Ditching the Eyeglasses When I’m Out and About + New Workspace Glasses!

Welcome to the 731st Metamorphosis Monday! Do you wear glasses or contacts? Back in May 2017, the progressive glasses I had been wearing for quite a few years, broke apart right in the center. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it led me to a local eyeglass retailer/optometrist where for the first time ever I learned about “workstation” glasses.


To say my workstation (or workspace glasses as they called them during my recent eye appointment) have changed my life is not an exaggeration! Since it’s been 5 years since I first learned about workspace glasses, you have probably heard about them by now. I’m not sure if they were a new concept back when I first found out about them five years ago or if they had been around for a while at that point. In case you’re not familiar with “workspace” glasses, they are progressive lens glasses that are designed to meet the needs a person would have in an office environment, which by the way turns out to work great for pretty much everything I do here at home. The workspace glasses (on the right below) have the majority of the lens (especially the part in the center) dedicated to seeing just a few feet out, which is perfect for viewing a computer screen. It turns out it’s also perfect for cooking, ironing, and almost everything else I do around the house.


The top section of workstation glasses is designed to see much further out so if you’re sitting/working at a desk and someone walks into your office or workspace, when you look up at them through the top part of the glasses, they will be in focus. The bottom of the lenses is still designed for reading. It’s a brilliant concept because it gives us exactly what we need when viewing a computer screen–no more tilting our heads way back to view the computer screen through the bottom half of the glasses.


I have become the biggest cheerleader in the world for workspace glasses! Of course, I would prefer to not wear any glasses at all and wore hard lenses, followed by gas-permeable contacts for the majority of my life–that is until the monovision gas-perm contacts I was wearing no longer worked for all my needs. I’ve been in some form of progressive lens glasses full-time for at least 10-15 years now and figured I was stuck in them for the rest of my life. Recently, I had a huge epiphany! It dawned on me that I should try gas perm contacts again since I no longer need contacts to do everything for me as I thought I did when I bought my first pair of workspace glasses.

So here’s the new plan and so far it seems to be working well. I purchased a brand new pair of gas-perm contacts and when I leave the house, I put those in. They work great for driving, seeing the dashboard, and for reading a lot of the things that I need to read when I’m away from home–like a menu, signs in a store, or my phone. The only thing they are not great for is when I need to see small things for a long period of time–like small writing on a computer screen for hours. That’s where the workstation glasses come in. As soon as I arrive back home from running errands, I take out my contacts and put my workspace glasses back on since they are great for everything I do here at home.

For reading a book or anything I can hold a bit closer, I just take the glasses off since I don’t need any correction/eyewear for that. I’m so nearsighted, I can read the inscription inside a ring or thread a needle without glasses or contacts. That’s one of the reasons I’ve never opted for laser eye surgery since it would take away the close-up vision I currently have and I never want to lose that if I can avoid it. I love not having to wear glasses when working a puzzle, reading a book, reading mail, filling out forms, or anything paperwork here at my desk.

I don’t know why it took me this long to realize I could do it this way: contacts for when I leave the house and workspace glasses when I’m at home. One thing I do notice is when I get home, it takes my eyes about an hour to return completely back to normal. Gas Perm contacts slightly change the shape of the eye, I think the cornea, that’s why they typically offer better vision correction than soft contact lenses, especially for astigmatism which I definitely have in at least one eye. Fortunately, they don’t change my eye enough that I can’t still see the computer which means I can start working and using the computer as soon as I return home.

Before, I was trying to find contacts that would do everything I needed throughout the entire day so I could ditch glasses entirely. That just doesn’t work for my nearsightedness and astigmatism. I think this is going to be a happy solution because it gets me out of glasses when I’m out and about, but gives me everything I need when I’m at home.

I wanted to share what’s working for me in case there’s anyone out there who hasn’t heard about workspace/workstation glasses. I know everyone’s situation is completely different, but if your situation is similar to mine, this has been the happiest compromise I’ve found. When I’m out driving around now, I feel like I’ve been set free! lol I don’t like how I look in glasses so I’m really happy I can ditch them when I’m out amongst the world. Also, I’m looking forward to shopping for some fun, stylish sunglasses. I may get some silly-looking white ones for summer to go with my Lily Pulitzer shirts that I live in during the summer months.

