Backyard Paradise Perfect for Entertaining

It’s spring!  The flowers are blooming, the birds and bees are busy do birdie and bee things and it’s time for a garden tour!  Phyllis who blogs at Around the House has one of the most beautiful backyards I’ve ever seen.  Wait until you see what’s behind this fabulous gate!  I love the basket of flowers on the gate because it a small hint of the beauty just on the other side.

Ready?  Let’s go!

Garden Gate with Basket of Flowers

As we open the gate we find ourselves in “Bird Town.”  πŸ™‚  This area is just outside the kitchen window so Phyllis can watch the birdies coming and going while she works inside.

Birdhouses in the Garden
As we pass through Bird Town, we are entering a backyard paradise.  Is this not tantalizing?  We’re barely in the backyard and I’m already completely enchanted!

Beautiful Backyard with Pool and Gardens

Phyllis has the perfect spot for entertaining, spring, summer or fall.  If it gets a little chilly, just throw a log on the fire and cozy up with a throw.

Backyard Paradise with Outdoor Fireplace and Seating Group

One of my favorite features in this area, besides that wonderful fireplace, is the outdoor art.  Phyllis changes out the art she displays here regularly.  She found the largest piece atop the fireplace at Pier 1 and she painted the small red and white one herself. Phyllis shares a trick on her blog about how you can use regular paintings outdoors and keep them from being damaged, so you’ll want to check it out for the how-to and tips.

Beautiful Backyard with Outdoor Fireplace, Outdoor Art and Wicker Seating Group

As evening approaches, Phyllis turns on the beautiful lanterns.  Soooo romantic!

Outdoor Fireplace with Wicker Seating Group

There are several water features in this backyard paradise.  Can you just imagine how wonderful this must sound?  I bet the birdies love it, too.  We need to ask Phyllis what the flowers are that are blooming here.  Anyone recognize them?

Update: The orange flower is lantana.  That’s such a great flower.  Here in the Atlanta area it’s more of an annual but it occasionally will winter over, although it never does in my yard.  It spreads beautifully and grows quickly.  One of my favorite lantanas is Miss Huff.

Garden Water Feature Tiered Fountain

Oh, to be a bird living in Phyllis’ backyard.  Now that would be the life!

Adorable Birdie

There are many more pics of this beautiful space at Around the House here: Backyard Garden Tour, 2013.  In that post, Phyllis shares information about where she bought the colorful fabric she used to make her outdoor pillows and additional information about this wonderful backyard paradise.

Now all we need is a fruity umbrella drink and a good book. Life is good!

Backyard Paradise with Outdoor Fireplace and Seating Group

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing her garden with us – it’s more than stunning ! BTW, she said the orange flowers are Lantana. I’ll have to look for those. Oh, to have a yard like that !!!

  2. Those flowers look like lantana to me. What a beautiful yard-can only imagine the house that goes with it

  3. Gardening is my passion through the spring & summer..unfortunately last sept I dropped a huge slab of flagstone on my foot while rebuilding my pond…ended up losing all my kio..46..been slow going so far this season..but i’m getting there…those flowers by her seating area look like what we call lantana here…I was wondering if those huge plants up the hill in the back are bird of paradise..they are huge.!!!
    Thanks for sharing the garden & her blog site…I’ll be heading there next to sign up =^)

  4. LOL……I see she’s a cat lover too

  5. Did it say anywhere where Phyllis lives (which state!)? I’m going to check out her blog because she has “Florida” type plantings and I’d love to see what she has planted – her garden is just beautiful! My two favorite spots are the fountain and love the rusty bird on the rusty bird!! That was such a great photo! Thanks for sharing all of this with us! Hope you’re having a good week and give Mr. Max a great big kiss and hug from Callie & me (although Max may say “ptooey” to the Callie kiss!!!). πŸ˜›

  6. what a whimsical yard. thanks for sharing

  7. Terri Burfield says

    Thank you for sharing this garden tour, ohhhh, to have such a garden to sit in and have your morning coffee and listen to the birds singing! I wonder how long it takes her to water all those plants and flowers?

    • The hill has a sprinkler system that waters it and then I water the plants on the deck and around the pool, I water in the morning 30 min. not to bad..phyllis

  8. carol jane says

    Just one word. WOW!!!!

  9. Mary from Virginia says

    Terrific backyard! I think floating in that pool after a working in the yard would be great! She is so lucky to have such a beautiful place. Glad I got to tour!

  10. Now Ms. Susan, I want to know how you managed to enter my brain and hijack my dream backyard?!

  11. Wow. I is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  12. WOW is right! I can’t believe how utterly beautiful her backyard is, Susan!!! She didn’t miss one single detail in making it a cozy, welcoming space. LOVE it! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    xoox laurie

  13. OK, here I have been congratulating myself on how well my puny garden looks this year. And I open this to see paradise. sigh Jealous. Really, really jealous.

  14. Susan, I stopped by earlier, left a comment, but I suspect Blogger ate it. Grrrrr!
    Anyway, I’m back to spend more time viewing these inspiration photos. I love gardens! Thanks for sharing this beautiful space.

  15. Carol T a.k.a. 1HotGran says

    Love every inch! I could so see myself in this space, talk about being blessed. Fiddling in the garden, floating in the pool to cool down then lounging with a good book and maybe a nap listening to the fountains flow and birds singing. Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. Peggy Thal says

    Lovely backyard! Bird town was so cute. Really liked the banana tree’s . It reminded me of ours in Hawaii. They are amazing plants. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Phyllis has been one of my favorite bloggers for a long time, And you are right, this backyard is a Paradise! So lush in the plantings too.

  18. OMG, her yard is GORGEOUS!!! What a dream! I follow her but have never seen this. I am going over right now. Thanks for featuring her, Susan. XO, pinky

  19. Pure inspiration! Thanks. Cherry Kay

  20. Susan…this backyard and patio is just gorgeous…I love fireplace…there is beauty in every corner…so much detail to enjoy..fabulous patio furniture and such an incredible collection of bird houses!!…So enjoyed this post!!!

  21. Such a beautiful yard and so peaceful. The plants are wonderful and surely were there all winter before springing to life so early in the season. I also live in southern california and am so lucky to have such variety of plants. I really loved the garden tour and you are right it was easy on the feet. Can’t wait to see more in the weeks and months to come

  22. I was at Phyllis house when they had the Fullerton Beautiful Garden Tour. She really did an outstanding job on her garden. It is truly a beautiful relaxing garden. Yes she does live in Fullerton, California which is near Anaheim. Phyllis painted all those bird houses and decorated them and they are something to see.
    Hows Max? Hope he is feeling much better. Give him a big hug.

  23. Elaine in Laguna says

    Thank you for sharing this Orange County, Calif. garden, north of my locale. Love it! So beautiful and relaxing. I love how she pulled the fabrics and paintings together. I missed this tour and am so happy to see it this way on your blog and on her blog, too! Great way to start the day! Thanks!

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