Evil Eye Bracelets: Whimsical & Great for Stacking

When you were a kid growing up, did you ever hear someone say, “Don’t give me that evil eye!”  Often it was said jokingly to make you smile or cheer you up right after you’ve just been told “No” to something you wanted to do. I remember hearing it a lot growing up in the south, and though I knew well what it meant, I never knew its origin.

Wikipedia says:

The evil eye is a curse or legend believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune or injury. Talismans created to protect against the evil eye are also frequently called “evil eyes”

Wikipedia goes on to say that the “evil eye” was mainly a concept in Mediterranean and Asian cultures. Some of the countries where you’ll often find charms or decorations believed to have the power to ward off the evil eye are Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, Italy Green and a bunch more…too many to list them all.

I’m not the superstitious type, so I don’t personally believe someone can do you harm with a dirty look, but I do love some of the fun evil eye bracelets I’ve been seeing on Instagram and online. Have you noticed them popping up everywhere?

I love necklaces and rings, but I think my favorite kind of jewelry is the bracelet. I love how you can see and enjoy a bracelet all day long as you type on a computer, cook, clean, drive a car or just sit reading or watching a movie. I can see why “stacking” bracelets has become such “a thing” in the last few years. Maybe it’s always been a thing and I’m just noticing it more with all these creative combinations I’m seeing on Instagram.

I’ve been on a bit of jewelry kick lately. I ended up purchasing a couple of new bracelets, so I’ve been stalking Instagram pics for some cute “stacking” ideas. I’ve really fallen in love with some of the whimsical Evil Eye bracelets I’ve been seeing online. I figured EE bracelets wouldn’t be that expensive since they are a fun, playful look. Well, what I discovered is that it all depends on how they are made, some are actually made with 18k gold and real diamonds.

After a bit of research, I settled on two Evil Eye bracelets that were within the budget I had in mind. In this photo from Gemma Azzurro online, I went with the second bracelet from the right. I love how it looks paired with the Cartier Love bracelet. Love that contrast of the elegant with the whimsical!

That particular EE bracelet is Sterling Silver with 18k gold plating. It was $105 and I used the code “julyfourth” to get 15% off. So my total cost with shipping was $94.24. Not too bad to satisfy my Evil Eye yearning. lol

Evil Eye Bracelet with Cartier Diamond Love Bracelet


Here’s one more photo showing the bracelet I ordered–it’s in the middle below. It hasn’t come yet, should arrive one day next week based on tracking. There are so many pretty EE bracelets on that website, it was hard choosing!

Evil Eye Bracelet Styles


I love it in the aqua green color shown below. I was super tempted by the Evil Eye bracelets with the baguettes. I also love the pink one and it would pair well with another pink bracelet I already own.

Beautiful Evil Eye Bracelets, Pink, Aqua


Here’s another view of the EE bracelets with the baguettes. They are also Sterling Silver with 18k gold plating. I’m not sure what type CZ they use for the baguettes but the bracelets are $75.

By the way, I’ve never talked or communicated with Gemma Azzurro, just sharing these because I think they are really cute and affordable. Again, I have no idea what they look like in person, will find out soon when my bracelet arrives.

Shopping for Evil Eye Bracelets


This is the other Evil Eye bracelet that I’ve ordered. I love how small the little eyes are, I think it will be easy to stack alongside my other bracelets. It’s 14k gold but still very affordable. It’s available here: Evil Eye Bracelet. You’ll find a ton of affordable, handcrafted Evil Eye bracelets here: EE Bracelets. I could spend hours looking through them all!


Evil Bracelet with A Lot of Eyes All Around


Here are a few more of the Evil Eye bracelets I’ve found on Instagram and online. There are so many different styles! This photo below is from the shop: Evileye Supplies. I think they sell both the bracelets and the supplies to make your own. The prices looked really reasonable.

Evil Eye Bracelets, Fun & Colorful

Photo from evileye.jewelry on Instagram


Love these EE bracelets from Kaj Jewellery online. I especially love the clover-shaped one on the far left made from Mother of Pearl, 14K Rose Gold and diamonds. It comes in two sizes and the smallest one is around $582, if I did the conversion to dollars correctly. As much as I love it, I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend that much.

Do you think the Evil Eye jewelry will be around for a while? In my research online, it appears it has really seen an increase in popularity over the last 2 years.

Evil Eye Bracelets

Photo from Kaj Jewellery

Love this Evil Eye bracelet below on the left. This photo is from the Instagram account, Watch_Fashionista, if I’m remembering correctly. I’ve forgotten now where she found here EE bracelet, but I love the simplicity of it. That’s a gorgeous pavé Cartier Love bracelet to the right of it.