New Workstation/Workspace Glasses: Though my prescription hasn’t changed (for glasses or contacts) I went ahead and sprung for some new workspace glasses since I was really tired of my old ones after wearing them for five years. There’s a YouTuber I occasionally watch whose glasses I really like. She did a Q & A a year or two back and the number one question she said that she got was, “What brand are your glasses?” So apparently I’m not the only one who loves how her glasses look on her. It turns out her glasses (shown below) are by Chanel–the model number is 3281, just in case you’re interested.

The retailer where I’m getting my contacts doesn’t carry Chanel. Actually, I was given two different answers when I asked if they carry Chanel frames with one employee saying they did but at another location, and another employee saying they no longer carried Chanel in any of their locations. I stopped by Warby Parker, which is in the same shopping center, to see if they had something similar to the Chanel glasses. I tried on these below and really liked them. I’ve discovered over the years that tortoiseshell frames work well for me–they go well with my hair color and my skin tone. I don’t have my new workstation glasses yet, they should come in today or tomorrow. I can’t wait to get them! In case you’re interested, the Warby Parker tortoiseshell frames below are Clemens in the color, Striped Sassafras. They come in several colors.


Hope this information helps anyone who may be in a similar situation and is tired of being stuck in glasses full-time. I know there are worse things in life, but it’s amazing how little tweaks can add to our happiness.

Before I close out this post, one more very important thing that I learned during my recent eye appointment is when you’re outside, always wear polarized sunglasses. I’ve always done that since I knew polarized sunglasses were supposed to be a good thing, but I wasn’t sure why. The doctor I saw said it actually helps avoid or delay getting cataracts. I asked him if it was inevitable–getting cataracts, and if everyone gets them. He said 8 out of 10 people will eventually have cataracts. I asked if there was a way to avoid them entirely because I’d like to be one of those two people who will never get them! He said the most important thing you can do is wear polarized sunglasses, but you have to be aware, that they can make it difficult to see your car’s dashboard. I’ve always worn polarized sunglasses and haven’t had an issue with seeing the dash, but that’s important to keep in mind.

Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Thanks so much Susan! So glad you found a happy solution to your glasses!

  2. I didn’t realize they were still making gas permeable contacts. I would love to know where you purchased yours. I live in East Cobb so we have similar stomping grounds.

    • I bought them from LensCrafters in Avenue of East Cobb. They definitely still make them although they must not be in huge demand. I almost couldn’t find the contact solution when I stopped by a CVS. They only had two bottles for Gas Perm contacts and it was on the bottom shelf. lol

  3. Hi Susan, my vision issues sound exactly like you. I have to wear gas permeable lenses as anything else just falls out of my eye. crazy. I’ve tried the monovision situation but that became a problem after a while. I have terrible autoimmune dry eye problems that meds don’t work for so I gave up contacts altogether a few years ago. I do wear progressive lens glasses, but still have problems when doing computer work. I’m with you on laser, no thanks I wouldn’t be able to see close up.

  4. I know nothing about this, except for what I’ve seen on their tv advertisement: drops used daily to correct astigmatism and vision problems, relieving the need for glasses. Just wondering if anyone has tried this. BTW, glad you found a way to solve your problem. You’re the Joy Mangano of the blogging world!

  5. Carol Norton says

    I was holding out and saving for multi-modal interocular lenses. I’m a bit older than you are, Susan, so cataracts are starting to creep up. If and when I have to undergo that surgery, I want the implants with the ability to change from near to far and everything in between. I have two close friends who have them and they just rav about how much it’s improved their vision.

  6. I started wearing glasses at 7 years old (probably needed them earlier) and switched to hard lenses as a teenager when they first came out. Later switch to gas perm and then to soft lenses. Started wearing readers in my 50’s but could read fine when I took my contacts out. I, too am very nearsighted. I started developing cataracts at 60 (I’m 71 now) and started having trouble reading even with readers. I am a musician and could no longer see the music well enough to play. I had cataract surgeries in December and am thrilled to have my sight back. I now see 20/20 with my naked eyes. I can read my music with no problem and can read all but the smallest of print with nothing. I use readers for tiny print. I don’t need readers for computer work or most anything. My cataracts were so dense I was legally blind so I am grateful to have my sight even better than I have ever had. Don’t take your eyes for granted!!

