When I was a little girl, one of my favorite shows on TV was Bewitched. My best friend and I would pretend to be Samantha and her mischievous cousin, Serena. I always wanted to be Samantha, I loved her personality and thought she was beautiful…still do.  So, I was pretty excited when I heard they were making a Bewitched movie starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell.

In the movie, released in 2005, Isabel Bigelow, played by Nicole Kidman, is a real witch who has decided she wants to live a normal life. She moves to Los Angeles where she is spotted by Jack Wyatt, played by Will Ferrell, while browsing inside a book store. Jack has just gotten the part of Darrin in a remake of the classic TV sitcom, Bewitched and he thinks Isabel is perfect for the part of Samantha.  He talks her into auditioning for the part and she gets it. So we have a TV show being filmed within the movie. Ironically, Jack is pretty much a jerk throughout the movie but Isabel falls for him anyway. There are lots of silly twists and turns, but today we’re checking out the cute cottage that to me was the real star of the show.

Bewitched Movie Poster

Though the movie was a bit of a dud, the house featured in the movie was just plain adorable! Do you remember it? As part of her attempt to live a “normal” life, Isabel moves into this cute cottage. Here’s how it looks in the very beginning of the movie as the beginning credits are rolling by.

House in Bewitched Movie

Later in the movie after Isabel moves in, a cute bench appears on the porch. A lot of things “appear” in the movie, just as you might expect.

Cottage in Bewitched Movie

I had to include this scene in our movie house tour because it’s one of my favorites. I backed up the movie a couple of times just to see this wonderful path.  It tells you more than anything, this house is going to be delightful. Wouldn’t it be fun to take a stroll down this wonderful path lined with fragrant, pink roses.

Roses in Bewitched Movie

Roses are everywhere!  They climb the white picket fence (of course there’s a white picket fence!) and they line the shrubs in front of the home. We could name this home “Rose Cottage” couldn’t we?

Cottage in Bewitched Movie

I have good news and news that may slightly disappoint. The good news is, the house is real!  It’s located at 4427 Radford Avenue in Studio City, California.  Anyone live near there?

Here’s the current street view from Google Maps and it still looks pretty much the same as it did in the movie. I wonder how often folks stop, gawk and take pictures of this darling home. I would so be doing that if I passed by. Yup, I have no shame. I can gawk with the best of ’em!

Exterior of Cottage in Bewitched Movie

In real life the garage is a detached, two-car garage located back behind the house. In the movie, they created a one car garage and placed it right up front, attached to the right side of the house. Even the garage is cute, isn’t it? Love the style of the garage door.  Even at night this house is inviting. There’s something so magical about lamplight glowing behind sheer curtains in a window. It just makes you feel safe and like all is right with the world.

House in Movie, Bewitched

Okay, now for the slightly disappointing news.  It isn’t that bad, but it’s my duty to let you know, the interior views in the movie are not from inside this home. As with most movies, the interior rooms were filmed in a studio. They almost always have to do that because most homes, especially adorable little cottages, can’t accommodate all the equipment and “stuff” they need to film a movie.

Finding out the interiors were created for a movie, doesn’t really upset me.  In many ways the interiors ARE real because they were real on a sound stage at least during the filming of the movie. And wouldn’t we rather they create the cottage of our dreams on a sound stage than never have that wonderful interior come to life at all? We can take inspiration from these wonderful spaces and transform out own homes if we so choose, right?

In the movie, Isabel drives a cute convertible Volkswagen Bug. Or, is that a Volkswagen Beetle? I can never tell the difference.  Let’s go inside!

Cottage in Bewitched, the Movie

The Bewitched movie home has an entry, albeit a small one. I love all the painted paneling. It feels authentic and I’m imagining it would have been the old original, stained paneling that the previous owners painted.

Bewitched Movie Cottage

The door is red, perfect for a cute cottage. I wonder if the door on the real Studio City home was originally red or if they painted it that color after the movie was made.

Bewitched Movie Cottage Front Door

The interiors are soft and muted throughout. Here’s Aunt Clara (played by Carole Shelley) arriving in her usual way, via the chimney. Ha!

