Dining in Mr. McGregor’s Garden: A Spring Table Setting with Peter Rabbit

Welcome to 552nd Tablescape Thursday!

I would love to have placed this table out on the screened porch, but that would have required wading through a few feet of Georgia pollen just to reach the table. It’s that time of year when I normally break down and give the porch a thorough cleaning, but I’m trying hard to resist since I know it will be covered right back up with pollen again in just a few days. I can’t wait until the pollen passes so I can get busy out there! Are you wading in pollen, too?

Spring Table, Peter Rabbit Theme


You know the pollen is bad when you can literally see footprints from where I’ve ventured out to fill up the bird feeders.

Peter Rabbit Tablescape with Peter Rabbit Salad Plates


I’ve been so looking forward to using the adorable plates I shared in a recent post. As I played with this table, at times I felt like I was putting together an autumn table. The plates pulled me in the direction of a fall color palette with orange plaid napkins and rustic, bark-edged chargers.

Spring Tablescape, Peter Rabbit Plates, Cabbage plates, Twig Flatware


After trying a variety of charger plates in this setting, the bark-edged ones were my favorite. I really like the contrast against the rich colors seen in the plates. (These bark-edged chargers are available here: Bark Chargers.)

I was thinking today, I should do a post sharing the items I find most useful for creating a variety of table settings throughout the year. These wood chargers would definitely make the list. I’ve been amazed how often they are the charger that I need in a tablescape, apparently even in the occasional spring/summer table!

Peter Rabbit Dishware Salad Plates


Since Peter Rabbit decided to have an impromptu lunch right there in Mr. McGregor’s Garden, he needed some twig flatware for the occasion.

Peter Rabbit in the Garden


This twig flatware was found here many years ago: Twig Flatware. It’s still available in gold and silver here: Twig Flatware.

Twig Flatware in Spring Tablescape


I love the colors in these adorable Peter Rabbit themed salad plates. You’ll find the plates currently on sale here: Peter Rabbit Salad Plates.

The dinner plates are Bordallo Pinheiro (Made in Portugal) and were a find in HomeGoods (I think) many years ago.

Peter Rabbit Plates for Spring and Easter


For glasses I’m using the adorable bunny glasses I found recently here: Bunny Glasses. The green wine glasses are from Dollar Tree several years ago.

Bunny Glasses for Peter Rabbit Table


The floral centerpiece, compliments of our own resident Peter Rabbit, consists of red leaf lettuce, kale and tasty organic carrots. The carrots still had their fluffy green tops, but I decided to use them in a different way in today’s table setting.

Peter Rabbit in the Garden Table Setting with Bunny Centerpiece


In a previous garden-themed setting a few years back, Mr. Bunny raided the garden and carried his carrots in an upright position.

Garden Table Setting with Bunny and Vegetable Centerpiece


(See more of that previous table here: Raiding the Garden.)


Vegetables are so colorful and pretty, they can even work as a “floral” centerpiece of sorts. And when you’re done with your meal, you can save the centerpiece for tomorrow’s dinner. lol

Bunny Centerpiece with Lettuce, Kale & Carrots Arrangement


Happy spring dining! Looking forward to setting some tables out on a non-pollen-covered porch real soon!

Spring Table with Peter Rabbit Garden Theme, Bunny Centerpiece


Looking forward to the beautiful tables shared for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Susan, this is a beautiful tablescape. I do love the Peter Rabbit plates and your cute carrot centerpiece! Yes, pollen has been terrible! Happy Easter weekend!

  2. Everything about this table setting is adorable! Love those Peter Rabbit plates. Yes, the pollen is awful. After we had a heavy rain and storms pass through over the weekend, my husband and I power-washed the back porch. It’s a yearly chore after the pollen clouds clear up with a good rain. We still have the front porch cleaning to look forward to. Lol

    • Thanks, Mary! I’m afraid to do mine right now since I know more is coming. I can’t wait to get things cleaned up, hate seeing it such a mess right now. Good luck with the rest of your washing!

  3. The garden produce filler for the bunny with a basket centerpiece is pure genius! Kudos.

  4. Super cute plates and the nibbles for the rabbits look super yummy! Thanks for hosting.

    • Thanks, Jay! That was probably the easiest arrangement I, uh…I mean Peter, ever created. The greens held the carrots in place really well.

  5. I don’t see fall colors on your table — I see earthy colors, the color of a garden newly planted. Every bit as “Spring” as pastels! Thanks for hosting another party full of inspiration.

