An Autumn Fireplace & A Realistic-Looking Artificial Christmas Tree

My daughter-in-law, Nancy, has the fireplace all decorated for autumn. In the evening the flameless candles glowing in the fireplace are sooo pretty, much cozier and inviting than photos can really show. For many years the chief decoration in front of the fireplace was a baby gate, but with the youngest now 3 years old, the baby gate is no longer needed.

Candles for Fireplace


I asked Nancy where she found the stand and candles for her fireplace. She found them here: Flameless Candles AND Candle Holder for Fireplace.

Faux Candles for Fireplace


Nancy found the “Autumn” sign in HomesGoods/TJ Max.

Lit Autumn Sign


The banners are from this online shop here: Banner.

Candles for Fireplace


Christmas Tree

I’ve had several folks email and ask about the Christmas tree I purchased a few years back. They don’t appear to have that one available anymore but I found a great substitute yesterday for my son and daughter-in-law that looks very much the same. You’ll find it here: Christmas Tree.

I’ll let you know if I see it go on sale. It looks very much like the one I purchased a couple of years back.

Christmas Tree, Glass Ornaments, 2017

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  1. We finally purchased an artificial Christmas tree last year from Costco. Good quality and price. It was a hard decision …I have always been a die hard real tree person BUT we travel now to see our sons and their families. Considering the cost of a large real tree and how much time we were able to enjoy it, no longer made sense to buy a real tree.

  2. Your D-i-L made a Swedish fireplace. Most homes do not have one, so we improvise. This is by far by favorite. I’m sure other countries do it as well.. particularly where the is winter is long and dark.
    Putting the candles together on a fire proof plate that you really like will bring out the best in you
    White candles without fragrance and color burn best.Dont forget to give some room between the candle.

  3. Love that AUTUMN sign, Susan!
    And those flameless candles! They’re so safe, I’m glad someone “invented” them! 🙂 I use them a lot, too, especially on my bookshelves or on my window sills where there are voluptuous curtains hanging.
    Enjoy your family time, Susan! Your grandsons are so cute! They look very much like you! 🙂

  4. I’ve been wondering if you’ve bought new shoes/boots for Fall and Winter. If so, will you please share.

    • I did buy another pair of the boots I love that are waterproof. I usually buy one pair a year although they last near about forever. You can see them here:

      I almost bought these but resisted since I have brown and black boots that are very similar already. It looks like they are currently on sale 30% off:

      I should create a “boot/winter shoe” post. I love almost all the ones on this page…so many great styles!

  5. Nancy has such a gift! I can see one of the reasons you two like each other!
    This is much nicer than a baby gate, but I remember those days! 🙂 Thanks for the great info on your tree too!

  6. I love the swag. Are all the lighted things battery powered? If so, how many batteries do they use in total?

    • The Autumn sign and the candles are, but the pumpkin is electric. I’m not exactly sure how many they take. Nancy had the autumn sign last year so it’s lasted a long time. They are only turned on in the evenings so I think the batteries last quite a while in the candles.

  7. Cyndi Raines says

    Very cozy and I like how it is simply elegant, just the right touches, with the special glow from the candles. Especially like her banner of “Give Thanks”. I feel we don’t emphasize Thanksgiving as much as we should, we have so much to be thankful for. Great decorating Nancy! Thanks for sharing Susan. Keep on the look out for that “special cottage”! I know there has to be one up here just for you!

  8. Molly Tilson says

    Love Nancy’s candles. One of our fireplaces is needing repairs… $4,000 is hard to swallow! I may have to do that since it is in a room we don’t use much.
    I saw that same tree at HD and thought how beautiful it was! Considering purchasing it myself!

    • Wow, I always wondered how much it cost to have one redone since I know a lot of fireplaces need that. I think I’d be tempted to just add candles. Hopefully the trees will go on sale soon…before Black Friday.

  9. I agree! Love the “Give Thanks’ sign, especially, giving the Holiday its due. Charming scene, they have such a lovely home!

  10. Brenda Lawrence says

    Nancy’s fireplace is just beautiful all decorated for fall. The candles in the fireplace are so pretty, love the banners too. Will have to make me some banners like her’s with my Cricut. I would so love that Christmas tree, but my ceilings are low since my house was built back in the 50’s. 🙁 Maybe one day I can have a nice tall Christmas tree. As of now I have a little bay window tree because my living room is small and I have a german shepherd and my son has two little mini aussie’s. So figure it was best to just do a small window tree! lol Hugs, Brenda

  11. L-o-v-i-l-e-e and festive! I would imagine you could also use the candle holder some where else. (Perhaps on a buffet or similar for Xmas entwined with garland etc.) Re your beautiful Xmas tree Susan, I recall it well. I downsized ours a few years ago but added a (large but short pedestal) brass planter to its base that gives it a one-of-a-kind appearance and is now so much easier to decorate and store. (Yes, I’m getting lazy in my old age … lol!) -Brenda-
    P.S.: Cut back on my Halloween decorations this year as well and just going with the theme of pumpkins as suspect with it falling on a week day, we won’t be having that large of volume of trick ‘n treaters.

  12. Kathy O'Rourke says

    Fireplace and tree are both stunning.

    I will also mention that I can’t guarantee what Home Depot will do this year, but every year for the past 8 they have offered one of their trees as a Black Friday deal for about a third of the full price. (Not available online, you have to show up at the store door before they open. When I got mine 5 years ago, we were outside at 4 AM and the 3 people in front of me were all there for the tree. They usually have limited quantities.) But, I got a Martha Stewart tree with lights that allow you to go from colored to clear for less than $100. (It is a nice tree, but not as nice as the one you reference.)

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