Drama on the Drive Back and the Exploding Danger of Retread Tires

I wish I could say my drive back home from Ohio on Monday was uneventful, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. About 2-1/2 hours from home, as I was passing a red and green 18-wheeler truck on my right, suddenly one or more of its tires blew apart. With A LOT of tire tread headed straight for my windshield at interstate speeds, I braked hard and swerved to avoid it as much as I could while still keeping my SUV on the road.

Several of the medium to smaller pieces hit the front of my car, going up under the car, but one huge, very long piece slammed down the side of my car. That piece was so long, it looked as if the entire tread had come off in one long piece.

Damage to My Car by Retread Tire Coming Apart on Hub Group Truck 1


The driver never even slowed down or stopped, although I’m positive he knew what had happened. There’s no way you could lose tread off your tires and not hear or feel it, especially with the LOUD flapping sound the truck’s tires were making after it happened.

The driver had to have heard the LOUD noise they made when they exploded apart, not to mention the view of an SUV swerving in your side mirror behind you.

Damage to My Car by Retread Tire Coming Apart on Hub Group Truck 4


After I recovered from the shock of what had just happened, I pulled out my phone and using voice control took a lot of photos of the truck from behind and on the side. I captured a lot of identifying information including the tag number and other numbers that identify the truck.

Damage to My Car by Retread Tire Coming Apart on Hub Group Truck 7


Here’s one of the photos I took showing the tires that appear to be missing their tread on the side of the truck. That’s the side where all the tread came from that hit my car. Is this how retreads look after they explode apart?

Tires with missing tread


Do you own a convertible? I can’t imagine what could have happened if I had been in a convertible. I would be very leery of ever taking one out on the interstate after this experience.

Damage to My Car by Retread Tire Coming Apart on Hub Group Truck 5


The tire tread slammed into my car so hard, it literally cracked the front quarter panel! If I had been driving a convertible and had not reacted in time to swerve, the tired tread would have hit right in the middle of my windshield which is where it was headed before I swerved. Imagine the damage it could have done to a passenger in a convertible!

I’m still amazed that it didn’t break my windshield because the really long piece of tread that looked to be the entire length/circumference of an 18-wheeler tire, partially hit my windshield as it slammed into my car.


Damage to My Car by Retread Tire Coming Apart on Hub Group Truck 3


I’ll be dealing with having my car repaired when I return from England. With all the photos I took of the truck and the identifying information, my insurance company is going to contact the trucking company.

I don’t know if this truck was using retread tires but if it was, why are retreads even allowed? Why aren’t they illegal? If I hadn’t been focused solely on my driving and hadn’t seen the tire treads pieces headed straight for my car and windshield, things could have been so much worse!

Passing or driving alongside an 18-wheeler with retreads is a huge risk. They are a ticking timebomb that can go off at any moment. Imagine driving down the interstate at 60 mph in a convertible or with the window down and having the misfortune to be right alongside the tires of an 18-wheeler when one of its garbage retread tires decides to explode apart!

Again, why are these not outlawed?!

Update: My insurance company tracked down the driver and the company he was driving for and it turns out, he didn’t have any insurance. I wish now I had called 911 and just followed the truck until a State Trooper could find us and make him pull over. I hope the incident was at least reported by my insurance company or his employer and that he was driving without insurance.

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  1. I am so sorry you had to experience this, but most of all I am glad you were not injured. Thank you for sharing and alerting us to this hidden danger. Take care.

  2. Oh my goodness….So scary! And so happy you were not hurt! Will keep this in mind when on the interstate – Thank you !

  3. Deena Salvatore says

    Susan this is awful! I live in NJ and hate and fear all the trucks on Rts. 80, 78 and 287. At times the trucks caravan and we can’t even get over to exit the highway. They also drive at high and unsafe (not to mention illegal) speeds. I am SUV, but my husband travels those highways and drives a Porsche and a BMW. Both convertibles. I don’t even want to think what would have happened if something like this were to happen to him. Thank the good Lord you’re ok. As annoying and fearful as the experience was and the pain of repairing the car, at least the car can be repaired or replaced. You can’t. I hope the insurance company finds the company and driver. Keep us posted! Deena

  4. Glad you are Ok. I agree retreads were illegal years( a lot) ago on cars why not illegal on trucks. When I drive up to NH to visit daughter I see lots of tire tread on the road and worry. I never stay behind a truck for long, and never ride beside one either. So glad you are unhurt.

