Test Results and 4,000 Missing Bags

Just a quick post to say Thank-you for all the well-wishes and all the helpful information you left in the comments of yesterday’s post. I’ve heard from several folks who said they have also benefited from the information you shared.

The Flight Home

The flight home yesterday was brutal, only way to describe it. As soon as we got airborne it was much harder to breathe. I never watch movies on airplanes, usually prefer to read, but I tried to watch a couple to distract myself from not being able to breathe well. (Update: If you love romantic comedies, check out the movie, Leap Year. It was adorable. I’d like to watch it again when I can actually breathe and enjoy it more.)

I was in a middle seat and didn’t want to be that person who hogs the armrests, but ultimately I had to rest my arms a little since resting them on my abdomen or folding them across my chest made it even more uncomfortable and harder to breathe.

The folks on either side of me could tell I didn’t feel well and were so sweet, especially the nice guy to my left who kept offering to get me more water or anything I needed. When I got up to go to the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror, I was shocked. I was as pale as a ghost! I was almost in tears by the end, but somehow I made it through what felt like the longest flight ever!

4,000 Missing Bags

Unfortunately, my large suitcase with all my new fall/winter sweaters and clothes, including a hat I purchased in the Christmas Market, never made it to Atlanta. While a driver waited outside the airport to take me home, I stood in a long line to file a “Delayed Baggage” claim.

After not hearing anything today from Delta, I called back and they said that my suitcase is still in Paris but was supposed to go out on a plane today. Unfortunately, they didn’t expect it to be delivered for another day or two because there are over 4,000 bags that are “delayed” at the Charles de Gaulle airport. The Delta representative said this problem with the bags at Charles de Gaulle started two weeks before Christmas and they still haven’t caught up. How do 4,000 bags not get put on airplanes? How does that happen?

As soon as I got home from the airport, I showered and changed out of the clothes I had been wearing for two days. I had even slept in them since I hadn’t been able to get on the airplane the day before due to the breathing issue and my suitcase had been loaded back in Switzerland. I was so glad to get out of those clothes!

Test Results

After showering, I drove over to a nearby Urgent Care that’s a very large, hospital-affiliated facility with a full-time Radiologist available. After hearing about my illness in Germany, they tested me for flu which involves a really unpleasant test where they swab very deep inside your nose. They warn you that it’s going to be uncomfortable, I guess so you can brace yourself. These were the results below and I wasn’t surprised to see that I did have the flu, apparently Influenza A.

I told the doctor that when I was in the early days of the illness and in extreme pain, guessing it was some kind of flu I had thought, “This is the stuff that used to kill people back in the 1800s and early 1900s before they could get supportive care.” She said, “It sure was!”



They also x-rayed my chest and I don’t have pneumonia. I do have bronchitis, though. The doctor wrote two prescriptions, one for Prednisone that I take twice daily, and another for an Albuterol inhaler. The doctor said if I wasn’t feeling better by Thursday to let them know and they would start me on an antibiotic, as well.

The only pharmacy open on New Year’s Day didn’t take my insurance, so I just got the Prednisone filled which is surprisingly inexpensive. I was going to get the inhaler Rx filled today but the one dose of Prednisone last night and this morning has helped so much, I don’t think I’ll get the inhaler filled.

I normally race up and down my front staircase a million times a day. Before taking my first dose of Prednisone, I had to stop last night halfway up the staircase to catch my breath. Felt like I was climbing a mountain and not just a staircase! After two Prednisone pills so far (will be taking a third very soon) I don’t have to stop and rest midway anymore. That’s a big improvement in just 24 hours. I’m not ready to fly up them like I normally do, though. lol

Update added later in the week: I was starting to get worse again so the doctor started me on antibiotics. After just a couple of days of antibiotics, I was a million times better! I can see how it’s not the flu that kills people, it’s the complications of having the flu that will do you in…like bronchitis and pneumonia. We are so lucky to have antibiotics today!

I just wanted to give you an update so you wouldn’t be worried. I’m sorry I’m so far behind in answering your emails. I hope to get caught up in the next few days. I picked up the mail today and got it all sorted, picked up packages a neighbor was holding and dealt with the delayed baggage issue. That was about all I felt up to for today. Hopefully, my suitcase will be delivered tomorrow.

I still need to take down the wreaths on my exterior windows and un-decorate the front porch, but I think I’ll wait until the weekend for that. I’m still enjoying seeing them anyway. Have you put all your decorations up or are you leaving them up through the Twelfth Night?

I’ll leave you with this cute display I saw in the Moncler store window near the M Gate in the Charles de Gaulle airport. By the way, if you ever have a long layover in Charles de Gaulle, trek over to the M Gate if you can. There’s so much great shopping near that gate! I only went inside a couple of stores since I was feeling so poorly, but there’s definitely some fine shopping to be done there.

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  1. So glad you are finally home and have some relief from that horrible flu! That certainly will be a trip you’ll never forget. I was exhausted just reading what you’ve been through. Take care and pace yourself for a while. I’m sure I speak for all your internet friends, we’re all relieved you’re feeling better now!

    • I was away in Spain in January 2016 & became I’ll with pneumonia… Horrendous. Had to try to locate the nearest Medical centre only to be told ‘ you’re in the wrong one…’ So faced with feeling awful, limited Spanish, fear of getting lost trying to find the ‘right’ medical centre I demanded to be seen by anyone for fear of passing out. They soon took me seriously & after being growled at by one Doctor whose room I walked into when I thought I was next, I was examined by another who had better manners & provided some treatment. And yes the plane journey home was an ordeal BUT I only had to bear it for 5 hours…but was i glad to get home….! So I completely empathise with you. Now it’s time for you to get well & build yourself up again.

  2. Mary Lee Butterworth says

    Glad you are feeling better!! Enjoy your own bed!

  3. donna a zoltanski says

    I am so glad you are home safe and went to the doctor. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better too. I wanted to send a note of get well wishes, but I don’t have your email….so happy to see you posted an update. Take your time – rest up! The wreaths are still pretty on your windows – wait and enjoy them a bit! I hope you feel much better each day. Drink lots of tea — and soup!

  4. Glad you are better, Susan. I was distressed to read your post about your illness. Decided the best I could do for you was to pray.
    I hope each day you will improve but don’t try to do so much. Your body has been through some stress.

  5. I am so glad to hear you are home and getting better! I have been thinking about you since your last post detailing your symptoms. Thank god you are on the mend!

  6. Thanks for the update, Susan! Ihave thought about you many times over the last few days; was very worried! So glad you’re on the mend. Fingers crossed that your bag shows up soon. You must be ecstatic to crawl into your own bed.

  7. Get the inhaler! My husband had bronchitis last winter that held on for weeks. Please follow the orders the doctor have you and rest. Don’t worry about taking down decorations until you are better. Take care of youself!

