Earrings for Sensitive Ears & Camouflaging or Hiding a Bracelet While Traveling

Thank you so, so much for all the lovely comments on yesterday’s 500th Metamorphosis Monday post! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your kind words. You are always, always the best part of this blog and I never forget that! I’m very thankful you are here each and every day and I can’t wait to share another 500 Met Mondays with you! I plan to be here creating posts as long as my brain works and my fingers can type.

I wonder if one day we’ll be able to just “voice” or speak a blog post and the computer will type out the words. It would probably be like Google’s spell-check and type gosh-knows-what! My son and I have this running game when texting. About half the time when I say his name while texting, Google voice decides to call him “Chuck” instead of his actual name, and of course I don’t notice it until after I hit “send.” Inevitably my son replies back calling me Suzanna or some such name in retaliation. Ha, ha! You have to laugh and just go with it!


Still in a Jewelry Frame of Mind

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I’ve been on a jewelry kick lately. It all started when I was walking down Front Street in Lahaina on Maui and saw a beautiful sun necklace in the window. I’ve never purchased jewelry on vacation before, but what better souvenir to bring back from Hawaii where every day is sunny and beautiful…well unless Hurricane Lane is stopping by.  So thankful she didn’t do any more damage than she did!


I am still very much enjoying the pearl earrings I purchased back in February and wear them all the time. They have 14K posts so they don’t cause my ears to get sore and irritated like so many of my other earrings do, and the price was excellent, especially for Akoya pearls.  After wearing them for the past six months, I can highly recommend them if you have sensitive ears. They are available here: Akoya Pearl Earrings.

They would also make a great Christmas present. I purchased the 7.0-7.5mm size and they are the perfect size.


I’m thinking about ordering these if I can ever decide on a gemstone/color. They are all beautiful! Again, they are 14k gold so safe for picky ears.  The peridot is stunning…I’m either going to order it…


or the Aquamarine. I would love a pair in every color! You can see all the gemstones/colors they come in and read the great reviews here: Gemstone Earrings with 14k posts.

Update: I went with the pink sapphire…love that color! If they are as pretty in person as they sound in the reviews, I have no doubt I’ll add a few more colors later.


An Idea for Hiding a Nice Bracelet While Traveling

So, I have a slightly crazy idea. I wear a bracelet that I love fulltime, I never take it off. I’m a little worried about wearing it on my upcoming trip since there has been such an increase in street robberies in Europe over the past year or so. Granted, I’m not going to Europe, but I still worry about wearing it while I travel.

I was googling recently to see if there’s a way to camouflage or hide a bracelet that you don’t want to take off, but you would prefer it go unnoticed. I thought about wearing a sweatband over it, but who does that fulltime on vacation. I think that would draw attention and make folks wonder what’s going on…what could be hiding under the sweatband.

So here’s what thought I’d try…one of these watches below. When I googled some phrase about ways to hide a bracelet Google returned a lot of options, including various types of jewelry designed to hide arm tattoos. There were so many cute bracelet designs, and I was very tempted by those, but the option I thought made the most sense was this watch since people often wear the same watch every day, so it wouldn’t seem odd to wear the same watch every day.

The band is a stretchy material and it comes in several colors…I went with white so it would go with any outfit I take on my trip. It should easily cover up the bracelet I like to wear full time and it will be nice having a watch on that I can set to the local time.

The price was good, too. It’s currently on sale 20% off, which made it $24.10. It’s available here in several colors: Wide Watch with Stretch Band.


Have you ever worn jewelry while traveling? I definitely will not be wearing any necklaces. I’ve seen so much information online about those being snatched right off people’s necks. It even happened to the husband of a YouTuber while they were vacationing in France. So the bad guys will even yank a necklace off another man’s neck! That’s pretty brazen! I guess they feel they can outrun them, which he did in the case of the Youtuber’s husband.

I just got an email today that Talbots is having a flash sale right now. I’m ordering this shirt, I love the color and the beautiful eyelet design with the scalloped hem. Sooo pretty! It’s currently on sale for $19.49. Love these end of summer clearance prices!  You’ll find it here: Eyelet Shirt.


So what do you think about wearing the watch I’ve ordered to camouflage a bracelet? Good idea, or not so much? Have you ever had jewelry stolen right off your body while on vacation?

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  1. Oh gosh, have you ever seen any of the funny text conversations posts that have had auto – ‘corrections’ that went very, very, wrong? 😀 Some of them are so funny. Though, I think some of them may be made up.

    I wish I could find a solution regarding sensitive ears. I’m glad gold works for you, but it doesn’t work for me. Even surgical steel bothers them after a short while. :0/ Those gemstone earrings come in some gorgeous colors! Hard to choose. And I would love some pearl earrings, as well. Grrr. Phooey to sensitive skin!

    I can’t believe the sales Talbots has been having. Such a good time to stock up. That green top will look so nice with your scalloped shorts!