  5. That was a terrible experience — thank heaven you were alert and swerved. I wonder what one does if they don’t have a phone that takes pictures. You didn’t mention, but I assume you called the police. I’m grateful for your safety.

  6. Oh this sounds terrifying and of course one would react by swerving. So glad to know you are ok and were able to get pictures. Makes it a lot easier for your insurance. My Dad was a big fan of retreads because they were cheaper than buying brand new. But, they also would leave you stranded when they blew which happened in a rain storm to my husband when he borrowed Dad’s truck. No retreads for us!

  7. Susan, this is so scary! So thankful that you were not injured. I don’t understand why retreads are allowed, they should be illegal. You see the remnants scattered all over interstates.

  8. So glad you were able to react so quickly!! Years ago I was driving toward a semi and a whole tire came off! I am so glad I too was alert and slammed on the brakes enough to watch the tire roll in front of the car by inches. It’s very scary.

  9. Catherine Miller says

    Thank God your reflex reaction was perfect

  10. I’m thankful you are ok. My son is a big rig truck driver and good companies maintain their trucks including tires. Thankfully he drives for one of the bigger carriers.There are a lot of independent owner operators that probably cut corners on tires for sure. He once drove for one of those but stopped because their equipment was trash. There should be some kind of regulations I agree. But our country is so dependent on these drivers to keep our stores resupplied. We couldn’t live without them. Again, thankful you are ok.

  11. Thankful you are safe. Trucks on our interstates are so dangerous for this and many more reasons. My husband and I avoid the interstates as much as possible and travel the backroads. Of course that isn’t possible for everyone and we took the interstates when we were younger. Again I’m thankful you are an alert good driver and you were able to take pictures of the truck. This makes me want a dash mounted camera. Thanks for sharing your ordeal.

  12. Wow what a scary experience! I do hope they make contact with that trucking co. and you can get some help with the repairs. Good thing you caught pictures of the truck causing this. I’m so glad you are okay and that you are back home without injury.

  13. I think this happens a lot! Last year we were in our old van and the exact thing happened. We swerved (thank goodness no one was beside us because it was an instinctual thing) but a big piece went under the van and made a huge noise. We were able to drive but had to have a lot of leaky things fixed afterwards, due to damage. We weren’t smart enough to get photos of the truck. I hope your person gets in trouble. I am sure this has happened before with tragic results. I’m glad you are safe.

  14. Something similar happened to me on I 75 near Atlanta. A semi hauling a trailer with some type of excavation equipment started throwing off metal debris. As I moved a bit to the left, a huge metal driveshaft flew into my little Prius, causing huge tears in the passenger doors, cracking the windshield, and tearing up the hubcaps like a shredded tin can opener. I shudder to think if that hunk of metal had hit the windshield or under my tire at 65 mph! He couldn’t travel any further, so he did pull over. The police got his information. Three other cars were damaged, but no one died, and I walked away without a scratch! Glad to be alive, as I’m sure you are!

  15. This is not an ad, but attorney Ken Neugent specializes in this and now I know why. Thanks for the information and pictures.

  16. nancy schaeffer says

    They’re not outlawed because the companies that make, sell, and buy retreaded tires are making lots of money and they don’t care about your safety. Sadly, until several people die in accidents and lawsuits are filed and won against the companies, these dangerous tires will remain on the road and continue to be a threat.

  17. Susan so glad you are safe and you were far enough behind to have time to react, so quickly. And got pictures to give to the police and your insurance company. But I image you were quite shaken by the experience.
    Have a wonderful trip to England, enjoy!!!