Bewitched Movie, Cottage Living Room 1

The living room feels and looks cottagey with painted pieces and a cushy, floral, skirted sofa.

Bewitched Movie, Cottage Living Room 2

I thought it was interesting how the TV is just right out there, not hidden or tucked away. I guess they designed it that way since throughout the movie it plays a pretty big part.

Bewitched Movie, Cottage Living Room 3

In this scene you can tell Isabel has just moved in since boxes are everywhere.  Actually, this scene was the only time I really felt like the movie was being filmed in a studio and not inside an actual home. You just wouldn’t expect high ceilings inside a small cottage house with the exterior we saw earlier.

Also, this gazebo-type structure was so different. I’ve never seen anything like this built inside a home. Have you ever seen a home with this type structure inside?  It’s kind of cool, though.  What do you think…do you like it?  Beautiful chandelier!

Cottage House in Bewitched Movie, Kitchen

Another view across this space looking the other direction.  Look at alllll those beautiful windows and French doors! In this scene Isabel has just met her next door neighbor, Maria Kelly played by Kristin Chenoweth. You’ll see Maria again when they are dining in the garden.

Cottage House in Bewitched Movie, Kitchen

The kitchen has a most unusual layout…

Cottage House in Bewitched Movie, Kitchen

In this evening view you can see the sink on the far right.

Cottage House in Bewitched Movie, Kitchen

The stove is all the way across the kitchen on the far left. This is definitely not that triangle layout kitchen designers recommend for the major appliances/areas of a kitchen. You would do a little walking in this kitchen, especially with the small island in the center. Umm, now where is the refrigerator?  I never could find it, maybe they just left it out.  Do you see it in any of these kitchen scenes?

Cottage House in Bewitched Movie, Kitchen 3

One thing I was absolutely crazy about when I saw the movie was all these amazing windows that swing out. It’s like the kitchen is built inside a sunroom…there are so many windows!  I think I’d be willing to sacrifice cabinet space to have a kitchen with this many windows. The pot rack helps for storage. I could totally deal with this if there was another room just off the kitchen, like a large butler’s pantry where the other kitchen stuff could be stored. Would you enjoy a kitchen with this many windows?

Cottage House in Bewitched Movie, Kitchen 6

I included this shot so you could see the spice storage system. It’s one of those where the spices are in metal containers and they stick to a magnetic board. There’s the microwave, just above the spices.  I love studying all the little details the set designers include in movie houses. It really is fascinating. I would so love that job! πŸ™‚

Cottage House in Bewitched Movie, Kitchen 2

The only thing that bothered me about the kitchen is it felt very cluttered. The rest of the house doesn’t feel that way but the kitchen is filled with chotskies and stuff everywhere.

Cottage House in Bewitched Movie, Kitchen 5

I LOVED this! Talk about bringing the outdoors in and having a seamless flow to the outside!  Windows thrown open, French doors thrown open…it’s wonderful!  That other set of French doors off to the left lead to Isabel’s bedroom. I can just barely see the mirror of the dresser through the doors. We’re going in there in just a sec.

Do you see a chandelier hanging down over the table in this view below?  Yea, me neither.

Bewitched Movie Backyard and Patio 2

But I think there’s one hanging down in this view. Or, is it back behind the table?  It must be back behind them because part of it is obscured by the pole. Must be another table back there…now that will bug me until I watch the movie again.

Bewitched Movie Backyard and Patio 3

Another view looking back toward the kitchen…

Bewitched Movie Backyard and Patio 1

This was a fun scene out in the garden at night. The candles are really amazing! I think this is the scene where Aunt Clara is casting a spell on Jack so he will fall in love with Isabel.  You knew there had to be at least one scene like that in the movie somewhere!

Bewitched Movie Backyard and Patio 4

Isabel’s bedroom is a serene haven, although I don’t think I”d be able to sleep at night with a window open and the curtains pulled back.  Oh, did I mention Isabel has a black cat? Of course she does…she’s a witch! No respectable witch would be without a black cat. πŸ˜‰

I can’t remember the kitties name right now…anyone remember?  Update: Thanks to Joyce for remembering, the kitties name is Lucinda.  Ha! I just realized the t-shirt Isabel is wearing says, “I’m a witch.”