  8. I’m relieved to hear you’re better. I keep checking. Take it easy and give yourself time to relax.

  9. So sorry to hear about your trip. I had a friend also who went on a Christmas market in Germany on a cruise and she came home sick as a dog also.
    Hoping now that you are home you can get some rest and start recovering.

  10. I have been so worried about you, but I’m glad to know that you have arrived home safely. Take good care of yourself. I’ve only had the flu once and I remember that it took a few weeks before I was back to myself again.

  11. So glad you are home. Bad enough to be sick, but in a foreign country is really scary.

    My nephew has what started as a cold, but now he said feels like the flu. I will let him know to see a doctor.

  12. Susan – I’m so glad to hear you are OK. I’ve been reading your blog for the last couple of years and have never posted anything, but I now feel compelled. I sure hope you’re feeling better. I just knew something was “wrong” when we didn’t hear from you in a couple of days. Take care of yourself and update us when you can.

  13. Maryann Marshall says

    Oh Susan do take care of yourself, prayers are with you. Love your blog, and feel as though I know you through your blogs.

  14. I feel for you! What a horrible experience and definitely a trip you won’t soon forget. And I can’t believe you’re apologizing for not answering emails. Just rest!

    It’s funny you mentioned that about the flu. It just so happens I am watching UNC now about the flu epidemic of the early 20th century. Such a horrible time in our history :(.

  15. Yvonne Shafer says

    Hi! So happy you’re feeling better! Prednisone is a miracle drug but can be addictive. I suggest you do get the inhaler to help you get well. I have asthma and love taking prednisone when I have an episode but since it’s a steroid my doc won’t prescribe it for daily use. The inhaler may offer more long-time relief. Whatever, I’m happy you’re on the mend!!

    • Thanks, Yvonne. It’s just 10 pills, 2 per day for five days…to reduce all the inflammation so I can breathe. I hate trying to use an inhaler, so I’d rather avoid that if I can.

  16. Susan, I’m relieved that you don’t have pneumonia, and that the new meds are making a difference. Many of my friends have been down with the flu in the past few weeks. It must be miserable! Scary if you are alone and away from home, far away from home. I honestly don’t know how you coped with all of this on a cruise.
    Hope your baggage arrives quickly and intact. That is extremely frustrating. I recently had a flight canceled, and they booked me on a different flight, only to have it canceled as well. Of course, for some unknown reason, my luggage was put on a totally different flight and went on to Boston. I didn’t get out on a flight till the next day at noon. My luggage was waiting in Boston, but I was concerned to see it just sitting in a pile with other luggage at the airport.
    Travel these days is not as smooth as it once was.
    Take care and don’t overdo. Your body needs to have some time to recover.
    Hope 2018 greatly improves for your!

  17. I am so sorry to hear you were ill in Germany…it’s enough to be sick and at home or close to home for comfort. Our family will keep you in our prayers and thankful it was not more serious.

  18. Carolyn Robinson says

    Nothing is worse than being really sick while you are traveling on your own. I remember, and my thoughts were with you. My favorite blog! Happy New Year

  19. So relieved to hear you are home, medicated and diagnosed. Been thinking a lot about you and a bit worried. It’s disconcerting enough to be sick, but in a foreign country by yourself at Christmas is worse. Welcome home!

  20. Janine Richardson says

    I have read all your posts and I am so sorry for what you have gone thru. Having been a flight attendant for DAL:) for many years, I have flown with severe food poisoning, once, paging a doctor, getting O2 in cockpit, all the way back from AMS to my home base in Detroit, I know what it is to be so very sick. I am so glad you are home, your luggage will be with you soon, just concentrate on getting well and rest, rest! I enjoy your emails so much. I loved Christmas Markets in Mainz for many years! I am retired now. Feel better!

    • Thanks, Janine! So sorry you went through that…food poisoning is even worse than the flu! It sure makes for the longest flight of your life when you’re that sick!

  21. So glad you made it home and saw a doctor in Atlanta! Just being back is good medicine, isn’t it? Rest easy and recover now.

  22. Sarah Pierce says

    So glad you made it home, got care and a diagnosis. I think you should continue to take it easy so your body has time to fully recover.

  23. I just read your post and hope that, as I am writing this, you are settling in for the best night’s sleep you have had in a good while. I am so glad to read that you are feeling better!

  24. 4000 bags!!!! Wow! That is definitely a lot. I do hope yours returns home.

  25. Glad to hear you made it home safely and are under a doctor’s care. Rest and recuperate.

  26. So glad you’re home and breathing better. What a scary time you have had. So sad and at Christmas too. Hope you are able to get all of your belongings.
    Love to read about all of your information that we can take advantage of and your travels.

  27. We called prednisone “magic pills” when my son was small and had severe allergies. I, myself, had occasion to take them for an autoimmune disease. “Magic pills” indeed! Glad you are home and feeling better as a result of those pills.

    • Yes, prednisone are magic pills, for the short term, but they are terribly hard on your liver and kidneys. Not something you want to continue on. Even for pets and pet allergies, they can only be taken for a short time without causing organ distress.

  28. I’m so thankful you are feeling better and safely home again. That had to be a scary ordeal. Although you didn’t have pneumonia this time, when you are fully recovered check out information online about the pneumonia shots available now. They won’t protect you from everything, but they can help prevent many possible forms of pneumonia. The flu seems to be tougher this year than the flu shots can stop. Take it easy and enjoy some much needed rest. You have a big audience looking forward to your full recovery, your interesting posts, and keeping you in our prayers.

  29. Rebecca Dexter says

    Good heavens…I don’t know how you are still standing! Knowing how bad the influenza is in the states I am not at all surprised that you got it….closed quarters and damp weather certainly doesn’t help. American doctors to the rescue! Being an RN I am very biased but steroids can work wonders so quickly and after what you have been through you sure deserved a quick fix. Glad you are home which certainly has to help. Looking forward to some great spring shopping posts!

  30. Oh dear Susan…What a relief to read you are already on the mend! You must have a strong constitution to respond so quickly after being so very sick. My
    hubby and I both had flu last February simultaneously and no fun whatsoever for either of us. Sick the whole darn month.
    Since they are telling us that the vaccine given this year is only 10% effective
    ( why bother?) I would imagine many will contract it. My plan is to be a
    Mama Bear and just hibernate as much as I can along with getting rest and eating well….and never leave home without my hand sanitizer….and wash
    each time I come in the door. Be sure to pace yourself and don’t worry about those decorations….just enjoy them! Tell everyone you are celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas!

  31. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    You were so sick that we thought you might be dying, and yet you checked out the shopping? A woman after mine own! *L* Very glad you are home and doing better.

    You said you had to go to the P. O. to pick up your mail. Here, I just have it delivered the day after I’m scheduled to return. Can’t you do that there?

