All My Favorite Must-Have Tools Gathered Into A Single Post

Welcome to the 793rd Metamorphosis Monday! Last month, Pam left this comment on a post where I shared a photo of my tool chest in my garage. Over the years, as I’ve completed a few DIY projects around the house, I’ve gradually accumulated quite a few tools that I really enjoy using. I have too many to try and list them all in a comment, so I let Pam know I would work on a post sharing my favorites, those that I use occasionally and especially those that I use daily/weekly.


I’ve come a long way over the years in my tool collection and tool storage system. This was my tool storage for way too many years. Ha! I didn’t have a proper drill and most of the tools I had were inexpensive ones that were purchased on the fly as need dictated over the years. I’m glad I thought to take this photo the day I purchased my standing tool chest. It’s good to remember where I started because it makes me appreciate how much easier it is to find the tools I need now. This system was messy, confusing and extremely inefficient.


My favorite tools are those by DeWalt, so you’re going to see a lot of DeWalt tools in this post. This isn’t a sponsored post and DeWalt doesn’t know I exist, I just fell in love with their tools a few years back when I lost my mind and decided to attempt to make a potting table after I saw this amazing table on the Pottery Barn website. This awesome table was way outside my budget, I think it was well over a $1,000 if I’m remembering correctly, but I loved how it looked and got a wild hair to try and build my own.


Here’s how mine turned out. You’ll find the post where I shared how I built it here: Build a Potting Table, Great for Parties, Too.

Pottery Barn Abbott Inspired Potting Table & Buffet Server


To make this table, I needed a bunch of tools that I didn’t already own, including a circular saw, a jig saw, a brad nailer, and a good cordless drill. This is the drill/screwdriver that I use and love! I could not live without it! I could literally write a whole post about its features and why I love using it. Definitely recommend it if you are in need of an awesome drill/cordless screwdriver. (Drill set is available here: Dewalt Cordless Drill Set with Battery and Battery Charger.)

DeWalt Drill Kit on Sale



Since I needed to purchase quite a few tools at once to build my potting table, I decided to stay with a single brand. I loved the idea of having every thing matching in brand and appearance/color. I know that probably sounds silly, but that’s how my brain works. Once I made the table using these tools in the picture below, I was sold on DeWalt tools. I felt they were great quality so I made the decision to stay with this brand going forward. DeWalt Circular Saw is available here: DeWalt Circular Saw AND here: DeWalt Circular Saw.

Dewalt Tools


One of my favorite tools that I purchased to make the potting table was a jig saw. I used to watch YouTube channel where a jigsaw was often used and it just looked like such a fun tool to use. I needed it when I was cutting boards out for the lower shelf on the potting table.



Not a tool you will use everyday, but very handy when you do need it. (You’ll find this jig saw available here: DeWalt Jig Saw.)



I also purchased this headlamp during that time and it has come in handy so many times since! You can’t really hold a flashlight and work a power tool at the same time, so this is definitely a must have if you’re working on a project and need some good lighting. They’ve changed the design of this headlamp, it looks much lighter now, which is great! I’m very tempted to update mine with the latest version available here: DeWalt Headlamp.Dewalt Work Light

This is the brad nailer that I purchased back when I was building my table. It comes in a set that includes a battery charger and storage bag, but it is sold separately, as well. I don’t use this tool a lot but I have used it several times since I built my potting table. It definitely came in handy when I made this repair on the gate leading up to the deck. (Brad nailer is available here: DeWalt Brad Nailer.) I think a lot of these tools that I’m sharing would make great Father’s Day gifts or Mother’s Day gifts for the DIYer.


This is where I now store all my larger DeWalt tools, here on the lower shelf of my work bench.

Paint a workbench purple


Another DeWalt tool I find myself using from time to time is my DeWalt sander. I used it on the workbench above before I painted it. The top surface was looking rough from many years of use, so I gave it a light sanding and it made it look brand new again. You’ll find the latest version of this sander available here: DeWalt Sander.



A tool that I use weekly is my DeWalt Blower. I use it so much here in the garage and on the decks, I store it in that little cubbyhole space at the end of the cabinets. It fits perfectly between the end of the cabinets and the garage wall.

Complete Garage Makeover


I don’t know why but my garage seems to be a giant, sucking, black hole for any leaves that find their way onto my driveway.  lol Does anyone else have that problem? As mentioned, I also use it for blowing off the decks, and it works great for blowing pollen off the furniture and the flooring here on the screened porch. You’ll find the latest version of this blower here: DeWalt Blower.


So many of the other DeWalt tools that I use on a daily or weekly basis are stored in my tool chest here in the garage. Such an improvement over my sad little toolbox that was always overflowing.

