these fringe bags with jeans and my Frye boots! (See all their current bags, boots, sandals, and loafer styles here: Frye Boot, Sandals, and Loafers.)

Frye Boots in Cognac and Brown, Frye Heidi Fringe Bag


Reminds me of the leather, fringe jackets everyone was wearing in high school back in the day. Anyone else remember those? 🙂


What are you working on around your home right now?

Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Thanks again for hosting this lovely party every week! I know how much time and effort goes into doing so and it is greatly appreciated!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  2. You are so organized, I wish you would come help me get organized!! Thank you Susan!

    • Thanks, Jenna! I have to confess, I love organizing. It’s a disease! LOL

      • Wow Susan, and I thought I had A LOT of handbags, but I’m a piker compared to you. :0). I used to be really diligent about organizing my handbags, but now I am much more interested in storing and organizing all my tablescaping things.

  3. Susan, you always provide good ideas and products! Can’t wait to see your cabinets in the guest room with your handbag collection. I no longer have space to have a handbag storage cabinet. I would have loved one!

    • Thanks so much, Maureen! I know what you mean, space is always the issue. I hope one day I’ll have the space to have all three cabinets in my bedroom. In the meantime, I’ll just have to split them up.

  4. franki Parde says

    It just tickles me…the knobs, that same trunk!!!, the fringe handbag (although, mine is a knockoff) no wonder I l7v your blog, etc. Those cabinets “might work” in my recently no l I9nger bunk room” t/b converted into dressing/closet….AUGUST??!!?? franki

    • Thanks, Franki! I thought of you when I was writing about the Frye Fringe bags…was thinking that would be a bag you would like since I believe you like shopping at Sundance, right? 🙂 I think there’s a cowgirl in me somewhere. I love cowboy/girl boots!

  5. Thank you for hosting, lots of new posters on this grouping, I have never seen. Thanks for promoting blogging!

  6. Do you secure your Billy’s (especially the ones with the doors) to the wall?

    • Yes, definitely. I haven’t secured the new extension piece since I’m not sure I’ll keep it there once the other cabinets arrive, but I do always secure the cabinets. It’s easy to do with the hardware that’s included for that. If you load the lower section with heavier items, you may not need to, but I prefer to secure them just so I don’t have to worry when my grandchildren are here visiting.

  7. Chris Bannard says

    The Billy bookcases seem to be a problem everywhere right now. These supply chain issues are tough. I am waiting on two to build in to our family room. They work so well when tricked out with moulding. I also have found that the shelves seem to be more robust than they used to. Thicker for sure – I have some old ikea bookends that clip over the edge of the shelves and they won’t work with new shelves. Great idea for handbag storage!

    • I love how they look with molding–like they are built in! I wonder if I purchased new shelves, if they would work with my existing shelves. Thanks for sharing that about them being more robust, now. I don’t see how they can call them bookshelves when you can only use them for paperbacks. Would be amazing if they’ve made the shelves sturdier! I’ve had mine in the office for many years so they are probably the older version.

  8. Would love to know where you purchased the white wrought iron bed or who the manufacturer might be?

    • Unfortunately, I don’t know the brand. I found it around 18 years ago in a local antique shop. I don’t think it’s antique, though…just old. lol It’s full size which works well for this room.

  9. Tina W Reynolds says

    I love how your handbag collection looks in that very smart cabinet! No one would guess it is an IKEA bookcase. The addition of upgraded knobs is just a terrific idea. It is all lovely!

  10. Elena M. says

    Have you ever thought of putting two of the shorter Billy bookcases on top of the drawer shelf you have next to your little desk area (where you used to have the drink refrigerator)? It would be so pretty to have the purses visible where your dressing area is, and it looks like you are not using the top of the shelf for the refrigerator any more? Just a thought!!

    • Thanks, Elena! That’s a great thought, but I do use that surface a good bit. I place the decorative shams/pillows there at night when I unmake the bed…and I also use it when I need to spread out a sweater to shave off the little pills, etc… Seems like every time I turn around, I’m using the surface for something, so would hate to give up that spot. I may end up moving all the cabinets to the upstairs hallway eventually. I may not even store tote/bags in them when they are in the guest room, may just leave those in the top of my closet as they are now and use the cabinets for something else. I think I mainly wanted to get them ordered for fear one day they wouldn’t be available. I have a feeling I’ll be moving one day in the next few years and just want to have those cabinets in case I do have a spot for all three.