    • lol I’ve never seen that many “luxury” stores all together in one place. Ever! My eyes were popping out of my head. Seriously! Just wish I hadn’t been too sick to properly drool in every store.

  32. Susan, I have been so concerned about you. I am so glad you are home and have seen a doctor. The Prednisone will help quickly! You have been so sick, you really need to take it easy and get plenty of rest! I had a long flight from Israel with food poisoning, so I understand how horrible it is to fly when you are deathly ill!

  33. OMG Susan. Thank you so much for posting your update. I’m so sorry about what you went thru in Europe, but so relieved that you’re home and feeling better. I’ve been worried sick since your last post!
    Take good care of yourself and I hope you’re back to flying up the stairs again soon.
    Happiest of new years to you!!

  34. Wonderful to read that you are on the mend. What an ordeal! And lagging bags to boot. Geez. That is some scary flu that you have/had. I wonder where you picked it up, in Europe or was it incubating from home? Did you have a flu shot? Maybe this was virulent strain not covered by the shot. Well, I’ll say this for you – you are becoming a truly seasoned traveler with so many different kinds of experiences (from the sublime to the horrible) to share.
    You are a plucky lady.

    I’m so glad you still have your cheerful decorations. I’m a Twelfth Night girl all the way. We don’t put up our decorations at Thanksgiving, we separate that holiday from Christmas. Ours go up about a week later. We love the extra time to enjoy them. Our lickety-split-get-those-things-down-the-day-after- Christmas neighbors are very forbearing of us.

    Please, give yourself time to convalesce – you don’t want to relapse. Your projects can wait. Still lifting you up in prayer….

  35. I am so glad you are on the mend. It is bad enough to be sick, but to be away from home while sick is always brutal. Relax and enjoy your beautiful Christmas decorations. I am enjoying mine until Twelfth Night as I always do. Christmas is such a busy time every year, it’s the gift I give myself..it is truly my best gift of the season! Stay warm and well!

  36. Elizabeth Roderick says

    Thankful for your good report and believing that your baggage will come home soon.

  37. 2018 can only get better.

  38. Home Sweet Home! So glad to receive your update as I’ve had you on my mind a lot! Praying you will be back to normal soon, and get your lost luggage!

    Happy New Year!


  39. Glad you are home and are on meds!
    Once I had to fly cross country with bronchitis, and couldn’t keep food down. Unfortunately, there was plan trouble and we were put on a smaller plane. I was in the middle seat of 3 adults and a baby. My principal insisted I come in the next day. I did make a Doctors appointment for the next day and had him call my principal that I couldn’t come in for two weeks. I went back out to California to recover in my husbands hotel room.
    The flu type A makes you feel like you are being run over by a Mack truck over and over again!
    Get well soon.

  40. Mechelle Siudy says

    So glad you are doing better. I had the same experience back in the early 80’s. I began to get sick in London, cut my trip short and flew back to Atlanta. I was only 20 something and was by myself. When I got home, I couldn’t even get to the top of the stairs. My Mom gave me her bed and took care of me there. And you are right. Brutal is the word for the ride home. Middle section of the plane and oh so uncomfortable. Again, glad you are home and doing better.

  41. So glad to finally see a post with the news that you are feeling better. What a nightmare with your luggage. Here’s hoping your beautiful clothes are home with you soon. 2018 can only get better!! Vikki in VA

  42. Cyndy Cook says

    Thank goodness you are home & on the mend! I was worried!

  43. Ruby McCowan says

    The flu! I can’t imagine much worse than being overseas and then flyng home as sick as you were! So glad you are on the mend…hope your suitcase makes it back tomorrow!

  44. Oh my gosh….nothing could possibly worse then being sick on an airplane…so sorry muir trip ended that way…I’m sure you were thrilled to land in Atlanta. Hope your feeling better real soon….

  45. Glad to hear you are home and on the mend. Take it easy and regain your strength! The decorations can wait! Last year, due to ill health, I didn’t get mine down until the end of February…the world didn’t end. Hugs!

  46. I am glad to hear you are improving. Get lots of rest .

  47. I’m glad you are home and improving. But get the inhaler and use it! Stop second guessing your Dr.

  48. I’m so glad you are home and already feeling better from the Prednisone. You know, you are fortunate that you are in such good shape from your Pelaton bike. I imagine if you were someone in bad shape, you might’ve ended up dead. Very scary.

    I had bronchitis about 10 years ago, starting on New Year’s and I basically slept for a whole month and was miserable. I lost 14 pounds during that month. It took a couple of rounds of different antibiotics till the correct one was found. I think I must’ve been on the verge of pneumonia. It took me another couple of months till I felt 100%.

    Get lots of rest and don’t worry about those Christmas decorations or anything else.

    • Dawn, I think you’re right. It’s a good thing I’m as healthy as I am. I lost about 6-7 lbs during the time I was sick. I’ve been eating like a crazy person the last couple of days, though. My appetite has come back with a vengeance!

  49. Yes! So happy to hear you are home and feeling better. I was beginning to worry. Try to take it easy and take good care of you!

  50. Penny Weldon says

    Thanks for the update!! Take care of your sweet self & rest. Take lots of naps & delegate & let others help you!! Reallly they want to!!
    I only wished I lived closer to you & I could bring you homemade potato soup & cornbread with honey. So good & heals you from the inside out!!

  51. bev tippett says

    My goodness what an ordeal. So glad you are on the mend. Hope the suitcase arrives soon.

  52. Lord have mercy, this entire episode has made me re-think traveling so far away in winter. Of course I know illness is possible any time, but I do think certain bugs/viruses are worse when we’re closed up with other people breathing recycled air. And to lose your luggage on top of all that. My biggest fear, which is why I’ve transitioned to carry-0n only, but it would be even harder in winter, because one needs bulkier clothing.

    I have to believe they told you this, but you need to make sure you take your Prednisone exactly as prescribed, don’t stop early or anything; you have to taper off, as your body gets used to having it quickly and you can have seizures and all sorts of things if you stop too soon!

  53. Sorry to read about your illness. So glad you’re home safe and on the mend. Please take it easy and give yourself grace to rest up and recuperate. I wouldn’t worry about taking prednisone, I’ve never heard of it being addictive. Don’t worry about a thing, just get better. You can bet everything will still be there when you can get to it! At least it always works that way for me. Ha!

  54. Richard (in Charlotte, NC) says

    So sorry you had such a bad time with your cold/flu. Glad you got home safe and sound. Hang in there. Eat citrus. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  55. I am so glad you are feeling better. It is very scary to be in another country and fall ill. Get well soon.

  56. I am so happy you made it home safely and able to see a doctor shortly thereafter. Your story of what all you have been through was horrendous but glad you are back in the USA and seemingly on the mend.

