Christmas Dinner in Toyland

Welcome to the 377th Tablescape Thursday!

Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year? I have a wee obsession with Christmas dishware. I love how it can be whimsical, playful or just stunningly beautiful! The two patterns I’m using this week (really three if you count the charger) are all about the fun, playful side of Christmas.

Christmas Tablescape with Toys & Christmas Tree Centerpiece


This is a table setting that would appeal to both the adults and the little ones, starting with the “toy themed” centerpiece. I was envisioning the excitement of Christmas morning when kids awake early and rush downstairs to see what treasures Santa has left around the Christmas tree while they slept.  The toy cars all belonged to my son when he was little…how I miss those days! I’m looking forward to seeing my son, dil and grandson in a few weeks for Christmas.

The nutcracker was a gift one year from my son for Christmas.

Christmas Tablescape with Christmas Tree Centerpiece & Toy Theme


Update: Took a couple of photos this morning in daylight…

Christmas Tablescape, Villeroy & Boch Toy's Delight


What is it about Teddy bears…they get to me every time!

Christmas Tablescape with Toys and Teddy Bear Centerpiece


Glasses are Spode Christmas Tree. They are available on sale here: Spode Christmas Tree Glassware (Use code FRIEND for and additional 25% off) Mugs are Villeroy & Boch in the Toy’s Delight pattern.

Teddy Bear & Toy Centerpiece in Christmas Tablescape


A little red stocking holds our napkin. I love this cinnamon flatware, it goes with so many of my Christmas dishware patterns, I find myself using it a lot this time of year. You’ll find it available here: Red Flatware (Red stockings that can be used to hold a napkin or to hold flatware are available here: Stockings)

Christmas Table Setting with Villeroy & Boch Toy's Delight & Christmas Valley by David Carter Brown


The salad plates are Villeroy & Boch, Toy’s Delight. I love the deeply ruffled/scalloped design of these plates! It comes in green….

Villeroy & Boch Toy's Delight Green Salad Plate


…as well as the red shown below. The border in this pattern is covered with all kinds of toys. I’ve had these sweet salad plates for several years and was so happy to see they are still making this pattern. You’ll find it on sale (with an additional 25% off with the code “FRIEND”) and free shipping here: Villeroy & Boch Toy’s Delight

I only have four plates so I just ordered two more as I was writing this post. Can’t pass on that sale!

Villeroy & Boch Toy's Delight Red Salad Plate


I paired my Villeroy & Boch Toy’s Delight salad plates with David Carter Brown’s Christmas Valley dinner plates. I love this pattern so much! You may remember seeing it in this previous tablescape: Snowy Winter Tablescape, Tablecloth by Mother Nature

I can’t get enough of these tartan chargers. They’ve become a staple for my fall and winter table settings because they go with everything!

Christmas Valley Plate by David Carter Brown


We’re sipping on hot cocoa this chilly, fall (almost winter) day.

Hot Cocoa, Wilton Peppermint Stick and Marshmallow Heart


I love these cute Cocoa kits. I found this one in Michaels a couple of weeks ago, but there are some even cuter ones more suited for winter here: Cocoa Trimming Kit I love the marshmallow snowman in that kit!

Wilton Cocoa Trimming Kit


I was just thinking how this one would be great for Valentine’s Day in February. The heart is a marshmallow and the peppermint stick taste like cinnamon. Yum!

Hot Chocolate & Wilton Cocoa Trimming Kit


Thanks for stopping by this beautiful fall day! Merry Christmas, dear Friends!

Christmas Tablescape, Villeroy & Boch Toy's Delight


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  1. This is lovely….I have been purchasing new dinnerware since before Thanksgiving. I just LOVE switching them out for the seasons….my only challenge is I LOVE square dinnerware, so finding seasonal square dinnerware is a fun game, the hunt is on…LOL. I wish is was more easier accessible…if you have ANY websites to recommend, I would appreciate it. GREAT POST!

  2. Precious table..You have lots of years to look forward to setting a table for your new grandson! Love it-especially the salad plates..

  3. Hi Susan, I feel the same way about Christmas dishware! You have an amazing collection, and the way you paired them on your table is just stunning! Thanks for hosting this fun party each week! Happy Holidays – Christine

  4. Susan, I love the V&B Toy’s Delight pattern with the pretty ruffled edge! You plate stack is so festive with the three patterns!

