This One Is For The Coffee Lovers

My son and daughter-in-law are on the tail end of a full-blown, down-to-the-studs, kitchen renovation. They’ve been so close to having it complete but the countertops were very delayed. Those finally arrived and were installed on Monday. The appliances and plumbing stuff go in next, so they may have a functioning kitchen again by this weekend! Yipee!

Recently, I was shopping in Williams Sonoma and I saw this adorable SMEG coffee maker. I was thinking how cute it would be for those rare times I have guests visiting who are coffee drinkers and love hot coffee. I’m strictly an iced-coffee drinker so I guess I tend to pick my coffee maker based on how cute it is. Ha! As I was looking at the SMEG, a WS associate approached me and we started talking all about coffee makers. She told me the SMEG comes in a ton of cute colors, including pink! (See all the colors available here: SMEG Coffee Maker.) As we talked, she started telling me about a relatively new coffee maker they had just gotten in a few weeks before. She said it was so popular, they can’t keep it in stock.

Adorable SMEG Coffee Maker


This coffee maker by DeLonghi is super popular and is a Williams Sonoma exclusive. I immediately thought about my son/DIL since they love coffee and have it every morning. My son has literally been trying for years to find an automatic coffee maker that makes a really great cup of coffee on a consistent basis without breaking down. Seems like every few years he’s having to purchase a new one. He’s been looking for one that wasn’t too fancy or did a lot of things that he knew he wouldn’t need or use on a regular basis, or that cost thousands of dollars. After hearing all the amazing things the associate had to say about the DeLonghi and how much their customers seem to love it, I decided to check out the reviews online. They were quite good! So far, it has 334, 5-star reviews with an overall rating of 4.8. (See those here: Reviews.)

Best Coffee Maker for True Coffee Lovers


I shared this coffee maker with my son. Over the past week or so, he has been researching the DeLonghi brand and checking out the reviews on their other coffee makers. He liked what he was reading and loved all the features of this one. My son and DIL’s birthdays are only 6 days apart, so I offered to make this their birthday present from me this year. At first, we weren’t sure it would fit under their newly installed cabinets, but it turns out the height measurement online is incorrect. Online, it states that it’s 18 inches tall, but when the WS associate and I measured it in the store, it measured around 15-3/4 to 15-7/8 inches tall. That makes sense since coffee makers wouldn’t typically create a coffee maker that wouldn’t fit on the counter under most standard cabinets.

Awesome Coffee Maker


So, this baby is setting in my garage right now, awaiting its trip north to Ohio. I started to have it shipped, but since they are rather hard to come by, I didn’t want to take a chance on it being lost or damaged. I bought the last one they had in stock in my local Williams Sonoma store.

DeLonghi True Brew Coffee Maker


Again, I’m not the most versed on coffee makers, but from what I’ve read in the reviews and how excited my son is about this one, it sounds like a good one. For you serious hot coffee lovers, here’s the info I found online here: DeLonghi Coffee Maker.

Coffee Maker Information


If you would like to read more and check out the reviews, you’ll find this coffee maker available here: DeLonghi Coffee Maker.

Best Coffee Maker for True Coffee Lovers

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  1. Cyndy Cook says

    If it’s not too late, I’d suggest that they ask their contractor if he could attach a steam-proof surface (maybe a piece of clear glass) underneath the cabinet to protect it from the steam the coffee maker will produce. There are times when we forget to pull ours out from under the wooden shelves above it & it has defintely affected the wood.

    • I didn’t notice any steam coming out when I watched a YouTube video demonstration of the various types of coffees that it makes, but when we fire it up the first time, we will definitely watch for that. Thanks for mentioning that, Cyndy–I wouldn’t have thought to watch for that.

      • Roxanne Bernard says

        That’s a great idea to put something protective under the cabinet. I think they all put out steam. I have brand new cabinets and have been careful to pull mine out. One thing that has helped was to set it on one of those silicone mats designed for heavier appliances like a Kitchen Aide mixer. My sister gave me a fancy Ninja coffee maker for Christmas that is very heavy, so the mat makes sliding it very easy. You are very thoughtful mother and mother-in-love!

    • Cyndy, my DIL ended up purchasing a slider thingy on Amazon that lets you pull or roll the coffee maker out. I’m going to be visiting them in a few days. I’ll take a photo of it to share in a future post. Thanks again for that warning! I sure would hate to see their new undercabinet lighting or cabinets get damaged from steam or anything else. I’m not sure if it emits that, but better to be safe than sorry. I ended up shipping the coffee maker so they are already enjoying it. 🙂

  2. Margo Kuhn says

    That DeLonghi looks really nice. I may consider it when my current one breaks. Looks like it has very nice features. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I don’t think you can go wrong buying any DeLonghi product. I have great success with them.

  4. My two cents. A coffee maker is only as good as the coffee. What kind of coffee does anyone recommend? I can’t find decent coffee anymore.

    • I was just thinking about that today and did an online search to see what’s recommended. I saw so many different kinds recommended, I gave up. lol My son loves the Highlander Grogg that he buys in Dorothy Lane Market in Kettering, Ohio. It’s also available online. You can see it here:

    • Anne, I also was unsatisfied with coffee I was finding locally. I did a search online and came up with Lola Savannah Coffee Roasters in Houston, TX. Their coffee comes in several flavors and they sell in 1 lb, 2 lb or 5 lb bags, whole beans or ground. I love their Texas Pecan flavor.