  18. I wish I could post a photo of my windshield after I was traveling on an Interstate when a piece of ice broke loose from the top of a truck in front of me and went airborne. I could see it coming down and knew it was going to hit my car but it all happened so quickly I didn’t have time to get out of its path. It shattered my windshield and only God’s protection kept it from piercing through the windshield which could have been fatal. As with retread tires, trucking companies are not liable or held responsible. There are no regulations for trucks to remove ice from their vehicles before getting on the highway, even though many accidents and fatalities have occurred from airborne ice, and likewise tire retreads. You would think insurance companies would lobby against such happenings, but they don’t – at least not in Michigan. I’m glad you got home safely in spite of your horrible experience.

    • I also live in Michigan, a semi backed up over my car, we were squished Big time but thank the Lord survived. A No fault insurance state. Seemed somehow very unfair.

  19. We are so, so sorry to read of this? The entire situation could have been much, much worst. Will the accident be no fault in the state you were traveling through?

  20. Wow, that’s scary. So glad you weren’t hit. Years ago I was driving on a highway in my trusty VW bug behind a dump truck with a full load of junk. Suddenly a door that was on top of the load blew off headed right for me. Luckily there was nobody in the lane next to me so I was able to swerve out of the way. I could have been decapitated.

    Good thinking on your part to get all the info on that truck.

  21. I am so sorry to see this! Traveling the interstate is always a little scary with the people on their phones and all of the trucks and construction. Thank the Lord you are ok.

  22. veryl stockdale says

    I hope your insurance company can track them down….my daughter had her windshield cracked from a truck that had rock chips and the company paid for the replacement…good luck

  23. ElindaTurner says

    Susan, I am glad you are okay. A lot of times while traveling I see long pieces of tire tread along the side of road. I know that it is from large trucks and their tires exploding, and think I hope no one was near them when it happened. The black on your suv may just be rubber from the tire tread. That can be taken off without painting your vehicle. I was involved in a hit and run 2015, had a long black mark down the entire right side of my vehicle. The body shop that we had used in the past was able to remove all of it. Just letting you know some body shops are not honest and will tell you entire vehicle needs painting. I know this from being a property and casualty insurance agent for 20 plus years.

  24. Kit Bright says

    This same thing happened to me several years ago on I-85. I was not as smart as you to take pictures of the truck and ended up having to pay deductible for repairs. Infuriating to say the least! Apparently, it happens a lot.

  25. Eloise Fitzsimmons says

    Thanks for this post . I’m now alerted to this danger, and will be passing it on to my kids.
    I’ve been looking through some of your past posts looking for the clothes steamer you have . Please tell me the brand name . Thanks ! Enjoy England.

  26. Jane Boyd Broce says

    So sorry you had to go through this. I agree with your opinion on retreads.

    Thank God you were not hurt and could walk away with good pictures of the offender.

  27. Susan, this is just horrifying! I hate to be anywhere near the big rigs on the interstate for many reasons. But since they cover the roads up, I’m with you; retreads should NOT be allowed to be sold. You have lots of damage to your car all the way down the side. I’m glad you got lots of pictures for your insurance company.
    Meanwhile, enjoy your trip to England! I have been twice and loved every single minute. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

  28. Glad that you are OK, but sorry you had this frightening experience. One reason I dislike driving on IH 35 is the number of large trucks on that road. Many of them are driving faster than they should.

  29. Suzan Cullinan says

    Let us know what happened after contacting your insurance company and I can’t wait to read and see all your photos of England!!

  30. Donna Zoltanski says

    Omg. So glad you are okay. It must have been terrifying. Good driving girlie! Rest up!

  31. Selma Kessler says

    Holy Cow! You have a cool head, lady! It’s an inconvenience to have to deal with getting your car fixed, but it could have been so much worse. You have an angel riding with you!

  32. Susan, like others have said, I’m so thankful you are okay. What great reflexes you have AND what wonderful composure to think of taking pictures! My goodness, that says a lot about you. Dealing with the tires hitting their car would be enough to make many people stop, but you kept going and got pictures! That’s great. I have always wished we had an additional highway system for trucks, only.