Love the idea of pairing something elegant and high-end alongside one of these fun EE bracelets, love the contrast it creates and how it says, “I don’t take my jewelry too seriously.” If you love watches and beautiful jewelry, check out Watch_Fashionista on Instagram at the link above. Had no idea there were so many gorgeous watches out there!

Evil Eye Bracelet Stack

Photo from Watch_Fashionista on Instagram


A few more really beautiful Evil Eye bracelets-jewelry:

Affordable Evil Eye Jewelry  A lot of very affordable pieces at this link.

Evil Eye Bracelet with hidden compartment


This one is also very reasonably priced…it’s available here: Evil Eye Bracelet.

Evil Eye Jewelry Bracelet, Affordable


If you prefer higher end pieces, check out these below:

Evil Eye Pendants, Earring and Bracelets (Scroll down the page at that link for these pretty earrings)

Diamond and Opal Evil Eye Jewelry

Evil Eye Jewelry  Scroll down the page at that link for this bracelet. I love the turquoise stones with that little eye charm attached! Turquoise is really seeing an increase in popularity right now. I remember the first turquoise piece I ever purchased, it was when I was in elementary school. We went on a field trip to the local Museum of Arts and Science and after the presentation, we were allowed to visit the gift shop. I purchased a little silver and turquoise ring that day, I think I still have it. Have always loved turquoise…such a beautiful stone!

Turquoise Evil Eye Bracelet

Ohh, just discovered David Yurman makes an Evil Eye Bracelet and Necklace in both white and yellow gold. You’ll find them here: Evil Eye Jewelry by David Yurman.

David Yurman Evil Eye Jewelry


Do you own any Evil Eye jewelry? I’m looking forward to getting the two bracelets I ordered to see how they will stack with my other bracelets.

Have a great weekend, dear Friends! See you on Monday for Metamorphosis Monday! I have a wee DIY transformation to share involving paint. πŸ™‚

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  1. These are fun, Susan! I know you will enjoy wearing them and probably adding more to your stack. Like you, I love to wear bracelets. Bangles are my favorite.

    • Thanks, Sarah! I love bangles, too! Sooo much fun!
      When do you go to NY to stand in the big line? I’ve been seeing your posts on Instagram. I hope you get taken from the line early! πŸ™‚

  2. Jan Gerakaris says

    Also known at Mati. It might expand your search.

  3. Darlene Gardner says

    Hey Susan,
    Seems like last year you did a blog on being able to put on bangle bracelets a special way (if your hand is too big). I searched the site but nothing came up about that. Could you send me the link to that blog? Thanks so much – I got a bangle bracelet for my birthday with a nickel on it and I haven’t been able to wear it yet.

  4. This post really brings back memories. I lived in Greece in 1979/1980 and evil eye jewelry was everywhere!

  5. Most of my Greek friends traditionally wear classic β€œevil eye” jewelry. It is worn to save you from harm and ward off evil spirits. Supposedly, the amulet or charm originated in Greece. Though, many other countries such as Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey sell the charm to tourists.

  6. Terri Santiago says

    Hi Susan
    No I don’t own any evil eye jewelry.
    The 1st web site you showed has beautiful jewelry.

    • I love almost everything she carries! I was just watching a “story” she posted to Instagram sharing how she started her company while she was in college. So fascinating!

  7. Oooh, I’m a bracelet stackers from way back!!! You will get hooked!! franki

  8. Cyndi Raines says

    I agree with enjoying bracelets as the wearer can view them also. Love my turquoise bracelets from the time I lived in New Mexico. Don’t have any evil eye , but your choices are pretty. Thanks for the fashion update.

  9. Elena M. says

    Cubans put “azabaches” on newborns on a little gold pin and sometimes it has a little gold charm that are two eyes – said to ward off the “mal de ojo” or evil eye. I wore my charm into my teens and my sister had a bracelet made with the black stones. My son received his from his godmother during my baby shower party so he was all set before he was even born! I guess this tradition has been around for many cultures.

  10. Kathleen says

    I bought one! I like expandable bracelets now as they are easier to put on (no clasp).

  11. Ooooo, Susan, I will look for a charm ‘eye’ for my Pandora Bracelet….such a fun thing to look at! Thanks for sharing your finds.

    • That sounds so cute, Rosie! Fun addition to your bracelet! πŸ™‚

      • I found a few charms on Amazon for the bracelet…a kind of inexpensive way to get on that trend and see if I like the design. I think I will! You always find the most fun things! πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend, Susan.

  12. When you shared the post regarding the bottle tree I thought that is the US version of the evil eye. I have traveled to Turkey so I know the concept of the evil eye. The bracelets you shared are much fancier than the ones we saw at the markets. I am sure the bracelets will be stunning.

    • I was kinda thinking the same thing…they make me think of bottle trees and painting the ceilings of porches haint blue. I love that kind of stuff, just for the history/folklore behind it.

  13. I love bracelets too, and these are really special.

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