Finally, They are Back in Stock, I Just Ordered Three New Ones Today

I’ve been meaning to create this post for months but I couldn’t because all the puzzles in the whole world were sold out the minute it appeared we were all going to be staying home a lot. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but barely.

Honestly, 500, 750, and 1000 piece puzzles (my faves) were as scarce as toilet paper for months and months! I guess a lot of folks love puzzles as much as I do! I was really glad I had several that I hadn’t done yet or it would have been a puzzle dearth around here!

Finally, puzzles appear to be back in stock, at least most of them. Today I thought I’d share some of my favorites and others that I would love to do this fall/winter when I’m hunkered down waiting for those first days of spring.

Before I get into the puzzles, if you love puzzling or know someone who does, I can’t recommend this puzzle board enough. It is such a back saver! It enables me to work on puzzles late into the night–much longer than I would be able to without it. It’s hard on the back when you’re bent over a puzzle, but when you can sit upright and work on one, it makes a huge, huge difference!

I have a puzzle board here in my office that I have up fulltime during the fall and winter months. I just scoot my desk chair over whenever I need a break from work or in the evenings if I’m watching a movie or listening to a book on Audible.

Tilting, Slanting Puzzle Board, Easy on the Back


This is the puzzle that’s on the board in the photo above. It’s still available here: Flower Shoppe.


I love this board so much, I purchased one to keep at my son/DIL’s home for when I’m visiting there during the fall/winter. I noticed when I was there recently, my grandsons had it out and were working a puzzle on it. They love it as much as I do! My daughter-in-love puts it on the floor for them and they love it.

If you plan on working some puzzles this fall/winter or need a great gift for someone who enjoys puzzles, you’ll find this one available here: Puzzle Board. The puzzle you see on the board below is still available here: Cats and Books.

Puzzle Board for Working Puzzles While Standing or Sitting


This is my favorite light for attaching to the top. I bought it when I was visiting with my grandchildren. It’s great for when your board is in a place where you can’t easily plug a light in. They are battery operated and rechargeable, so while one is in use, I’m usually charging the other one. It turns on with just a touch of the base. It’s great for evening time when you need a little more light on your puzzle. You’ll find this light available here: Rechargeable Clip-on Light.

Light for Puzzle Board


Update: This is the light I’m now using on my puzzle board at home where I have easy access to an electrical outlet. It’s available here: Clip-on Light. It turns on the same way–by just touching the base. Love that!


Clip-on lLight great for reading, studying, working puzzles or crafts


If you don’t currently use sorting trays, I very much recommend them. They really help with sorting out the colors/parts of a puzzle, as well as keeping up with all those puzzle pieces. These two below are my favorite sorting trays–the ones I use every time I do a puzzle. This set is available here: Sorting Trays.

Puzzle Sorting Trays

Another favorite…this set is available here: Sorting Trays.


Favorite Puzzles

I have so many favorite puzzles to share! I’ll share a few here in the body of this post, then link to others that I’ve done or would love to collect at the end of the post.

I completed this one last year and loved it! I was so sad when it was completed–it was like a good book that I didn’t want to end! It really tells a story if you look closely. Definitely a puzzle for anyone who loves reading, cats, scrapbooking, and cozy cabins. It even has a touch of genealogy in the background as we can see she’s working on that on her computer. It’s available here: Cozy Cabin Puzzle.

Cozy Puzzle for Winter, Book Lovers


I just ordered this one today. I would love to do it this winter when it’s freezing out–a reminder that winter won’t last forever. It’s available here: Beach Escape.


I did this puzzle a few years back and loved it so much, I actually preserved it in case I wanted to frame it later.


By the way, if you’re looking for a super-easy way to preserve a puzzle without using messy glues and ruining the appearance of the puzzle, I highly recommend this method here: Puzzle Savers.

You can see exactly how I save the puzzles I want to preserve (and possibly frame) in this previous post: Best Way to Preserve a Puzzle for Framing Without Using Messy Glue.