    • Can you share more specifics on your surgery (like the name of procedure or the lenses installed, etc.)? I’ll be facing cataract surgery at some time and would love to only have to use readers for “mice-type”. (Also, if you are in the North Atlanta area, which eye doctor did you see?)

      • I had the Alcon Acrysof toric. I paid extra to get the toric ( corrects astigmatism) but it was reasonable. I love my surgeon. I am in Monroe Ga. The surgeon is Dr. Stephen Baynham at Walton Eye Center. It was a quick painless procedure. I opted for numbing drops only. I felt I didn’t need the IV sedation although many people opt for that. He performs the surgery as an outpatient at Piedmont hospital here in Monroe. If you want to know more send me a friend request on Facebook. Find me listed as Edith LangstonBice or email me at elbice@ gmail.com.

        • Thank you!!

        • I use Dr. Baynham and really like him. He did eyelid surgery for me and I’m so glad I did it because I love to read and the droop was bothering me. Unfortunately I didn’t learn about him before I had my cataract surgery. I have the mono lenses and can see without glasses except for fine print.

  7. Tina W Reynolds says

    Thanks for such clear information! Why is it that everyone at my eye doctor’s office over complicates it all? LOL! Now I am facing cataract surgery. I have very dry eyes, which were compromised years ago by a bad bout with rosacea. It was misdiagnosed, and somehow became ocular rosacea which destroyed the protective membrane over my eyes. I am happy to say that all of that is cleared up completely, but I am left with the very dry eyes, so no contacts. The artificial lenses that they implant during cataract surgery come in a few different types. The decisions one makes become permanent! I’ll always have to wear glasses, but now it all seems so complicated. I plan to reward myself with two pairs of cute frames when it is all over. My next appointment is in May, so I have time to do all of the research. Ugh!

  8. Biodynamic Barb says

    Hi Susan,

    I only need glasses for driving and movies, so I had the opposite problem you did – I was having to tilt my head DOWN to see. I asked the glasses place to make the majority of the glass distance and only the tiniest portion at the bottom for close up work so that I could see the speedometer and GPS.

    In other words, progressive lenses can be made to suit whatever the wearer needs!

    • Yup, that’s the normal way progressive lenses are designed…with the middle part being for distance and the bottom part, for close-up. That’s what most people wear when the presbyopia kicks in around age 40…if they aren’t wearing monovision or multifocal contacts. That’s how the smaller glasses on the left in my photo are designed. Workstation glasses turn all that upside down. I’m not sure when those first started being made or became a popular choice, but the doctor just told me about them around 5 years.

  9. I also have asigmatism and have been doctoring with a ophthalmologist for quite a few years. I put off getting new lenses because of the difference in my sight and was waiting for things to even out. Meanwhile, I bought ‘readers’ over the counter (there are some really cute ones) and found sunglasses with readers also and they suit me fine. I need glasses for reading, computer etc. Since my eyes are sensitive to light, I must wear them while driving on ‘bright’ days….such as today in Michigan we have lots of snow and the glare even when the sun is not out, bothers me. I enjoyed your post….eyecare is so important. My ophthalmologist saved my sight in my right eye 17 yrs ago with emergency surgery. I will be forever grateful to him. I thank God every morning for the two gifts He gave me….my eyes!

    • Hi Susan,
      I’m in the same area as you and would love a recommendation on an ophthalmologist. You can message me at my email. Thanks for the information . I enjoy your blog!

  10. Thanks again for hosting this charming party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it I truly appreciate it!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  11. Good for you – you found a way that works for you! I have great distance vision and only need readers, so I have a pair in every purse and in every room. I did buy glasses for using on my computer or tablet with the blue light blocker. With you on the cataracts – all my friends are getting the surgery but my eye doctor says I am years away from needing it ! Thanks for sharing good tips and hosting this party for others to share their ideas.

  12. Wow. Totally learned something new. Thanks for the info, Susan. 🙂

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