How To Adjust The Size Of The Grind On A Salt Or Pepper Shaker

This is probably one of those, “everyone in the world knows this but me” things. lol I love this salt and pepper shaker that I purchased a few years back–except for one thing. Over the past few months, the pepper shaker puts out these huge pepper chunks when I grind a little pepper into my eggs in the morning. This morning, after it happened once again, I started thinking I was just going to have to look for another set, but I really don’t want to do that because the salt shaker is fine. Plus, I really like this set. Not wanting to replace it, I wondered if there was a way to adjust the size of the pepper flakes, after all, I don’t remember having this issue when I first purchased it.

How to adjust the grind size of a salt and pepper shaker


Well, it turns out, there is! On closer examination, I noticed these little circles/dots that go from small to large–light bulb moment! How have I never noticed this before?!

Small circles on the top of the pepper shaker, for adjusting the grind


It wasn’t set this open, but I opened it up a bit more for the photo so you could see how open it can go. I guess this would be great for the person who likes really big chunks of pepper in whatever they are cooking.

Higher for a larger grind of pepper


Here’s how it looked after how I screwed the little thingy on top back down some in the direction of the smaller dots. From henceforth, there will be no more big, crunchy chunks of pepper in my scrambled eggs!

Lower for a smaller grind of pepper


I rarely use salt but I noticed the salt shaker has this same adjustment. Even if your salt and pepper shakers don’t look like mine, there should be a way to adjust the size of the grind. On those really tall, wooden grinders that you so often see, it’s the silver screw at the top that can be adjusted up or down to change the size/grind of the flakes.

How to change the size of the salt and pepper grind


I’m sure most people already knew about this little trick but thought I’d share it just in case it’s not something you’ve ever noticed. I guess my pepper shaker had just adjusted itself upward a bit over the years, so now I know to watch for that if the size of the pepper flakes starts getting too big again.

How to adjust the grind size of a salt and pepper shaker


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  1. ellen clairmont says

    Ha! I love your posts. I always learn something from them. I just found out about that little thing on the mustard bottles that hold the cap open!

  2. Sabrina Holmes says

    Didn’t know this!

  3. You are brilliant! My salt shaker has recently been giving me huge chunks of salt after I washed it. Now I know what to do! Thank you so much!!

  4. I love those light bulb moments! There’s always something new to learn, and it’s especially fun if you get the right amount of pepper on your eggs! 🙂 Happy Grinding!

    • You are not kidding about learning something new every day! Yes, gotta get that pepper just right. lol Happy Labor Day, Barbara–hope you are relaxing!

  5. I think I did know this, but one tends to forget! LOL I love pepper, but like it on the finer side when grinding on my eggs or whatever else. Good to know these tips and tricks Susan. As always, thanks for sharing your discoveries with us! Hugs, Brenda

  6. I did not know you could do that! This is just one of many reasons why I love your blog Susan… Your generous spirit of sharing your life’s experiences enriches our lives. I can’t thank you enough.

    I have a 37 year-old Amana refrigerator that is still working; but odd noises are starting. I dread the day I have to go out and look for a new one. Secretly, I am hoping you need a fridge soon because (like the wash machine recommendation) I know you will find the best one on the market… and I won’t have to worrying about which one to buy. LOL!

  7. I had to google what the mustard bottle secret was…..amazing! I just learned something new!

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