Bewitched Movie, Isabel (Nicole Kidman) Bedroom

Here’s that adorable dressing area we got a glimpse of through the French doors.  So that means the main bedroom opens onto that wonderful garden space.  I want this house! πŸ™‚

Bewitched Movie, Isabel (Nicole Kidman) Dressing Area

In the movie, the “set house” that’s being used in the filming of Isabel and Jack’s TV series takes place in this home. This house (per seeing-starsdotcom) was actually located in Culver Studios where Gone with the Wind and King Kong were filmed.  We get to see the rooms in this home but if I added them to this post, it would be way too long. I’m tempted to create a short post showing those, too.

TV Studio Set within the Movie, Bewitched Starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell 6

What’s so cool is how they tie their TV series house into the end of the movie. At the very end when Isabel and Jack are together, happy and preparing to live happily ever after, they drive up to this house.  Looks familiar, right? It’s just like their TV house. In real life it’s located at 510 S. Lucerne Blvd. Los Angeles in the Hancock Park neighborhood.

Set House in Movie, Bewitched


Anyone from that area or Studio City where Isabel’s cute cottage is in real life?

So, what did you think of Isabel’s adorable cottage? Could you live there? Could you cook in a kitchen with so little cabinet space? I do believe I could sacrifice cabinets for all those wonderful windows, French doors and garden views! We would just need a big butler’s pantry located off the kitchen, right?

If you enjoyed touring this movie house, appreciate so much giving it a Google +1…thanks in advance!

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  1. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    THANKS, Susan! You come up with the BEST stuff; I’m especially fond of your tours of movie homes. Also, I cannot wait to see your home with the new front yard. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  2. Susan–
    You may be able to relate to this–my husband doesn’t love watching movies with me, because I tend to make remarks like “did you see that desk?” or “oh my gosh, I love that color!” I think I finally closed the file on movies when the entire time we watched “Powerball,” I kept obsessing about a chandelier. I am not divorced, but he refuses to enter a movie theatre with me!

    • Ha, ha, ha…Kirby, that’s the same thing I do! Half the time I miss the dialogue because I’m so focused on the house! You and I would make good movie buddies, only we’d have to watch it on DVD to keep from driving the folks around us nuts!

  3. Susan, what a great post. I didn’t see the movie when it originally came out but it is now on my must see list. I love the gazebo structure. With an open floor plan, it sets off the dining area without closing anything in. Great idea. I am so glad to know there are others out there who are not watching the main event but all the stuff that makes it special, whether it’s movies or baseball. One time my husband took me to a baseball game. One time…because half way through the game I wondered out loud how the team was able to keep their uniforms so white.
    Have a wonderful weekend and good luck next week.

    • lol I love it! It’s the way our brains think, Nancy…we can’t help it. lol I was thinking yesterday when the dump truck was delivering my top soil, there has to be a more efficient way to get that last bit of dirt out of the back of the dump truck without moving forward and slamming on brakes a half dozen times to do it. I just kept thinking, why hasn’t someone invented a dump truck with a flat device that stays against the back of the truck and just pushes outward to get that last bit of dirt out. I guess we are always thinking design, even if it’s for baseball uniforms or dump trucks! πŸ™‚

  4. I love all the windows, but would HATE cleaning all the windowpanes! I also would need cabinet space somewhere for my dishes, too.

  5. The cat’s name was Lucinda! I love to do the same thing you do Susan, when watching movies. Especially the old classics, because it’s interesting to see what never goes out of style!

  6. Susan, what a wonderful post for a Saturday afternoon. I didn’t see this movie but if I had known the home was so gorgeous I would have! Yes, to have all those beautiful windows I would certainly do without a few cabinets. πŸ˜‰
    It’s kinda funny because I use to watch the original Bewitched as a child and loved every thing about that house. My favorite now is Stepford Wives (2004). My children think I am obsessed because I love to freeze the movie on some of my favorite scenes. (When Joanna goes to Bobbie’s home and it’s spotless) Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh, Dee Dee…I have that movie and plan to do it sometime soon. Now you have me really wanting to watch it again.The houses were pretty amazing. Even the men’s clubhouse was beautiful, as I recall. It’s been ages since I’ve seen it.

