How Do I Like My Speed Queen Washer & Would I Recommend It

Welcome to the 755th Metamorphosis Monday! How was your weekend? I hope you had a great one! If you’ve been following along with my recent washing machine saga, you may remember my 43-1/2-year-old GE washing machine recently started having issues. The appliance repairman I’ve used in the past when my icemaker acted up, confirmed that parts are no longer available, so it was time to go washing machine shopping.


My first attempt at buying a new washing machine was a big, fat fail. You can read about that here: Why I Returned My Brand New Washer And The Washer I’ve Chose To Replace It. Fortunately, I realized that washing machine wasn’t what I wanted within the 48-hour return period, and called for a return. After that disappointment, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the washer I had originally been leaning toward but was a good bit more expensive. Everything I’d seen online about Speed Queen washers had made them sound like the washer that would best meet what I wanted from a washing machine.

Speed Queen TR7Washer and Dryer


Speed Queen makes quite a few washers, from the old-school style with an agitator that actually washes like the agitators of yesteryear, to their newer washers with agitators that actually rotate with the wash basket itself, thus sloshing and pushing water through the clothes which is an effective but much more gentle way to wash clothes. The three Speed Queen models I considered were the TR3, the TR5, and the TR7. After watching quite a few videos online to learn about the various features of each model, I decided to go with the TR7.

Best Washing Machine, 2023 Speed Queen Washer, TR7


By the way, if you prefer a front-loading washer, Speed Queen makes those, too. My sales guy said that he has never heard of any issues or complaints with mildew/mold with those machines. Do your own research on that topic, but just sharing in case you prefer a front-loading washer. I decided to stay with a top-loader at this point.

Best Washing Machine, 2023 Speed Queen Washer, TR7


The main features I wanted in a washing machine were the ability to control the water level, the water temperature, and the vigor or strength of the washing action. My old GE washer had a fabulous handwash basket that I used almost every single time I washed clothes. It was perfect for washing my shirts and other items that I wanted to be washed in a more gentle way. The only time I used the main tub was for larger, sturdier items like towels, sheets, socks, and tablecloths. That handwash basket was one of the main reasons I’d held onto my washer for so many years.

Hand-Wash Basket from G.E. Washing Machine


So how did that first washing experience work out? I’m happy to report that my Speed Queen washer is definitely a keeper! For that very first wash, even though I was just washing a bunch of towels and cotton poplin pajamas, I wanted to see if I could completely control those elements previously mentioned: water level, temperature, and the vigor/gentleness of the wash. Even though I was washing towels and pajamas, I chose the “Delicate” wash to see how it worked. I thought it would be a good test before I actually trusted it with anything truly delicate. There’s also a “Handwash” option that’s even more gentle than the Delicate option.

Speed Queen TR7, You Control Water Level and Temperature


When I first pressed the “Delicate” option, I panicked a bit. The machine automatically selected a “Medium” soil level. Nope. That wasn’t what I wanted. Fortunately, I quickly realized that I could change that. All I had to do was press the “Soil Level” button and I was able to easily change it to “Light” which is what I wanted. I can’t remember now if it defaulted to “Auto Fill” for the Load Size or not, I think it may have. I changed that to “Medium” because I wanted to make absolutely sure the clothes were fully covered in water, especially after my previous experience with the other washing machine I had returned.

Speed Queen TR7, You Control Water Level and Temperature


This is one of the reasons why people love Speed Queens, you get back the control of how your clothes are washed! The only element that I can’t control directly, but can control indirectly, is the “Time” the clothes wash. I discovered that by selecting a “Delicate” wash, the clothes only washed for 3-4 minutes, which was perfect. Of course, the cycle length was longer but the actually washing time was just a few minutes, which was exactly what I wanted. If I am remembering correctly, I think the entire cycle time that was initially displayed on the panel was for 31 or 32 minutes. Love that! Of course, if the towels had been really dirty, I could have chosen another cycle that would have been much longer.

Best Washer, Speed Queen


I paused the machine when it had just started to wash because I wanted to see where the water level was. This is what I saw when I lifted the lid. The lighter pajamas had floated up a bit but you can see that on a “Medium” load size, there was plenty of water covering the clothes. I was thrilled to see this after the experience I’d had with the machine I returned that had just made the clothes soggy but never fully immersed them in water. I’ll never forget the awful grinding sound the impeller made against those soggy towels–it was so disturbing!  No wonder everyone keeps talking about “fast fashion” these days. I would think all clothes would end up becoming fast fashion after being scrubbed to death in a machine that uses almost no water.