It’s super fast and easy to save a puzzle. I wrote that post several years back and the puzzles I preserved back then have held together and look the same today as they did the day I preserved them. That system really works! I just took this photo of the puzzle above a few minutes ago and you can see how beautifully it has held together. I need to frame it and hang it for Christmas!

Best Way to preserve and save a puzzle for framing without using glue


This is one of my favorite puzzles ever! I did this one a few years back. It’s of the Governor’s Palace in Colonial Williamsburg at Christmastime. I think I’ll pull this one back out and do it again this winter. Such a beautiful, dreamy scene! Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s available now, but I found a few available here: Governor’s Party.


I’ve done this one of Cinque Terre and loved it. It was challenging, but in a good way! You’ll find it available here: Cinque Terre, Italy.


My favorite puzzles are those with a lot of bright, vivid colors! Would love to do this one! It’s available here: Tropical Fish Puzzle.


I just ordered this one today–such an amazing scene! I love the pirate ship, the sea life, the waterfall, the gorgeous sunset, and that beautiful moon. It looks like the harvest moon we just had recently. I can’t wait to get it and start work on it! You’ll find it available here: Pirate Ship Sea Life Puzzle.


I did this one a couple of years back and it’s still a favorite! I would LOVE to shop in a bookstore like this! I would literally be in there every day, if for no other reason than to pet all the cats. lol Do you see them all? There’s one asleep on the steps and one up high on a shelf. Seems like there’s a third one somewhere in this puzzle, but I don’t see him at the moment. Oh, and there’s a little mouse in the picture, too. I won’t spoil it and tell you where he is, but you’ll find him when you do the puzzle. 🙂 I need to do this puzzle again.

You’ll find this puzzle available here: Booklover’s Paradise Puzzle. I’m not sure why they have it priced as high as they do. I found it for a better price here: Booklover’s Paradise.


I don’t have this puzzle but would love to do it! I remember when I visited San Fran many years ago and saw the Painted Ladies in person. This one is def going on my wish list. You’ll find it available here: Painted Ladies of San Francisco.


If you would like a fun Halloween one for children, I ordered this 100-pc puzzle for my grandsons last year and they still love putting it together. They do it throughout the year, not just for Halloween. It’s still available here: Halloween Puzzle for Kids.


Here’s another one that I would love to do. I’ve still never been to Paris and can’t wait to go one day. You’ll find this puzzle available here: Paris Cafe and Carousel.


Another one I would love to do…this gorgeous Mediterranean scene! You’ll find it available here: Mediterranean Oceanside View.


This one is for the puzzle lovers who also love cats! You’ll find it available here: Cat Lovers Puzzle.


I love this puzzle so much, look at the little chickadees and bluebirds in the trees! Love all the details like the glowing lantern, the tackle box, and the geese flying overhead. You’ll find this one available here: Lake House View.


Love all the color in this one! Truly an animal paradise! You’ll find it available here: Jungle Puzzle.


This is the 3rd one that I ordered today, such a dreamy scene! So many things to love from the cute seaside cottage to the lighthouse to that gorgeous sunset! There’s even a kitty in this one, see him there alongside the cottage? You’ll find this puzzle available here: Cottage by the Sea.


Update: Forgot to include this amazing puzzle! I would love to do this one with my son, daughter-in-love and grandchildren this Christmas. It’s a 3-D Jigsaw Puzzle with pieces that click together to create the castle. I love how it has characters from Disney movies all around the perimeter of the castle. The reviews look great, too!  You can see it in more detail here: 3-D Disney Castle.


Here are some of the others I currently have on my Wish List. It’s a big wish list, but something tells me it’s going to be a long winter.

Click on any picture link below to access that puzzle. Any of these below would make a great Christmas present.

Happy Puzzling!



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  1. Anne Shaheen says

    Susan, I am currently working on a 1,000 piece puzzle of Christmas cookies!

  2. My husband I have done numerous 1000 piece puzzles since Coronavirus began. First we got them at the library but when they closed we ordered them online.
    We tried the table but it was hard on our backs. We have an extra large island in the kitchen so we sit there on stools and it’s far more comfortable.

