4 New Items I’ll Be Taking and Wearing When I Travel to Ireland

Can you believe it’s already been a whole month since I first shared about the upcoming trip to Ireland for the Deluxe Irish Castles Tour. That trip is a just a month away now—hard to believe!


One of the fun things about travel is it gives you a good excuse to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe. Isn’t that pretty much a requirement for any vacation! 😉


Ireland is known for rain year around, so for this trip I decided to add a couple of new rain coats to my wardrobe. I loved the simple look of this coat and finally tracked one down in this “Mist” color in a family-owned shoppe in Ohio.


I just discovered today that it’s actually back in stock and on sale in one of my favorite stores here: Barbour Jacket in Mist. I’m amazed it’s back in stock  since that rarely happens when a style sells out. In addition to being on sale, there’s another 15% off with the code CPCEXTRA15. That makes it an even better price than what I paid when I bought it on sale.

Barbour Gustnado Coat, Mist


Mine arrived this past week and I do love it! I thought I’d share a few close-ups to give you an idea why Barbour coats are so special. I’m honestly surprised they don’t cost more than they do when you consider this is the company that makes the coats/jackets the Queen and King of England wear, as do William and Kate!


I love the tartan lining Barbour uses in this coat!

Barbour Mist Gustnado Jacket


Here’s a better view of the lining. The necklace on my old dress form is my travel necklace. I always take it on all my trips.

Barbour Gustnado Jacket, Mist with Summer Tartan Lining


When I’m not wearing it, it hangs here in the office on the dress form that stands in front of my Bucket List, Scratch-off Travel Map. I’m looking forward to scratching Ireland off when I return from this trip. I wonder what images I’ll find underneath. (Bucket List, Scratch-off Map is available here: Travel Map.)

Hat Storage Display for Summer Hats


Here’s a close up of the necklace–love the saying: Not All Who Wander Are Lost. I also added my last name initial to mine, an option that was available when I ordered it. You’ll find this necklace available where I purchased mine here: Travel Necklace. They make great gifts for those afflicted with Wanderlust.Travel Necklace: All Who Wander Are Not Lost

Barbour is not your average coat manufacturer. Over the years, they have been awarded three Royal Warrants. The first one came from the Duke of Edinburgh, the next one from Queen Elizabeth, and in 1987, they received one from the Prince of Wales. The history behind this company and their jackets is truly inspiring. You can tell I’m a huge fan!

A bit of trivia I came across today: Do you remember the movie, The Queen? In the movie, Queen Elizabeth is played by Helen Mirren. I haven’t seen the movie, but apparently in one scene Helen Mirren wears a Barbour jacket. The sales of Barbour jackets in New York doubled after the release of the movie!

Barbour Gustnado, Mist with Summer Tartan Plaid Lining


Every Barbour jacket I have has a hidden pocket inside. I always look for it because I love that sneaky feature! It comes in handy for stashing away something you need to access quickly, or for something you want to keep close at hand when wearing the coat.

Barbour Gustnado, Mist Color with Hidden Pocket


The Barbour name is always tastefully embroidered somewhere on the coat.


If you’re in need of a great raincoat/jacket, you’ll find this coat available on sale here in this mist color: Barbour Waterproof Jacket in Mist. Don’t forget the extra 15% with the code: CPCEXTRA15.

Barbour Mist Gustnado Jacket


The other rain jacket I ordered, also arrived. I’m mad about it, as well!

Barbour Trevose Waterproof Jacket, Yellow, Striped Lining


Love the striped lining with the little lighthouse motif. I’ve always loved lighthouses, have watercolor drawings of several in my upstairs family room.

Barbour Trevose Yellow Waterproof Jacket, Striped Lining


I’ve seen it worn with the cuffs turned up so the striped lining is visible. I think that would be fine when it’s not raining, but probably not practical once it starts.

Yellow Barbour Trevose Waterproof Jacket, Striped Lining Visible with Sleeve Turned Up


Here’s its little hidden pocket. Again we see all the awards bestowed on Barbour by the royal family over the years.

Barbour Yellow Trevose Jacket Coat, Hidden Inside Pocket, Striped Lining


This jacket has a detail that completely confused me when it first arrived. It’s called a Fishtail and it’s a detail Barbour decided to add to this particular coat.