    As for the legality question, I sincerely hope you won’t leave it at a question. Call your state representative and senator and push them to make it a state law that no trucks with retread tires can travel roads through Georgia. Then call your US. senators and representative and push for it to be nationwide. The approval ratings for congress are so low (around 6%) for a reason. They waste our tax money taking jaunts around the world hobnobbing with the swells and neglecting their duties, here, to us. Either that or they have debates where they speak in Spanish and pander to illegals rather than concern themselves with American citizens. Disgusting!

  33. WOW! I’m so sorry this happened to you, but I’m glad you are safe, Susan. Amazing that you were able to think so quickly and get pictures of the truck. I drive a large sedan and stay as far away as possible from large trucks when I am on the freeway, and I will never own a convertible. About 30 years ago I was driving in a very light rain – a mist, really. It was after we’d had a seven year drought in California so there was lots of oily build up on the roads. I lost control of my car and it rolled. It was a very surreal experience. I think I must have rolled over two and a half times to get as far as I did. The car landed upside down in the mud. I was very lucky to have emerged safe. I was wearing my seat belt. My car seat became partially unbolted from the floor. Be careful out there, and no convertibles!

  34. Yup…same thing happened to us although I did NOT have the presence of mind to take photos…AND SHOULD HAVE!! Driving in Texas and that “tread” hit us so hard our Accord trapped it underneath…we were swerving all over the place on this six lane highway…never so “thankful” in my life we stayed “on the road!!” Cracked the bumper, hood messed up and some “underneath” stuff. YOU, my dear, ARE A SURVIVOR!! franki

  35. Dot Van Dyke says

    Susan, OMG!!!!! So grateful you are OK………I am extremely
    impressed by your composure and your remaining calm enough to take
    photos!!! You are my Hero!! You have shared with all of us
    an experience that could easily happen to any of us and
    your have shown how to handle this abrupt situation! So very proud of YOU!!!

  36. We also had this happen to us. It dented our car and also screwed up some electrical things in the car. Even worse than that once , I was passing a pick up truck that was towing a camper. Something flew off the roof that looked like flying rocks and pelted the whole front of my car and smashed my windshield. I was on I 75 in Florida. I know I ducked when it happened and closed my eyes. It’s a wonder I wasn’t killed. I thought the same thing about someone in a convertible or on a motorcycle. Crazy. Glad you are ok. There are pieces of retread tires all over our interstates.

  37. So happy to hear you are ok if not a little shaken and ticked off! Good driving! Have a great time in England – looking forward to the pictures!

  38. Susan, we’re going to have to sign you up for Nascar! I’m angry at the driver who ignored the whole thing and just kept on going. I didn’t know you could take photos using voice control. Even if I did know, I’d probably be too shaken to even attempt to get photos. You’re a champ, and I’m so grateful you are all right. Take care.

  39. Dang, Susan! So glad ur okay!!
    I’m on highways driving from Maine to Maryland. I’m def gonna be on alert !!

  40. I totally agree!! So glad you are okay.

  41. Omg I’m so glad you’re ok!! I can’t imaging how scary that must’ve been for you. And you’re right, anyone in a convertible, or not paying 100% attention to the road, would not have been so lucky. It could’ve ended very tragically. You should go to Vegas now with that good luck!

  42. That’s terrifying! Glad to hear you are physically ok, but I can’t imagine how stressful and upsetting that had to be. Hugs to you and thank you for telling us all about this. I had no idea!

  43. Regality3 says

    Holy Crapola! Were others affected by the shredding rubber?

  44. Sherry B says

    So glad to know that you are ok. What a scary situation. On a recent trip to the beach with my daughter and 3 young grandsons on board we struck a large piece of tire shed by a semi. It must have been as big as the piece that struck your car as it completely covered the lane. I had a semi next to me and only a narrow shoulder with the warning track on the other side, a grassy median and wire cables separated us from the oncoming traffic. I’m not sure whose voice whispered in my ear, but I heard “Don’t swerve, don’t swerve” We ran over the tire tread and did have damage to the front grill and alignment, but Thank God I did not loose control and we had no injuries. As in your case the truck did not stop.

