Buying Furniture for a Storybook Cottage & Fall Wardrobe Updates

So, ya know that storybook cottage I dream of finding one day? (Read more about it here: Storybook Cottage.)

Yellow Storybook Cottage


I’m pretty sure it will have a chest like this inside someplace.

Blue Painted Chest


You may remember, my daughter-in-law and I just added this chest to my grandsons’ bedroom. I’m obsessed with the color!

Personalized Pillows, Pottery Barn Dinosaur Bedding


Here’s a closer view of the color…just a perfect shade of blue…cottage blue.

Dinosaur Eggs, Boy's Bedroom


Determined to squeeze one into my home somewhere now (so I’ll have it if the fairytale cottage ever becomes a reality) I’ve been thinking of where it might work. Maybe it would work here in the upstairs family room/bonus room.


Wonder if it will fit against the wall by the Grandfather clock.


Don’t think it would work in the guest room, probably not the right shade of blue.


Plus, there’s really no room for it here.


It’s not often I purchase a piece not knowing exactly where I’ll use it, but this chest was just too cute and priced too reasonably to pass up. (Chest is available here: Blue Chest.)

Blue Painted Chest


Worst-case scenario, it ends up here in the upstairs hallway with a pretty mirror above it. Maybe it would make a pretty focal point when coming up the stairs…will have to see. I could return it if I had to, but there’s no way I’ll want to do that. I like it too much!

It was supposed to be delivered last week but my visit to Ohio was extended a few more days, so it will now arrive this coming week. Looking forward to seeing it and playing around with it a bit. I’ll keep you posted where it ends up.


I also ordered a set of the dinosaur bookends. Yes, I know…a grown woman ordering dinosaur bookends! I will have to find a fun place for them in my home office…maybe supporting all my travel books.

Ever thought of going on a dinosaur or archeological dig? People with real-life jobs volunteer for those all the time. I think it would be pretty awesome, though it can be hard work digging in the hot, summer sun.

I just looked and unfortunately, the dinosaur bookends are all sold out. Sure hope the ones I ordered have arrived okay at home because I can’t reorder them if they are broken. Keeping my fingers crossed. They were available here before they sold out: Dinosaur Bookends.

Hopefully, they will get more in because I think they super cool. If you’re in need of bookends, you’ll find a lot of reasonably priced, cute “themed” bookends here: Bookends.

Dinosaur Bookends


I kinda like the sculls/crows for Halloween. Ha! Imagine adding those to the top of a chest in your entry with some fun, Halloween-themed books in between…Edgar Allen Poe for the adults or kid-themed Halloween books for the little ones. Would make a cute Halloween decoration for the of month October. Wonder how these would look in the center of a Halloween-themed table. Ummm…enough said!


Fall Wardrobe Updates

We’ve had the windows open here, the weather has cooled down and it feels glorious. Definitely hints of fall in the air, now. I’ve been shopping some of the fall sales hoping to find a few new things to update my fall wardrobe.

This vest is calling my name, I really got into wearing vests more this past fall/winter, so I’m glad to see them coming back again this year. I love the color of this vest! It comes in several beautiful colors and would make a great transition piece from summer to fall. It’s currently on sale 25% off here: Aqua Blue Vest.


These adorable fish/beachy crop pants I purchased earlier in the summer are on clearance, 60% off. I love these so much. I ordered Misses size and they are ankle-length pants on me since I’m only 5’3″ They are super comfortable (have a bit of stretch) and I get tons of compliments every time I wear them. They would be so cute with the vest above on those chillier summer evenings. You’ll find them on clearance here: Crop Pants.

Fish Crop Pants for Summer


This beautiful tweed jacket with a Chanel/Jackie-O vibe would also work great transitioning into autumn. You’ll find it on sale here: Tweed Jacket.


Love this houndstooth cardigan! It would be great with black jeans or dressy black slacks! I could see adding a bright-colored top underneath for a pop of color. You’ll find it on sale here: Houndstooth Cardigan.


The cardigan would be so cute paired with these shoes below! Such a cute design and I love the height of the heel…it’s perfect! you’ll find it available here: Houndstooth Flats.


Looking forward to sharing how the chest looks real soon and where it ends up. I’m still holding onto summer, but looking forward to decorating for autumn in another month or so. I can’t think that far ahead when the trees are still so beautifully green and the Hostas and Limelight Hydrangeas are still blooming their hearts out!

Hostas and Limelight Hydrangeas in Bloom


Fall can wait a bit, right? We’ll get our autumn fix for now with a few wardrobe updates, that’s enough fall for now.

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  1. Hope you do a centerpiece with the “turned” limelights!

    • Unfortunatley, I don’t think I’ll be here when they turn, but that would be beautiful! I wonder what stage mine are in at home…hopefully not dead from lack of rain. Scared to see when I get home!

  2. Brenda Lawrence says

    I definitely am glad you are finding a place for that chest, it is so beautiful! And one day, hopefully it will look equally beautiful in your cottage. I think too, the dinosaur bookends are fun and would look great in your office area. Yes, there is a feel of fall in the air…at least for now. I’m ok with having a semi warm, not hot, fall and crisp cool nights are perfect for sleeping. I’m also ok with having summer last just a bit longer-through Sept. lol I guess we will take what we get though. lol

  3. From your picture of your family room it looks like the chest could fit nicely on the wall to the right of that window rather than on the left side near the grandfather clock. What do you think? Also just a question for you about the chest(which I also love) – are the drawers dovetailed?

    • No, unfortunately that wall is pretty narrow. You can see it really well in this post.