Complete Garage Makeover


In the top drawer is where you’ll find my favorite measuring tapes. I like having two sizes because I don’t always need a heavier 25 foot tape measure when I’m measuring in a small area. You’ll find my favorite DeWalt tape measures in various lengths here: DeWalt Tape Measures. The Dewalt hammer is fairly new, I just upgraded my old hammer to the DeWalt hammer in February of last year. You’ll find it available here: DeWalt Hammer.

Everyday Tools I Use a Lot


You’ve heard me rave about my DeWalt Retractable knife in previous posts. I love this tool so much, I have purchased one for my office, kitchen, basement work bench and two for the garage: one in the tool chest below…

Everyday Tools I Use a Lot


…and another that I keep on my garage potting table. Those are all places that I open packages or break down boxes for recycling. It is an invaluable tool! I love it so much, I bought one for son and DIL on a previous visit to their home. You’ll find it available here: DeWalt Retractable Knife.

Granite Garage Flooring, Garage Makeover


In the second drawer of my tool chest is where I store my DeWalt screwdrivers, Allen wrenches and my newly acquired cutting pliers.

Favorite Screwdrivers and Cutting Pliers


My old cutting pliers were so dull and hard to operate, so this has been a huge improvement and I wish I had done it years ago! You’ll find this awesome set of cutting pliers here: DeWalt Cutting Pliers.



I like my DeWalt screwdrivers so much, I purchased a second, smaller set for the basement. You’ll find the full set shown below here: DeWalt Screw Drivers. The smaller 4-piece set that I bought for my basement workbench is available here: DeWalt Screw Drivers. Having tools in both places saves me from having to run up and down the basement stairs every time I need something.

Favorite Screwdrivers and Cutting Pliers


Another tool that I could not be without is my battery-operated DeWalt flashlight. I keep one in the office in case I’m working at night and the lights go out during a storm or outage. The lights were out the night I took this photo by candlelight.

Dewalt Flashlight


I use this flashlight alllll the time! If I’m down under my desk pluging something in or trying to find something I’ve dropped, I love how I can just set this flashlight down and point it in the direction I need. It also has a hook which allows it to be hung if needed. I splurged last year and purchased a second one that I keep on my workbench in the basement. You’ll find this flashlight available here: DeWalt Flashlight. Battery is available here: DeWalt Battery.



You may remember when I shared this battery set that was on sale for an incredible price last year. I snapped it up during the sale since so many of the tools I use on a regular basis (drill, blower, flashlight) are battery powered. Plus, I love having extra batteries in all the places I use my tools. I got this set below for $157 + tax when it was on sale last year. It’s a little bit higher now, but still worth it. I use the smaller size batteries for my drill and flashlights. The larger batteries are great for my blower. I definitely recommend having two batteries for your blower and drill. There is nothing more frustrating than running out of power in the middle of a project! You’ll find this set available here: DeWalt Batteries, 4-Pack.



Another tool that I absolutely would not be without is my stud finder.

Wall Stud Finder


I used this tool to help me find the studs in my newly-painted garage walls when I secured all the storage cabinets to the walls.

SystemBuild Cabinets in Garage


I didn’t want to put multiple holes in the walls in the process of  trying to find the studs. It worked great!

Complete Garage Makeover


I also use it whenever I’m hanging pictures here in my home. Couldn’t do without it!

Bedding for Birders, Chickadee Bedding


You’ll find this awesome tool available here: Stud Finder.

Wall Stud Finder


This is my latest tool addition–just purchased it last month. My old, ancient slip-joint pliers are looking pretty rough.



You may have noticed it on far left in this photo earlier in the post. If you could use some new slip-join pliers, you’ll find the ones I just bought here: DeWalt Slip Joint Pliers.

Favorite Screwdrivers and Cutting Pliers


I know I’ve left a few things off, so I may add to this post later. Right now I need to run out and find some Solar Eclipse Glasses stat! lol I’m going to first try Warby Parker where I bought the frames for my work station/computer glasses. I’ve heard they are giving them out free. If they don’t have them, I’ll head over to LensCrafters that’s in the same shopping center (where I purchased my lenses/glasses) to see if they have any available. If neither of those options work, I’ll head over to Target in hopes they aren’t all sold out. Wish me luck!

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  1. Very organized! Since we moved to a retirement apartment we sold most of our tools…maintenance does it all – but we still have screwdrivers, a hammer, and a level !!!

  2. I don’t recall seeing an auger for your power drill, but if you plant bulbs or have really hard, compacted soil it makes quick work of digging holes for new plantings. As always, you are so organized and tickety-boo! Thanks for the post and links!

    • I think I may have one somewhere. I remember purchasing one to use at my son/DIL’s home, but not sure I brought it back home with me. Seems like the ground was way too hard when I attempted to use it, but it’s been a while so maybe I’m confusing it with something else I bought.
      Thanks, Leslie!

