The Jungle-Safari Tablescape That Almost Was

Welcome to the 564th Tablescape Thursday!

Remember these adorable jungle print melamine plates I shared in a post a couple of months back? I think I mentioned in that previous post that I’d be taking them to Ohio to create a fun table setting for my grandsons. (Jungle plates are available here: Jungle Plates.)

Jungle Plates for Outdoor Dining


Last summer, during the month of May, I put together a fun seaside table for them and it was a big hit.

Pagoda Umbrella for Outdoor Table, Outdoor Dining 2


Here’s a close up of that previous table…see the table in full in this post: Dining Outdoors for Summer: A Mostly Child-Friendly Table Setting.

Funny story: During my recent visit to Ohio, my dil told me that each time the boys (ages 3 and 5) see these Adirondack chairs in the bottom of the china cabinet where she has them stored, they ask if they can have cupcakes. For some odd reason, they now associate Adirondack chairs with cupcakes! I’ve warped their young minds for life! 😉

Driftwood Chargers for Beach Themed Table 2


Unfortunately, the jungle table I had envisioned never happened for a bunch of reasons. When I first arrived, it rained for days and days so we weren’t able to dine outdoors, the place I had in mine for this table. I joked with my son and dil that I had brought the rain with me because it had been doing the exact same thing in Georgia just before I left for Ohio.

When the rains finally stopped, there were a lot of events/activities going on that pulled us all in different directions. When we were all back together and things had settled down a bit, the temps outside were hitting the 90s every single day. Then I came down with a horrendous cold/virus. Thankfully, no one else in the family caught it. Though we spent a lot of time outdoors watching the boys play in their dinosaur pool, it was simply too hot to enjoy dining outdoors.

So today I thought I’d describe a bit about the table I had planned to create in case you purchased these plates when I first shared them and would love to create this table for your children or grandchildren–or, maybe just for you and your friends. 🙂 I left everything I had purchased for this table in Ohio because one of these days, this table will come to life!

I pulled my inspiration for the table from the jungle-themed plates.

Jungle Plates for Outdoor Dining


They looked great when I paired them with the driftwood chargers I purchased for my son/dil last summer. Also, the chargers are very child-friendly since they are made of wood. Love these for both indoor and outdoor dining!

Driftwood Charger Plate for Beach Nautical Table Setting


Here’s how these chargers looked in a previous patriotic table. Love the contrast with the red, white and blue! You’ll find them still available here: Driftwood Chargers.

David Carter Brown Driftwood Salad Plates in Patriotic Table Setting


I purchased these adorable monkeys that can be positioned in fun ways due to their velcro hands.

Hanging Monkeys for Children's Party

I was envisioning hanging them from the umbrella supports under the pagoda style umbrella. Wouldn’t that have been a riot?! I may purchase one more set since they are so inexpensive. They would be cute attached hanging from the chairs or wrapped around the center pole of the umbrella. (Monkeys are available here: Monkeys.)

Pagoda Umbrella for Outdoor Table, Outdoor Dining 2


The other item I had purchased before getting sick during my visit was this childhood favorite game,  Barrel of Monkeys. Do you remember this game from your childhood? My plan was to hang one of the little monkeys off the rim of each of the glasses I’d be using in this table, then scatter the rest on the table. After the dinner was over, the boys could gather all the monkeys together for a game.

Barrel of Monkeys game can be found here: Barrel of Monkeys.

Barrel of Monkeys, Kid's Game


I never found any child-friendly “jungle-themed” glasses that I liked, but these giraffe glasses I brought back from Giraffe Manor would have been really cute for the adults.


If you would like to see how these looked in a previous “safari” table I created back in 2016, you’ll find that post here: On Safari: An African Safari Themed Tablescape.

Safari Table Setting with Noritake Colorwave and Alpine Toile Dinnerware


The animal napkin rings I used in that previous table would have been so cute in a jungle themed table. I forgot to take those with me to Ohio, so maybe it’s a good thing this table never came to be. I’ll be heading back up to see them in a couple of months. Maybe by then, it will be cool enough to set a jungle table outdoors.

African Safari Animal Napkin Rings


Hope you found this helpful if you previously purchased the jungle plates for your summer dining. I would love to have created a table this week but since arriving home late Monday evening, I’ve been going through a months worth of mail, unpacking, washing clothes, filing a claim with my insurance company for the “incident” that happened driving home (see yesterday’s post for more details) and trying to get over this nasty cold before I leave for England in three days. I can’t wait to share a table from the Cotswolds with you for next week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Oh, and I haven’t forgotten that several of you have asked for the recipe for the breakfast casserole my daughter-in-law made during my visit. She texted over the recipe a  couple of days ago and I’m going to attempt to make it either today or tomorrow. I’ll share that recipe along with photos very soon.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful, caring comments on yesterday’s post. Appreciate them all so very much and will do my best to reply over the next few days. Love you!

Looking forward to the beautiful tables shared for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Ah well, you know what they say about best-laid plans! But I’m sure the boys were thrilled to spend so much time with you. So cute about the cupcakes!