  11. That’ll be great Susan – can’t wait till the new shelves come and we get to see your beautiful handbags in their new home! And the stands are such a good idea. I’ll keep those in mind for my eventual closet re-do! Have a lovely week!

  12. Susan, I could not tell from the pictures, but if those bookcases have the small holes on the sides to adjust the shelf height, you can buy small white ‘plugs’ to fill them. This gives the shelving units even more polish. I have them for a glass cabinet I purchased from Ikea. A friend told me about them, and sure enuf, those little black holes disappear and make the interior more seamless. I hope this makes sense! They are really hard to find at the store though, they sell them out fast!!! I am sure you will love your new cabinets, so much storage!!!

    • That’s a great idea, Rosie! I will look for those on the Ikea website, would love to fill those once I get the new cabinets and get the shelves arranged just so. Thanks for that tip!

      • I searched on line before I went to the store for the location (took a while til they showed in stock), but, in-store, they were not in the aisle that the site said, so a nice employee and I went on the hunt and found them. I think in the kitchen section, I have a feeling that they can go in a lot of their pieces, so may be anywhere in the store. Good luck!

  13. What’s not to love about handbags and bookcases ?
    I use a lot of wreath holders that would substitute for handbag holders. They are adjustable too.

    • Ohh, never thought about wreath holders! Which kind do you use, Myrna? Are they a stand type or are they for designed for hanging?

      • They are adjustable stands and the ‘hook’ is rounded. Usually, I get them from Michaels, but I found an awesome tall white one from Old Time Pottery once. I use them for craft shows. One time I fell in love with a really big one at World Market that curved over and had a big metal heart. It took up too much room.

  14. Valerie McClatchey says

    Hi Susan,
    I love the Billy Bookcases. Seeing the tall ones of yours loaded with books makes me nervous. I hope you have secured those to the wall. It doesn’t take much for a kid to topple one. I don’t say this from experience but just there are warnings and provided devices with bookcase. I know you have young grandchildren. Hope they don’t go exploring those shelves in your guest room. It could be a Home Alone crash. Best wishes. Valerie

  15. Lisa Polinsky says

    Your guest room is my favorite room in your entire home. And I love all the rooms in that house. Thanks Susan, for all your hard work and all you teach us.

  16. Thanks Susan for hosting! Love your Billy Bookcases! They really show off your purses! Hope you have a wonderful week!

    Tee xo

  17. I don’t know if anyone else suggested supports for your shelves. I used to have some 1960’s built in shelving and some of the shelves were 48” long. The previous owners had some squares cut (same material as shelves) that fit between shelves so if I had something heavy on the shelf it had support and no bowing.
    Enjoy reading your blog, it’s always fresh and interesting!!!!

  18. Catalynn says

    I totally agree with you about the Billy’s bowing if you have a lot of books, we used them in our guest rooms where I mainly have Knick knacks and display pieces and very few books, we put Hemnes and Kallax in the rooms where we had a lot of books and they both stand up fine to the weight plus the Hemnes has such pretty doors available and on Etsy there’s gorgeous fretwork you can add to the doors for a very high end look.
    I love your handbag display, so pretty and such a great idea.
    We’re in the middle of a blazing heatwave here in British Columbia… 30 people died in the town next to ours yesterday… they’re predicting the temperatures to start dropping later today and we’re really looking forward to it cooling down…. Hope you’re having a great day!

  19. Oh my Susan, when you said you were getting two more Billy bookshelves, I thought we might have to stage an intervention for your handbag addiction. 😀 Glad you’re having fun. You stay so busy!

    • LOL I think it’s too late for that. It would take me many, many years to fill up two bookcases…have too many other things I need to spend $ on, like bath renovations. lol

  20. And that ‘someday library!’ That would be such a fun project. I have the perfect ‘library’ table to suggest if you ever do it. It’s very beautiful, but pricey. It’s actually a dining table but looks just like something you’d see in an old English manor house library. Gosh, just think of all the Met Mondays you could get out of that project!

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