  5. Hi, Susan! I love this table. All your dishes are pieces of Christmas art! You’ve created an area that is festive, colorful, fun and full of memories (love that you’ve saved toys from your son’s childhood!) I bet the excitement is building knowing your family will soon be at your home for Christmas! Hope your tree lights got figured out: we’ve had that issue because we have some animated ornaments that have to be plugged in our string of tree lights and sometimes we forget the socket is empty when we first put them on the tree: once we add the animated ornament in the socket, all the string lights up. Do you have anything like that? Anyway, enjoy these next few weeks!! Rosie

    • Thanks, Rosie! I have so many of his toys that I’ve saved…just need to get down in the basement, bring them up and clean them off. My grandson is still a little too young for most of them but it won’t be too long before he can enjoy them. I pulled out some of the large lego building ones when they were here for Thanksgiving and my son remarked how strange it was to see his son playing with toys he played with. Life is just a big ol circle, isn’t it? πŸ™‚
      Unfortunately, I’m still fighting the tree. No, don’t have any animated ornaments, but thanks for suggesting that. I bet I’ve spent at least 4-5 hours trying to find the problem so far. It’s killing me that I can’t find it. I can’t decorate it until I find the problem. I may have to just give up and put up with the lower branches not lit. Ugh. I’m going to work on it some more this week, replacing every single bulb. That’s the only thing left to try at this point.

  6. Susan, your table looks beautiful. I just love the different patterns on your dinnerware, and using the tiny stocking as a napkin holder is such a cute idea.

  7. Thank you for hosting Susan!

  8. It is a fun table, but it is also pretty. I love those V & B salad plates. I’d be clicking over to see about buying them if I had any more storage room for Christmas plates. The stockings for napkin holders are so cute, and I love that you still have your son’s toy cars. Thank you for hosting.

  9. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    This would make such a cute and festive breakfast table. Thanks, Susan. Love those Villeroy and Boch salad plates. And the Christmas stockings holding the napkins is such a cute idea. πŸ™‚

  10. Lovely! I also love all Christmas dinnerware and the way you’ve mixed and matched the patterns is wonderful. Love this table…

  11. What a cute table to come down to on Christmas morning! I also wanted to comment about the greenery on your front porch, I really like it hung higher, makes more of a statement. Merry Christmas!

  12. That is the most adorable teddy bear. Love his face. And going to look for that cocoa kit with marshmallow hearts and cinnamon sticks. Yum. But hmmm, still no tree photos πŸ˜‰

    • No, after spending about 4-5 hours, I still can’t get the bottom layer of lights to work. Driving me bonkers. I’m going to try again tomorrow, changing out every single bulb to see if that fixes it. So frustrating!

      • Susan, I remember something about a particular bulb usually the culprit, and found this…
        Here is your solution. Find the non-removable bulb with the white socket. It is the last one on the strand.
        You will find that it’s blackened or burned and causing your problem.
        Wiggle out the bulb, then dig out the socket with a pair of pliers. Be careful not to destroy the socket. Take your time, wiggle it loose. Stick any replacement bulb into that socket and, BAM, your tree will be perfect again!
        (Fingers crossed–Mia)

        • Tomorrow I’m going to look at them all again. The reason I think it’s a bulb is because I changed out all the fuses and that didn’t work. AND when I plug in three of the strands, into an extension cord and into the wall, they don’t like up. Ummm, now that I think about it, how can I have a bad bulb on three strands though? πŸ™ Thanks for info. Mia.

  13. Beautiful…love the V and B toy dishes. Could you tell me how you take care of the boxwood wreaths? I have them for the first time this yr, and after hanging them in my dining room window they were wilting. Thank you in advance!

    • Vickie, do they get a lot of sun there or are they over a heat vent? They don’t require much maintenance, if any. Some sellers suggest you spritz them occasionally with water but I talked personally on the phone a few years ago to the woman who owns the company where I bought the little ones I use on my kitchen cabinets, and she said she never sprays the ones she has in her home and they do fine.

      I have a feeling the one I just hung in my dining room window won’t last as long as the one I have over my bed because the one in the window will get light from the bay AND it’s hanging right over a heat vent. So far it’s doing okay but that may be because the heat/air conditioning almost never runs on the main level of my home since I have a full heated basement below and the heated upstairs above.
      Preserved wreaths are already dried out to a certain degree since they are “preserved” but if your heat is running a lot or the wreath is getting a lot of sun through the window, that may be drying it out even more.
      Since it’s no longer alive, I’m not sure why it would wilt. Make sure it’s not getting too much condensation/moisture from the window itself…that can make preserved wreaths get spots of mold on them. I noticed when I got out my small preserved wreaths this year, the ones I use on the kitchen cabinets, one had a few spots of mold. I think that’s because when I put them away last year, I stored them inside a plastic storage box where they weren’t able to “breathe.” I’m going to store them with the lid ajar when I put them away again.

      • I’m Sorry, I should have described them as dried out not wilted.
        And yes I do get a lot of sun in that window and a heat vent is below as well. No wonder they are looking so bad.! Thank you so much for all the information.

        • Vickie, you may want to try laying it down on some newspapers on the garage floor and very lightly spritzing it with a water bottle. Then give it a little time to soak in. When I’ve spritzed a little wreath before, the green dye dripped a little, so if you try that, just make sure the wreath is on top of some thick newspapers or something that can get a few green stains on it. I’m not sure if that will help but it may be worth a try.