    The decorations can wait or have a friend take them down for you this year. I’m sure there are many others who will have theirs up a while longer with the weather situation so don’t sweat it.

    Please take care!!!

  57. Sounds like u are doing better. I am not sure what inhalers the doc gave u but it helps keep the airways open and if he gave you Flovent, it is steroid and helps heal. I am asthmatic since a case of double strep pneumonia 28 years ago. I hate to use my inhalers but when I get irritation from allergies or inflammation as in bronchitis, it helps with mending. Since you are on a steroid it may just be one to open you up. Sounds like they have u on the mend. Take it easy and get rest and when you feel good again get on that exercise bike for a gentle workout. Sometimes exercise after you are better helps clear out the rest of the bad stuff in your airways. I used to run and it amazed me how exercise cleaned up the lungs after an illness. Hugs

  58. So happy to hear you are home and getting some relief from the Prednisone. It is amazing how quickly it works. Maybe you should reconsider the inhaler which provides a more long term relief–don’t want you to relapse! Sending you big hugs and hoping you don’t over do it!! REST!! Everything else will still be there when you feel better and you can take care of it then–including the blog. Would rather miss you for a few days than see you relapse.

  59. So glad to hear you’re on the mend, Susan! There’s nothing worse than being sick away from home, but you, poor baby, were SO far from home. Glad you’re going to be ok. Bet you’re so happy to be home!!

  60. I’m so glad you’re home & starting to feel better. Just don’t overdo with the “energy rush” from the steroids. Your poor body needs extra rest to fully recuperate. I had to giggle that you made it to the shops while “at death’s door”! Doesn’t really surprise me—the projects you accomplish in & outside your home reveal a strong woman who doesn’t stay down for long!

    • lol MerriJo, I’ve never seen so many of my favorite stores all in one place, some were stores I’ve only heard about from bloggers who live in London…and I was too sick to even check them out. I only went in two stores: Tiffany and Hermes. Oh, and I looked inside the Guerlain Boutique. Maybe one day I’ll be back at the M-gate and not too sick to properly check them out. Guess it was good for my pocketbook that I wasn’t feeling too well.

  61. Oh, how very scary for you. So glad to hear you were able to fly home from France. And so lucky to have as well.

    Last month my brother went to hospital in Mexico City. He was traveling thrown his way home from vacation when something very similar happened. He too seemed medical attention at the airport. He was sent to the hospital, ultimately diagnosed with pneumonia. When he was finally released to fly home, he had to get a personal oxygen machine for the plane ride. So I can only imagine how you were feeling on your plane ride home

  62. Sandra D, Joliet says

    I was just watching the news earlier and they say the vaccine this year is not very effective against what’s going around but it should help a little. I think I had the flu one weekend but I only had a 102 fever 1 and 1/2 days. I too have asthma for the last 33 years and I can’t breath or go upstairs very well every day. Prednisone really helps with the inflammation but I was on it so long when they first diagnosed me it made me ill and I had really high BP which I never had before. I was nauseous and crabby and just felt horrible. I don’t mind it short term but not long term. The inhalers help too but they are expensive even with my insurance.

  63. Peggy Nodine says

    Thank goodness you are finally home. The flu can be very dangerous. Glad you got medicine that helped you right away. Get your inhaler it will help your bronchitis, sometimes it seems to linger on. I wish you a quick recovery. Take care of yourself and get lots of rest. Don’t push too hard you have been thru a lot. God Bless.

  64. I am so glad to hear you are home and on the way to being well. Don’t over do- it. It all keeps. Take the time to heal. What a nightmare. You won’t forget this holiday!

  65. Thank you for the update. So many of us have been worried about you. Please rest and don’t overdo it! I always keep my address inside my suitcase in addition to my luggage tag and hope you do also and you will soon have your bag.

  66. Oh Susan, so glad you are Home and on the comeback trail. Terribly scary, especially alone. You are one brave girl. I echo the others to urge you to get the inhaler and continue to follow up with your own doctor. Prednisone sometimes masks symptoms, so my doctor said. But hey, let’s talk about the only good news from all of this, how much weight have you lost? Missing out on the German food was not the way to do it. Prayers for your recovery!

    • I was curious when I got home and weighed myself since my clothes were much looser than normal…found I had lost around 5-6 lbs during that whole nightmare. I’m sure it will come back as I eat more each day…mostly eating a lot of soup right now. Yes, I don’t recommend the “Flu” diet! 😉

  67. Hi Susan ~ So glad you’re feeling better! About your meds: You may seriously consider getting the inhaler. Bronchitis can step into pneumonia very quickly (this has happened to me twice). Also, just an FYI….prednisone may make you feel like you’re crawling out of your skin. My daughter and I both have this problem. Take care-rest!

  68. Relieved to know that you are now home and have been to see a doctor so you know how to fight what made you so sick! Feeling better and thinking about decoration removal! Going up and down your stairs probably a good way to keep things moving but please don’t over do; you need to rest while you wait for your suitcase. Thanks for giving us an update. As I sat down at the computer I was actually hoping there would be a note from you and there was!

  69. Take care !

  70. I’m so happy to hear you’re feeling better. Talk about adding insult to injury with the missing suitcase and all of your lovely sweaters. Enough already! I had that probe up the nose test last year to see if I had whooping cough. Not fun! You need rest now. You don’t snap back from the flu overnight.

  71. Oh…I’m so glad to hear you are feeling better! You’ve been through quite the ordeal. Feel better soon…and welcome back home! 😉

  72. Sweet Susan….you expect so much of yourself, dear one. Please just shimmy into your most beautiful bed and, rest. I agree with the Theresa, Alyee and the other ladies, please understand just because you are the only one to do what you feel you must, doesn’t mean you MUST right now! The world will stay stay on its access, your blogging ‘friends’ WILL continue to follow you. Why wouldn’t we, you are so adorable. I often think of you as the Iron Butterfly. The thing is, my pet, we want you to be well. Don’t push yourself right now. It is not wise. Get the inhaler. You paid for the doctor, follow his directions. There are a lot of Mama Bears watching you. So be safe.

  73. Get the inhaler!! I know it’s a hassle but bronchitis can linger so long (even with the steroids – they make you feel better quickly but you really need the inhaler). I’m glad you’re feeling better, but it would be awful for you to relapse! Take care of yourself and get the rest you need.

  74. Madilyn A Davis says

    So glad to hear that you are on the mend, the flu is definitely not something you want to mess with, my brother-in-law almost died of it. Hope your bag is returned soon, love those sweaters and it would stink to lose them. Hope your back to 100% soon

  75. JUDY MAZZARI says


    • I already have both of mine out: one in the office and one in my bedroom. I put them out every fall as soon as I start having to run the heat. They do make a world of difference. Thanks, Judy for suggesting that, though…just in case I hadn’t put them out.