  7. My son is a film producer, and has lived in Hollywood for about eleven years. I wiLl ask him if he knows anything about this house. I do know that Hancock Park is very upscale, maybe comparable to Mtn Brok here in Bham or old areas of Buckhead in ATL. I is quite snazzy. Dixie Carter lived there.

    You are right about the interiors. They cannot get all the equipment in such a smal space. He also told me, Mom, trust me, you do not want a film crew in your house. They make a mess.

    Another area you would love is bungalow heaven in Pasadena.

    • That’s what I’ve heard…things get damaged even. Would be fascinating to watch them film, though!

    • Have not seen the movie but I too love to study homes in movies, especially old movies and TV shows. I am familiar with Hancock Park and, yes, its is very expensive. it is an older established neighborhood with beautiful classic older homes and lots of tall trees.

  8. Susan, I always love your home tours. I could totally do all those windows in the kitchen!!!! Loved the inside gazebo too! Oh if I was only rich….LOL! Maybe someday you could do a tour of the home in the TV series Parenthood? I love, love, love that house. My husband goes to bed when it comes on because I’m always pausing it and saying “Wow, look at that!” or “I want one of those!”

  9. I used to live in Studio City some 20+ years ago. Never had a pretty cottage like this, though…
    Oh, and I love the “indoors gazebo” idea! Since most Southern California houses have very open floor plans (living room, dining room and kitchen “flowing” into one big space), the “gazebo” makes a great way to separate these 3 areas in an unobtrusive way.

    • It really is a unique way to do it but I do like that better than having it wide open with nothing to separate the areas. Jelena, has Studio City changed a lot over the years?

      • Susan, I haven’t visited there since 2002. However, the area where I lived changed dramatically when they started building the Universal City Metrolink station (underground train) in the mid-1990’s. They had to level a bunch of condos and apartment buildings for that, and they also dug up a small park that was there. All the private houses around that park (built mostly in the 1950’s and 1960’s) suddenly got “exposed” when all the demolition was done, and it was no fun living there any more. The dust and noise of construction replaced the quietness of sleepy, tree lined side streets. I have not wandered through that neighborhood since the train station was finished in the late 1990’s, but I bet it’s not as quiet and pretty as it was before.

        • I hate to see stuff like that happen to established neighborhoods. I hope they went back and camouflaged the station where it isn’t so noticeable. It’s sad when you move to an area and live there for years and years and just as you hit your “golden” years, the place you’ve always lived turns into something you never saw coming. It would be tough to move and leave a place you’ve lived so many years, especially when you’re older.

  10. I fell in love with this house when I saw this movie at the theater ages ago. I had to buy the DVD just so I could see the house again. I’m thrilled you took a bunch of stills from the movie to share. I’ve seen photos before but you’ve given us some really good ones. I didn’t know that the outside of the house was a real house…so cool. I thought the whole thing was made up. I like it better without the attached garage. I love the unusual architecture inside the house. Adore the kitchen and all the window and the garden. I absolutely could live in this house. I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t some houses somewhere built as copies of this. If I were building a new cottage…I’d love to build one just like this….and have thought about adding on to the back of my cottage in a way that would make my kitchen similar to her’s. Of course the California setting doesn’t hurt.

    • I do too…I’ve always love detached garages, especially if there’s a little walkway with a roof/shelter overhead. Wouldn’t that be cool if someone did (or had) built one like it. There’s just something special about cottages.

  11. Oh, this is delightful! I loved that cottage and kept stopping and starting the movie just to get one more look at the details inside and out.
    The chandelier you mention in the garden isn’t a chandelier at all, I don’t think. It looks like there are hanging tea lights in the upper right quadrant of the pic, as well as a couple on the right. They are hard to see and slightly hidden by the post. Oh, what fun! And YES, coming from a very dark kitchen in my house, I’d adore having loads of windows with no upper cabinets!