Love my Speed Queen Washer


I was happy to discover when I washed my second load of clothes today, the machine remembered what I selected the last time and automatically defaulted to that just in case that’s what I wanted to use again. So if you find that perfect combination for your shirts or jeans, it will remember. I noticed there’s a “Favorites” button. I haven’t taken the time to read up on how that works, but I’m wondering if it’s a way to save all your favorite combinations (temperature, water level, soil level) for future use. This machine gives you so many options and I’m looking forward to exploring them all! From what I’ve read, the cycle that you want to avoid is the “Normal Eco” cycle. Speed Queen had to create/include that cycle to meet the standards required for washers today, but thankfully they gave us lots of other options–options that use enough water to actually get clothes clean!

Speed Queen TR7, You Control Water Level and Temperature


My dryer is still going strong, so I decided to keep it for now. When the time comes to replace it, I will definitely be going with a Speed Queen dryer. I would like to renovate my laundry room sometime in the next year or two–maybe I’ll donate my old dryer and purchase a Speed Queen dryer then. In the meantime, I’m so happy and relieved to have found a washing machine that’s given me back control of how my clothes are washed! Speed Queen says that you can expect your washer to last 25 years, so hopefully this is the last washer I will ever need to purchase. Love that!

Best Washing Machine, 2023 Speed Queen Washer, TR7


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  1. Looks and sounds great, Susan! I hope you’ll love it as much as that 43 1/2 year old GE you had. I love that it actually uses sufficient water, and has all those wash cycles. I’m curious about the Favorites button, too. I zoomed right in on that, lol.

    My only concern would be with the panel, but I suppose dials and knobs are now considered too outdated to continue using. Hopefully, that won’t give you any trouble.

    Thank you for the review! I will certainly be looking into Speed Queen when I next buy a washer. Have a great week.

    • I asked the sales guy about that and he said he’s never had a customer come back with any issues with the control panel. Apparently, it has proven to be really reliable for Speed Queen. They do make several models though that just have knobs that you can turn if you prefer that, they just don’t have quite as many options.

      • Sandra D, Jol says

        I was wondering the same thing about the touch pad. I bought a stove years ago and last year the “oven start” button is very touchy. Sometimes it doesn’t want to turn on. Very frustrating. It’s been a good oven and I hate buying appliances today. I just bought a fridge and see a call to the store coming up. I bought a 4 year warranty just because appliances are not made to last. I have my 1st appliance I bought in 1982, a KitchenAid Stand Mixer and I see all the pretty new colors but the reviews are a mixed bag so I stick with my off white but reliable mixer.

        • That kind of touchpad technology has been around a long time so I think it’s pretty reliable. My Kitchenaid dishwasher is over 20 years old and has touchpad controls across the front, and it’s still working great. I might not trust other companies, but I feel pretty good about Speed Queen getting it right since they seem to use much better parts. My sales guy said that the parts they use are all commercial grade, he was really adamant that I shouldn’t have any issues. They do have models with turn knobs, though. The TR5 is also an excellent machine and it has knobs…no touch pad. I almost went with it but I decided to go with their top-of-the-line model since I wanted all the bells and whistles. lol

  2. Susan,
    Thanks again for hosting this wonderful party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it I truly appreciate it!! I hope you have a great week! Stay Cool!!

  3. Krugman Pam says

    We’ve had a Kenmore washing machine for 24 yrs without a problem but it was a front load and required several cleans around the rubber gasket and the door needed to remain open or the mold and odor would be bad. My friends recommended Speed Queen so 2 yrs ago I purchased the TR5 and I love it. Top load of course. It will be my last one as well I’m sure. Last month my 24 y.o. dryer gave up and I purchased a Maytag on July 4th sale for $548 at Home Depot as a dryer is a much less complicated appliance than a washer and we didn’t want to spend the much higher price for the Speed Queen. I ‘m happy with both purchases!

    • Yeah, everything was made so much better back then! Kenmore made great appliances back then! That’s what my current dryer is. I bet your TR5 will last forever. I loved that model, too! It was hard to choose which model to go with because they were all great! 24 years is amazing for a dryer to last!

  4. franki Parde says

    THIS POST IS “MUSIC to my Ears!!!” “Our” saga is SO similar…well, you know what I’m talking about. I am “googling” (what a strange language we now use…another saga) now to “follow your” footsteps. I know…every machine has it’s “own quirks”…we will “talk” soon…franki

  5. I’m happy for you Susan and wish you continued good luck with it but that digital panel is not one I want in my next machine. I will be looking for knobs, the simpler the better and less time for me to deliberate a menu. At my age I don’t want rocket science just simple wash, rinse, spin, in deep water with no door locks! I hope I can find one.

