Let’s Go Antiquing at A Classy Flea…So Many Cute Things!

Yesterday I drove over to a Pier 1 that’s about 20 minutes away to pick up some plates I had purchased online. Normally the Pier 1 near me would have them, they had them in stock the day before, but they are currently on sale for $20.88, so the stores are all selling out. (They are still available here: Bunny Plates. See all the Easter goodies included in the sale here: Easter.)

I purchased a few more goodies while there and will share those very soon. Pier 1 is killing it for spring! So many cute things!

Bunny Plates in Gray and White


Was sooo tempted by this garden stool! I love the nautical rope look. It’s available online here: Nautical Garden Stool.


They have a ton of great garden stools! Where were all these when I was trying to find pretty ones several years ago? If I didn’t already have a blue and white garden seat in my guest room, I would definitely get this one to use as a side table by the chair in that room.

This stunning blue and white one is available here: Blue & White Garden Stool. See all their garden stools here: Garden Stools.


After the trip to Pier 1, I headed home and found myself driving right by A Classy Flea. Haven’t stopped in for ages, so I decided to check them out.

Jackson Carter Wingback Chair: $198

First thing that caught my eye was this chair. I love a good, overstuffed chair, the perfect place to curl up with a favorite book. I was super tempted to buy it for my bedroom.


Antique H. Holtzman & Sons Victorian Piano Stool with Claw & Glass Ball Feet: $99

Such a beautiful piece, would be great as a little side table beside a chair.


Vintage Cane-Back Misson Bench: $299

Though Mission furniture isn’t a style I use in my home, I thought this was a beautiful piece, especially if it had a new cushion in a fabric that would show off the beautiful wood.


Lots of great cook books…


Country French Baskets: $98.99

Have you ever seen baskets like this? Wonder how folks use those? Maybe just hang them on the wall and fill them with flowers? Ummm


Pretty Painting, European Scene: $39


Iron & Wood Windows: $120 each

These would make an interesting focal point above a fireplace or in a room with really high ceilings.


Leon Aubert Stradivarius Violin with Case: $48

I always wanted to learn how to play the violin, love how they sound. They can evoke so much emotion.


If I had a theater room, I think I would decorate all the walls with posters/pictures of classic movie stars like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monore. What fun that would be, searching for your favorite stars!


Rustic Pine Bar Stools with Rush Seat: $105 for the pair

I need two things in this life: A Mountain Cabin and a Beach Cottage. Why? Because I want to decorate both so badly! Isn’t that enough reason? lol If I had that mountain cabin, these would be great for an eat-in bar.


Mary Carol Garrity, Style at Home: $7.95

I think I have almost every book Mary Carol Garrity has written. I love her books! This is one my favorites…really they all are! It’s available for purchase here: Style at Home.


Tall Table and Chairs

Didn’t see a price on this table and chairs but they looked to be in great condition.


Vintage Wood Bookshelves: Originally $79, marked down to $68 for the pair

I don’t know what it is about bookshelves, but it’s hard for me to pass them up. If the dormer windows in my upstairs family room were just a little bit wider, I would have purchased these, given them a fresh coat of paint, and put one in each window filled them with books. When do you ever see real wood bookcases anymore?


Hobnail Ceramic Pillar Candle Holders: $14.99 for pair

Ummm, maybe I should go back and get these, would be so pretty in a summer table setting!


Wicker Chair: $79


Wicker Mirror and Vintage China: Plates were $7.99 each, forgot to get the price on the mirror.


One of my favorite booths in A Classy Flea was this one filled with all things “Beach.” Sooo many cute things in this booth to fill my imaginary beach cottage! 🙂


Canoe Lamp: I didn’t see the tag while there, but now I see it hanging on the back. I’m sure it was reasonably priced as everything usually is at A Classy Flea. Look at that cool Tole Chandelier hanging behind it…how did I miss that?!


Whale Paper Towel Holder: $29

If I had a beach cottage or a kitchen styled in a beachy theme, I would have bought this paper towel holder so fast! I love it!


Reclaimed Heart-Pine State of Georgia: $98

This will probably only appeal to us Georgia folks, but I thought this was so clever. The tag says, “Reclaimed 100+ year-0ld heart pine from homes and barns in the Black Belt region of Alabama.”  Love the soft, beach colors of this piece…would be great hanging in a coastal Georgia home, or just a room with a seaside/beach theme.


This was an interesting piece! Would be great for displaying anything. I can see it as a bookshelf, lined with books on either side and a big pretty fern on top.


Glass Jar Filled with Starfish Soaps: $19.99

I almost purchased these, was hard to walk away. Would be so pretty in a guest bathroom with a beach theme. The little soaps smelled really nice, too…I had to check. 🙂


Hope you enjoyed this little antiquing trip! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Always, always, enjoy A Classy Flea field trip! Summer is definitely on the horizon there.

  2. I love your antique shop tours! So much to see and imagine in my house…
    I agree with you: I can’t pass up a bookcase either. Since I have so many books, I am always looking for someplace nice to store them! The ones you shared would work beautifully!

  3. Gwendoline HEALY says

    What a fun time that was Susan! Feel like I shopped with you.

  4. If you didn’t get those Road Tripping Hares from Pier 1 I’ll be surprised. Pricey, yes, but beyond adorable!!! Be still my bunny loving heart.

  5. Mary from Virginia says

    I love these trips! Such fun and pretty things at A Classy Flea!

  6. Lynette Carter says

    Thanks for the photos! I’ve been looking for that wicker chair!

