How Did The Whimsical Animal Scarf Work Out, Plus One More Design That I Ordered

A few days ago, I shared some cute silk scarves a lovely BNOTP reader told me about. I liked them so much, I decided to buy one so I could compare it to the Hermes silk scarves I’ve occasionally bought in the past for my handbags and to give as gifts.

Twilly Scarf for Handbag Handles


This was the first scarf I purchased. I couldn’t resist all the cute animals featured on this scarf including birds, horses, deer and bears. It arrived, and I love it! It feels really nice and very comparable to the scarves I’ve been buying that are much more expensive. The only difference I noticed between this scarf and the much more expensive ones is the fabric is a little lighter weight, but not enough to make a difference that I can tell. The more expensive scarves cost more 10x more, so at just $13.99 each, I don’t mind the slightly lighter weight. I love how this one adds some color and whimsy to my bag. The colors look great against the wicker. (Scarf is available here: Animal Lover’s Scarf. Handbag is no longer available, but was from here: Beautiful Summer Bags.

Adorable Silk Scarf with Bear, Deer and Birds, Handbag Accent


I was so impressed with the animal scarf when it arrived, I ordered two of these to try on my pink bag.


One arrived today and the other one will arrive tomorrow. Just to see how it looked with the bag, I quickly wrapped the one that arrived today over top of the Hermes Twilly scarf that I already have on the handle. It’s a completely different look and I love it! (Handbag is from here: Hermes Toolbox.)

Silk Scarf for Handles of Hermes Bag


Here’s a closer view of the scarf. Again, I just wrapped it over the existing Hermes Twilly scarf that I already have on the handle to test how the color would work with my bag. This bag has two handles, so hopefully, the second scarf I ordered will arrive on Friday as scheduled. These scarves are also really cute worn around the neck, the wrist or in the hair, so very versatile. You’ll find this particular design available is here, along with an additional 48 designs from which to choose: Silk Scarf.

Silk Scarf Protects Handles of Hermes Bag


I’m really happy to know about these very affordable silk scarves in so many cute designs. Thanks again to Marlene for sharing them with me!

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  1. Franceil Parde says

    WELL DONE!! OVELT!! franki

  2. Rebecca Dexter says

    Curious to know if you have ordered from Appleseed…if so whether or not you were happy with your purchase…quality etc.?

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