The origin of this design was so intriguing. It turns out that the Fishtail design in the back of a coat was originally created for the U.S. Army back in the 1950s and 60s when they were trying to find a way to help soldiers stay warm in really frigid temperatures. The split in the back allows the person wearing the coat to tie each half of the coat, around each leg. This traps in more body heat and helps to keep the wind out.

At first, I thought it was really odd looking until I Googled to find out why it was designed this way. Once I read about the history behind the design, I loved it! I find it so amazing and wonderful that Barbour would think to add such a historic detail to one of their jackets!

Barbour Trevose Yellow Jacket with Historic Fishtail Detail


Love this emblem on the sleeve. The more I look at this coat, the more little details I discover.

Barbour South Shields Logo on Trevose Jacket


This little emblem is located on the storm flap that runs across the back of the jacket. So cute!

Barbour Brand Beacon Trevose Jacket in Yellow


I was surprised to find how flattering the jacket is on. It’s designed where the waist can be adjusted for a more fitted look.


The yellow is available HERE, but unfortunately, it’s not on sale. It is also available HERE, and is on sale, but they don’t have a lot of sizes to choose from.

You’ll find it on sale in this pretty blue color here: Barbour Rain Jacket in blue. Again, don’t forget to use the code CPCEXTRA15 for an additional 15% off!

Barbour Trevose Raincoat on Sale


A New Travel Tote

You may remember I mentioned buying a new carry-on tote for this upcoming trip.

Frye Shopper Bag, Saddle Brown


It arrived and I couldn’t be happier. It definitely meets all my expectations and more.

Frye Campus Leather Shopper Tote Bag


I’m so thankful Frye hasn’t compromised the quality of their goods over the years like so many other companies have done. It’s perfection! The leather smells amazing and feels wonderful to the touch!

Pinstripe Lining Inside Beautiful Frye Shopper Tote


I love this little feature I saw in a photo online when I was researching this bag. It hooks the bag together if you’re needing to stash it under an airplane seat or someplace where things could fall out. Since I’ve started booking a “Comfort+” seat when I travel with Delta (thanks to some awesome BNOTP readers who encouraged me to look into that) I should have some extra legroom. So I probably won’t need to put it under a seat for this trip. I could also store it in the dedicated space in the overhead bin, if necessary.

I’ll have my travel handbag with me, so I’ll mainly be using this bag to carry my laptop, Bose Noise Canceling Headphones, Kindle, Eye Shades, a shawl or sweater and this awesome travel pillow: Travel Pillow.

Frye Bag, Clip together to hold items inside bag


I love that it has a pocket on both sides for a water bottle or anything thing else you need to keep handy. You can never have too many pockets!

Frye Campus Shopper Tote with Bottle Holder on Side


You’ll find this beautiful tote bag on sale here: Frey Tote Bag. It’s also available for a great sale price in black leather here: Frye Tote in Black. I like the Burnt Red color, as well.

Frye Leather Shopper Tote, Saddle Brown Color


Update: The tote is also available in a dark walnut brown here: Dark Brown Frye Tote. and here: Dark Brown Frye Tote Bag.  I love the contrast stitching!


Upgraded My Travel Handbag

A couple of years ago when I first started traveling, I purchased this anti-theft handbag. It has gone with me on every trip I’ve taken and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.


You can see that it holds a good bit including a small travel camera that I took to Italy. I didn’t take my iPad on that trip but you can see it easily fits inside, too.


I’ve been thinking of upgrading to a slightly larger bag, one that would let me carry my full-size Nikon camera when needed, and keep it protected from the rain. These bags are so reasonably priced, I decided to try another style for this trip to Ireland. It comes in several colors, but I once again went with this neutral “stone” color. I love it because it looks great with everything you wear.

This bag is a cross-body bag, a must for travel when you need your hands free for picture-taking. Cross-body is safer too since it can’t be snatched off your shoulder. This bag also has the safety shoulder strap that can’t be cut off by a passing motorcyclist or bad guy.

Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag for Travel


It has side pockets on both sides that can be unzipped to hold a water/drink bottle. I could have really used this feature on my trip to Morocco where we couldn’t drink water from the tap in most places. We were always carrying a water bottle. I like how the pocket zips up when not in use. You don’t even notice it on the bag when it’s zipped up since it’s flush with the bag, but when you need it, it’s there.