    • Regality3 says

      A woman of mine own old heart!

    • A queen does make several models that just have knobs that you turn. They even had one that had the knobs that make the clickety sound that my old GE made. I wasn’t sure about the panel since I know some machines have issues with those but the sales guy assured me that he’d never had anyone have a problem with the panel and that’s what he has in his home so I decided to take a chance. Of course it’s warrantied for 7 years and based on what he said, decided I would risk it. Just don’t buy a Samsung with the electronic panel, apparently those have had issues.

    • Oh and Speed Queen does make a very basic machine with the knobs and no lid lock, but I don’t mind having the lid lock because whenever you want to pause the machine you just press a button and wait two or three seconds for the light to go off and then you can open the machine. I paused it and opened it numerous times during the first time I used it because I was curious what was going on in there.

  6. Melissa Watermolen says

    As a function-over-form type of girl, I’ve been teased mercilessly over my “ugly” washer and dryer because they aren’t the new, sleek, beautifully painted side loaders on pedestals with a dizzying array of options. They’re pretty and stylish, I’ll readily admit, but one, I am not flush with cash, two, I’m not swayed by trends, and three, I don’t need 22 different ways to wash and dry clothes. When my first washer, a fairly basic (top loader, plain white, digital buttons) Maytag conked out after 9 years, I bought the Speed Queen TR-5. That was 8 years ago, and I clearly remember with the first load how much cleaner my clothes were! I have been very happy with the SQ. I totally get your leopard blanket bubble experience and how that is very disturbing. The Maytag dryer died a couple of years later, but I replaced it with an LG instead of a SQ, because LG dominated the top of the Consumer Reports reviews. I could live without the song it plays at the end of the cycle, but so far, so good!

  7. What about the door locks? That is my fear !!

    • The Speed Queens TR3, TR 5 and TR7 all have door locks, I believe…but it’s easy to unlock it at any point during the wash cycle. If you realize you left something out and want to throw it in, you just press the “Lid Lock” button and it stops the washing action and unlocks it…just takes a few seconds for it to unlock. Speed Queen does make a machine that doesn’t have a lid lock at all, too…and it has a true agitator that functions and agitates clothes like those found in older machines.

  8. Thanks so much Susan, glad you like your new washer!

  9. BonnieBee says

    So happy you found the ideal washer… we have loved the results from our SQ TR7 w&d this past year. Take time to set the “favorites” option.. when my husband “chooses” to help with the laundry, it makes it so easy for him not to have to push all the buttons to set up the different load !!!! Best of luck, hopefully, for the next 25 years!!

    • Thanks, Bonnie! I will definitely do that…love that it has that option! Thanks for mentioning that, I haven’t had time to look into that feature yet…sounds great!

  10. Susan Tew says

    So happy you’ve found the right washing machine!

  11. I replaced my 20-year-old Kenmore front-loading washer and dryer last year with a lower level Speed Queen top-loading set. I wanted the smallest number of electronic parts as possible so I don’t have as many options as you do. However, I only have three types of wash loads, so I think the options available will work for me. The only complaint I have is that the washer seems to leave the clothes more wrinkled than the front loader did and it doesn’t spin out as much water. I suppose the gentler spin is gentler on my clothes, though.

    • Chloe, did you get the TC5? I think that model may be covered in this video.
      I looked at that one and thought it was great, too. If I’m remembering correctly, it has a true agitator just like washers used to have. The sales guy who helped me said that it’s the best machine for people who want a machine that’s as close as possible to the way machines used to be made.

      This was another one that I saw while in the store that I think has the old style agitator and no lid lock.

      • I ended up with the TR-5 because I didn’t want the true agitator. I remember having problems with items getting torn because they were caught under the agitator. My ideal would have been the new agitator/drum combined with a mechanical control panel, but alas, that doesn’t seem to exist. The best coincidental benefit was that, when I downsized from a house with a laundry room to a house with a laundry closet only a year after purchase, the Speed Queen washer and dryer fit perfectly. I had worried because the previous owner’s Samsung pair didn’t allow the doors to close.

  12. Linda Stone says

    Congratulations on your Speed Queen! 51/2 Yrs ago I purchased Speed Queen washer & dryer, digital. Never any issues. My son and DIL have had their set, manual, for about 9 years. never any issues.

  13. So glad it is going to work out. That really is quite the control panel. Reminds me of my Fisher Paykle. Will be interesting to see if the electronic aspects hold up. I love that you get so many options. Extra rinse I think I had that on my old Maytag. I am wondering if the soak cycle goes right into a wash or does it spin out first and you come back and add detergent. Interesting too that you get a warm rinse temperature on one of the choices. Fantastic choices!