  14. Lovely tablescape! The stockings holding the plaid napkins at first made me think of legs ripped off Santa’s helpers. LOL

  15. Just love all the tablescapes! You have opened me up to a new world!
    Have a great holiday,

  16. Marlene Stephenson says

    Your table is a wonderful whimsical idea made for a family Christmas,i love it. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas.

  17. Love this, Susan. It is fun and pretty.β™₯ Thanks for the inspiration.

    I am finally sharing our Thanksgiving table. I know I’m late, but I finally got it done. Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. “The peppermint stick taste like cinnamon” cracked me up. Don’t mind the teasing, please! I enjoy your blog very much and have for quite some time. It was a huge labor of love for so many years and I am happy for you now to have a way to get something back. Just don’t stop blogging!

    • lol Well, it does! I guess I should call it a cinnamon stick but it looks like a peppermint stick. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Deb. I can’t imagine not blogging. Still love it as much today as I did that first year. It’s you and the other dearhearts who visit each day that make it so much fun and keep me excited about creating that next post. Thankful beyond words, so thank you for being a part of it all! XX

  19. Thank you for the fun today Susan, and I love your toy filled scape with heart marshmallows and candy canes! I’ve never seen that VB Christmas pattern, it looks great paired with the plaid and the Christmas Valley~

  20. I love your Christmas table! The Christmas bear is so cute in his Santa outfit. I have always love v&b’s toy’s delight, it’s such a fun pattern!

  21. Mr. Bear is just too darn cute!

  22. Hehe, Susan, “wee obsession with Christmas dishware”? Remember, you’re among friends, and friends don’t lie! Totally cute from all the dishes to the toys to the textiles and utensils. Your collections are envious, and I love your ability to mix and match and make it all look unique and good, every.single.time. Thank you for hosting us at TT.

  23. Beautiful table and so fun! Love the plates. Tartan is so popular this year.

  24. Susan, you are going to be my budget’s downfall. Everytime I see some new Christmas china on your blog, I can’t resist ordering it!What’s more, I have long since lost control over my storage space. Anyway, it’s great fun and thanks for finding so many fun things.

    • Sorry, June…I know exactly how you feel. I have the same problem each year. I also love some of the old patterns that are impossible to find. Christmas china is seriously my weakness! How can anyone resist the whimsy and the fun of it. πŸ™‚ I’m not helping, am I? lol

  25. Susan: FYI…I just got a new MacKenzie-Childs “Holiday Gift Collection 2015” catalog yesterday and they are introducing “Evergreen Enamelware” and it includes a gorgeous pattern with tartan bows, holly, pine cones, etc. So many beautiful items to choose from in this new pattern. The chargers will definitely be on my Christmas wish list!!

    • Wow, just googled it and it’s beautiful! I love the combination of tartan with holly and pine cones and of course, MacKenzie Child’s signature check. Should set a beautiful table!

  26. Love the red flatware set! Would definitely be a holiday workhorse in my home. Have you see the snowman hot chocolate marshmallow toppers at Sur la Table? so adorable as they melt.

  27. Fun table, Susan. It think any child would delight at having a meal or a snack at this darling table setting. That’s the cutest little Santa bear! Love the shots with the sunshine streaming through the windows. ‘-)

  28. This is adorable Susan. I have that same bear! Love those V & B dishes! I’m happy for you that your son, DIL and grandbaby will be visiting for Christmas!

  29. I am so thrilled I found your website. I have been reading “sewing blogs” for years and accidentally fell upon yours. I love decorating but haven’t been quite as enthusiastic lately as I was. You have renewed my interest. Thank you. Plus I love your taste. You are a very impressive woman.

  30. So cheerful!

  31. Gorgeous table. The bear from the party scene in the Nutcracker is an adorable touch. Thank you so very much for hosting all of us on your blog. You really have a magnificent, informative, and beautiful blog.

  32. I, too, am in love with the tartan chargers and have used them this week too!!! Your table is so sweet and fun! Beautiful dishes. I also love any Christmas dishes. Have so many it is crazy:):) We are having springlike weather here in Pa.! I am LOVING it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Susan, this is an absolutely adorable table! Every detail is perfect. Thank you for sharing.

  34. love, love, love everything about this. I have been looking high and low for the little utensil stockings. May i ask where you found them? I saw them on Pinterest too! Thanks Susan!

    • Thanks, Linda! I found those in the gift shop of a Cracker Barrel back in 2012. That was the year that Pottery Barn first had the cute little stockings available for utensils but they were a bit pricey so I resisted buying them. Then I came across these in Cracker Barrel for much, much less. You can see another way that I used them in this previous table setting:
      I haven’t been in Cracker Barrel in a whilte so not sure if they have them again this year. They have some awesome sales on their hoiday goodies each year so you may want to visit one to see if they have them again…hopefully on sale.

    • Linda, I just googled for stocking cutlery holder and look what I found. I think these are adorable and not a bad price:

  35. I’ve been debating getting some of the twas place settings for a fun look for christmas for the kitchen. I will eventual one day have a whole set up for the whole holiday time that I change out like you do with your bedroom

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