Best Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag, Holds Water Bottle


It’s nice and spacious inside with plenty of room for my Nikon D7000 and a large telephoto lens which is what I have on my camera in this photo.

The pockets for a passport and credit cards are all RFID protected, just like my last bag. That means a bad guy can’t scan the bag as he walks by, stealing information from my credit cards or passport. That’s my passport in the top pocket. That pocket was designed especially to fit a passport.

The credit card slots are large enough to easily hold 2 cards each. I like to carry my Driver’s License, Military ID and two credit cards when I travel, so I wanted that extra room for those.

Best Travel Handbag, Holds Camera


There’s a zipper pocket inside and that’s where I plan to stash my cash. This bag could hold a full-size wallet but I decided long ago to never carry a wallet on trips. I know me and I’d probably end up laying it down and leaving it someplace. My bag never leaves my body when I’m out touring and shopping, so I can’t leave it someplace or have it stolen. When it’s time to pay, all I had to do is reach in and remove the cash/card I’m using as the bag hangs across my body.

I still have $25 in Euros left over from my Holland/Belgium trip. I was going to cash those in once I got back home, but Teresa, a BNOTP reader who joined me on that trip and has now become a good friend, told me to save it for my next Europe trip. How did she know? lol

I need to make a trip to the bank and get a little more, although I know there will be plenty of Instant Bankers (as they were first called here) over in Ireland. Anyone else live where ATMs were called “Instant Bankers” when they first started appearing? I still have a tendency to call them that…sounds so much cuter than ATM. lol

Travel Handbag, Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag


There’s a zipped flap on the front where I can keep my cell phone. That pocket has the latch/locking mechanism like the main part of the bag which means I don’t have to worry about a bad guy trying to get into it. I’ve done a bit of reading about Ireland and fortunately, pick-pockets aren’t as big a problem there as they are in Italy and some of the other places I’ve traveled.

The only place that seems to have some issues with that is in Dublin. Even though we won’t spend a lot of time in Dublin, I love having an anti-theft bag. It’s just so nice to walk around and know that you can raise your arms to take a photo without having to worry about someone trying to get into your bag while you’re distracted. Peace of mind!

Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag


They think of everything for these travel bags! They even come with a little, attached flash-light to see down into the bag when you’re looking for something at nighttime. That really comes in handy if you’re traveling at night and need something from your bag, or need more light for unlocking a door with a key at night.

Travelon Anti-Theft Bag with Mini-Flashlight to See Inside


I forgot to take a photo of the back of the bag so I grabbed this one from online. There’s a nice big pocket across the back. My other bag has a pocket like this and it’s where I usually put a travel journal, the trip information booklet or maps. 


If you’re looking for a great travel bag, I’m very pleased with this one. It has all the great features of my other bag, plus a bit more space. I wore it some today and the shoulder strap is super comfortable, even with my heavy camera inside. Very pleased with that!

This bag is available here: Anti-Theft Cross-body Bag.

Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag for Travel


Someone recently left a comment asking about the shoes I plan to take on this trip. I’ll try to do a post sometime in the next couple of weeks sharing those. I don’t think I’ll need to buy any new shoes because I have some great ones that I plan to take already.

Looking forward to sharing a delightful makeover with you on Monday for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Can you tell me more about booking a comfort plus seat and how you do so, I have never heard of this before? Thanks!

    • Sure! Several of the BNOTP readers encouraged me to look into it since I live about 1/2 hour from the ATL airport and tend to always fly Delta. I’m not sure what these seats are called on other airlines, but Delta refers to them as Comfort+. You can read more about it here: https://www.delta.com/content/www/en_US/traveling-with-us/onboard-experience/delta-comfort-plus.html
      The extra leg room is nice but the part I love the most is that the seat back tilts further back, and that’s wonderful on long flights when you desperately want to get some sleep. Also, they serve you as much wine/etc… as you wish. And you get dedicated bin space overhead for your carry-on bag, if you choose to use it. When I’ve flown, it’s added about $100 or so to the cost of the ticket.
      As you’re booking your ticket with Delta online, it suggests this option to you. Or you can go back and upgrade later if Comfort+ seats are still available. Again, I’ve never really cared that much about extra leg room since I’m only 5’4″, but the seat tilting back further is what got my attention!