  12. It’s pouring down rain here, AGAIN, so what a nice opportunity to take a house tour of a sunny, beautiful cottage. I could so totally live there, although I agree with you that half, no, 80% of those stupid chotchkies in the kitchen would have to go. I love the cottage style decorating in the house, especially the living room. I’m always fascinated, and a little bit envious, of people who have decorated in all white. It’s so clean and pristine and such a perfect backdrop for any kind of decorating. I guess I like it because I know I could never keep it that clean for long unless I did have magical powers! Thanks for such a cozy post!

    • I know, I found that when I built my screened porch. Lots of options when everything is mostly white or neutral. Not sure I could do a whole house that way but definitely a few rooms. Thanks, Alicia…hope that rains stops soon! It’s really cloudy here right now. I can’t have rain for Monday and Tuesday…got a yard to get straightened out!

  13. Hi Susan,

    I grew up a mile and a half from there at 10975 Whipple Street. Of course, now you see bars on the windows and the area is really run down, which is sad. However, the house is still there but doesn’t look like it did 60 years ago when my parents bought it. The entire street has been transformed into much larger houses and apartments. “My” little house is the only original one left standing. It makes me sad ’cause my mom always had it fixed up so adorably.

    Thanks for the tour! LOVED the house on Radford. I could SO live there – dishes be damned!! LOL

    • That’s a shame about the area being run down. When I typed the address into Google maps the houses right around it looked pretty nice but I didn’t got very far down the street.
      I always hate to see them build HUGE houses in with the small ones. That’s happening in Atlanta. Folks by a house for the lot, tear down the house and build a BIG house that dwarfs everything around it. That’s so cool Trish that you grew up near by. Ha…I’m with you…might have to put the dishes in the garage.

  14. Susan, I did see the movie a while ago, but for the life of me, did not remember the gazebo. I think you have taught us to view movies through new eyes, although I always did ogle certain things.
    For sure, I would give up cabinet space for all those windows, we would soon find another place for the china you make us buy!! πŸ™‚

  15. This was so fun!! It’s one of my favorite movie homes πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for sharing this with us~

  16. I love your movie posts Susan and I was missing them lately! This house is gorgeous and a real one, ha! Well, Isabel is a witch, so maybe she didn’t need a ‘refrigerator!’ LOL! Loved it!
    Big hugs,

  17. Diane in NC says

    The only reason I stuck through the whole movie was because of my love of that cottage. Thanks so much for sharing yet another great movie home.

  18. I have never seen that movie…I am going to have to find it….I LOVE that house…the french doors are that they are curved at the top…Thanks so much for presenting this beautiful home…!!

  19. Susan ~~
    The tour of the cottage was super ! I would love all those windows and french doors ! Did you notice the little kitchen witch sitting on the ledge behind the kitchen sink ? Remember when everyone had a “Kitchen Witch” ? to cute !

  20. Ooooh I loved this post- thanks so much for sharing.
    I haven’t seen that movie but now I want to!

    I would give ANYTHING for French doors opening up to the back of the house – but in Ohio we have way too many mosquitos to EVER consider opening them up like that….unless they opened up to a SCREENED porch like yours! Yes ma’am that would kinda rock!

    Enjoyed this and yes do another post with the other house interiors, this is great fun, thanks Susan.

    • I had French door that opened up to the backyard via the breakfast room in my last house. That house didn’t have a basement so you walked right out into the yard. I did love it but like you mentioned, we could only do that in early spring or fall when the mosquitoes weren’t around. Thanks, Michele…I think I will and I’ll post that sometime next week. It was fun to see and worth a post, I think.

  21. Peggy Thal says

    Thanks for the great tour Susan! Just loved it. Such great memories of a fun time. I wiggle my nose everyday, but nothing happens!! If only it would.

  22. Bewitched was one of my favorite shows as a young girl! I was so disappointed when it ended. Apparently, it was supposed to continue, but Montgomery was having an affair with the Director which complicated matters and that’s why the show ended.

    I’m totally with you on the kitchen Susan! I think the first post I wrote on my blog was about kitchen size. If you think about it, it’s the old 80-20 rule. We use 20% of our kitchen items 80% of the time. The rest of the stuff can go somewhere else…either a butlers pantry as you mentioned or even just a fairly large pantry closet.