  76. Robin Lambert says

    Did you have a flu shot? They do not make you sick. Especially not that sick. They also take about 2 weeks to become effective. It’s certainly worth preventing that terrible illness. People still die from the flu. I hope I’m not repeating another comment. In case you haven’t guessed, I’m an RN.

  77. Robin Lambert says

    Did you have a flu shot? They do not make you sick. Especially not that sick. They also take about 2 weeks to become effective. It’s certainly worth preventing that terrible illness. People still die from the flu. In case you haven’t guessed, I’m an RN.

    • No, I don’t ever get it. The doctor, or maybe it was the nurse who saw me first, said that this year’s shot was only 10% effective and that they are expecting the flu to be really bad this year because of that.

      • You should definitely get it. Even if it doesn’t prevent the flu, it will make your symptoms less severe. Why take a chance? As you get older, flu can kill you or it can put you in the hospital where you can catch something worse.

        Someone I know got a cold and refused to stay home from work. It then turned into pneumonia. He still went to work. He got worse and had to be admitted to a hospital where he caught a staph infection. He is now in a wheel chair permanently. All because he didn’t stay home and rest when he had a cold.

        Take care of yourself and get that flu shot next year!

  78. Oh my gosh Susan, I cannot imagine being that ill while traveling. I just can’t. How horrible that must have been for you. There’s nothing worse than being so very ill and not being at home, in your own bed. I’m so glad it wasn’t more serious than it already was and that you’re on the mend.

  79. OK Susan. Let yourself heal. Comply with the recommendations of your Dr. Things can wait. Show your readership what smart looks like. You get one healthy body if you are blessed. Dang decorations can wait. Prove you are normal like the rest of us. Now. Take your medication and get well. 😀

  80. Claudette Flanigan says

    You must have been thrilled to get into your own bed! I could cry just reading of all you have gone through. And it is so scary. A few years ago two friends of mine took a cruise down the Seine on one of those smaller ships. My friend’s husband started to feel really ill while they were docked. Having trouble breathing,etc. She asked them to call an ambulance and even after seeing how lethargic and ill he was they were trying to avoid it. Finally she insisted and it is a good thing she did. Her husband was admitted to a hospital in Germany and very ill. He was there for almost a week before he was well enough to be discharged for home. She said it was so hard with being there and although the doctors and nurses were wonderful, the language barrier made it very difficult. At one point he was going downhill and their son flew in to see them because he was so worried about him. It was a very serious situation. When they got back to the US his doctor looked at the reports and tests and told him what a very sick man he actually was. It is awful to go on a vacation that you plan for and then to get sick is the worst! Susan, I am just so glad that you are getting better with the meds, but so sorry you had to experience this. And I hope your luggage with all your nice things arrives very soon. Take good care of yourself!!

  81. Glad you are feeling a little bettet, Susan! What an ordeal you’ve been through. Take cate!…Christine

  82. Jane Franks says

    Dear Susan! So glad you are home safe, if not quite “sound” yet. I so empathize with you. It’s just horrible being sick on a plane. Did it effect your ears? That’s always a huge problem for me, even if just a cold. So glad you have a good urgent care facility near you. I’ll bet it was good to get instructions and prescriptions in English! Take care.
    Re: decorations, we always leave ours up until Twelfth Night, then Epiphany, and we celebrate with miniature mince pies (like UK); one each night. I make a dozen in a 12 cup muffin tin. We split one so not so much sugar. I like easing back into normal life after Christmas this way. Get well soon! Jane xo

  83. Kay Goodman says

    I am glad you are home, and on meds. You are in my prayers. I hope you feel better soon.

  84. Carmelee Thorpe says

    So sorry to hear about your illness while out of the country So scary Glad to hear you are on the mend. Take it easy and relax. Your health is your number one priority.Happy New Year!

  85. Nancy Dellinger says

    Susan, just got in from a trip, turned on the computer and was so glad that you had returned home safely and that you are feeling better after such a long, unfortunate ordeal. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself. You are a special lady. All the best. Nancy

  86. Cyndi Raines says

    Susan, just read about your horrible illness and was so sad to hear about it with you travelling alone and it ruining your vacation. How scary for you! So glad you are home and starting to mend. The Influenza A is really going around and people do feel like they are dying! My sister and BIL had it over Christmas and now my oldest sister and her hubby both have bronchitis and are very sick. I encourage you to get as much rest as possible, take the inhaler, forget about the wreaths, enjoy them a bit longer. I don’t take down my Christmas decorations until after Ephinany. This world is in too big of a hurry. Enjoy the season. Prayers for you sweet lady. P.s. Our furnace went out on New Years day, ha had to sleep in living room by fireplace. Fixed now, but yes 2018 has had a rough start, believing for better days soon for all. Hugs!

  87. E Henriksen says

    Hello Susan…….so glad you got home safely & are on the mend.
    Pls. Take it easy…..your body needs a good rest.
    Wishing you improved health…….Happy 2018!

  88. Well of course they lost your luggage…..why not???

    Glad you are home now and saw a doctor. That med is a miracle, but you can’t take it forever so get the inhaler prescription filled, you will need it. Follow the directions on the Prednisone, you have to slowly go off of it.

    Forget about the decorations, wait until you are better or get help to do it. You are not super woman, you need a good rest and good nutrition to get over this. Or else it will come back to haunt you……….take care……xoxoxo

  89. Susan, So glad you are home and feeling better. I would think there could be nothing worse than being so sick and out of the country, and then being stuck in a middle seat. So glad to see you made it home okay.

  90. Ann E Friend Seigman says

    Hello Susan, welcome home! This is Ann from Ohio again. I can’t help but think that you were exposed to this malady while you were in Ohio. 🙁 The timing and symptoms of your illness are very much like mine and when I went to Urgent Care they prescribed Azrithromycin and suggested Prednisone for bronchitis. I didn’t want the Prednisone, big mistake! I wasn’t getting much better and returned there a few days later and was prescribed Prednisone and an inhaler. You will really need both. In fact I am going to see my own doctor today to make sure that I don’t need another antibiotic. This is something the likes I have never had before! I just do not know how you made the trip without being admitted to a hospital!

    I do not get the flu shot or the pneumonia shot. I just don’t like putting those things in my body, but since I am 70, I am thinking that I should maybe consider it next year?

    I love leaving my wreaths up outside past the New Year. With the snow here, it is so cheery! You continue to be in my prayers. Get Well Soon!

    • Definitely get the flu shot next year. At 70, getting the flu can kill you. If nothing else, the flu shot will at least make the flu less severe.

  91. Sorry to hear you’re sick. Please get the inhaler filled as that treats the root problem if your breathing. Prednisone is a steroid which makes you feel like Wonder Woman but it’s not going to heal lungs. It gives strength and energy.