  2. You are always so well organized way ahead of your trips. I’m impressed!
    Love the rain coats. If I needed a new one, I would order one of these.
    All the best for a fantastic trip. Time will speed by and you’ll be on your way to Ireland before you know it. I look forward to you sharing photos and the details.

    • Thanks, Sarah! The more I travel, the easier it gets since I’ve already got much of what I will need.
      I can’t wait to share Ireland with you and I’m looking forward to hearing about your upcoming trip to NY! 🙂

  3. Susan, congrats on the trip. I just bought the denim cross body anti theftbag you recommended earlier for my dil for Europe. Have you changed your mind?

    • I purchased the bag you’re talking about right before I left for Morocco because I wanted a larger bag. Unfortunately, Amazon didn’t get it to me in time. It came about an hour after I left for the airport, per my house sitter. When I returned from my trip, I decided to return the bag since I had had to buy it in the pewter gray color–they had been out of the Indigo color I really wanted.

      It looked like a great bag when I returned home from Morocco and got a chance to see it. It’s by Travelon, so you know it’s going to be a good travel bag, or even a good bag for every day. The only reason I returned was because they were out of the color I had really wanted, and since it arrived too late to take (I used my other Travelon bag that I already had for that trip) I decided to return it and buy it again in the color I really wanted when I booked my next trip.

      After carrying water around with me all over Morocco for 15 days, this bag caught my eye since it has the drink compartments. I may never need to worry about carrying water again (depends on where I go) but that was one feature that drew me to this bag after the Morocco trip.

      I think your dil will love the bag you chose, I really liked the Indigo/dark denim color. It’s a neutral that will go with anything.

  4. I am excited about this trip for you. I am going to look into that travel bag. I bought a neck wallet that I use, but I think I would like the purse. I use the wallet for my morning walks. People stop me and want to know where to get one. It holds my phone, my key card for getting into the pool area in case I need the restroom. Oh, and a baggie with some wet wipes. Now I guess that was too much information. 🙂


    • I bought one of those when I first started traveling, but it didn’t work that great for travel. I found it was just too hard to get to under a shirt, sweater and coat in Italy. It sounds perfect for taking walks–awesome idea!

  5. Sam Heughan is the spokesperson for Barbour. He’s also Jaime Fraser in Outlander (sigh).

  6. Whoa…you are on a roll Lassie!! Terrific purchases and isn’t this all getting so very exciting!! I just ordered a rain coat as well…we STILL haven’t finalized our plans…but, I figured a rain coat was a must one way or the other. Luv the necklace!! franki

  7. Becky O'Brien says

    Susan, you are going to love Kylemore Abbey. Be sure an eat some “Eton’s Mess” from the darling little tea house up on the top of the hill there. It’s meringue and whipped cream and berries. Its a totally magical experience!

  8. Becky Blevins says

    I love your travel tips. I am going to Italy Sept. 16 for two weeks. What camera do you take, and do you have any good tips about using my smart phone there? Also, I read the reviews for the Teva boots. Since my feet are wide at the toes, I am reluctant to order them. I hope to find some other waterproof shoes. Have a wonderful trip to Ireland.

  9. Susan ,

    Sounds wonderful . Love your choices !


  10. Hi Susan,

    Your choices are perfect . Several of my family members have been to Ireland and they chose similar items. Make sure you visit a corner pub and visit one of their churches . They are by far one of the warmest and most welcoming group of individuals you will ever meet


  11. My wife shared your blog with me years ago, always a delightful read. Not sure how many men followers you have but I have had the experience of about 6 different “man bags” for travel trying to find the right one; finally came across one called NutSac and all USA made; they have on Amazon as well as the website at https://www.nutsacbags.com; I always carry a very large iPad the iPad Pro 12.9″ (large but light and thin) as well as my Kindle, Bose noise cancelling headphone (priceless) and various other stuff; I need a bag that holds what I need but no extra space as I will fill it up; the model the Satchel Pro works for me; they have larger and smaller size as well; great rugged, nice looking bag I use daily for iPad or MacBook Pro or other stuff; just wanted to pass on; we travel abroad 1-2 months a year independently on different trips (Iceland and Bermuda last month) as well as cruises and my wife and I each are down to one rolling carry-on bag for any length trip; I think it was a Rick Steves video that said there are those that pack light and those that travel and wish they had, we embraced that philosophy years ago and have loved, loved light travel buying quick drying underwear and clothes that dry quickly; thanks always for a great column