  45. What I’m seeing from this picture is a container on a trailer. These containers come over on ships or out of railroad yards and are picked up to be delivered to warehouses. The rail yards are notorious for bad trailers.
    Retread tires are used because of the cost. Extreme heat can cause a lot of these to let loose. Drivers have been complaining about this for years.
    My family has been in the trucking industry for years, this is how I am aware of this.
    Sorry to hear you had this bad experience and I’m very glad to hear your ok.

  46. OMG, Susan!
    I thought of you yesterday and I am very, very glad and thankful that you are ok! I hate trucks but you are a hero, girl! I hope you took a sip to your well-being, once back home safe and sound, yesterday! I know, I’ll have a drink to your health, tonight! 🙂

  47. Glad you came out of that incident 100% intact. Good wits about you for taking the photos. Unfortunately, the driver probably did not realize that the tire malfunctioned. As it states – 18 wheeler (for a reason). That one tire did not affect the movement of the big rig. In TX, the state highways are littered with blown tire treads and it is legal to purchase those types of tires. I live in NJ where the practice of selling retreads is outlawed. So it varies state to state.

  48. WANDA BRADEY says

    Wow! That was scary. I am so glad you were able to get photos. I would suggest you directly contact them as to avoid having a claim on your insurance. I’m very glad you are ok! Have a WONDERFUL trip to England.

  49. Biodynamic Barb says

    On another blog I visit, the truckers themselves warned that driving behind or alongside a semi can be DEADLY because of those retreads. They recommend that you pass them as fast as you can.

    You’re lucky you’re alive! I’m glad you were able to get photos. Hopefully you’ll get compensation from the trucking company.

    How did you use voice control to take photos? I didn’t know that was possible.

    • I do that, too…try to always get by them quickly because I once read about someone being killed when the heavy item that was inside shifted and rolled over and right out through the side killing the person who was in the next lane. On some of the trucks, the sides of the trailers are very thin or not even metal, so if things inside shift, bad stuff can happen. 🙁 So telling that even the truckers know they are deadly!

      On my Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you can find the voice control option in the camera under “Shooting Methods.” Here’s a screen capture of all the options from my phone. It really comes in handy when you only have one hand available to take a photo. I use it a lot!

  50. Oh my God this is so frightening to see, Susan, and I’m really sorry it happened to you! Thank God you were able to get control and didn’t get hurt, AND got photos. You go girl! His tires look completely shot in that photo, probably was illegal in terms of any inspection.
    That said, driving in WV is always dangerous. It’s the trucks with huge logs on them that really scare me, especially on the curves and hills.
    Do tell, what’s this taking pictures with voice control? Never heard of it!
    Safe travels on your trip to England. Hope it’s a great experience.

  51. Glad you are whole, intact and not too out of your mind.
    This is always a nightmare. You are one savvy gal to remember to take pix.
    Stay cool and fight as hard as you have to. Then an extra KO to the insurance company.
    Let us know when you are all put together again.

  52. Thank goodness you are ok! Makes me rethink my need for a new phone, one that can actually take pictures with voice commands….you never know when you may need something like that! Hopefully, your trip to England will be incident free and you will have a wonderful, magical time. Happy trails!

  53. I am leaving for Ohio this Friday, following the exact same route. I avoid the big trucks as much as possible.

  54. Linda Page says

    Retreads are not allowed but a perfectly new tire can come apart due to a faulty place in the tire or damage to the tire from some in the road that caused the tire to eventually come apart. It is very possible that the driver did not know about his tire because there are so many tires on these trucks so that when a tire comes apart or blows out, the driver doesn’t lose control. These trucks are made to be able to continue driving with a bad tire. So sorry you had this experience. It’s scary. I had an 18 wheeler pull over into my lane and hit me because he couldn’t see my small car. Not fun.

  55. Sorry for this harrowing experience. There are so many poor drivers on the road. I had to junk my car and did not purchase another one. I do not even miss driving. Stay safe and glad you are okay. God bless.