    The chandy is in both pics. If you look closely, it’s behind the woman with the dark hair, not over the table.

    I didn’t see this movie, but from what I’ve heard the best part is the decor! lol

    So will I see you at Haven?

    • Wow, I never knew that! About the 80/20 thing, I have found that to be soooo true! When I added glass to my kitchen cabinets, I went through everything in them and only put back the things I really used. I go donated and got rid of a lot of stuff that I just never used. The things I used once in a blue moon, went to the basement.
      Oh, so if that thing we see kind of behind the woman with the dark hair is the chandy, what is it over? It looks like it’s just out there in mid air and not over anything. It’s not over the other round table where Aunt Clara is either. Ummmm, I may have to pull that movie back out just to look at that more closely.

  23. Pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

    Not a Will Ferrel fan and only feel “meh” (as the kids say) about Nicole Kidman, but I think I’ll have to check out this house. It definitely looks adorable and worth seeing (or fast forwarding through, lol) the movie for! Thanks for another fun tour. πŸ™‚

  24. What a charming cottage!! Love all the details, could move right in there…….love the windows in the kitchen but not the clutter, and I would have to have massive counter space to create……….my fav is the kitchen in Practical Magic…….thanks for the tour!!!

  25. such a sweet cottage to have such an awful kitchen..those counters were so back was killing me just looking at her standing at the sink…altho…she is a very tall girl…maybe it wouldn’t be so bad for this 5′ 4 girl…naaaa it still looks low…did ya ever watch…sleeping with the enemy yet..that house she runs away too..aaaaaaaah….there isn’t anything about that house I don’t like…even the neighbor.!!!

    • Wende, I never noticed that until you mentioned. They do look way too low. You and I are the same height so we might be okay in there. lol I’ve never seen Sleeping with the Enemy but I need to watch for the house. Is it scary…I’m a chicken and shy away from the scary or super depressing movies. If it is, maybe I can play it on fast-forward so I can at least see the house. lol

      • No it’s not scary at’s great..stars Julia Roberts..not sure who the husband is played’s from 1991..Patrick Bergin played the husband..just wikipedia’ed it…says it’s a thriller..yes but not like one would think just by the word thriller…as for those counters in Bewitched…while brushing my teeth this morning I thought this is the height of those counters..LOL…I’m watching HGTV it’s about Candy Spellings new penthouse..which I seen the shows about her selling..”The Manor”..and the girl who bought The Manor..painted all the woodwork if the neighbors told her about that..I had hoped the new girl would let them do a show..showing how she changed it…now go watch sleeping with the enemy I promise you’ll like/love it

  26. This is one of the movies I watched only for the house!

  27. I’d heard so much about this house so I grabbed the movie for really cheap from a used movie store. I thought it was very cute and loved the house! My oldest son lives about 20 minutes from there so I’ll have to check it out when I visit him. I lived in So Cal for 30 years, Disturbia with Shia LeBeouf was filmed in a house across the alley from my mom’s and scenes of Hocus Pocus were filmed in an historic home in the same town.

    I love love love Meryl Streep’s house in It’s Complicated. I think it’s also a real house but, like Bewitched, I think the inside was a studio set.

    Thank you for the tour! I enjoyed it:)

  28. Marie Arden says

    Hi Susan
    The pretty dressing table white on right side in bedroom shot came from the company I used to work for the set designers came in to the Santa Barbara store and bought it for the movie! I went to see the movie looking for that dressing table just a brief shot of it. I loved the house too and the windows. Ditto on the clutter in the kitchen. I thought Will Ferrell was awful in the movie. I usually like him but not in this at all. I didn’t get any chemistry between the two of them.
    I was very disappointed it could have been a more clever movie.And not much magic going on just a few scenes and Endora was not given enough screen time!! Oh well it was still enjoyable and thanks for the tour!!

    • Marie, that is so neat! I definitely would have had to see the movie to see how/where they used the dressing table. It’s such a cute dresser! I’m not normally a huge Will Ferrell fan but it’s because he’s normally playing characters I don’t like. I’d probably like him in a movie where he played a likable character. He def wasn’t likable in this movie. I agree with you…they could have really made this movie so much more fun. At least we had a wonderful house to enjoy!