    • Thanks, Frank! Those are great looking bags…love the waxed canvas and I like that they are USA made! That would also be a great commuter bag for anyone carrying a laptop between home and work, too. Thanks for sharing those, I’m going to also send the link to my son in case he’s looking for a casual bag to transport his laptop or iPad. I think he has a briefcase or something like that for carrying his laptop.

      I’m just starting to realize how much I really love tote/bags, all kinds from the rugged leather styles to the more elegant styles, although I seem to lean mostly toward the more rugged designs.

      Rick Steves would have a fit if he saw the way I packed! lol The tours I’ve taken always handle our luggage for us, and they allow up to a 50 lb bag. I actually did pretty good when I went to Morocco, the bag was around 42 lbs, as I recall. Usually I’m pushing the 50 lb mark because I take a lot of clothes. I love having a really pretty outfit to wear for every day I’m away on vaca. I should have been born Mrs. Thurston Howell, III or Lady Mary Crawley with an entourage carrying all my large trunks, hat boxes and luggage behind me. 😉 Ha, ha, ha.

      Since that won’t be happening anytime soon, I guess I better reconsider my carry-on…may have to go back to my rolling tote since I just remembered today that I always put my camera in my carry-on. If I take my full-size camera, it will definitely add some weight.

      • Thanks Susan for the reply; the Rick Steves video, which is actual Joan Robinson who works with Rick Steves, is this link https://youtu.be/hEGHdQGz0ug it is over an hour on YouTube and it was done in 2013, good perspective on packing light for women and the why about it, with tricks and her experiences shared; it is definitely a great video and made an impact years ago on Sharon and me; thanks for the great blogs; /Frank

  12. Kathy Powers says

    Hi, Susan. It’s your friendly, retired Delta flight attendant again. I love the Frye tote you are going to use as your carry-on, but if you are checking your suitcase you will be carrying that bag all over the airport. You might want to reconsider and use that cute little wheeled bag you have instead. If you’re not checking your bag then you can put the handles of the Frye tote over the suitcase and no problem. Love that Barbour coat! Have a wonderful time. You are going to my favorite place!☘️

    • Kathy, I think you’re right. I just now loaded it up with everything I take on the plane with me and the one thing I had forgotten that’s kinda weighty is my camera. I never check it. It wasn’t too heavy with just the laptop, but the camera took the weight up quite a bit. Since it’s leather, it may not be that practical for misty Ireland anyway. Looks like I may be taking that rolling tote after all since I always check one large suitcase and put one change of clothing in my carry-on bag in case my suitcase is temporarily lost. Oh well, was really looking forward to using it, but I’ll get to use it very soon when I visit family since I’ll be driving for that trip. Thanks for your input, Kathy–I always value it!

  13. This was a most informative post. My niece is leaving for a six week stay in Italy in November. I’m getting that anti theft cross body bag for her birthday in August. It seems like such a useful purchase. Even the information about the rain gear was helpful. I’m in need of an updated rain jacket myself, so I’m headed to the Barbour site to do some shopping. This was a really helpful post ! Thanks a million

  14. I’m going home next week also to Galway,Ireland…..I love going home this time of year as its not cold but yes maybe rain,maybe not ! you never can tell but i love it,going hill walking with my mouth open catching the raindrops and of course as granny says “nothing better for that complexion than a drop of rain”..
    I have a couple of Barbour jkts but actually find them to “sweaty” this time of year…enjoy your trip,make sure you visit galway and try our oysters with a pint of Davy Arthur….enjoyyyy

    • That sounds wonderful, Norrie! I know you can’t wait to get there and see friends and family. Such a gorgeous place from the photos I’ve seen.
      Barbour jackets say they are breathable so hoping I won’t have that problem. I’m so cold natured, I usually worry more about being cold than hot.
      Thanks! I rarely drink beer but I will definitely do some of that while I’m there, I’m sure. 🙂

  15. Kathy Powers says

    Susan, Me again, that pesky Delta f/a. When you are at the Dublin airport keep you eye out for a Delta red coat named Shane Manning. He is loved by everyone and a real asset to Delta. Please tell him his Facebook friend Kathy Powers said hello. I remember him from my days flying but I know he doesn’t remember me except from FB. Any help you need or questions answered he will be more than happy to help you.