  3. You have a wonderful tool collection; my husband would be thrilled. He bought me a small battery powered blower that I use frequently. Couldn’t be without it. Thanks for having us over. Hope you can see a bit of the eclipse down there.

    • Love those battery-powered blowers–makes it so easy! Our eclipse wasn’t the greatest, just 81% coverage, so just got a bit shady. lol

  4. Our libraries gave them out for free. You might want to give them a try.

    • I gave up and texted a group of neighbors after going to Warby Parker, Dicks, Target, Lenscrafters, and Party City, all of which were close to each other. Fortunately, my next door neighbor had extras. Yay!

  5. I also love DeWalt and Milwaukee tools! And yes, there’s nothing like having all those tools organized and ready for when needed. It gets addicting; the more you get into DIYs, the more tools you accumulate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Wow – that’s inspiring! I want to go clean up my tool bench now! Thanks for that and ideas of what tools you need for what project. Really useful. Happy Monday and thanks for hosting!

  7. That’s impressive. I thought you had cubbyholes for tools or is that in the basement?
    Two of my favorite tools are a bolt cutter I use for cutting floral stems and my reciprocating saw for limb cutting. I know battery packs are convenient today, but I worry about getting replacements. A ship full of these batteries leaving Viet Nam caught on fire and they wouldn’t let it dock.
    You are always tempting me with something while I am cutting corners. LOL

    • Thanks, Myrna! You may be thinking about the standing tool thingy I purchased for garden tools back when I was organizing the basement storage room. It holds rakes, brooms, hedge trimmers and stuff like that.

  8. This post is worthy of my “Quick Access” folder!

  9. Please be careful when charging your power tools. There have been reports recently of fires started when charging units were kept plugged in. I don’t have any power tools so it is not an issue for me but it is something to consider.

    • Lin, that’s a great point! Do you happen to remember the brand of the battery? I would love to know. So far, I’ve never had any issues, but I don’t leave my batteries on the charger. I remove them as soon as they are charged up since they go with the tools I use all the timeโ€”like my blower or my drill.
      Many, many years ago, I read a story about a guy who stored old dead batteries in a bag in the garage until he could take them to be recycled. He had some small 9-volt batteries in the bag, and they caught fire because they were touching each other. It ended up burning his house down! So you definitely never want to store batteries where the ends can touch each other.
      Here’s how I store my everyday household batteries:

  10. Susan W. says

    I love all my Milwaukee tools, but I adore my multi-tool. Hubby Claus bought the pruning saw tool for Christmas this year. That tool paid for itself this spring when I had to cut down all of the dead shrubs. We have a tool chest for the bench and hand tools, but the power tools hang on a large pegboard wall.

    • I’m sorry you lost so many shrubs, Susan. I almost lost all my gardenia bushes a couple of years ago, but they are coming back now. You guys sound very organized–love that!

  11. Lynda Martin says

    I bought the DeWalt cutting pliers after you featured them in your post. I love them for cutting stems of silk flowers! Makes that task so easy now.
    Thanks for the heads up on these..

  12. Kathleen says

    I’m a Makita fan so all our battery powered tools are Makita. My favorite is my Sawzall because I use it to cut small fire wood for the stove and also prune with it. Change the blade and you can cut metal. Recently bought the hedge trimmer and used it once and found I liked my Black and Decker much better. Different battery though. We also found some very inexpensive battery chain saws which use Makita batteries. However, after steady use they blew up! They were great until they weren’t great. I didn’t like having to oil the chain and tighten the chain. The Sawzall won out as being so easy. Love your organization of all of your tools and mastering nail gun, jig saw and circular saw.

    • Wow, that sounds like an amazing tool! I should invest in a good hedge trimmer. I’ve been letting the person who cuts my grass help me with that, and he does do a great job, but it would be good to have one on hand for when he isn’t available. Thanks for that tip on a great pruner, Kathleen!

  13. Susan,
    Thanks for hosting…Please ignore the last comment which i meant to link up…My mind is all over the place as my husband has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer….
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

    • I’m so sorry to hear that, Debbie. ๐Ÿ™ Saying a pray for both of you! โ™ฅ

    • I’m also sorry to hear about your husband’s difficult diagnosis. It really does pull your life apart. Remember self-care; it’s not selfish thing to do.

  14. Just a comment to the widow that was looking at getting rid of all her late husband’s tools: I got some advice from a male friend whose mother-in-law did that and when he went over he was often unable to help her with things on the spur of the moment because she didn’t have the right tool. I have also found that service men are willing to do something extra if the right tools are available. (paying for their time of course). Over time I have become confident with a table saw and other tools I never thought I would use because I missed having a handy partner build my idea. Obviously there are woodworking tools that I will never use because I already have other hobbies. But as long as I live in the house I am grateful for the treasures in my garage.

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