Invasion of the Crows: An Autumn Table with a Bit of Spooky for Halloween

Welcome to 682nd Tablescape Thursday!

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It was a tad chilly on the porch yesterday so I decided to set this autumn table inside here in the breakfast room.

Cozy Fall Table Setting


I had plans to set a Halloween table since Halloween is just a couple of weeks away, but I found myself really, really craving a fall table setting. I used a cozy, wool, plaid throw for my tablecloth. Throw is available here: Plaid Throw. I love how this tartan throw has its own leather carrying strap making it perfect for taking along for an autumn picnic, travel or when camping out.

Candlelit Autumn Table, Candlelit Dining for Fall


I took all of these pictures at night since this is a candlelit table. I can’t believe I’m thinking this, but I am really looking forward to fall and winter and staying inside, all cozy. That’s so not me! I’m a summer person who craves sunlight and warm temps. What is happening to me?! lol

Acorn Soup Tureens for Fall Autumn Dining


The acorn soup tureens were a find in Williams Sonoma back in 2009. I caught them during a good sale, as I recall.

Autumn Table with Twig Flatware and Acorn Soup Tureens


These autumn leaf plates are probably my favorite autumn dinnerware, not counting my Spode Woodland dinnerware. Spode Woodland will always be number 1 in my heart for autumn, but this fall leaf pattern is a close second!

Plaid Throw Tablecloth, Autumn Table


I found this autumn leaf pattern called “Asheville” in Pier 1 many years ago. (All together now: I miss Pier 1!) I decided to go with twig flatware for this autumn table since it felt both woodsy and a little Halloween-creepy, a good mix for this table that’s mostly autumn-themed with a touch of Halloween crows.

Autumn Table Leaf Dinnerware, Asheville


The leaf glasses that look like they were made for this pattern came from Dollar Tree a few years back. The amber wine glasses were a find in A Classy Flea, I believe. It’s been a while so hard to remember.

Acorn Soup Tureen in Fall Table


Halloween had to creep into my table just a little bit with the addition of these cheeky crows. Ha! (Crows are from Hobby Lobby several years ago.)

Autumn Leaf Table Setting


A closer view of the leaf glasses…notice the colors of the leaves, you’ll see those colors again in the napkin rings I chose for this table.

Leaf Glasses from Dollar Tree


I can’t remember where I found the leaf napkin rings, have had them for many, many years now. The leaf napkins are probably from Marshalls–either there or HomeGoods. The rust, burnt-orange napkins are from Pier 1, I believe.

Leaf Napkins, Leaf Napkin Rings


This set of napkin rings included a mix of both green and red leaves. I love, love, love using these bark-edged chargers for autumn-fall table settings. Chargers are available here: Bark-edged Chargers.

Fall Halloween Table, Candlelit with Black Crows


Happy Autumn to you!

Autumn Fall Table with Acorn Soup Tureens



Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Anne Stevenson says

    That is a really pretty Fall table setting. It look so cozy and homey. Love it!

  2. Chris Wells says

    That may be one of my favorite table settings!

  3. Gorgeous table Susan! And I hear you – I’m surprisingly ready for fall too. Thanks for helping out with ideas, and as always, thanks so much for hosting! I see some links already that I can’t wait to find out about! Happy Thursday over there!

  4. Hi Susan,
    I LOVE this table scape. Fall is my favorite time of year (except Christmas) and this table is so inviting. I like how you have mixed in a little Halloween with those fabulous Crows! I can just imagine what I would serve at the dinner party. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Lynda! I love those silly crows–not so much the ones that scare away my little birds from the feeders, though. lol A dinner party sounds wonderful!

  5. Carol Norton says

    Here is another source for wood chargers I found–and it’s in Georgia! Shipping is free, and that always a plus, especially if you purchase a stack!

    Always love seeing your tablescapes!

    • How cool that they are local–love that! Carol, if you order from them, I would go with at least the 12 or 13 inch size. 10 inch is too small for a charger–you wouldn’t be able to see it under most plates. I actually prefer my chargers to be 13 inches when possible.

  6. Yes, I miss Pier 1 too! Love the crows. We have a flock that shows up every few weeks. They start at the end of the cul-de-sac, and work their way down the street checking out and pecking at things in everyone’s yard, porch, windows, roof vents, whatever, and caw loudly the whole time. There are about 30 of them. They are like neighborhood thugs.

    • Sandra D in Joliet says

      We had a couple last year and they are large and loud. I find it fascinating that a flock of crows is called a “murder”.

    • I know, me too Melodie. Every time I used something in a table from Pier 1, I feel like I need to mention how much I miss them. That is wild about the crows–I wonder why they do that?! HA! They do sound like neighborhood thugs. lol I have some regularly visit my yard even though most of them are too large to fit onto the feeders I have out. If I put out a big platform feeder, they will show up in no time at all. I don’t know how they manage to empty my regular feeder…maybe they land on them and shake the seed out, but they do somehow find a way to empty them out.

  7. Absolutely. Perfect. Autumn. Table Setting. Bravo, Susan!!!

  8. Joy A Cooper says

    You captured fall and Halloween! Well done!

  9. Sandra D in Joliet says

    I prefer decorating for fall. Pumpkins instead of Jack O’Lanterns for example. I love crows, bats, spiders and don’t consider them halloweenish but I know that’s what they are associated with the most. In cross stitch or embroidery designs blackbirds appear often in Primitive designs that are not halloween or even fall related. Not sure how that started and some people delete the blackbirds but not me. Just a tidbit of info: a groups of crows is called a “murder” and they mate for life. I also read that West Nile Virus has killed off a large amount of their population. Happy Nevermore!

    • It’s amazing how smart crows are. I read an article once that said in studies they have found that a crow can remember a human’s face for at least 2 years. So if you were to walk near a crow’s nest and it felt at all threatened by you being so close, that crow would remember your face if you came back again two years later. I found that so amazing!
      I didn’t know they mated for life. There are quite a few birds that do mate for life including Cardinals, Blue Birds and Mourning Doves.

  10. Susan, what a beautiful fall table! Yes, even the crows are beautiful to me. 🙂 I DO like crows and they are always welcome in the yard. We often see ravens when we travel just an hour north (and very rarely, near our house). They are truly fascinating birds and always remind me of Halloween! Enjoy your fall weather!

  11. Such a cozy table. Love the plates, tablecloth, and napkins especially. Beautiful Susan!

  12. Susan this table is warm and cozy comfort. Love the acorn soup tureens.

  13. One of my fave fall tables; I can see why you would leave it set up for awhile.
    I can think of no better description than “cheeky” for those crows! So funny.

  14. Susan, this is such a pretty tablescape and love that you shot it by candlelight. Love the dishes and the acorn tureens, and the crows are just perfect!

  15. I love this table, Susan! It’s unique, creative, and absolutely feels like autumn. I especially love the twig flatware and acorn soup tureens. Thanks for another beautiful Tablescape Thursday. :0)

  16. I love the leaf theme! But my favorite piece is the acorn soup tureens, Oh My Goodness they are so cute.

  17. Bobbi Duncan says

    Gorgeous table setting, Susan! You know I love fall and wool throws used as tablecloths. You color-matched everything so beautifully, as always. I’m enjoying all the warm colors of our garlands and fall decor…makes the house feel soooo cozy. Hugs!

  18. An un be-leafable table. You did it up just right. Thanks for sharing

  19. I have “Ashville” right now on my dining room table. I bought it a few years back right after a trip to …. Ashville! I love the big leaves. Well Done Susan.

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