  2. You never do a table I don’t like, but this one really speaks to me!

  3. you should work with an event planner to do tables for different occasions your tables are always a work of art. have fun in merry ole England. rls

  4. This is a really awesome safari table Susan, I’m glad you reshared it! Safe travels!

  5. Donna Steely Arnold says

    I love your blog and follow it religiously!! It’s the best part of my day. Just an FYI – I get those adorable monkeys at the Dollar Store! I know for sure they come in three of those colors, not sure about the fourth.

  6. Wow, you leave in 3 days for England? Time sure has flown by. Hope you’re all 100% health wise before you leave. Take a lot of vitamin C.

    • Finally feeling better so I think I’ll be set to go if I just go pack. I don’t like packing because I have to make a million decisions regarding what to take and what to leave. I’m currently procrastinating. I need to go buy some Vit. C…will do that today. Good to have on hand. Thanks, Ginger!

  7. What an adorable table your grandsons will enjoy! An adult would even find that fun. Love the Monkeys! Hope that cold gets knocked. Flood your body with Vitamin C. 500mg several times a day. Can’t wait to see your Cotswold pictures. We will be there in September and I’m soo excited!

    • Thanks, Toni! Will get some today. I’m finally feeling a bit better, thank goodness. I bet it will be beautiful in September!

  8. What a hoot! Love the Jungle idea. Grandpeeps arriving soon from the west coast. I am on it. Thanks so much.

  9. I LUV the way you think…even if it IS a jungle out there! franki

  10. Sandi Lee says

    Love the jungle plates, animal napkin rings and giraffe glasses. Hope you feel better soon. Safe travels.

  11. I can’t wait to see your table later this fall. Meanwhile, I’m so happy you’re feeling better and can set out for Merry ‘Ole England in good shape! We stayed in a B&B once in the Cotswolds, the prettiest area ever! You and I have talked about driving to OH to see our little ones before. I’m now very happy for you and sad for me because ours are moving to Seattle next month! It’s a job opportunity that can’t be passed up, but I cry over their being so far away now. I’ll just have to set lots of tables and have lots of friends over to cheer me up! Bon Voyage, Susan!

    • I see some plane trips in your future, Martha! Sorry you’ll be further away for a while. Thanks, I’m looking forward to the trip!

  12. Susan, you are a wonder. After going through what you did on the trip back, not sleeping that night, and having to prepare for your upcoming trip to England, you certainly don’t need to be making a new casserole or worrying about Tablescape Thursday! But then, you wouldn’t be Susan if you didn’t, lol.

    I love, love, love, everything about the African Safari tablescape, Those animal napkin rings are so cute. The tablescape has that – English archeological expedition feel to it, which I love. And I remember the one you did for your grandsons. (They look so adorable over there in the sandbox) 😀 The jungle themed tablescape will be great. Those plates are so colorful. And I love the idea of hanging those cute monkeys from the umbrella! Leave it to you to come up with that idea. They are so cute!

    Barrel of monkeys – now that does bring back memories. And it’s only $3.99 with free prime shipping! Oh-oh.


    • Aww, thanks for understanding, Pam! It has been a crazy, busy week. I always have trouble sleeping when I have so much to plan/organize/do. Wish my brain had an off switch!!!

      Yes! I was so happy to see they still make the game…takes me back! 🙂

  13. I feel like I just stepped off the plane. I love your combination of prints and without leaving my home, I am taken on a wonderful safari and am engaging with each and every animal. Your table is as spectacular as traveling with NatGeo. I am in love with it all.

  14. Kathleen says

    Had to smile at the boys wishing for cupcakes. Sounds like you made a big impression they won’t forget. Sweet. The Jungle Party would have been a fun time and it will when you give it a go again. Bet you come up with even more ideas to add. Love the Barrel of Monkeys theme to go along with the table setting! Have a wonderful trip! Oh, and be well going, staying and coming back!

    • Thanks, Kathleen! Yes, no more repeats of what happened when I went to Germany! Tip: Never, ever travel during flu season unless it’s an emergency and you have no choice!

  15. Sandra D in Joliet says

    Get well real soon and stay that way so you can enjoy your beautiful trip. I loved Barrel of Monkeys. It’s been many years since I visited the Rainforest Cafe but they used to have several styles of plastic jungle themed glasses. I went there for my 30 year service anniversary and my glass was served in an awesome plastic glass that had flashing lights in the bottom. I’m sure any kid would love it-I know the inner kid in me did. Love the stuffed monkeys hanging down idea.

  16. Cyndi Raines says

    Cute ideas and they will love it when you finally get to create it. Rest well and excited for you as you travel to England. Eager to read all about it. Safe travels!

  17. Bobbi Duncan says

    So many great ideas for your jungle themed table, Susan–leave it to you to think of hanging the monkeys and the monkey game for the littles! They are so lucky to have such a fun and sweet grandma. I ‘m glad you’ve recovered from your cold in time for your trip, and what a wonderful one it should be. I love many things about England, but the Cotswold area is by far my favorite. Safe travels and big hugs!

    • Thanks, Bobbi! I am so excited to see it. I’m sure I’ll feel like I’ve stepped into an enchanted scene from a movie! Hope I get to take tons of photos of all the adorable cottages!

  18. Here is a blog you might enjoy from a lady who lives in South Africa. It is She had a cooking show, I think on PBS. She would cook out in the bush for her family with the animals in the background. Every time I read her blog, I think of you and your trips to Africa. Check her out.

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