    • I was initially concerned about that but the sales guy convinced me that I didn’t need to worry. He said he had never heard of anyone having any issues with the electronics/control panel…so I decided to go for it since the TR7 had the most features/options. I’m not positive about the soak cycle, but I do remember watching a video on YouTuber where a guy who had purchased the same washer that I have (the TR7) did talk about the soak cycle. Here’s the video in case it helps:

  14. Yay!!

  15. ellen clairmont says

    Susan, I’m so happy you’re so happy! I had a SQ in our old house and didn’t realize how much I loved it until I had to get a stackable W & D for our new much smaller house. We were able to visit the people who now live in our old house and that SQ is still going strong!

    • That’s awesome–amazing how long they last! Ellen, Speed Queen makes a stackable Washer and Dryer, too–in case you ever need it.

  16. Thanks so much for having us over, Susan. Have a great week!

  17. That’s wonderful Susan – I’m so glad you found a washer that works the way you want! And thanks for all the details. Next time I’m in the market for a new washer, I’m coming back here! 🙂 And thanks for hosting the party too! Happy Monday!

  18. Terri Santiago says

    Your control panel reminds me of a jetliner cock pit.
    My Maytag drier went dead this weekend.
    I was at Lowes today searching for new one.
    Amana, LG, Whirlpool were the models I was looking at.
    Where did you purchase your Speed Queen?
    Guess I need to check Home Depot also.

    • I purchased mine from a local appliance store called Smith Appliance. They are not sold in big box stores, Speed Queen only works through individual dealers. So just Google for Speed Queen near me or go to the Speed Queen website and look for their retailers. That’s why you never see them in the big box stores. I had never heard of them until recently when I started searching for the best washer and kept seeing amazing reviews for them.

  19. Hi Susan, I too am a believer in Speed Queen washers. I purchased my washer/ dryer pair 6 years ago and I previously had a Bosch front loader that I didn’t hate but was included in the sale of my house. Like you my first washer -a Maytag purchase in 1979 lasted about 30 years, I was sick when I had to replace it. My father had a commercial Speed Queen for his business years ago and I knew they were quality made but the allure of the “trendy” front loader tempted me to buy the Bosch. I loved being able to fit my King size comforter in the Bosch but I always washed it twice to make sure it had enough water go through it. Not much of an energy or water savings. My SQ model isn’t as fancy as yours but I have figured out how to make it do what I want. So glad you are happy with the purchase.

    • Wow, that’s amazing about your Maytag washer! I think the Maytags and GEs that were made back then were built to stand the test of time. I know what you mean about being sick when you had to replace it. I felt the same way about my old GE. I’ve heard great things about Bosch. My son and dil just bought all Bosch appliances for their kitchen when they renovated it. I hope this one lasts a long, long time.

  20. Michele M. says

    Sooooo happy this one worked so well for your needs, Susan. WTG! I guess maybe our first choices we need to stick with, eh? But seriously, who knew???

    I think we may need to get one of these. TY for doing all the hard work for us.

  21. Thank you so much for hosting!! 🙂 Tanya @ twelveOeight

  22. I am glad you are loving your Speed Queen washer Susan! I am loving it too. LOL It looks like a great washing machine, and like you said, you have control over the selections you want to use and the amount of water. Love that. It looks nice and I love that they say it should last 25 years, bonus! Hugs, Brenda

  23. Wow – I think there’s probably a Speed Queen in my future, Lord willing. I have a six year old HE Maytag. It’s better than the Whirlpool HE it replaced (that lasted less than six and a half years), but that isn’t saying a lot. I’m so ready for a machine that fills the tub, and I want a real agitator. I have a fake agitator (it doesn’t move) on my current Maytag and it’s useless except that it does keep things from developing the bubble like the blanket did in your LG. My old Whirlpool didn’t have an agitator and it made big items bubble.

    I did learn something useful for my Maytag via this series – one of the commenters on one of your posts said they used the Delicates cycle on their machine and it actually fills the washer enough to cover the clothes. I tried it and, Lo and behold, mine does that, too! I almost cried when I pulled out clothes that didn’t have little dry spots on them and seemed to be cleaner than they have in years. I know that sounds silly, but after 12+ years of frustration with extra rinses, double washes, etc. with two different HE machines, I’m so grateful.

    The other problem with my HE machines is that darks come out with white sludge on them. It persists even after double and sometimes triple washes of the same item. I’m hoping the Delicates cycle workaround will help with that, too.

    Many, many thanks for all these informative posts!!!

