A Dream Outdoor Summer House & Gardening Shed

I love being outdoors, listening to the birds chirping and feeling the soft breezes as they stir through the trees. I’ve been known to go outside and spend the entire day there, either digging in the yard or just whiling around the hours on the porch completely lost in a good book.

Recently, I came across the most wonderful outdoor space, truly a dream garden. I’m pretty sure when we pass on one day, this is how heaven will look!

Glass Greenhouse From Old Windows for Dream Garden


This beautiful paradise belongs to Donna Jenkins who has an up and coming site called, The Tinkerhouse Trading Company. I’m looking forward to checking it out as soon as it goes live.

Donna and her hubby created this wonderful greenhouse-style potting shed using reclaimed windows and doors. Thirty-four windows were repurposed in the design of this beautiful outdoor room.

Boxwoods encircle a fountain, Beautiful Greenhouse-Garden Shed


Nearby there’s a comfortable seating area with aqua Adirondack chairs Donna’s son made while taking a high school shop class.

Adirondack Chairs and Fountain for a Relaxing Backyard


Let’s go inside this wonderful garden house and take a little look around.

Potting Shed Made From Old Windows & Doors


Donna’s hubby built this wonderful potting bench and he even gave it running water! I absolutely love all the soft colors Donna chose for the painted surfaces in this darling garden room. They are so beautiful paired with the warm colors of the terracotta pots and the natural wicker cases that offer additional storage. This summer house is proof that practical spaces can also be completely charming!

Potting Bench with Running Water in Greenhouse Gardening Shed


I love the tool storage for those most oft used tools like shovels, rakes and weed puller-outers.

Potting Shed Made with Old Reclaimed Windows and Doors


If you get a bit tired from all that potting, have a seat and relax in this lovely spot. Donna will serve you a nice glass of iced, sun tea she made right here in her back yard oasis.

Chandelier & Mirrors in the Garden, A Garden Room


You can read more about this beautiful backyard paradise where these photos were found: Backyard Paradise (Photos in this post are by Gridley and Graves.)

Glass Greenhouse From Old Windows for Dream Garden


It’s amazing all the cool things that can be made with old windows. I love this adorable tabletop green house I came across while antiquing one day. See more of it in this post: Make a Greenhouse from Old Discarded Windows

Build a Greenhouse from Old Windows to Decorate for Holidays


Angela built her garden shed from an old play set her children had outgrown and were no longer using. Such a genius idea! Read more about how she did it in this previous post: Build a Garden Shed From a Child’s Play Gym Set

Potting Shed and Beautiful Arbor


Love garden rooms? Check out these fabulous books for more ideas on creating your own special garden spaces.

The Conservatory Book

The Conservatory Book by Peter Marston


The Garden Room

The Garden Room by Timothy Mawson


Garden Room Style

Garden-Room-Style Book

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  1. Love all of this Susan! I am in the process of working on my own potting shed, so these ideas are so inspirational. Thanks so much for sharing them with us!!

  2. Susan~

    These are lovely, I have always wanted a potting shed !! My dear brother inlaw said he would make me a tool shed using reclaimed barn siding, so I am thrilled about that !


  3. Patricia says

    My wonderful next door neighbor, Ruby added a full conservatory to the back of her beautiful home complete with soaring glass ceilings, a stone fireplace, air conditioned for summer comfort and tumbled slate floors. It is stunning and a great place for entertaining, but personally I would love a little hideaway like this one. I can’t wait to checkout The Tinkerhouse Trading Company! Ihad to chuckle when i read that her son made the Adirondack chairs. I have been shell-shocked by the price tag for the ones using colorful recycled wood and suggested to my husband that he should make some for our beach home. He insisted they were more ‘involved’ then I thought. Ha! wait til I tell him these were a high schooler’s shop project!! I have also rummaged through my favorite salvage/antique shops looking for smaller windows to duplicate that amazing Christmas glass terrarium you also posted and that i have long admired, but those smaller sizes are hard to come by. Patience, patience.

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us. Pretty!! My very dear brother inlaw built a potting shed for me and I stay in there playing more than I do in my house. I love the outdoors like you said listening to the birds and being with nature.

  5. I saw that shed in CL, was it? Anyway, thanks for the book suggestions. If and when I need to replace my sunroom ceiling design (it’s all windows), I would love it to be the traditional conservatory architecture style. Hands down, it’s my favorite room, year-round.

    • I saw it on their website so I bet it was in the magazine. I need to resubscribe again, I miss getting it. The Peter Marston book is one of my faves!

  6. Mary from Virginia says

    Wow! I will take one. How do you find these beautiful places?

    I will be sure to check the Tinkerhouse Trading Company.

    Thank you fir the book suggestions.

    • I don’t remember now how I came across that one but I was in love when I found it! It just feels like all is right with the world when you look at those pictures, doesn’t it Mary?

  7. So beautiful! I would love to have a room like this!

  8. Linda C in Seattle says


    You have just given me a fabulous idea.
    My hubby works for a window company here in Seattle.
    When old windows are removed from residents homes,
    he takes them to Habitat for Humanity ! Not anymore if I can help it 🙂
    Now I just how to get him on board with me. I’ll have to show
    him your post! Thank you for the inspiration.
    Linda C in Seattle

  9. Oh, Susan! I looove this post…how charming. You are so right, it is a heavenly space. I dream of having a spot like that someday….thank you for sharing!

  10. bobbi duncan says

    There is just something so wonderful about working in a garden: fresh air, sunshine, and seeing what you’ve planted bloom. It is very relaxing. I could stay outdoors all day, and have actually had neighbors laughing about me working in my yard at midnight. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a potting shed in many years–maybe one day. Thanks for the inspiring pictures.

  11. I just love that potting shed so much–so much. Thanks for finding and sharing it.

  12. Fun post. My sister is in the middle of collecting windows for a similar garden house. It is fun to see what others have done.

  13. Leo Ragsac says

    This is a great looking glass house. Like hanging on my granny’s porch!!
    Do you have plans or rough drafts on constructing it? I have a source of old used windows that would be perfect to use.

    • Lee, I’m not sure but you may want to visit that link at the end of the post where I linked out to where I found the photos. There may be more information about the green house at that link, or perhaps contact information for the owner of the greenhouse. It is wonderful! Would love one in my backyard! 🙂

  14. Savi Hardesty says

    I saw this cottage online over 2 years ago and was inspired to build my own(perfect pandemic project); I used all recycled doors and windows. it became a family project. My husband built frame, I designed, i used a salesman mini sample door as cat door, and sample windows also. My son helped build and contributed free reclaimed items, my daughter painted and helped with design. It is a magical place that everyone is drawn to and peaceful. Thanks for inspiration

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