Green, White, Silver and Crystal for an Elegant Table Setting

Welcome to the 484th Tablescape Thursday!

Just before I left for the Christmas Markets trip to Germany, I visited with my friend Marie and snapped some photos of her beautiful Christmas tables. The dining room has the perfect spot for a Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree, Dining Room


For her main dining table, Marie created a stunningly elegant table setting. Notice the greenery around the very top of the chandelier. I love that!

Elegant Table with Denby Bone China


Walk around the table with me and enjoy this beautiful setting!

Set and elegant table in Green and White with Accents of Crystal


Green, White, Crystal Table Setting


Marie decorated all the chairs with ribbon and greenery.

Decorate Back of Chair with Ribbon and Greenery


Decorate Chair Backs with Greenery and Ribbon


Chair Backs Decorated with Green Velvet Ribbon


I love how the green of the Christmas trees is so pretty paired with silver, white and crystal. So elegant with the perfect touch of color.

Elegant Deer Centerpiece for the Table


Marie found her elegant bejeweled chargers in Tuesday Morning and filled in with some she found online.

Table with Green, White, Crystal and Silver Centerpiece


The crystal Christmas trees are from HomeGoods.

Elegant Silver, Crystal Table Setting for Christmas


Bejeweled Silver Chargers, Silver Placemats


These beautiful crystal trees would make wonderful gifts for each dinner guest to take home at the end of the evening.

Crystal Christmas Tree for an Elegant Table


The Christmas tree stem wine glasses are from Expressions Catalog online.

Christmas Tree Stem Wine Glass


Marie found her beautiful napkin rings in Pottery Barn.

Silver Napkins with Jeweled Silver Napkin Rings


Pretty place card holders…


Thanks so much to Marie for sharing this beautiful table setting for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Elegant Centerpiece for Christmas Dining


Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Green, White, Crystal Table Setting


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  1. Ann E Friend Seigman says

    Marie has a beautiful home with elegant taste!

    Susan, I hope that you are taking it easy! My doctor said that it could be weeks before feeling back to normal. Be Blessed and get well soon!

  2. Gorgeous Susan! I always enjoy seeing Marie’s beautifully appointed tables! Hope you’re taking it easy and recovering from the flu. ♥

  3. Marie always sets tge most beautiful tables. Happy new year, Susan. Hope you geel better….Christine

  4. Marie’s Table is so elegant! I love seeing the beautiful wood of her table. Hope you are improving and feeling stronger every day…rest and stay warm!

  5. Beautiful. I especially like the stemware. Now go back to bed and stay there, Susan!

  6. Marie always does such a beautiful job with her tablescapes!! I love the combination of green, silver and crystal, it’s stunningly elegant. Thank you so much for sharing, Susan. Hope you are feeling better. God bless XO.


  7. Stunning! Marie has done it again. The details on this table are perfection. Did she add the little fur collars to the reindeer? Those Christmas tree stems are so unique. I also love the way she displayed her white nativity in the china cabinet behind the table. Thank you, Susan and Marie, for sharing this.

  8. Rose Mary Lee says

    Stunning! Sure hope you are feeling so much better!!!!

  9. Oh my goodness! So beautiful! How unique and beautiful are those Christmas tree wine glasses?! Thank you for sharing her lovely home with us again!

  10. Absolutely stunning!

  11. I’d like to know about the actual BEAUTIFUL TABLE itself!
    I love the wood and beauty of the mixed wood!
    I would love to have one similar in MY dining room!

  12. Sparkletacular!! My deer are lusting for those fur collars…franki

  13. You must be feeling “a bit” better. Good for you for getting back to your normal. Love all the details in Marie’s table setting. I really like the glass salt shakers.

  14. Such an elegant table, perfect for an occasion in the winter! I hope you are resting and starting to feel better, I know you are so relieved to finally be home!

  15. Thanks again Marie for sharing your style. That splash of green takes a beautiful table up a notch to elegantly Christmas. So many thoughtful details too. Susan, I hope each day you see some improvement.

  16. Just so beautiful.. Thank you for sharing her table with us,she’s out done herself again.

    I hope your getting some rest.

  17. So gorgeous! Marie sure has the talent for putting beautiful things together. Love those chargers and all the crystal, silver and green accents. I hope you are feeling better and allowing yourself to take it easy. Are you getting this bad weather I’ve seen on the news?

  18. Very elegant!! I love the tree glasses!

  19. Stunning and elegant table with so much to see. Just gorgeous!
    Hope you are feeling much better. This frigid weather can’t help. Hope you are staying in and resting.

  20. donna a zoltanski says

    So pretty! I love the crystal Christmas trees at each place setting – special. I hope you are feeling better today.

  21. So beautiful. I especially love the trees. Hope you are feeling better today. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Marie did it again. Another gorgeous table and tree! Hope you are MUCH better!!!

  23. Marie’s home is always so lovely! I hope you are on the mend, getting good rest and that you will feel much better soon!

  24. Gorgeous! Marie has outdone herself again!

    Susan, I hope your are feeling better each day, and soon will be back 100%

    Love and prayers,


  25. Cyndi Raines says

    Very pretty! Hope you are improving Susan, saying prayers for you!

  26. Susan
    Am so glad you made it home safe and sound and sure hope you are feeling
    lots better…….it is the worst thing to be sick when you are away from home,
    but then to be overseas as well……I can’t imagine….
    As soon as I read about it I felt so badly for you, so sent up some prayers
    for you…….
    Wow, your friend Marie really knows how to set a fabulous table….her tree
    and her table are just stunningly beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    and hope you are back to normal very soon.
    Blessings, Nellie

  27. Thanks for for sharing Marie’s table but more concerned about your health, need an update on how you’re feeling.

  28. This table is beyond exquisite! I love all the components, but was really taken by the Christmas tree wine glasses! How unique. Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely table. How special her guests must feel. Take care and continue to recuperate.

  29. Linda S. in NE says

    How nice that you had this post saved up from visiting your friend’s home. She sets a beautiful table, and I know all her guests must feel like they are in a fairyland. It kind of sounds like you are doing exactly what we all want you to be doing…resting and not trying to overdo. “Undecorating can wait…take care of yourself. We expect no less.

  30. Marie is just too much. The way she puts things together is just unreal. 😀

    Susan, I hope you are feeling better. I sense you are, but please take it easy so there are no relapses! We can wait (although it’s hard, lol) on you to resume your regular posting. Godspeed.

  31. Bobbi Duncan says

    A beautiful winter table setting! Susan, I was so sorry to hear that you have been so ill. I would have sent that message along sooner but I was out of town and when I returned there were no posts in my inbox from you, so I just went online to BNOTP and saw that you have indeed been posting. I subscribed again and hope that takes care of the issue. Sure hope you’re feeling much better now–it’s especially hard being sick when traveling. So many people I know have been really ill this winter already. Looks like your trip was fantastic though. Hugs!

  32. Just call us “friends of Marie” Beautiful as always.
    Hope you are feeling better with each passing day. We can wait..while you rest up.

  33. Barbara Humphreys says

    Don’t know if this will catch you in time but on CBS Sunday Morning today there is a feature on the Barbour jackets that you love so well.

  34. good evening,
    I found a set of three Christmas tree stemmed wine glasses on this tablescape. if possible, could you tell me where you bought them and who makes them? I need one more for my daughter who recently got married.

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