    My sons luggage was lost when he flew home from Brazil on Christmas. After days of calling he finally got the luggage. Airlines lose stuff I understand, but the madness in tracking should not be put upon the customer.

  92. Glad you are home and diagnosed! Take care of yourself and rest! I broke my leg while out of the country in 2010. It was a horrible experience and I was never so happy to get home! Happy New Year and take care!

  93. Dee Skislak says

    Glad to hear you are on the mend, but take it slow. Get lots of rest. Don’t worry about us, your faithful followers. We’ll all be here when you are feeling better.

  94. So glad you’re home!
    May you have a good time of rest as you heal!
    Take care!

  95. Susan, please get that other prescription filled! Following the doctor’s order is so important with this thing. The interaction between the two drugs may be critical to getting better. Slow down, lay around, the errands and chores will wait til you’re better.

  96. A few years ago I traveled overseas in the winter to somewhere warm. On my way back, I got stuck in an airport in another city due to a winter storm. To make a long story short, they sent my suitcase on without me and I literally had nothing but the clothes on my back, which did not include my winter coat because I had forgotten to take it out of the front part of my suitcase when I had arrived at the airport. I faced the prospect of going home to a winter storm with no coat! Luckily my suitcase was in the airport when I arrived home and I was able to find it easily but there were literally hundreds of suitcases sitting there. I think it is very common during the winter and holiday season.

    After that experience, I no longer travel in the winter and always keep a change of clothes and toiletries in my carry on bag both going and coming home when I travel just in case something happens.

    Feel better. Don’t worry about the Christmas decorations or anything else. Just stay in bed and work on healing your body.

  97. Glad you now have a diagnosis and the meds are working! I couldn’t imagine being sick away from home – I need my own bed to make me feel better! Had to laugh a little at you still checking out the stores even when feeling so bad 🙂
    As for the decorations, my hubby makes us leave everything up for the 12 nights – probably payback for making him help me decorate everything the day after Thanksgiving!
    Hope you keep getting stronger each day, and are soon back to your not-so-old self.

  98. I, like all your other readers, have been so worried about your safe return to the US. I kept checking my email in hopes you had arrived safe if not quite so well. Please be kind to yourself and rest at every chance you get. I so look forward to your posts. Hope this is a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  99. Renee S Cook says

    Oh, Susan, I just hate that you were so sick and miserable. It’s bad enough when you’re home, but to be out of the country… I’m so glad you’re safely home, back in your own bed and are improving. Happy New Year to you! I pray your 2018 will be your best year yet!

  100. Well, I’m sure you’ll remember this Christmas trip as the one to hell and back. I’m really glad the drugs are working for you, but the way this flu is spreading is so frightening. My next door neighbor got the same scripts as you, and beat it almost immediately; her husband, on the other hand, has dark bruises around the abdomen from a broken rib from coughing. H3N2 is what they’ve been told this strain is. The story on the luggage is just ridiculous. Ridiculous. Air travel is so very overrated in all aspects.

    I finally finished UNdecorating yesterday. First it was getting decorated, in case I would get sick, then it became a race to UNdo in case I would get sick. Just trying to dodge the ill – even sanitizing gloves as I walk OUT of grocery stores – until this season passes. Home never felt so good!

    Be careful not to overdo and relapse, Susan.

  101. I’m so glad you are home! And glad you had understanding seat companions on the plane. That middle seat is bad on a good day, I don’t know how you made it.

    I hope you don’t rush to put away your Christmas, it sounds like you need to sit down and enjoy the beautiful tree lights in your lovely living room.

    If I lived closer I’d be over with some soup!

    No need to fly up the stairs! Rest sweet Susan!

  102. Linda Diane Townsend says

    Thank you for updating your blog so quickly. You have many readers who have been so concerned for you. I checked your site overnight and saw your update. I was worried that you might be in the hospital. You had an awful ordeal, but I pray that it will be just a memory very soon. You are in my prayers, Susan.

  103. With all your other fans, I am so happy you are home and doing better. Like Noelline, I just “knew” something was wrong when we did not hear from you. I am here in Georgia with you–we are expecting such cold weather that you need to stay in, stay warm and rest, rest, rest. We all respect and love you for your projects and constant energy. But your body has taken a hit and needs time to recover. Your “Mama Bears,” as one reader put it, are watching and hoping you are over this very soon. My RX–more soup, more movies!

  104. It must have been one of the longest journeys of your life and then to find your luggage was missing and having to queue to sort that out…who needs that added on? Are you even going to be able to look again at those clothes you were wearing? Feel better soon. Home now. xx

  105. Susan Holt says

    So very sorry that your Christmas trip will be remembered for more than just your fun and adventures. I hope each day brings you continued healing. From someone that has breathing troubles, I suggest you fill your inhaler prescription. Steroids are awesome to jumpstart opening your airways and helping you feel like you are on the mend. Depending on which inhaler, it possibly had steroids in it too. When your steroid prescription is over, you will still have a residual carryover but you might find it again that you are short of breath. Get your inhaler and get started using it. Don’t use more than prescribed, but I do think you will gain benefits from it. Hoping that 2018 brings you all your heart desires.

  106. I’m so glad you made it home ok! That must have been so tough to have that long plane trip while you were sick – I had to travel from OK to VA once when I had tonsillitis and I thought that was rough – you travelled further and with much more difficulty!

    I was wondering – did you have a flu shot? I haven’t had one this year, but reading about your experience is giving me second thoughts.

    Hope you continue to feel better.

  107. Hi Susan

    Happy to hear you’re feeling better. You had a rough trip!!

  108. Dear Susan, please get the inhaler. Breathing is more important than “feeling better “. I know that sounds crazy but heart beating and breathing are deal breakers. Keep up your energy and your Xmass . I keep mine up until twelfth night. Having worked for a pediatrician for years the best tool was a can of Lysol. Glad you’re home. Denise

  109. What a relief to hear from u! I have been worried. How ever are u going to crash one of My Favorite Things Parties if u aren’t feeling like your regular, energetic self? LOL. Don’t give a second thought to decorations. U deserve to enjoy the holiday season u missed while sick. I leave decorations up until Epiphany like they did when I was a kid. Besides, my outdoor decorations are mostly under 5 inches of snow in Pittsburgh and we r in a single digit temperatures.

