We’re Having Sweet Watermelon for Dessert!

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This has been such a beautiful spring here in Georgia. It’s felt like a long, full spring–not one of those springs we sometimes have where we get cool, spring weather for a week and then BAM, it’s 85 degrees outside. lol No, this spring has been the perfect spring. I would love it if it was this way every year!

Last night was the first night where I was tempted to run the A/C in the upstairs part of my home, but I was able to resist. I have both doors to the porch open right now letting all that delicious, cool, nighttime air inside to help cool the house for the day.

The perfume post I created yesterday took a lot longer than I expected, basically the whole day, so I didn’t get to set this table until around 5:30 in the evening. Fortunately, it came together pretty quickly so I was able to get a few daytime views before it became too late for that.

Screen Porch Dining for Spring and Summer


My inspiration for this table was this aqua and white lantern I found recently on a brief shopping trip to Marshalls.

Summer Tablescape with Beach-Shell Dinnerware


It’s such a unique-looking lantern, almost like they were trying to create the illusion that it was filled with white sand. I briefly thought about returning it when I first tried a candle in it because I expected the white bottom portion to be opaque enough to let the light shine through. Instead, the light from the candle I have inside is really only visible through the top half of the lantern.

Entertaining on the Porch for Summer, Summer Dining


In the end, I decided I still liked the lantern enough to keep it because I love how it looks during the daytime. Aqua (not so much teal) is one of my favorite colors/shades for summer. It’s just sooo oceany and beachy and all those good vibes!

Seaside-Beach Themed Table for Dining


For today’s table, I’m using dinnerware purchased back in 2008, just as the screened porch was being completed on the back of my home. At that time I only had a couple of sets of everyday china and none seemed appropriate for porch dining. I loved this pattern the moment I saw it in Kohl’s. The information on the back of each plate indicates that it’s from the Shoreline Collection Home/studio.

Seaside Table Setting


I’m using both the shell and starfish plates in this pattern as salad plates. Another option would be to use the shell plates as a salad plate and the starfish plates for an appetizer or maybe for dessert. Lots of options with this dishware! The woven chargers were displayed with this pattern that day in Kohl’s. It’s hard to find square wicker/woven style chargers.

Shell Salad Plate


The starfish “bubble” glassware was also displayed with this dinnerware so I think it’s by the same manufacturer. Trying to remember where I found the fishy glasses now, may have been in Marshalls.

Beach Wine Glasses, Fish Decorated Wine Glasses


The beaded, shell napkin rings are from Cracker Barrell back in 2018, purchased on one of my drives back home from visiting family. I wonder what goodies they have in for spring/summer this year? I believe the aqua napkins and aqua flatware were both purchased from Kohl’s back around the time I added on the porch. The flatware didn’t come with salad forks but it did include soup spoons. I’d rather had the salad forks, I think. lol The tan-colored napkins are from Pier 1 back in the day.

Aqua Shell Napkin Rings, Aqua Flatware


A view from overhead…

Summer Dining on the Porch


Do you see what we’re having for dessert? 😉

Beachy Table with Shell and Starfish Plates


I think I found this cute net-covered, woven platter in Marshalls one year. It’s been so long–hard to remember now.

Keep bugs away from food when dining outdoors


The top just rolls back when you’re ready to serve whatever is protected underneath. Not really needed on a screened-in porch, but this would be great when dining outdoors. I don’t think I’ve ever used it in a table setting before and couldn’t resist working it into today’s table since the color works so well with our beachy table.

I picked up a watermelon the day I made a quick dash into Walmart Market when I was sick recently. I honestly didn’t think it would be any good since it’s so early in the season. I was wrong! It’s insanely sweet and delicious! So if you visit a Walmart Market this week and they have watermelons, you may want to pick one up.

Watermelon slices for summer


Getting dark out now…

Screened Porch in the Evening, Dining by Lantern Light


Candlelight dining is the best!

Lit Lantern for Porch Dining


As it was just beginning to get dark, I turned on one lamp here on the porch for these first three photos.

Seaside Beach Themed Tablescape


Here’s how the table looked with all the lamps turned off.

Evening dining on the porch


Dining in the evening on the porch, Lantern Light


Happy spring! We have one more month of spring before the first day of summer arrives. It’s going fast–enjoy every moment!

Table Ideas for Summer


Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! ♥

Screen Porch Dining for Spring and Summer


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  1. Wanda F Bradey says

    What a beautiful setting. I love seeing your porch. What a happy place you have there! The place settings are amazing as always. I look forward to your emails.

  2. I think summer is coming in fast after this nice Spring. Roaring into the 90’s in a few days and our air conditioning will certainly be humming soon.