    • Thanks, Kathy…I will! I’ll pass along your message if I see him. I have a feeling I’m going to fall in love with Ireland and want to return again sometime.

  16. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    I’m glad someone mentioned the weight of the bag. The minute I saw it was leather, I thought “too heavy”. When I travel I carry a lightweight nylon backpack. You and I are sooo different. You are much more like my SO whose motto is, “The more pockets, the better.” As far as I’m concerned, the fewer pockets, the fewer places to lose things in. *L*

    Have a great time on your fast approaching trip to the Emerald Isle.

    • lol Nylon would be lighter. I may end up just using my rolling bag and save my leather one for use here. I’m a little worried about it getting rained on over there at some point.

  17. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    PS: I carry no electronics, but my SO does, cuz…there are pockets for those. 😉

  18. Hi Susan,
    I didn’t realize that Delta had that seat option. British Airways calls theirs “Premium”. Hubby and I plan to book that option when we fly back to England next summer.
    I agree that your tote bag may be too heavy when fully loaded! After multiple trips through the Atlanta airport last year, I invested in a wheeled under the seat London Fog bag. You can really stuff it full of things as well as an extra outfit in case your luggage gets lost.
    Can’t wait to hear all about your trip !!

    • Susan, does that London Fog bag really go up under the seat? The reason I ask is all the bags that I see that claim that they are “under the seat” bags, don’t actually fit under a seat, including my wheeled carry-on that I’ve been using. I always get out what I need for the flight, then place it in an overhead compartment. If I take my laptop, I will probably take it again, although I love this Frye bag and was looking forward to using it. But it will probably be a bit too heavy with both a laptop and a camera inside.
      Yeah, the best part about Comfort+ is the seat tilting back further. I value that more than the extra leg room, although if someone is very tall, that would be great, too.

      • Susan,
        Yes, it fits perfectly. I will try to send you a picture via email. As you know, I spent a lot of time flying back and forth between DC and Atlanta last year when my son was in WellStar Kennestone for four months. I got so tired of lugging my soft-sided tote (filled to the brim) through the long Atlanta airport trek that I decided I really needed something with wheels that I could carry on board and put under the seat.
        Will try to send you the pic tomorrow.

  19. Daniele Bihiet says

    Hi Susan,
    Do you know that the Barbour headquarters are located in Jarrow close to a town called South Shields where there is a lighthouse called South Pier Lighthouse ?
    Probably the reason why you have the lighthouse on the lining.
    Enjoy your trip !
    Danièle from Belgium

  20. Great post and lots of goo ideas – I have two Travelon bags – the one you have in that same color and a different one in black. They give me such peace of mind when I travel. I also love the wallets they make….I got one with my purse, but just recently ordered a print one to make it easy to find in my bag…and it is bigger and holds my phone and has a wrist tag so I can grab it when I don’t need my entire purse. Bought them for gifts for my family too. SO happy to be back on the computer…my hard drive started to crash and my WONDERFUL local computer repair man came, stayed three hours, then took the computer for two days and just returned it as good as new! At a VERY reasonable price…and with the warning that computers are not like cars….you don’t want to wait too long to get a new one. Just wanted to say the first place I checked in when I was back online was your blog…always a great read!

    • Awww, thanks Ann…appreciate that so much! Computers are so great, until they’re not! Glad your’s is up and running good again! Your new wallet sounds great! Just don’t do what I would probably do, which is lay it down and forget it. lol I’m terrible at stuff like that…get distracted!

  21. You’re going to love Ireland and the Irish people. I was there about seven years ago and hope to go back in a few years. My g. g. grandparents were from Ireland and that makes it special to me. Have fun and be safe. ❤️

  22. Susan,
    Looks like you are ready to roll. I love both your new jackets and your bag.

  23. bobbi duncan says

    Even with the rainy Ireland days you will look so chic! Love all of your choices and all the information about them. Know you are going to have the most wonderful time. Irish folks are generally very friendly so that should make your trip even more fun. Our heat wave finally broke but it’s still a few degrees above our normal. Think this past week held the title for hottest temps since my move up here 17 years ago. I walked from 9 to 10 pm because it was just miserable during the daytime. Hugs!