  3. Really pretty puzzles. Glad to know they are back in stock. I search for the puzzles from photographs which are not always easy to find. Puzzles from photos were all we had when we were kids. Was that true for anyone else? Or maybe it was what my family chose. I like your selections in the thumbnails – so many good ones. I have the Greece one which is so pretty and the Matterhorn was a favorite to work.

  4. Susan, thanks for this post. It’s so good to see puzzles back in stock again, and you’ve posted so many to choose from. Thank you for the puzzle preserver, too; I finished Ravensburger’s “Sewing Shed” a while back and my husband loves it so much, I’ll have to make it permanent for him.
    I’m thinking “Booklover’s Paradise” is next on my list.
    Hope you’re feeling better and better!

  5. Hello! Last year I ordered the puzzle board and light that you blogged about. These were my husband’s Christmas gifts in our new townhouse! He loves it!So if anybody is on the fence, let your fingers do the ordering now!

  6. I bought the puzzle board last year and love it! I told an 80 year old neighbor who loves to puzzle about it and she bought one too. She loved it so much she’s bought them for all of her friends!
    I bought the light, but hated taking it off to recharge so I got a long charging cable and now it’s always plugged in.
    My favorite puzzles are from a website called Galison. They had run completely out earlier in the year, but most are now back in stock. They often run a discount code or free shipping on their website.

  7. Do you preserve all your puzzles or what do you do with them. It is hard for me to break them up once I’ve complete.

    • I’ve only preserved two so far but it kills me every single time I have to break one up and put it back in its box. I tell myself that I’ll enjoy doing it again one day, but it’s still painful. lol The fun is in the doing, I try to remind myself of that, but some are just so pretty I hate taking them apart!

  8. I own over 50 puzzles (including a few you’ve recommended) and always have one going. If I get tired of one, I donate it to charity.

    Ravensburger puzzles are great. Have you ever done any of Colin Thompson’s from them? They are fun and funny and not as hard as they look.

    I also like Cobble Hill. It’s a Canadian company and it doesn’t look like they have much stock back in yet, which is too bad. And they are also just shipping within Canada right now.

    • I do like Ravensburger puzzles, the quality is always excellent. I will check out Colin Thompson, I wonder if I have any of his puzzles–will have to check. I think I have a few Cobble Hill, too. Thanks for those suggestions!

  9. hobby lobby has a great selection of Christmas puzzles but the ones you picked out are very, very beautiful.

  10. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Gorgeous puzzles, I really love the Cozy Cabin puzzle when you did it and the Bookstore one too. I would spend all day, everyday there too. lol I also love the barn one, so beautiful with the snow and Christmas tree. Puzzle are fun and a great way to pass the time in the cold months! I love doing them, although at the moment, I can’t do any because of my son’s two dogs, they steal pieces and chew them up, so until he moves out….no puzzles for me. lol One day though! Hugs, Brenda

  11. Yaay – puzzles – I’m so glad they’re back! You picked some great ones. I love the great quality Ravensburgers. Thanks for the heads up. I see that board on my Christmas list! 🙂 Happy Sunday!

  12. I recently returned to puzzle making when I had a knee injury in early August. Having to be off of my feet and with the corona virus lock down, it has been something to keep my mind active. I had forgotten how much I loved doing puzzles. I am stocking up for the winter months ahead. Sure beats watching TV.

  13. What a timely post! My mom lives with me and she is 96. Once we were in the “stay at home mode” in the spring, I purchased her the puzzle board you have and recommended. Ours has blue felt and I do wish it had black felt like yours! Mom can work 500 piece puzzles fairly easily and quickly but has tackled a few 1000 piece puzzles (with a little help…wink, wink). I can see how addicting it is! Today I went to your site to look up the product for preserving puzzles and lo and behold you’d posted about it! One puzzle that we worked was from Cobble Hill and it was a beautiful 1000 piece that my 97 yo father in law gave me as he “gave up on it”. It was from the collection “A Country Diary (Edith Holden)”. There are 4 of them for the 4 seasons and we did the Autumn one. It was a doozy but really beautiful when completed. Unfortunately there was one piece missing that my father in law is looking for. I’d wanted to purchase the other ‘seasons’ and save them using your recommended product and hang them in mom’s room—I’d planned to put up the current season and we would work each one and I could change them out as the seasons change. I’m not sure I’d want to work that same one again though! We’ll see. Also the ‘winter’ puzzle is sold out. Perhaps I’ll get them one day. I’ve been reading your blog since 2008 and always enjoy it! Thanks for your fun and informative posts! Happy Fall!

