10 Easy Centerpieces Anyone Can Make for a Spring or Summer Celebration

Welcome to the 390th Tablescape Thursday!

For this week’s Tablescape Thursday, I’m sharing 10 fun centerpieces anyone can make. These centerpieces use common things we already have or items that are usually pretty easy to find in dollar stores and discount shops. The only exception may be the 5th one down, the cookie tree centerpiece, which needs a little tree of some type for display.

Hope this gets the ideas flowing for those upcoming spring/summer gatherings!

Click any title below to access that table or tutorial.

Double Bowl Hurricane Floral Centerpiece, A Pottery Barn Knock-off

Though it may look somewhat complicated, this centerpiece is actually an easy one to make using inexpensive vases found in your local discount store.

Tulip Centerpiece for Easter


A Lobster & Crab Fest

It also works great for beach-themed tablescapes, too.

Shell and Candle Centerpiece in Double Bowl Hurricane


Carved Watermelon Party Centerpiece

This whimsical whale centerpiece is great for any summer gathering. And it’s edible!

Carved Watermelon Table or Party Centerpiece


Watermelon Flower Garden Centerpiece

Here’s another fun watermelon centerpiece that’s perfect for summer entertaining.

Watermelon Centerpiece for Summer Table Setting


Cookie Tree Centerpiece

If you have a little tree you use to hang ornaments on a Christmas time, consider using it as a cookie-tree centerpiece. Cookies could be baked for any occasion or holiday. The one below was used in a St. Patrick’s Day table setting.

Shamrock Cookie Tree for St. Patrick's Day


Magnolia Branches and Lemons Centerpiece

This centerpiece works with almost any greenery from the garden and I think it’s just as lovely as any floral arrangement.

Metlox Poppytrail Sculptured Daisy Table with Magnolia & Lemon Centerpiece


Blue Bottle Centerpiece Filled with White Flowers

This centerpiece used something I collected for free over the space of several months. I used faux flowers but you could use real ones, as well.

Blue & White Table Setting with Bue Bottle Centerpiece


Simple Floral Centerpiece With Green Bottles

It doesn’t get much more simple than this one!

Spring Tablescape with Gerbera Bottle Centerpiece


Children’s Party Table for Movie Night

This centerpiece would be perfect for when the kiddos want to have a movie night sleep-over with friends. Even the adults would enjoy this one!  🙂

Children's Movie Night Themed Table Setting with Popcorn Candy Centerpiece


Fun Bridal Shower Centerpiece

With all the bridal showers coming up soon, this would make a fun centerpiece for a “kitchen” themed shower.

Kitchen Bridal Shower Tablescape


Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday


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  1. Susan, these are all so creative wonderful. If I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be the watermelon flower garden. The first time I saw it, I thought it was brilliant. I also think the wedding shower gift/centerpiece is such a clever idea. Oh heck, I like all of them. Thank you for hosting.

  2. Thanks for the round-up Susan! I love those beautiful tulips in your double vase/hurricane!

  3. Love your round-up of creative centerpieces Susan! My favorite has always been the kitchen shower centerpiece, so brilliant!

  4. Oh so many cute ideas! I love the double bowl centerpiece- I need to remember that one!!

  5. Hi Susan,
    You have some beautiful centerpieces….I especially love the first one!

    Thanks for hosting,

  6. Denise Alford says

    All are so cute and fairly easy to reproduce. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Linda Page says

    Love all of these centerpieces. The Magnolia leaves and lemons setting shows your daisy china which I just love. I go to estate sales often and saw one listed but got there too late and it had a sold sign on it. It was a full set and in excellent condition for $100. This is the 2nd time I have seen those dishes at an estate sale but someone beat me to them. If I find them again, are you interested in adding to your set?

  8. The variety of all these centerpieces really demonstrates the expanse of your creativity. I like them all, but the magnolia and lemons is a favorite, so summery.

  9. Such gorgeous center pieces, so many fun ones for the spring/summer season….just beautiful….

  10. Oh my, each table is gorgeous, so artistic and talented you are dear Susan.
    Always a magnificent inspiration, specially in tablescaping which is my fave posts to do. Thanks for sharing. I will pin it.
    Thank you for the inspiring party today.
    Have a nice weekend ahead.

  11. They’re all beautiful. That watermelon is just … wow!

  12. Thanks for the great ideas, Susan!…Christine

  13. Such a treat to be reminded of your lovely springtime tables! I had forgotten I wanted to try your “vase within a vase” idea. Thank you for including it! Rosie

  14. Week after week you provide inspiration with your creativity.

  15. Thanks for this round up and for hosting each week!!! Have a great weekend!!

  16. It’s way too hard to pick a favorite. They are all fabulous! You are so creative and artistic.

  17. Enjoyed all the ideas.

  18. Sandra Boudreaux says

    Susan: How do you store all your different dishes and glasses? Do you bubble wrap and box them up? I am just starting to collect different patterns of dishes and stemware and I’m running out of storage space. Any suggestions?

    • No, they are all in cabinets or china hutches. I wish they were all together in one big butler’s pantry where I could see it all at one time. If you can, I suggest you keep them where you can see them. Once they are boxed up, it will be hard to remember where everything is and too much trouble to pull them out to use on a regular basis. I recommend (if you can) organizing them where spring/Easter/summer dishes are in one place and fallish/winter/Christmas/Thanksgiving etc… are together. Again, mine are kind of spread out, which is a pain, but I use them so much and go in and out of those closets/cabinets so much, that’s helps me remember “somewhat” where everything is. You can see a closet I turned into a dish closet here: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/a-few-changes-to-my-china-closet-welcome-to-the-35th-metamorphosis-monday/

  19. You are soooo creative!!! Love the popcorn ,movie theater theme!! Love the colander theme!! Great job! I am going to use your ideas into my tablescapes! Thanks! Sooo much!

  20. Love all the wonderful ideas!!, love the watermelon ,colander and movie night ideas !! Great job! I am going to use some of those ideas in my summer tablescapes!! Thanks!

  21. Kathryn Hodgson says

    Susan, love all your centerpieces and envious of your collection. Can you tell me where you found your silver tree centerpiece? Every time I see it I try to Google it but have yet to find one like it. Thank you!

    • I bought that little silverplate ornament tree in a Ross-Simons store many years ago…probably been around 15-18 years ago now. They carried it for a year or two, then discontinued it, then brought it back. I purchased a second one when they brought it back since my ornament collection had grown. Someone needs to make it again because I get a lot of folks asking about it. You may want to check the Ross Simons store online to see if they have brought it back again, although closer to Christmas is probably the better time to look. Also, check on ebay.

  22. These are all so pretty! Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. There are no links to other tablescapes under yours, like there always used to be..did you stop doing that or am I missing the connection somewhere? Thanks.

    • After a week passes and a new Tablescape Thursday has gone up, I change the code where you you just click on the blue frog that says “Click to View And Add Your Links.” That helps the page to load faster. So just go back to that post, scroll down to where you see the blue frog saying, “Click to view and add your links.” Then click on the blue frog and you should see all the links. Click on any link to visit that table setting. So yeah, the links are all still there, just have to click the frog to see them. 🙂

  24. In the pic with the 4 green wine bottles as vases with pink flowers…..the large floral charger plate on the right side of pic? Please tell me the pattern name!!!

    • They are by Spode, designed by Kim Parker and the pattern is Emma’s Garden. Christy, click on the title of that particular table setting (in this post) to read more about it and to see it in the table setting.

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