    • Michele M. says

      I HIGHLY recommend Wholefoods 365 brand Pleasant Morning Buzz. It is the best coffee I have ever had – and I have tried dozens and dozens of kinds. It is tasty and strong without even a hint of a bitter aftertaste. It puts some of the much higher priced ones to shame. I give it as gifts often to coffee drinker snobs (haha) and every single one of them switches. You won’t be sorry.

  5. franki Parde says

    Oooooh, I can almost smell that coffee…our doctor limited us to two cups a day…but, that doesn’t mean I can’t smell it…lucky kids!!! franki

  6. Martha Karen Lovell says

    A very nice gift for your son and daughter-in-law! I like the features but the price is prohibitive to me. I hope you were able to snag a good sale. Usually around holidays things at Williams Sonoma go on sale. And, yes you can get it on line but with the WS credit card and key rewards, you’ll get some handsome rewards for spending with them. For me, however, I am very Happy with my Cuisinart that I bought at Costco. I do like that this DeLonghi coffee maker is not so polluting as thos using little pods. You got me thinking about it anyway.

  7. What a birthday gift! Hope we see at least a few pics of the new kitchen!

  8. Your son and daughter-in-law are blessed to have such a thoughtful and generous mother/MIL! Looks lovely. Hope you can share their kitchen on your blog.

  9. It sounds like a very nice coffee maker but a bit pricey for me also. I know they will enjoy their lovely & thoughtful gift!! For something a little less expensive, I love my Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System Tea and Coffee Maker for $200. It has a Thermal Carafe or you can brew directly into a cup or mug. Also has a frother for the cream which is a must for my coffee! It does not however, have a built in coffee grinder which is very convenient to have. I bought a separate Cuisinart coffee grinder for $60 because I like to buy whole coffee beans.

    • Roxanne Bernard says

      Glinda, that is the one my sister gave me for Christmas! I love it! I like how you fill up the water system and just snap it back in…no pouring water into the coffee maker and all over the counter! Lol

  10. I’m a picky coffee drinker. I find that local shops that roast their own beans often have to best flavor.

  11. I am more of a tea drinker but love coffee occasionally with frothed milk. When I am shopping at Fresh Market, I always get a $1.49 cup of one of their featured coffees. I think Fresh Mkt. has great coffee & it is fresh grind. I bought some last week called “French Cream”, really delicious, to take home. Had to have an employee show me how to use grinder. I think newly ground is best.

  12. I have a son who is a coffee snob! This coffee maker has grabbed my attention! Please let us know how everyone likes it and maybe by that time Williams Sonoma will have restocked and I can surprise him with the same machine. Also, I had a kitchen remodel done last year and my new cupboards came with a warning to pull the coffeemaker away from underneath and away from cupboards. I was disappointed to read this & try to follow those instructions but a piece of glass installed under them is a great idea Cyndy Cook!!

  13. They want how much for that amazing coffee maker?? Sorry. At my age it might outlast me. When I made coffee a lot, my favorite was Melitta. I never liked strong coffee or Starbucks overrated hot coffee. I am with Susan. I like iced coffee.
    Very nice gift for their new kitchen.

  14. Michele M. says

    Susan – this coffee maker sounds unbelievable. One can put beans in and it takes care of them? Not big ole grinding mess?????? And look at all those options – a small cup all the way to a carafe? I love this thing. Oh my gosh, thanks!

    What a thoughtful gift for them. Seriously perfect. Gotta love WS!!!!

  15. I have an electric percolator which in my opinion makes the best tasting steaming hot coffee. I grind the beans fresh for every pot that is brewed. We went through numerous brands and types of coffee makers, but no more.

  16. I’d recommend Eight O’Clock coffee, whole bean. We grind ours fresh daily.

  17. That’s a fancy coffee maker! I know they will love it!! (and, bonus, it makes ice coffee for you, too)
    I have a Keurig that is 12″ tall but when you open the pod area, you need a full 17″ to allow the door over the pod area to rise up far enough to insert the pod. I usually fill the water with a cup so I need extra room for that, too. But would need extra room if I were one who removed the water tank to fill it. When I had my kitchen remodeled, I had the cabinet over the “coffee station” installed at 21″ above the counter top to the base of the light rail. You might want to double check that they will have room to fill the bean grinder on the top and the water.

  18. Cynthia Blaylock says

    Susan, Is this coffee maker really 20 inches wide? Looking at the photos on WS, it looks like it is taller than it is wide. You noted when you measured it in the store it was shorter than stated online. I’m wondering if their width measurements are incorrect also. The area I have for a coffee maker is only 18 inches wide, so wondering if this one would work??

    • Cynthia, I’m flying to Ohio on Wednesday. I can measure it while I’m there and let you know exactly. I had planned to drive there and take it to them myself, but then I decided to fly so WS shipped it for me and they got it last week. My son loves it! So I’ll measure it for you on Wednesday and let you know. I don’t trust the measurements online since they were wrong on the height.

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