  24. Invest in one of the new mirrorless cameras…best move ever!!!!!

  25. Carol S. says

    Susan, I have travelled to Ireland twice recently and both times the tour guides recommended getting money from an ATM after we arrived because the exchange rate is better. The machines are plentiful and I never had a problem getting cash anywhere in Ireland, Great Britain or Italy on other trips.

  26. I’ve been to Ireland two years ago and this year Scotland . I can tell you it only sprinkled on us one day each time. Matter of fact the locals told us we brought the Texas weather with us and wanted us to stay . I too carried at raincoat I always do no matter where I travel . I hope you go to smaller towns Mock Ross area. adare,killaray(sp) Sorry. Small owns THe Best love the People They Are Wonderful

  27. Jane W Franks says

    Hi Susan: I have some friends who just returned from Ireland. It is so beautiful over there. The architecture is just spectacular! Love the raincoats and the cross body bag. I had one years ago. I can’t believe how affordable that bag is! And so many pockets and so much room. I will definitely get one the next time I make a major trip. Your photography and tips are always so helpful. Thanks for taking the time to share your treasures! Jane xo

    • Thanks, Jane! I know! With all those special features, you would think it would cost double what it does!

      • Jane W Franks says

        I wanted to add, hope you have a fabulous trip and will watch for photos when you return! Jane xo

        • Thanks, Jane! I’ve heard nothing good but good from everyone about Ireland, including that they like Americans. So I’m super excited about this trip. I have a feeling I’m going to want to return again if it’s half as great as everyone says. Looking forward to sharing it with you!

  28. Although I’m not a traveler, I have family who love to travel (14 year old granddaughter heading to Hawaii and then on to Japan yet this week), and your suggestions will make lovely gifts — keeping my eye on the links! By the way, I book travel almost daily for my boss who typically is upgraded to First Class, but we always book Delta’s Comfort Plus — he wouldn’t have it any other way!

    • Definitely! Sharon, how does he get upgraded…any tips? I’ve been thinking about trading my Delta Amex Sky Miles card in for a Platinum one to get all those extra points. I was also hoping it might lead to an occasional upgrade. 🙂

  29. Cyndi Raines says

    Susan, I love all of your choices! So excited for you, can’t wait to see Ireland through your eyes! Will remember the tip about Delta’s comfort plus, hoping it is available for flights in the US also and not just for overseas, hubby is 6′ 4″! Happy that you were able to complete your storage cabinets for now, glad you are feeling better.

    • Thanks, Cyndi! Yeah, your hubby would definitely like that extra space. That’s a good question about if they have it on domestic flights…I bet they do.

  30. Cherry Goodson says

    Susan, looking at purchasing a jacket like your mist one. Says out of stock right now but looking at the sizing I’m confused about size. Sounds like it might run large but not sure of that. Did you buy your normal size or smaller in the jacket. We are headed to Ireland as well. Thanks, Cherry

    • Cherry, are you sure…it looks like it’s in stock here: http://bit.ly/2tEYhIk
      It definitely doesn’t run large. I found it fits true to size. I wear a size 6 shirt but in coats I always get an 8 to allow for a sweater. The 8 fits me great in both coats.
      That’s awesome that you’re going to Ireland, too! When are you going?

  31. We just returned from 8 days in Ireland, a spectacular trip! We had rain only one morning. I followed Rick Steves and other travelers tips for traveling only with a roll aboard and a under the seat bag. One passenger lost his luggage for the whole trip. I only travel with a roll aboard, London, Paris, all over the U.S. and now Ireland. Dromoland Castle gorgeous, next two hotel just as great. The food, people, sights and cleanliness ….

  32. Instant Banker! Yes!! And my kids think I am crazy…but that’s what they were called when I opened my first checking account in Atlanta in 1977!

  33. Lynn Jackson says

    WOW!!! sounds like you had a wonderful trip luv all the pictures. Hope you have more pictures of your trip that you can share

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