Affordable Dinnerware, Perfect for Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas & All Winter

Popping in with a quick post to share a super affordable dinnerware that I just purchased. It’s perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or really it would be great to use all fall and winter long. I saw this pattern online recently and fell in love with the design! I love the toile design around the outer edge of each plate, but what really got me were the lit houses and the beautiful winter scene.

Affordable Autumn Thanksgiving Christmas China


I snapped a few quick photos this evening in my dining room. It’s already dark out so the lighting wasn’t the greatest, but hopefully, this will give you an idea of how this pattern looks with different types/colored charger plates. Here’s how it looks with white chargers, which was probably my least favorite choice since there’s already so much white in the background of the plates.

Christmas Dinnerware, Affordable & Beautiful


Here’s how this pattern looks with brown, woven chargers. (These chargers came from Pier 1 but I’ve seen similar ones available in Walmart.)

Christmas China Dinnerware, Budget-Friendly


And here’s how it looks with tartan/plaid chargers. This is definitely my favorite of the ones I tried with it this evening. I think almost any red charger would work great, too! (Tartan chargers are available here: Tartan Chargers.)



Almost forgot to share the dinner plate, sorry about the glare from my chandelier overhead. I LOVE the houses on the dinner plate! I also love that they put different houses on the dinner and salad plates, instead of just repeating the exact same pattern on both. The bowl repeats the houses on the dinner plate while the mug repeats the pattern on the salad plate. Love this pattern!

Budget Friendly China for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Autumn Winter


If you’re looking for affordable dinnerware that you can use every day during the fall and winter, I think this pattern would be perfect. It’s both microwave and dishwasher-safe. I noticed that someone mentioned in a review that it wasn’t glazed. I have no idea why they said that because mine is definitely glazed. The pattern is a bit raised and those areas aren’t as smooth/slick as the parts of the plate that are just white, but all of the plates I received are fully glazed. They couldn’t be dishwasher-safe if they weren’t. I purchased this dinnerware here: 16-Piece (4-place settings) Fall and Winter Dinnerware. I noticed it’s also available HERE and HERE.

Affordable Autumn Thanksgiving Christmas China


Happy Weekend!

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  1. That is absolutely lovely! I’m in love with how it looks on the white chargers! 🙂 Almost like it’s sitting in the snow. So elegant. That look is my most favorite.

  2. I’m with Anne – I love the white, but then you know I’m crazy about anything white or cream, so that’s no surprise! 🙂 Thanks for the tip on your great find, and Happy Weekend!

  3. Sorry to say Susan that I agree with Anne and Barbara. Then the brown charger and the red charger is my least favorite! The pattern seems to distract from the scenes on the plate.

    It’s not often I don’t agree with your choice and very interesting to see the difference the chargers make to the overall appearance. Thank you for posting.

  4. This reminds me of Friendly Village, don’t you have that set too?

  5. Susan, I think that whatever tablecloth you use will greatly impact the choice of charger for these lovely new dishes. I would love to see the plates with the white charger on a true red tablecloth to see if the red in the scenes is “pulled” out. I also think that a dark green tablecloth would be nice to try with the white charger. If you were trying for a less Christmas and more winter look, the brown woven chargers and a dark green tablecloth might bring out the browns and greens in the plates. Right now, I think I agree with the other posted comments about the tartan chargers. But, I have long admired the tartan chargers. Enjoy trying out the many possibilities, that is such a part of “dish fun”. I know you will ultimately come up with a beautiful table and look forward to seeing the final results. MM

  6. I love it! That is the definition of ‘cozy’ dinnerware. I want to live in that neighborhood, lol. So cute. And I also picked the tartan charger as my favorite. Thanks for bringing this charming dinnerware to our attention, Susan.

  7. These dishes are so pretty. I would need a butler’s pantry for dishes if I bought all the ones I like. I really have a fondness for pretty dishes and shared some with our DIL’s.

  8. Really beautiful! Nice bargain as well! I like all three chargers, can’t choose a favorite. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Beautiful dishes! They kind of remind me of the Currier and Ives, only they were all blue I believe. I love the color in these dishes. Nice price too, will have to put them on my wish list. Your Christmas table will look gorgeous Susan! Hugs, Brenda

  10. I like the white charger the best. It makes the pattern on the dishes stand out that much more!

  11. Ordered these dishes and am really pleased. Your suggestions are always spot on!

    • Thanks so much, Sarah. That’s awesome that you love them. I really do too, so much so I decided to order a second set. I just love, love, love the pattern! I’m using them in a setting for tomorrow’s Tablescape Thursday.

  12. Bobbi Duncan says

    This lovely china so resembles the area in which we live, right down to the arched stone bridge…several around here just like the one on the plate. Such a warm feeling when I look at this china. Great price! Hugs!

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