    • Ohh, I like that…earthy colors and a newly planted garden! I hope my next house has room for a sunny garden patch, with or without nibbling bunnies. lol

  6. Susan, this is another one of your huge successes.
    Loved it and I will copy almost verbatim. No wood chargers and twig utensils. Have to use a different set of toys. The rabbit in all his carrots will be on my table as well. Stealing it from you.
    Don’t know how long you’ve had your cabbage dishes, I bought mine years ago, but I hiccuped when I saw on One Kings Lane what their going price is.
    Does that mean all the china and crystal was a good investment?
    Have a wonderful Easter with Peter and the gang. Jeremy Fisher is my buddy. We go fishing together.

    • Thanks so much, Kem! If you have dark wicker/rattan chargers like the ones they sell in Wally World and Pier 1, that would work great with these plates, as well.
      I know, I was Googling the other night to just see what’s out there and I saw those on King’s Lane, too. That’s ridiculous pricing. I got mine in either HomeGoods are Mashalls (I think HomeGoods) many years ago so they were very reasonable.
      lol Maybe it was! Almost as good as a Hermes Birkin! 😉

  7. Laura Carriker says

    Love the table… I wish I had the storage space you have so I could have a nice variety of accessories & different plates to mix & match. …Yes, here in NC we are buried in pollen and there have even been photos on the internet of yellow clouds over southeastern US areas from pollen in the air. It is extremely bad this year it seems. We have had an unusual amount of rain all year so every time it rains I hope it will wash away the pollen & rinse the trees but they are giving a good fight against that.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful decorating ideas & I love that you use all manner of items, materials, & shop at bargain stores as well as the high priced places. Your ideas are inspirational & do-able for most people….and I like that you share your trial & error & even some of the “fails” & how you overcome those…I still remember the big beautiful white rooster that broke & you repaired….. I could spend all day reading your website. It just sucks me in looking at one page after another clicking on link after link to see what magic you’ve created.

    • Thanks so much, Laura! I know, this pollen is intense! I think we are having rain this weekend so hopefully that will help calm it down a bit.
      I do love mixing the high and the low, whatever works. You really don’t have to spend a lot to create a pretty table. I use so many thing over and over and over, like Mr. Bunny in the centerpiece. That’s part of the fun, thinking of new ways to use what I already have.

  8. You ARE really something!! Luv All! franki

  9. Karol Iberg says

    This has been one of the worst year for pollen. The tablescape is beautiful.

    • So clever to use the twig flatware for a spring garden theme. And always, always enjoy a visit from Mr. Bunny! (I’m envious of everyone with a pollen problem–yes, envious. It’s not a bother for me because I have no outdoor spaces. What a twist on perspective.)

      • Now that is a twist. I am happy to rake some up for you and ship your way. Hee, hee. We should be approaching the end of it soon. I hope you see some pretty blooms your way soon, Mia!

    • It has! Thanks, Karol! XXX

  10. Karenann S. says

    Your Easter table is gorgeous! I just love the Peter Cottontail touches, makes for such a festive table!

  11. Love the whole thing but especially the green leaf plates. That centerpiece with the vegetables out Martha’s Martha Stewart!

    • Thanks, Ginger! At first I was just going to use carrots with the green, fluffy tops, but once I got to Whole Foods and saw the red lettuce, the wheels started turning. Vegetables really are pretty. I almost bought some of the radishes because they would look so pretty hanging over the edge of his basket. But I wasn’t sure how much I could fit in. The possibilities are endless, though!

  12. Brenda Lawrence says

    Your table setting is just adorable and beautiful all in one Susan! I love those charges each time you use them. The plates are so beautiful as well and I love Mr. Bunny and his vegies as the centerpiece. Have you seen the Peter Rabbit Movie? OMGosh it was so funny! I just wanted to let you know that I ordered one of your hats with the blue ribbon, really wanted the pink, but went more practical as I didn’t have money for both. OMGosh, I so love it!!!! Thank you so much for the recommendation! Best hat I own so it will get lots of use. I also have a very small head so was leery about ordering, but was happy to see that it had a string to tighten it around the head! Yep this is sure to be my most favorite hat. I hope to get the white and pink one down the road. Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks so much, Brenda! Yes, I loved that movie! I think I have it on DVD around here somewhere. I like so few movies, when I find one I do like, I usually buy the DVD.
      That hat is awesome, isn’t it! I can’t remember if it was the cream or navy I bought first, but I did it for that same reason, figured it would go with so many things. I just couldn’t resist the pink when it came out this year. So glad you are enjoying it! I love how it’s adjustable, too. Really smart the way they designed it that way. I also love that it’s made right here in the USA! ♥

  13. I love the idea of you doing a post on the pieces that are most useful for various settings. Many of us have limited space for storage so I am sure it would be a very useful post. Thanks in advance! This is a beautiful tablescape. Happy Easter.