  3. Kathleen says

    At first your table looked so “pale” to me. But then you did your creative pictures that brought out all the teal colors that one would see when sitting at the table. Square dishes, square placemat, star dishes, teal silverware and don’t forget glasses with fish on them. Really like the candles at night and the lantern with just enough teal to bring it all together. Watermelon looks delicious. Our local market had baby watermelons, but I was afraid to try them.

    • It does look pale from a distance, you’re right! Glad you enjoyed the closeup pics, they tell the real story. 🙂
      I was so surprised that this one was this sweet so early in the season!

  4. Snowflake281 says

    I love the new lantern & I think it looks perfectly fine with the candle glowing the way it does. I also love your flatware. I, like you, love aqua or turquoise and even teal. I love shopping in Marshall’s but haven’t been to one in at least over a year. Unfortunately, the one nearest to me on Long Island is always, and I mean always so unkempt. It’s no fun to shop there because of how disgusting it is. One time my husband & I even got involved in a purse snatch that occurred there & fortunately we were able to recover the woman’s pocketbook. Ladies, please lock your pocketbooks into the child straps whenever you use a shopping cart. And don’t let someone distract you by starting a conversation with you for no reason. These miscreants work as a team. It’s such a shame. Anyway, nice job on the tablescape.

    • That’s a shame about your Marshalls there, the few I’ve visited in my area are always nice and clean/organized. That would def be off-putting if it wasn’t. Wow, a purse snatching…so scary! I mostly only wear cross-body bags when I go shopping. I have a friend who always straps her bag in just as you mentioned… great idea to do that!

    • I agree! I was just thinking that the way the candle light only shows through the glazed blue/green makes it look like the sun setting on a white-sand beach! I LOVE THE LANTERN! Wish I had found that myself! Beautiful!

  5. Oh Susan those nighttime shots are gorgeous! (The daytime ones are too, but you know what I mean!) 😉 I’m glad you kept the lantern – it’s so pretty and fun! Thanks for the little trip to the beach this morning. I’ll look for watermelon!

  6. Loved the simplicity and yet beauty of this table. Makes me want to bring on summer! Love the soft colors….the dishes are adorable. Great fun table.

  7. Watermelon by candlelight–how summery! Lantern is a great find and pulls it all together. This made me realize that I need some flatware with color, even if only for one or two.

  8. We’ve had a similar Spring. And we’ve had a near constant breeze, which is usually so rare and is absolutely glorious. Yes, it’s nice to have a full season rather than an instant transition, lol. I’ve really been enjoying it. Love those evening pictures, Susan. Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Ohhh, love those spring/summer breezes! Yes, been such a beautiful spring! Glad you’ve had it in your area too, Pam!

  9. That table made me smile. Beautiful!

  10. That’s pretty. I could sit for hours on that porch. I have completely enjoyed this lingering spring, but I think we def have summer now. Hitting close to 90 today and tomorrow. Time for us to change walking to way earlier, and retreat in the afternoons.

    • Rita, you would be very welcome! Hasn’t it just been the best spring weather-wise! Wish it was like this every year! Yikes! The heat is coming!

  11. What a delightful beachy tablescape, Susan! After seeing these dishes on your previous tablescapes years ago, I purchased them gradually from eBay. I love, love them! I got the fish wine glasses from Marshall’s. This spring has been delightful in the south, hasn’t it? So often we go from winter to summer, but this year we had a nice, elongated spring season. I have loved it! You’ll need that AC next week when it gets into the 90s.

    • I’m so glad you were able to find them, that’s awesome, Martha!
      It has! This is how spring should always be/feel…it’s been wonderful…a real spring!
      Ugh, hadn’t looked a the forecast, glad my A/C is working, I tested it recently to make sure. I don’t want to find out the hard way. lol
      Keep cool this next week, Martha!

  12. This is a beautifully simple table, and the soft shades of blue are so pretty. I really like pearlized glow of the lantern, it’s absolutely perfect as a centerpiece. I LOVE your fishy wine glasses. I think I have the same pattern, only in tall ice tea beverage glasses. I think I found them at Home Goods. Your “blue hour” photos are gorgeous, thank you for taking and posting these photos. Thanks again for another beautiful Tablescape Thursday! XO

    • Thanks so much, Elena! That may be where I found these, so hard to remember now. Thanks-I’m glad I kept the lantern now–I do like how it looks during the day as well as at night all lit up.

  13. Tina W Reynolds says

    I love each element of this table scape. It is so different from anything I have. The soft colors are beautiful. I am so envious of that screened porch. I’ve always wanted one but have never lived in a house where such construction was possible. I just know I would live on that porch 24/7! I was glad to hear that the watermelon tasted good to you. You really needed to enjoy that to help you feel better!

  14. So pretty and looks so calming. Love the blue of course!

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