  110. Doug C Denny says

    I am super happy to hear that you are home safe and beginning to feel better. I think we all feel better when we are home around our own comfortable stuff.
    Please continue to rest. Your decorations look great, you will just get to enjoy them a bit longer. I had a stroke almost 7 years ago and es my decorations were still up when I came out of rehab 6 weeks later. I was fortunate that friends came and took down the outside decorations and stored them in the basement. Continuing to send thoughts and prayers your way. Doug

  111. I’ve been very concerned about you and I’m so glad you’re home and feeling better!

  112. Mary Davis says

    So glad to hear you are better. I know how frustrating it is to loose luggage. Mine was lost in Alaska and I had to wear the same clothes for two days before it reached me. Terrible. Get the inhaler. I have asthma and have to use it with flare-ups along with Prednisone. Miracle drugs. The inhaler helps the breathing long after the prednisone dose is gone. Bronchitis often lingers for a while. The inhalers definitely help.

  113. Susan, you have been in my prayers since I first read of your illness. I am so glad to hear you are home. In all of this, you have shown some many of your readers your good example of getting medical attention ASAP no matter where you are! Thank you for being brave and sharing this scary experience with us. Take care of yourself.

  114. Julie Huff says

    So relieved you are on the mend. And sorry your vacation didn’t work out! Glad you’re home, put on the fuzzy slippers and rest-re watch Leap Year.

  115. Susan, so happy you are feeling a bit better. Though I have to say, let the wreaths go for at least another week, you don’t want to have a relapse. Hopefully your luggage will arrive tomorrow. Take care.

  116. I had Influenza A several years ago, so I know exactly what you went through. How many times have you heard someone say they had the “flu” when what they had was a cold – or a bronchial infection – or a stomach and intestinal bug. People have a tendency to label everything “the flu.” Unless you have truly had actual Influenza, you don’t know what being sick is. Since that time, I make sure I get the influenza shot every year now and while I suffer from bronchial infections occasionally, I have not had influenza and the horrible and near-deadly consequences of that disease – the inability to breathe, the horrible pain, and the high fevers that cause the convulsions and seizures. The next time someone tells you that they had “the flu” when it was something much less, you can tell them a REAL
    flu story.

    • lol I was thinking that very thing Pat when they confirmed it. You never forget it, if you are lucky enough to live through it! It’s brutal!

  117. Dear lord I’m happy to hear that your better. What an ordeal. You must be a very strong woman to go through this in a foreign country and alone. Speedy recovery to you.

  118. Darlene Gardner says

    Glad to hear you are feeling some better. What a terrible experience this must have been for you! It is reassuring to hear that strangers were so helpful and kind. Get some rest – don’t worry about those decorations – we always leave ours up until Epiphany! The world can rush through Christmas, but I enjoy it all!

  119. Kathleen Lunman says

    So glad you are home–and are feeling a bit better. Please continue to take good care of yourself and get well soon! We are all eager to read of your adventures this new year–all of them! Blessings!

  120. I’m glad to learn you finally made it safely home, Susan. The flu is so bad right now. The hospital in my area is so slammed they’ve had to put people on a waiting list for admission. My whole family has had it since just before Christmas and it’s taking a long time to recover. Really zaps your energy. One night, my bones hurt so bad, I literally thought they would all be broken by morning. Sound illogical, but it truly felt that way. I hope you can get some rest. Leap Year is a family favorite here – glad it helped distract you a little. Keeping you in my prayers.

  121. Susan, I am sorry you have had to endure so much and also missed out on this special trip. Just let everything go and get better. Some of us feel like we can’t do that but you can. Dianne

  122. Bless your ! Nothing worse than being sick on a trip. It sounds like you were very ill! Glad you finally got home and to a doctor. He probably told you to rest. Right? That is exactly what you need to do, rest, rest, and more rest. Everything else is not important, it can wait. Your health is important, so take it easy, those wreaths and Christmas ornaments can wait. Hire someone to take them down and you can supervise. Thinking of you.

  123. Karen Aamodt says

    I’m so glad you’re home and feeling better. I agree with many others-TAKE THE INHALER RX AND GET IT FILLED!!! I am so sorry your wonderful Christmas trip fizzled out on you like it did; so for Christmas 2018 you have to stay home and take no risks. Don’t worry about answering emails or blogging, just take it easy, TAKE THE INHALER and get better.

  124. Karen Aamodt says

    I’m so glad you’re home and feeling better. I agree with many others-TAKE THE INHALER RX AND GET IT FILLED!!! I am so sorry your wonderful Christmas trip fizzled out on you like it did; so for Christmas 2018 you have to stay home and take no risks. Don’t worry about answering emails or blogging, just take it easy and get better.

  125. Joyce Doyle says

    Don’t ever feel bad about sitting in the middle seat of an plane and using the arm rests. It’s etiquette for that person to have them. There’s no place worse than being on a flight and feeling sick. Feel better soon, from a former flight attendant ‍✈️

  126. Glad to hear you got home OK. I cant imagine how brutal the flight was. A few years back I had a similar illness and had to fly from California on Good Friday, long layover in Atlanta, flight to Orlando, and then a 2.5 hour drive home. I was SO miserable! I ended up on a Z-pack, Prednisone, another Rx inhaled steroid, plus Two a Day breathing treatments on an inhaler a medical supply company had to deliver. You could hear my breathing snap, crackle and pop. It wasnt pneumonia, but a very severe case of bronchitis. I feel your pain! Take it easy, and heal well. Do you have anyone to take care of you at home? Someone else bringing you chicken soup really is the best medicine!

  127. Oh yeah, and drink LOTS of fluids. LOTS. Dehydration is nothing to fool with, and can happen so easily when you’re sick.

  128. Thank you for the update & Glad you are home! Hope your suitcases make it soon! I was worried when you did not post for so long, had thought that possibly you had run away to the South of Italy with someone you met on the cruise! But not this trip. (lol)

  129. So glad you are home and feeling a little better. What a bummer about your suitcase. I hope you have it by now. There are so many people just north of you in Georgia who have the Type A influenza. The flu vaccinations were for Type B apparently. My great uncle died in December 1918 in the flu epidemic of 1918-1919. My mother was born only one month later in January 1919. I have often wondered how her mother survived such heartache and the flu combined. I suppose looking forward to my mother’s birth gave her the strength to fight.

    My outdoor and indoor decorations are down but my two trees are still up and probably will be until the Twelfth Night.

  130. Patricia L. Morris says

    Don’t be foolish…take the inhaler as directed. It will really help. Lynn, RN.

  131. Whew!!! I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable you were on that plane…my head is “busting out all over” and can’t breathe (I never get “colds” – last time was 2011)…just thankful nothing is planned. YOU TAKE CARE!! franki

  132. Nothing worse than being sick and away from home, glad you finally made it. I would still get the inhaler filled, it will help open your airways, just remember to rinse with water after the meds can do a number on your teeth.

  133. I am glad you are feeling better. May I give you a bit of unrequested advice ( I am a registered nurse); please filled the prescription for the inhaler. The prednisone is a short acting medication , the inhaler is the medication that is going to ease the shortness of breath and other asthma like symptoms. The physician knows exactly why he prescribed both medications. Please follow the doctor’s instructions. Feel better.