  14. First the live oak trees shed some of their leaves for new growth, then the pollen hit. It’s been the worst year for pollen that I remember since moving here back in 2013. Like you, I quickly learned that I just may as well wait before trying to clean up, because my efforts were futile. Your tablescape is darling and really puts me in a springtime mood! Happy Easter!!
    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  15. What a sweet table and I love your Peter Rabbit! Happy Easter!

  16. Lovely table!!! Really cute.

  17. I was just telling my husband at lunch today that we would need to get a new pressure washer soon. Our old one broke and I am hoping the pollen is about done. I can’t wait to eat our lunches and dinners on our little porch!

  18. Such adorable bunny plates Susan, as is your entire scape! I’ve seen so many different bunny plates lately and all are adorable too ! Some day when I go to Miami I’ll order me a few, as there are none on sale at my neck of the woods.
    Thank you for hosting for us this week.
    Have a happy Easter Sunday coming up.

  19. Susan, just wondering if the bottom plate slides on the wooden charger? I was looking to buy some off and on for sometime, but worried if this would be an issue especially with children at the table? Thanks so much.

    • I haven’t noticed any problem with the plates sliding. The surface of the wood chargers isn’t slippery, so the plates don’t slide around easily. I think it would be fine for children, as long as they were high enough to eat from the plate with a charger underneath. I’m guessing a 6-7 year old would do fine, as long as they could reach okay.

  20. Bobbi Duncan says

    Love your Peter Cottontail setting with all the perfect touches! You’re the one that inspired me to buy my white rabbit ( actually a sitting and laying pair) a few years back. Love all the ways we can change things up just by adding different elements to the basket– and your garden veggies idea is now added to the list as well. It’s all just too cute! Our pollen isn’t in full force yet, but I see signs of it coming–guess that’s the price we pay for having beautiful foliage. I’ll have the house power-washed in May. Happy Easter!

    • Oh, I remember those bunnies! ♥ Yes, for sure…all the pretty flowers make the pollen worth it. 🙂 I was thinking the same thing. We had so much rain all fall/winter, I want to get the whole house cleaned. I can’t wait to get that done! Happy Easter to you, Bobbi!

  21. Cyndi Raines says

    What a smart bunny to fill his basket with such good veggies! Love him and glad I was able to buy a similar one to yours a few years back, (actually I have 2, each a little different, hehe.) The wooden chargers are awesome and the plates so fitting for a garden / Easter theme. Love the entire tablescape. Happy Easter Susan!

  22. Nancy Thompson says

    This is beautiful and so inspiring ! Where do you get Mr Bunny ? I would love to have one . Happy Easter !

    • Thanks, Nancy! I found Mr. Bunny in a gift shop in Marietta, Georgia many years ago. I can’t remember the name of the shop now…I think it had the word “Nest” in it. Not sure if it’s still there. I save the tag that came on Mr. Bunny and it says, “Nature’s Journey, Marjolein Bastin.” Marjolein Bastin used to have a website but I’m not sure if she still does. You may want too Google her name and see if any of her items are still available. Hopefully she is still painting/designing.

    • Nancy, I just checked and she does still have a website…you can view it here: https://marjoleinbastin.com/
      I love her bird paintings!

      • Nancy Thompson says

        Thank you for sending the website. Unfortunately Mr Bunny is no longer available, I even checked Ebay. I decorated my hobby room with Margolein items several years ago and just love her work! I will keep searching for a similar Bunny .

  23. I know you are looking at cute cottages for when you downsize. Take a look at today’s The Blue and White Cottage blog which has plans for a two bedroom 800 square foot adorable cottage. I assume there is a basement for washer and dryer.

  24. Karol Iberg says

    I made a mistake . It’s Blue and White House and search Laurel Cottage.

  25. You got the Peter Rabbit plates!! I’ve looked at them 3 times without yielding to temptation.

    • You’re a stronger woman than I am, Linda! lol I’ve been wanting some Peter Rabbit plates forever, even thought of buying the traditional Wedgwood version you see on eBay occasionally for a lot of $$$. So I couldn’t resist these, much better price than Wedgwood. 🙂

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