  56. Cathy Mayo says

    Oh, Susan, what a scary experience. I am not sure I have ever thought about that happening, but I bet it happens alot. So glad you are okay and am sure your car will be good as new soon. Hope you find the trucker and they take care of the bills. Stay safe!

  57. Susan, I am so glad you had quick reactions when the tire tread started flying towards your car. I really hope your insurance company finds the truck and who was driving it. It was an accident on his part and he should have pulled over to see if you were alright. Thank goodness you are alright and it must have really upset Chip & Nancy when they heard about it. You mentioned that you took voice control pictures and I have never heard of that before. I have an iPhone and will see if I can find out how to do that. So glad you were able to get good pictures and even the license plate number. I’m glad you got home safe but you must have been really shaken up.

    • Thanks, Linda! I couldn’t sleep that night, my mind kept thinking about all the bad stuff that could have happened and how lucky I was. I finally fell asleep the next morning at 6 AM, then got up at 9 AM…so had a very tiring day yesterday. In case it’s helpful, the voice control on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is under the camera settings, then under the heading Shooting Methods. Here’s a screen capture from my phone.

      • Thank you for the info about camera voice control. I looked in Settings on my iPhone 7+ and it doesn’t seem to have this feature. Sounds like a good feature to have.

  58. Brenda Lawrence says

    There are bad truckers out there and good truckers out there. I totally agree in that retreads should be illegal, but all truckers run them because of the cost of tires for a rig and trailer. But they aren’t safe to other vehicles when they fly off!!! They are down right dangerous to other motorist and to the trucker if he isn’t alert himself. I’m sorry this happened to you, but I’m happy you weren’t hurt and you were alert, happy you weren’t in a convertible and happy you had the frame of mind to get photo’s of the truck’s info. The police probably wouldn’t have come because of no injuries and you would have probably had to sit on the side of an interstate for a long time most likely. Not good, just let the insurance company duke it out with the trucking company. I’m in Hanover, land of Utz Chips and was at the stop sign where they make the chips when a tractor trailer pulled out after delivering potatoes and proceeded to run straight into my back end! I saw him coming and said to myself he could stop at any time now….he didn’t. Got out and saw no sign of damages, which I couldn’t believe, thought my angel’s was with me, more my late husband. So we went on our way. Wrong!!! Don’t do that! There wasn’t any big damages, but the bumper is rippled a little bit, but you have to feel it or look down the side of it and it cracked the paint/clear coat on the bumper some. Couldn’t see it in the bright sunshine though. Still, not bad, but not my fault either. So lesson to me, always get the info from the person who hits you! Now I’m not new to trucking, my step father was a trucker and hauled nuclear waste from PA to CA. He was a good trucker, no accidents and logged a lot of miles over his career. I would go with him and sometimes unload if he had to unload. Not often did he, but I would go and he would pay me to help. He checked his tires each time before getting on the road. After so many miles and stops. And if there was wear starting on those retreads, he got them redone, he didn’t just keep driving on them for them to fly off and harm someone. Still think they should be illegal though. So I am totally with you on that! So happy you are ok my friend!

  59. Bobbi Duncan says

    Susan, I am so thankful for your quick thinking–what a scary experience! I’ve had this happen a couple of times, but debris was not large enough to do any real damage–other than shaking me up pretty bad. I’ve also had large sheets of ice come at my car from big rigs. I do not understand the law in many situations, and allowing retreads is among my gripes. Hugs!

  60. MaryEllen says

    Susan, thank heavens for your quick response and the fact you were not run off the road. The major plus is you weren’t hurt! Totally shaken up, but still had your wits to record or take pictures.

    Bet the truck driver will be flabbergasted when the report goes into his company! Wonder if this is something the police can issue a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident or driving on retreads? Not sure, do some states allow retreads?

  61. Oh, Susan, I am so sorry your wonderful vacation had to end on this note. However, I do believe you had some angels watching out for you, and I’m grateful for that. I also want you to realize that you probably saved a few lives by sharing this experience. I, for one, don’t think about retread tires when I’m on the road. BUT, you better believe I will keep myself FAR AWAY from large trucks whenever possible, keep your experience in my mind and be more vigilant. Thank you. Have a lovely time on your next trip. Looking forward to pictures!!

