What To Do With Those Left Over Pumpkins & Gourds

Halloween is behind us but if you’re like me, you may still be using the pumpkins you bought for Halloween in your fall decorating. With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away, here are some fun and creative ideas shared for a recent Met Monday. These would be great for dressing up those left over faux or uncute pumpkins and gourds for your Thanksgiving table or fall decor.

Fall Pumpkin Ideas


Life in my Empty Nest showed off her lettered pumpkin.  Just adding something as simple as a single letter can really make a pumpkin come to life.

Add A Monogram to A Pumpkin For Your Front Porch



How smart are these basket pumpkins by Lisa’s Creative Designs?  I just love this idea and the fact that she made enough for her own pumpkin “patch”.

Orange Baskets Create a Fun Pumpkin Patch Display


Attic Magazine shared how to create these gorgeous fall flower pumpkins.

Decorate Your Pumpkin With Fall Flowers



Cameo Cottage Designs made the most beautiful vintage inspired sweater pumpkins.  Just look at all of the intricate details.

Recycle Sweater to Cover, Decorate a Pumpkin for Fall



Would you believe that this adorable trio of pumpkins was made of shirt sleeves?  The Curtain Queen Creates did such a great job with them.

Recycle Shirts for a DIY Pumpkin



I have always loved stacked pumpkins and Ms. Toody Goo Shoes has created the most fantastic Fall porch using them.  This is a must see Fall porch!

Pumpkin Topiary for Fall Thanksgiving Porch Decoration


Live Love Scrap whipped up a few different decoupaged pumpkins.  It was so hard to choose just one for this post, because she had so many great ideas!

Decoupage a Pumpkin


Finally, Our Feathered Nest created several pumpkin and gourd lanterns and used them to create a lit pathway in her yard.  I love that idea!

Make Lanterns From Gourds and Pumpkin


 Here are a couple of ideas previously shared at BNOTP…

Denim Pumpkin Made From Old Jeans 
Denim Pumpkin on Screened Porch


Decoupage a Pumpkin To Match Your Decor 

Decoupage a Pumpkin to Coordinate with Your Room or Decor


What will you be doing with all your left over pumpkins and gourds this year?

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  1. We are still enjoying our uncut pumpkins until Thanksgiving. They are so pretty. I will be starting the Christmas decorating ( inside) real soon. So hope to be all done ( inside) by the first week in December.

  2. Or you could cut them up and leave them on your property to feed the wild pigs and other wildlife. Such a joy to watch!

  3. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    After Thanksgiving, I spray my pumpkins red, paint the stems gold, stencil gold stars on the red and, voila!, great big Christmas ornaments.

  4. Susan…just as I went to WalMart today, the clerk was unloading the BHG dishes. I took 8 dinner plates, and 4 salad plates with a snowy tree design
    As far as she knew, that was all of the dishes the location would be receiving.this season.
    But I now have mine!!!!

    • Anne, I think she’s wrong…I think they’ll get more. The reason I say that is every time I visit a Wally World near my home, they have a few more piece than they did the time before. Friday, my computer did something bizarre so I stuck it in the car and drove an hour to the other side of town to have the place where I purchased it take a look at it. Of course, it wouldn’t do it for them and has been behaving since (thank goodness) but while I was on that side of town waiting for them to finish looking at my computer, just for the heck of it I visited a Walmart there. They had ALL the dishes including platters, serving bowls, and salt and pepper shakers…everything. So I just think that things come in slowly for some locations…have no idea why, though. I just tried to add a picture to this comment…not sure if it will work but hope it does. It’s a photo I took inside the Walmart that day.
      Better Homes and Gardens Dishware

  5. Susan, now that you mention Christmas, please don’t forget our Christmas House Store tour!! πŸ™‚

  6. My Walmart didn’t have ANY Christmas dishes out yet last week but I will try tomorrow and see if they have them yet. I am antsy to start Christmas so will give away my pumpkins etc. to anyone who wants them to cook with. CUTE ideas. Now I have to go see that porch:):)

  7. Please say that means that you got your snowy owl plates! Can’t wait to see the tablescape with those.

  8. Susan, thank you so much for including my stacked pumpkins /fall porch in your round-up! I stopped by to see your ideas for leftover pumpkins, and was thrilled to see that I was part of your collection! I just love that blue and white decoupaged pumpkin!

  9. Susan, thank you for including my sleeve pumpkins in your round-up! I was shocked to see the picture when I followed your email post link. It’s fun to visit the others and see how their pumpkins were made. My favorites are the flower pumpkins – so pretty!

  10. Patricia Alexander says

    Susan, how about “Georgia on my Mind” for your doorbell? Just sayin’…

    Love all the great uses for pumpkins. Can’t wait for the Christmas stuff to start.

  11. I live within 10 miles of four walmarts and only one is stocking the better homes and gardens dishes and no one has the owl plate can you see if your store is the only one carrying it I have the whole set except the owl which I am desperately searching for.Susie

    • Susie, I know other Walmarts are carrying the dishware, as well as the owl plates because every day I hear from another reader whose Walmart just got it in. I heard from three folks today. I bet eventually some of the Walmarts around you will get them all in, including the owl plate. Probably the best thing to do is to google for Walmart’s corporate offices and call them. Ask them which locations are getting them in. This is exactly what happened last year, they trickled slowly into the stores. I don’t know why they do it that way.

  12. I like cutting them up and adding bird seed and feeding the birds and other wildlife that venture through the back yard.

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