    • Ann, that’s wonderful! I’m so glad you saw that comment! I’m so sorry that you’ve been having to go through that all these years. Argggh–makes me so mad that companies are making washing machines, for which people pay good money, and then they don’t even wash the clothes properly. So sad that their customers have to think of ways to trick the machine to get clean clothes out of it. Definitely check out the Speed Queens if you ever have to purchase another one. I really love how much control I have over the wash process with this washer.
      You are so welcome! As I use this machine more and learn more about all the options, I’ll do another post down the road sharing what I’ve learned in case it’s helpful.

  24. Well good! All’s well that ends well. It’s good to hear that you’re happy. I, however, am stuck with a new machine that was here when we moved in, which is regulated to use a minimal amount of water, which hardly — and I mean barely — covers the clothes. Grrrrrrr. Love your blog.

  25. I adore my speed Queen – I will never buy anything thing else. Built to last, built in Wisconsin and has an unrivaled warranty. Definitely worth the $. I am so glad you are happy with your choice.

    • Thanks, Jane! I so agree! Thank goodness someone is still making washing machines that actually use enough water to get clothes clean!

  26. Tina Reynolds says

    The fact that there are so many comments is testimony to the great importance of a good working relationship between a woman and her laundry pair! Essential! I think your new washer looks awesome.

  27. So glad you are happy with your washer…it’s the little things that make a difference. It looks great and I agree…the water level is important. I am just now putting sheets and towels in the front loader that was included in our new place. I like it…but I am soaking the hand towels in the sink because white hand towels always look dingy…and missing my GE basket !!! Enjoy doing your laundry!

  28. Vickie H. says

    Well, I am happy to read this post and I’m sad to read this post. In 2020 mid-March just before the world shut down due to Covid we purchased a brand new LG W/D (top load) because my brother who owns a plumbing company raved about their appliances. It should be noted that, 3 years in, he does not feel that way NOW, especially about their LG French door fridge! Anyway, we bought them through Costco. I still cannot get used to only 6″ of water to wash a normal load of simple casual clothes and I elect to wash every load of ANYTHING on the “Bedding” cycle…..because the washer is completely full of water. And I use the extra rinse cycle on every load too. With no agitator I am having serious buyers remorse. I wanted to purchase Speed Queen but due to my work schedule at the time I just couldn’t get over to the dealer when they were open. So I caved. I am sorry. One of the hinges on the dryer has already sort of “sprung” itself and I am thinking of ordering a replacement and installing it myself….I am very handy and it appears to be fairly straightforward. I just asked my husband if we could donate this set and buy SQ now and he just raised an eyebrow at me and shook his head. So I am stuck until these go South……which could easily happen because I understand some of their motors are manufactured with plastic parts. And an appliance repair guy who worked on our overflow fridge in the garage told me he hopes I don’t come to regret my LG purchase. Too late. I am really glad to read all these great SQ reviews. Next time, for sure, I will buy that brand. I am 70 and it will be my last W/D investment. I love the sound of all the options you have right at your fingertips. I want an agitator. I am old school!

  29. Hi Susan how did you purchase yours online or did you go in store? I live in Dillon, SC and I don’t know of anyone that carries that brand in store…I really love reading your blogs you have helped me with so many things.

    • Thanks, Annette! I had several retailers near me who carried them so I did go in person to purchase my washer. Before I went, I watched several videos on YouTube. I found this video to the be most helpful and pretty much knew which washer I wanted after watching it:

      I just did a search for SQ retailers in your area and found several stores listed. I’m not sure if they will have them in stock on the floor, but hopefully they do. Go to this link and type in your zip code and it should pull them up:
      When I did that, it listed Farmers Home Furniture in Dillon, Badcock Home Furniture in Dillon and Marion and several other locations.
      Hope that helps. I’m pretty crazy about this washer!

  30. Donna j Davis says

    So Thankful for You!!!!

  31. I realize this is an older post, but I have the opportunity to purchase a used SQ set and would love any input you can provide. The washer model is awn412sp111tw01 and reportedly is a 2016 model. I cannot find any good reviews or posts talking about real life experience with this model. Can anyone provide insight? Much appreciated!!

    • Hi Teresa,
      I don’t know anything about that specific model. You may want to contact SQs customer service and asked how it compares to the machines they make today. I called them right after I purchased mine to ask some general questions about my particular washer and I found their customer service to be very down-to-earth and friendly. When I was shopping for my washer, I found som info online that detailed a difficult period SQ went through when they were having to change all their washers over to meet the new govt standards for washers. Apparently, there were some issues during that time but they appear to have worked all those out now. I’m not sure what years SQ was going through that transition, but I would def look into that before purchasing an older machine.

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