  62. Susan H Whetstine says

    That had to be so scary!! I’m so glad you are okay and that you were able to get information for your insurance. I’ve been behind a truck before when the tired did that. It sounded like a bomb went off. Fortunately the tire treads missed my car though.

  63. Georgette N says

    I agree!! The roads are littered with pieces of retread. Never even considered what they hit on the way to the highway surface. So scary for you! We are going to be driving across country in a few weeks and now I will be looking for that!

  64. don’t know a thing about retreads but I wonder if the heat doesn’t have more to do with a tire coming apart, just a thought, and yesterday was a hum-dinger.rls

  65. Mary from Virginia says

    Scary!! I hate riding behind trucks!! And beside them. My husband thinks I’m over dramatic when I ask him to drive around and away from the trucks!

    I am so glad you are ok! And I hope you find the company and driver. Keep us updated!

  66. I have sent your post to everyone in my family!!! My son drives a Jeep and always has his top off and my hubby has a Tbird that either has the soft top on or off:( We drove it to Fl. once and I was scared all the way. Thanks for this story, I am SO glad you are OK!!!!! I hope they find the driver and the company and THEY have to pay for your damage!!!!

  67. I am so sorry this happened! We have a hard top convertible and I don’t put the top down on the highway partially for this reason. We did when we first got it and it scared us because of things that fly up off the road specifically on multi lane roads (going the same direction). We do enjoy a good country road drive and around town. I am so glad you had the sense to take so many pictures.

  68. Hi Susan~ We had a family friend who drove the big rigs. He told us that you always want to stay ahead or behind a truck for this exact reason. Thank God you’re ok!!

  69. Cyndi Raines says

    I’m so thankful you are o.k. and not hurt! So sorry about the damage to your vehicle. Amazing that you were able to get photos! My nerves would be shot and would have had to pray hard to get the rest of the way home! Ha I know we see a lot of “aligators” (truckers term for the discarded tread) along side of the road where they have flown off, I’ve never thought about them getting in the way of other vehicles. I have always kept a good distance between me and big trucks or quickly pass them, but this will make me all the more conscience. My husband drove for a Canadian firm for a few years and they were required to check the tires every 2 hours. In the a.m. I’ll show him this post and ask about retreads. Hope you get better sleep now Susan and can look forward to your trip to England.

  70. Susan, thank God you’re alright. What a nightmare! We use a stretch of I-20 often that’s rated as the worst for accidents, from coast to coast.
    So thanks so much for the voice control info — I’m headed to hubby’s phone now to activate it.
    I sincerely hope your insurance company gets to the responsible person/company for this — and if you have time, you might write your congressman and senators (state and federal) — we need some regulation here, surely.

  71. So glad you’re ok.

    I used to have to make trips up the interstate from the Austin area heading north and I hated it. Always some construction going on and reduced lanes and concrete barriers and getting boxed in by trucks. Very scary.

  72. I am so glad that your guardian angel was perched on your shoulder as it certainly could have been fatal and totally agree retread tires should be banned. Also, so sorry too about your car and do hope your Insurance Company quickly honours their coverage as sometimes they’ve been known to be sticklers and take their sweet time fulfilling claims. -Brenda-

  73. Dale Hoover says

    This occurred during a period termed ‘Mercury Retrograde’ which happens about 3 times yearly and lasts a little over 3 weeks each time. This period is where all types of communication gets messed up, and vehicular accidents occur more frequently. ‘Google’ Mercury Retrograde and inform yourselves of this, as there is more to it. We are always extra careful and do notice we observe more accidents during these periods. Stay safe everyone!

  74. Howard Jansen says

    i drive a motorcycle and should be able to share the road those road snakes have to be killing people on cycles. ban them

    • I thought the same thing. I saw so many driving on the interstate yesterday–littering the highway everywhere! A car in front of me hit one and it flew across the lane in front of me. They are so dangerous! I can’t imagine hitting one on a motorcycle!

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