All My Black Friday Favorites, Gift Ideas–Plus Some Beautiful Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

I’m just starting to scope out some of the Black Friday deals and wanted to share a few that I thought were noteworthy.

I’ve mentioned before how much I adore my DeWalt drill. They have an amazing deal on the drill set that comes with a battery and the charger plus, the drill bit set. I just recently purchased the drill bit set and I used it last night to hang my Dyson Cordless Vacuum on the wall in my laundry room. It is the best drill bit set I’ve ever used, wish I purchased it a long time ago! I’m very tempted to buy this whole set again as a back-up to the one I own because this seems like an awesome deal! Anyway, just wanted to mention it because I think it would make a great Christmas gift, as well. You’ll find this deal here: DeWalt  Cordless Drill with Drill Bit Set.


After buying my son a Yeti cooler a while back, I’m obsessed with how well they work. When I’m visiting him in Ohio, we’ll usually load up the cooler with a couple of bags of ice and it will hold that ice for usually 4-5 days, sitting outside in the garage in the dead of summer! It’s amazing! It appears this cooler may be on sale for Black Friday. You’ll find it here: Yeti Cooler.




If you’ve always wanted a Vitamix Blender, it’s currently on sale 45% off, for 1 day. My daughter-in-law loves hers and uses it almost every day to make super healthy green shakes. You’ll find it on sale here: Vitamix Blender.



One of my favorite candles is currently on sale for Black Friday. These also make awesome gifts! You’ll find the sale here: Woodwick Candle.



As we enter into winter, this is the perfect time to consider getting an Emergency Weather Radio. This is the one I purchased for my son’s family and for myself. It has so many amazing features and I love that it can run on batteries, solar power, and even hand-cranked. It can also be used to charge a cell phone and no one wants to have a dead cell phone during an emergency. You’ll find it on sale for Black Friday here: Emergency Weather Alert Radio, Battery, Hand-Crank, and Solar (Flashlight, Phone Charger)


Emergency Weather Radio and Flashlight, Phone Charger


If you’re in need of a Christmas tree, this 9 ft tree has great reviews and is currently on sale here: 9 ft Tree. The 7-ft size may be sold out.


Talbots is having a pretty awesome sale for Black Friday–it’s 50% off any one item and 40% off everything else!


I’m in love with this beautiful taffeta skirt! The color is soooo pretty and I love that it could be worn any time of the year, not just for the holidays. I think the price is very reasonable for such a beautiful piece! Arggg, I love it! Update: Just ordered it…couldn’t resist with this awesome sale! You’ll find it on sale here: Beautiful Taffeta Skirt.


I love this black dress because it’s elegant, feminine, but also warm! Perfect for a holiday party or really any event this winter. It’s on sale here: Merino Wool Dress in Black.


I have this jacket in my cart now…just love, love, love the plaid. It’s on sale here: Plaid Quilted Jacket.


Another beautiful plaid jacket! I wear almost nothing but black pants during the winter months so this would be pretty easy to pair with those. It’s currently on sale here: Beautiful Plaid Coat.


Another beautiful coat and this one is available in 4 different colors. I love the faux fur-trimmed hood! You’ll find it on sale here: Winter Coat with Faux Fur Collar.


I love navy and green paired together so this top caught my eye. Love the color combo and how it looks with jeans!


It comes in quite a few colors and navy/green and this neutral camel/white are my favorites! You’ll find it on sale here: Navy and Green Turtleneck.


This pretty cable-knit sweater is available in 9 different colors. This is a classic design that will be in style forever! It’s currently on sale here: Cable-knit Sweater in 9 Colors.


Love this snowflake sweater! Gray isn’t a color that works for me but if you can wear gray, this sweater is beautiful! You’ll find it on sale here: Snowflake Pullover.


One last party idea, love these tartan velveteen pants! Not crazy about the top they have them paired with it in this photo, but these pants would be gorgeous with a black, cashmere sweater, or really any black sweater or elegant black top. Great look for a holiday party! You’ll find these on sale here: Tartan Velveteen Pants.


I just noticed the black pants I recently purchased for everyday wear are currently on sale for Black Friday. They are so warm! You’ll find them on sale here: Black Fleece-lined Joggers.

Best Fleece-lined joggers


Happy Black Friday shopping!

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  1. I ordered the fleece lined joggers when you mentioned them last week. They are awesome! Just went back and snagged the sale on the black ones. Thanks for the great recommendation!

  2. Is it ever OK to ask someone not to bring something. Every year I have a little wine and cheese get together. A dear friend always brjngs cookies from a nearby bakery. After the party, the cookies go in the trash. I like cookies as much as the next person but not these cookies. Is it OK to ask her not to bring them this year? Or should I just accept them graciously and throw them out later?

    • If you will be talking to her prior to the date of the party, maybe you could just casually mention that you’re asking everyone to not bring anything this year since you just don’t have the space for any additional dishes. That way, you aren’t singling her out specifically, but just talking in general. She may be bringing the cookies as a hostess or holiday gift for you, which is really sweet. When I was growing up here in the south, we were raised that you never visited someone at their home, empty-handed. Even if you just brought along a jar of homemade jam you had canned back during the summer, you always brought along a gift. It was considered bad manners to visit, especially for a party, and not bring anything for the host/hostess or family. Maybe she grew up in the south. ♥

      • I grew up in the north and we always bring something too. This is a very thoughtful friend. I just hate to see her waste her money and I hate to waste food. I always tell her not to bring anything, but she always does. Perhaps I should tell her something specific to bring like a bottle of wine or my favorite brand of tea. I may try that this year.

  3. That pink skirt is so cute; I’m glad you bought one. What color shoes will you wear with it?

    • Good question…guess it will depend on the top. Definitely thinking heels. I’m secretly hoping it’s longer on me than it is on the model and will be more like a maxi dress.

  4. I ordered the black joggers,,,they are very nice quality. I will be wearing them in NYC in a week,,,hopefully they will be warm enough!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your gift suggestions… just ordered the DeWalt kit for my husband…. But I am hopeful he’ll let me use it too!!! Wishing you & your family a very blessed & joyful Christmas

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