  29. I could defiantly live there ! And since most of my cooking is done in the microwave the lack of cabinets would not bother me , I would love the view to that lovely garden !

  30. I LOVE this post! I scoured every photo! LOVE that house and the garden pergola kinda architecure inside! So cool. That kitchen with the windows and doors was awesome but I agree tooooooo many knick knacks! eww.

  31. Nancy B. says

    Oh this was such a fun movie! I was so excited knowing it was coming out, I couldn’t wait to see it. My husband took me to see it and he kept squeezing my hand during the opening because it was all just “me”! I loved the house, the garden, the cat, the car! My dream car is a Bug convertible! The inside of the house did make the movie for me too. I is kind of quirky but fun to imagine. Now I have to watch the movie again, it’s been a while. And I must confess, still watch Bewitched reruns. I want that job of decorating movie set houses too! We can be a team πŸ™‚ I love your post, such fun, thank you!

  32. It’s a perfect dream cottage! I would live there in a “nose-wiggle’ minute. Loved the rusty patio chairs and the mix of chairs inside too. Also noticed the interesting sink front, the amazing beams and all the French doors and windows. I may have to see this not so great movie again just to see the house.
    Loved the tour!

    • Rita, I forgot to mention the sink front but I did notice it. Isn’t that the most interesting design…I have never seen one done that way before. Those French door and all those glorious windows were my fave! You would have to feel really safe about your backyard/neighborhood to live with that many French doors and windows because it would be too much trouble to close blinds over all those at night. πŸ™‚

  33. Susan,
    I loved the cottage and think it suited Isabel. The crowded kitchen counters remind me of the spells and potions being brewed and how all the ingredients are everywhere. She seems to be one that is not used to picking up as you go and just “twitch” it clean when you are done.
    If you look closely at the back right of the sink you can see a black “Bewitched Samantha” witch on a broom. (right of faucet, left of spice rack)


    • Rick, I think you’re right. She can be messy and have it spotless with just a nose wiggle. lol I remember in the movie the studio sends her a welcome gift basket after she agrees to the part and I think Bewitched Samantha was in that basket.

  34. Oh Susan! Another home run! I can’t believe I just got around to watching this movie yesterday. Been laid up with a pulled muscle. Great excuse to catch up on all the movies that’ve been piling up. Anyway, I absolutely adore this cottage. I’m totally doing the gazebo design in my “retirement cottage”. I love all the windows and doors with their “eyebrow” arches. As for the chandelier on the patio that you were wondering about . . . I think they may be candle votives which are hanging from the tree. If you look back to two pictures before that shot in your blog you can see two votives/candles in jars hanging “inside” the big double window, seen above the lamp. You are the absolute best at movie house tours! It’s funny, after I watched this movie, I wanted to get a closer look at the house and you were the first person that came to mind. You never disappoint my darling! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Isn’t that just the cutest house, Deena! I loved it when I saw the movie, too. The gazebo design would be perfect for your cottage. πŸ™‚ Thanks Deena…you are a sweetheart…appreciate the kind words! XO

  35. In the first picture of Maria & Isabel in front of the kitchen you can see the white side by side fridge just behind Maria on the left side under the books. This is probably the closest representation I’ve ever seen of my dream house. Love the windows and the layout. If only such a house came with someone to clean all those divided light windows and french doors.

    • So that’s where it is! I know…I LOVE this house, too! And the backyard! lol True…but true divided lights are the BEST! I still have all my old windows for that reason…won’t change them out to the more efficient ones because I don’t like the new windows that are available these days.

  36. I LOVED THIS MOVIE! And it’s great to find this fantastic post about the cottage, which really was a central character in the film.

    Nicely done, thank you!

  37. Thank goodness I found your blog! Now I get to enjoy the whole movie without having to pause and screengrab images of this beautiful house. Pls. pls. pls. do the Orlando, Fl house from Sisters 2015 film. πŸ™‚

  38. I was just googling for some images of this house and saw this. That is cool that you came up with a whole blog post on it. Some of us out there think alike! I also was struck by that house when I saw that movie. Like a dream cottage. Not too large or fancy, which makes it even better.

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