      There’s a back staircase that leads to the laundry room and to the kitchen, so there’s not much wall space there, despite how it looks in this post.

      No, they aren’t, but they do seem to be attached real well. So far, it’s work well. I think it would cost a good bit more if they were dove tailed.

  4. I bought a bunch of decor for my dream cottage too, and look where it got me – downsized to a contemporary urban loft and having to purge most of it! (but I still hung onto a few small things that would work in a cottage, wink wink). I think you should put the chest on the right side (facing) of that window! I know that means shuffling whatever is in that corner (a plant stand?). Maybe put it where the chair is beside the wardrobe (which means the lower picture may need moved, maybe above the chest?), then move the chair from beside the wardrobe to the wall beside the grandfather clock! Otherwise, too heavy on the left side with the wardrobe, chest & clock. Moving furniture at the antique mall for so many years gives a sense of knowing when things will work or feel too heavy, but I’m sure you’ll find the right spot. I like that vest too, Susan. I bought the navy one without fleece lining last year and really like it. I wear vests all fall through winter, until spring. Love having all the pockets without a purse for sunglasses, phone, keys, etc.
    You are back in OH, you’re pretty much becoming a buckeye, at least an honorary one! 😉

    • I actually got rid of the plant stand a while back…that’s an old photo. Now I think there’s just a garden seat there. Unfortunately, there’s not enough space over there, that photo is deceiving I think. You can see how little space there really is in this post:
      I wonder how it would look beneath the plate rack on another wall in that room. It’s probably too deep for that spot, too. Dang it. lol Usually, I have a space or need that I’m trying to fill with something. I’m doing this in reverse…found a chest I like and trying to find a spot for it. Totally backwards, I know! But for that price, I’ll willing to take a chance that one day it will be needed.
      I had to order the vest, hope I ordered the right size.
      I know, and I’ll probably be back in a couple of months. I’m really starting to know my way around here! Feels like my home away from home…this area!

  5. If you bought the Aqua blue vest and laid it on your blue chest you’d never find it…wink ..wink

  6. Bring on the vests…they are SO versatile!! Finally a morning in the sixties!! Luv the chest! franki

  7. I love the chest too! And the orange clock on the boys’ chest.
    Susan’s getting a chest
    And she’ll get the vest
    She loves the color blue
    And I do too!

  8. Hi, Susan! It’s fun to get a piece you really love and then decorate around it. Kind of “shakes things up a bit”. Along that line, what is going on in your front living room? Could you re-orient that room to accommodate your new chest: maybe turn it into the look you’ll be wanting in your storybook cottage living room when you get it? Just wondering……

    • Rosie, I thought of the living room too when reading the post. And there’s also the basement! There’s a place for the chest somewhere . . .

  9. Your upstairs family room is so pretty, I don’t think I’ve seen that room. And I love the dinosaur bookends………..I’m a Jurassic Park Fan!!

  10. Hi, Susan: I meant the room across from your living room……

  11. Cyndi Raines says

    You will find the perfect spot….any chance it could go near your Pelaton bike to hold your work out items? Or tucked in your closet that holds your boots? In the picture above, it looks like it could keep company to the left of the beautiful grandfather’s clock, on that short wall. How fun to play this furniture game! Enjoy your time up north and yes the cooler, no humidity is nice, but let’s hang on to summer a bit longer, and that’s coming from a person who says fall is her favorite month, haha. The vest and shoes are darling!

  12. My weather is probably about the same as where you visit in Ohio (next door in Pa) and I hold on tightly to summer. We don’t get enough of it here.

  13. I’m not looking forward to fall, at all, but that vest is darling and the color is so bright and pretty. Makes me miss Talbots retail shops in my area.

  14. Hi Susan, I live in Georgia also and was noticing a certain type of hydrangeas they seem to use a lot in Georgia for landscape. I am redoing the bed in front of my house next spring and want to make sure I get these taller green/white hydrangeas I have been seeing. I notice that you have a picture with what looks like they hydrangeas I am talking about and you refer to them as Limelight Hydrangeas. Is that the kind I have been seeing here in Georgia? There are so many different varieties and colors here that I want to make sure I get the right ones.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re seeing. They have been super popular in the last several years. They have a long blooming period and go from a gorgeous white to that beautiful soft green. I can’t think of any other hydrangea that it could be. They are beautiful! I love them! If you live in the Atlanta area, Lost Mountain Nursery often has them. Not sure if they do right now. Pike Nurseries also often has them.

  15. Ruth Telford says

    I have looked at the yellow cottage pic so many time. I would love to see the interior. Definitely my inspiration for the future. Looking forward to future posts. Thanks so much.

  16. That chest is too cute to pass up…good for you! And I think those dinosaur bookends are great. I thought of you and your grandsons the other day when I stumbled upon a dinosaur “graphagan” pattern on one of the crochet group FB pages I follow (just an afghan crocheted from an graph/pattern). I thought it would be adorable for them to wrap up in while watching TV. This was another great post from you…touched on lots of fun stuff. Fall is almost here!

  17. Irene Harrison says

    I absolutely love the rooms in your house! So cheerful and inviting! I also adore that storybook cottage*sigh!* So often I see cottages featured in magazines that look great on the outside, but are a big letdown on the inside. Your rooms do not disappoint! Thank you for this refreshing post.

  18. June Fisher says

    I adore the storybook cottage and the darling blue chest.
    I notice you have quite a lot of blue and white china. Do you collect Flow Blue?

    • Thanks, June! I used to many years ago, would keep my eye out for Flow Blue at reasonable prices, which was really hard to find. I haven’t added to my collection in many years now.

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