    • Thanks, Mariela! I did get it filled. Unfortunately, it didn’t help since it couldn’t go anywhere, I guess due to the infection. But you’re right, always good to follow all the instructions.

  134. So sorry to hear of your terrible trip but solo glad to know that you are home and doing better. Bless you.

  135. Marlene Stephenson says

    So glad to hear you are home and doing better, just take it easy. Don’t worry about replying to me, just glad keep updating. So glad you were only feeling bad half the time, at least you will have some good memories.

  136. Pam Nstheson says

    I finally asked Delta if I could look in the baggage room myself last time my luggage was lost. They did let me, but they weren’t crazy about the idea. I saw my suitcase the instant I walked in! Honestly!

  137. UGH! Being sick when you aren’t home is the worst. I am so glad you are feeling better. Rest up this week and lots of liquids….

  138. Chris Drago says

    I’m glad that you’re home safe and sound. Get some well needed rest. Hope your luggage finds it’s way home.

  139. Sandy K Park says

    Susan, so glad you’re finally home and feeling a little better. BUT GET THAT INHALER! (sorry for yelling at you), but it’ll help you breath better. I use to have bronchitis twice a year and the inhaler really helped. Leave the undecorating till later. It’s not going anywhere. I’d hate for you to end up in the hospital.

  140. We flew out of Charles de Gaulle Airport on Monday. I, along with my son and his family, was on an United flight, and my daughter and her husband were on a Lufthansa flight. Upon our final destinations, we all received our luggage so I was surprised to hear that there was a backlog of luggage at CDG. The only problem we had there was not being able to get our VAT refund forms stamped. The line was just too long and slow. I hope you finally get your luggage.

  141. Deena Salvatore says

    Susan, I’m so happy you’re home and feeling a little better. Hopefully it won’t take long until you’re feeling your perfect sweet self again. There’s only one thing worse than being ill and that being ill while you’re away from home. The WORST! Feel better Susan and don’t worry about answering comments or emails. I’m sure everyone will understand. Just take care of yourself! Hugs, Deena

  142. Wishing you a speedy recovery and sending you love and light and Reiki healing energy.

  143. This is ED RN advice – fill that inhaler before you need it again. The bronchodilator will help you breathe better because that steroid (prednisone) will be done soon. This year the flu shot sucked and Flu A is rampant. yes it can kill too. I saw what the meds were you received in Europe – if you took the Z-pack all up maybe you won’t need another antibiotic. I had pneumonia several years ago and my symptoms of cough hung on for months. Hope you heal quickly.

  144. Glad to hear you are home and healing. You still need to get a lot of rest and eat properly. Make a batch of your vegetable soup and throw in a supermarket roasted chicken to get some protein. Eat some bananas and oranges. This flu really hangs on tenaciously and you want your body to be well nourished as you taper the steroids. It took a beating with your two illnesses. By the way I’m sure that I can’t afford it but I love the down jacket in the window.

  145. Linda Santos says

    Susan, so glad to hear you are feeling better. It’s sounds like you went through a nightmare. Don’t worry about the decorations. Just get as much rest as you can to feel better sooner. The deco will be there when you are ready to take it down. Hoping your new year will be better than your trip.

  146. Hi, Susan. Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and I join the others in being quite relieved you are home. Please listen to the advice of your followers (we are usually taking YOUR words to heart!): REST and HYDRATE. Put on your cozy slippers and pj’s and cuddle under a warm blanket (just heard about the “cyclone bomb”!). Watch some favorite movies and don’t worry about anything else except recuperating. Wishing you the best as this New Year begins.

  147. Hope you’re feeling much, much better tonight, Susan. Thanks for recommending the movie Leap Year. I just finished watching it and enjoyed it, and it isn’t often that I can say that. When you’re as old as I am it’s hard to find movies I really like.

  148. if you have Netflix or can check out from your library you should watch the series (9 in all) Murdoch Mysteries. Very good…no foul language and no obscene things either. Just rest and drink plenty of water and watch the movies. I think it suppose to be cold or icy maybe in your area. Take care and rest.


  150. Sorry this happened. I was bitten by a dog when I bicycled from the top to the bottom of France, and the hospital didn’t even charge me because it wasn’t my fault. They also said that French dogs don’t have rabies which was very French of them.
    You can track your bag on your Delta app.

    You can track your bag on your Delta app.

  151. Antoinette says

    Hi Susan, glad to hear you’re back home! It’s unfortunate that you became ill during your trip. I had a similar experience once when my husband and I took a cruise to Alaska. I had gotten the flu and there were times when I could not get out of bed, never mind leave my cabin! And when you’re sick you want to be snuggled in your own bed not to mention the fact that you’re not making the most out of your trip when you’re sick.

    As far as Charles De Gaulle airport, I have flown into this airport a couple of times,
    and from my personal experience, I have found this airport to be the most disorganized airport that I have ever experienced! Take care of yourself and keep warm during this arctic blast!

  152. So glad you are back home and hope you have gotten your luggage by now. And that you are continuing to feel better. Travel these days are a mixed bag from our viewpoint: so great when all goes well, but can turn ugly in just a few minutes! We have been through Charles de Gaulle airport a few times, and something has always happened to make our trip…interesting! The French folks were great, but the connections have been a nightmare. Told the travel agent not to book us through there again. Also, wanted to share a funny about when to take down decor: my adult son was wondering if we were leaving up our tree till “Infinity”, which I guess it seems like it’s been since we put it up! (Of course he misspoke and meant Epiphany). We had a good chuckle out of that one!

  153. Click your slippers and say “There is no place like home”
    So glad you are safely home and getting medical care. As I read the comments I thought about a quote I read during chemo treatment many years ago “Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person, is like telling a bull you are a vegetarian” Lord willing, you will be able to take the Christmas trip in good health another year. And BTW you are a grown woman able to make medical decisions, but plan a return trip to your PCP to recheck your lungs. Be well and take care of Susan first.

  154. So sorry. I am sure you were scared. Our thoughts are with you.

  155. ~Susan
    My goodness how scary was that !?!?!Scared me just reading about it!! I am so glad you are home and on the mend, I bet your family was so worried.
    Scared me enough I truly do not think I will ever travel outside the states again, there is plenty of wonderful places to see right here and closer to home!
    Take Care of YOU !!!

  156. Linda Lennard says

    So sorry you were/are sick!! British Airways lost my grandsons luggage on his flight home from Italy. He arrived home Dec. 30 and just had his luggage delivered to his parents home Jan. 6. He’s left for college so they will be shipping his clothes to him. There were hundreds of lost luggage pieces coming into Atlanta. His was still in London! Hope you feel better. The other grandson got sick while they were touring Germany. His was short-lived but threw-up all in his coat!! So much for being discreet.

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