    • Thanks, Debra! Wow, and thanks for being out there reading so long–appreciate that so much!
      I know, the board seems to come in different colored backgrounds. When I first ordered mine, the background was a grassy green color but when it arrived, it was black. At first, I wasn’t sure I liked that, but I soon got used to it. The board I ordered for my son/daughter-in-love’s home has a blue background, same as yours. Puzzles do look pretty against it. lol
      Those Country Diary puzzles are beautiful! You may want to search on eBay for the Winter one. I often find discontinued puzzles on there. If you do that, make sure it says that it’s new/unopened or if it’s preowned, make sure it says that it’s “complete” with no missing pieces. I hope you find the missing piece for the autumn puzzle. That drives me bonkers when I can’t find a piece. Occasionally, I find one in my big pockets of my flannel PJs I wear in the evenings on winter nights. lol Those puzzle pieces have a way of escaping to all kinds of places!
      Debra, do you use the sorting trays? I should have shared those in this post. I think I’ll go back and add them. They have really helped me a lot in keeping up with all my puzzle pieces. I have several sets…these are the ones I like the best: (my favorite, probably)

      I have one more set of white ones that I bought to use at my son’s home, but I don’t like those since they stick together/don’t stack well. The two sets I linked to above are my favorites. I think that first set with the different colored boxes is my favorite since each tray is a different color. I like that for sorting.

      Hope you find the winter puzzle, I bet they will restock it soon.

  14. What beautiful puzzles you have. That board looks like a back saver. Enjoy your puzzles.

  15. For a very special and heirloom quality puzzle check out Liberty Puzzles — wooden works of art — each one with dozens of incredible “whimsy” pieces. Truly a joy to put together. My personal faves are the ones by artist Linnea Pergola.

  16. BOBBI DUNCAN says

    Susan, I love your puzzle selections. When I was growing up, especially during the cold winter months, I spent many hours putting together puzzles with my best friend. However, I haven’t worked on a puzzle in quite awhile now, but your blog has encouraged me to look into it again… a great pastime w/ Covid keeping us indoors more than ever. We own the “Governor’s Party”, but as artwork, not the puzzle. It is a favorite piece of art that I love as I once called Williamsburg home, and it looks perfect for the times we decorate at Christmas w/ all the Williamsburg decor. Fall is beginning in our part of the world w/ trees just starting to show their beautiful colors. So love this time of year, just wish it lasted much longer. Hugs!

  17. Susan, I bought the Nancy Drew book cover puzzle you wrote about a few years back and put it together. It took me a few weeks to finish it, a few hours at a time, and it was a toughie at times but I managed to finish it. My husband made me a frame for it and framed it. It hangs in my office. I have the complete set of Nancy Drew books, although some of them are 2 books in one as I joined a book club back in the day and bought them. I loved my Nancy Drew books as a preteen and teen and love my puzzle to go with them. Thanks for posting about this puzzle!

    • Oh, I love that you framed it Ruth…and that your husband made the frame! That’s awesome! I still have my Nancy Drew books, one of the few things I have from my childhood. I only have around 15-20 but I still love them. They brought me hours of enjoyment and I still love looking at them. Love that you have the complete set! How many are in the set?

      • Sorry I just now checked my post.
        There are 56 books plus a cookbook which I also have. There is also a Nancy Drew Sleuth book, which I don’t have. They brought me hours of enjoyment and escape as well. Love my puzzle too! Love your posts and enjoy all your adventures and purchases and tours. Thanks for sharing!

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