  7. Go back for those hobnail candleholders! They are gorgeous!!

  8. I got that nautical rope garden seat last year- I use it as an accent table! Pier 1 has the cutest stuff for Easter. I know I would enjoy shopping at the Classy Fkea- I always see something I like.

  9. Love antiquing! I own an antique piano stool exactly like the one pictured and the ice bucket on top of the cook books. The stool doubles as a side table/plant stand depending on the season. Adore the vintage look!

  10. I noticed the hammered aluminum piece on top of the cookbooks. I have a few pieces. What a fun shop to “mooch around in”!

  11. Joyce Howe says

    You are so right! Pier 1 is killing me with all of their Spring selections. I ordered one garden stool and there are so many others I wish I had a place for. Loved the antique store tour. I have one of the stools like that which was my Grandmother’s. Mine does have brass claw feet over round glass balls. Really lovely old piece.

  12. Love sitting in my easy chair while enjoying a flea market trip. More please. Can’t stop thinking about how cool those hobnail candlesticks are!

  13. Beverly Cook says

    Thanks so much for the wonderful tour at A Classy Flea. I’ve loved interior design for many years and was blessed to see, learn, and shop throughout many countries in Europe and Asia besides here n the US. Twenty long months ago I came down with a mysterious illness that sent me across the country looking for answers as I became weaker. I am currently housebound on oxygen and do not get out at all. We possibly have found it to be Aspergillus Mold Poisoning. Being able to enjoy all the clever things at A classy Flea this evening raised my spirits and helped to give me back hope I’ll be out shopping there one day too. Thank you, my friend. Love your blog!! <3

  14. I think the hobnail candle holders would also look great in a winter table setting. I had hobnail lamps in my bedroom as a teenager and loved them.

  15. I would have bought that Peter Rabbit plate beside the stool!!!

  16. That was a GOOD PRICE on that piano stool!! I use them for “side” tables by the easy chairs…then when extra seating is needed for grandkiddos at the table and great for plants as you can rotate them!! That is really a neat store! franki

  17. Jane Franks says

    What a lovely shop! So many cute things. I love the ball and claw piano stools. I have one, very similar to the one in the shop, that I use with my antique upright piano. I should play it more often! But I do love having it!

  18. Cyndi Raines says

    Thank you for taking us on this nice little shoping sprea! This is a wonderful store, would love to visit in person. Really like the wooded and iron church-style windows and the rod iron pieces by the tall chairs. I know what you mean about a cabin and beach themes. I did our basement sitting area in a cabin theme and I do our front porch with a beach theme as I love our fresh blue water beaches on our Great Lake Huron.

  19. I have been looking for a piano stool. That one is just like the one we had when I was a child. It is a lot more fun to practice on a stool that spins than the bench we have now. I would have purchased the violin the grandkids would enjoy it. Go back for the hobnail candle holders they would work with so many colors and styles. This post just proves I need to get out more.

  20. Charo Rodriguez says

    Oh,Susana, te animo a que vuelvas al mercadillo y te lleves el par de candelabros de ceramica blancos.Son ideales! Y seguro que muy versatiles porque atandoles un lazo con flores segun la estacion del año podras usarlos en mas de una ocasion! Es una pequeña idea, pero seguro que con tu fantastica capacidad creativa encontraras decenas de recursos para embellecer tus mesas con ellos.Saludos desde España

  21. Shirley Ore says

    I really enjoyed reading about your trip to the antique shop. I am a collector over the years but am trying to downsize so I haven’t gone for a while, you are getting me back in the mood. Love everything you write. You must go back for the candle holders, they are adorable. Love Pier one, got the bunny plates last year, picked up a tray to match on sale this year…the bunnies look great in my plate rack….

  22. We were there about a month ago. It always surprises me how quickly things change in there. It looked very different when we were there. I think it is because everything is always so reasonably priced.

  23. I’m sure the cashier wonders, when I walk out with a huge Murex shell and a pair of antlers!

  24. Thanks for sharing your detailed finds. I always appreciate your generous and helpful posts! I wish the Classy Flea were online; good antique and vintage stores are so hard to find anymore.

  25. Thank you for the fun tour. I especially liked the hobnail candle holder. I’m a lover of milk glass. I know it not in style now. But I hope it comes back

  26. Loved the tour and all the wish lists! If I had a theater my poster pic would be Errol Flynn! Just last night I was watching the remake of Beguiled and hung on to see how it ended. What a waste of time. Then I tuned in to Crossfire on the classic channel…what a difference…excellent film. So, I think my theater would be filled with Classics and not the junk being offered. I’m getting in the mood to decorate outside with my Easter goodies. Those bunny plates are so darn cute!

  27. What a great Antiquing shopping trip. Congratulations on your buys. I, too never have enough bookcases. There are so many books and no place to put them. Thank You for sharing your trip.

  28. Go back for the Hobnail pair… for me! hehe Love your posts but you are costing me a lot of money!

  29. What, you didn’t purchase anything? Such discipline! 🙂
    Re the piano stool, do have one identical to it paired with an antique player piano that we have in our entertainment/games room which the Grandchildren love. (Myself, I haven’t played it in years as just pumping its pedals is a workout in itself …. lol!) -Brenda-
    P.S.: Thank so much for the side excursion as always enjoy them … and I’m glad that you got your bunny plates.

  30. Yes, I agree you might need to go back for those white hobnail candleholders! I would enjoy seeing them in one of your many tablescapes! (My favorite posts)
    Thanks for sharing your trip to Classy Flea!

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