    • Wow, your ears are even more sensitive than mine, Pam. The ones that say hypoallergenic never work for my ears…but so far, gold does. I know, they are killing it right now with the sales. I’ve ordered so many pairs of the white scalloped shorts, I won’t need summer shorts for a long time. lol

  2. Carol Anne says

    Why wear it if you have to cover it up? I never travel with expensive jewelry. There are too many options in costume jewelry. If it’s looking St or stolen, who cares?

    Also, that stretch band watch is not very attractive.

    • I probably wouldn’t choose it for everyday wear at home, but it looked like it would accomplish my goal. I doubt I’ll want to keep my bracelet covered all the time, just some of the time if I felt I was in an area where crime might be more of a problem.

    • Bunny Rogers says

      I agree with Carol Anne. I never travel with expensive jewelry and I have some very nice pieces. I feel it would bring too much attention and for the wrong reasons. I also worry about simply losing a piece. I always leave my good jewelry at home and I know it is safe. I too have a special bracelet. It is lovely rabbits and was custom made for me by an artisan right here in Chapel Hill, N.C. decades ago. It goes so well with a nice tennis bracelet but They stay home in the safe when I travel. Also Susan, I have to say that the black stretch watch just isn’t attractive to me. You seem to dress so stylishly and it detracts from a very nice outfit. It definitely looks like something to wear to yoga class or while playing a sport. But that’s just me.

  3. Cindy Hummel says
    • Good ‘ole autocorrect! That is wild about the birthday cake! I’m surprised the baker didn’t text her back or call to clarify that unusual request.
      The other thing auto correct does that is truly bizarre is it randomly capitalizes words that aren’t supposed to be capitalized. Sometimes I think it takes longer to correct all the errors it makes than it would if I just typed out the text myself.

  4. Brenda Smith says

    I too have jewelry items that I wear every day (my own and my late mother’s diamond wedding rings) but after feeling uncomfortable in a few slightly sketchy areas when traveling abroad, I now leave all of my “good’ jewelry at home and I encourage my friends to also use a safe deposit box or home safe. It’s amazingly freeing to not have to be cautious about your jewelry when enjoying other countries.

  5. Too funny about auto correct and names. My daughter, kelly, always becomes jelly in my texts.

  6. What if a thief grabs the watch and gets your bracelet too? If you have to worry you won’t feel comfortable on your trip. I almost bought a blouse you suggested a few weeks back but the shipping was too high. I like free shipping!

  7. I just traveled to Europe for the first time and have to say only once in a very crowded area did I feel a little concerned. I read all of your travel posts to choose a safe bag and to become aware of my surroundings. I did wear good jewelry, but limited it to a few pieces I wore at all times. Perhaps I was blissfully naive. Can’t wait to hear about your next trip!

  8. One of my granddaughter’s has sensitive ears too and her mom, my daughter, buys her special earrings. I used to when I was young girl. But over the years I guess the old ears toughened up. LOL! I wear costume jewelry for the most part but I do have some nice jewels that I wear. Looking at that pretty watch I would be afraid someone would try and grab it. LOL! Mercy, you never know about people that is for sure. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    • I wish mine would do that, they seemed to have gotten even worse over the years. If I wear anything that is 14k now, they try to get infected within a day. Thank goodness more and more companies are making earrings with at least 14k posts.

  9. I once had brand new Costa sunglasses stolen. I had hooked them on the front of my shirt as I went in and out of stores at an outlet mall. I was traveling, but I was in Ohio!

  10. Susan, they do have software that allows you to speak and it is captured on your screen. I am not sure, but think initially it came out to accommodate persons with disabilities. It is called Dragon and one can order it on Amazon here:
    I have never known anyone who used it, but think it has been out for years. By now they might have the bugs worked out, so your wish can come true.

    • @Shelia: Re Dragon having tried it myself and since it basically translates speech, one must speak distinctly otherwise it can be just as amusing as to what Susan described or even shocking …. … if enunciation is poor. A prime example is the CC option (for the hearing impaired) provided on You Tube. Log on to one or two of its channels and try it. -Brenda-

  11. I no longer travel with my “good” jewelry. In today’s world, it just isn’t worth it. I do have some pretty fakes, but I even steer away from the larger stones in those now for travel. Since I do enjoy wearing jewelry, I have switched to sterling silver, with and without stones. You can wear white gold for earrings to match the silver. I find the silver to be liberating, it is fun to stack up pretty bracelets and rings. There are some manufacturers out there who make quality, pretty silver jewelry. The point is, not to make yourself a TARGET.

  12. Ooh…love the earrings ! Thanks for the advice about wearing jewelry when traveling. Have been in Europe and am careful about my purse ( Travelon) and wearing a money belt for my husband…but never really thought about the bracelets or necklaces. I will say that sometimes I turn my engagement ring and diamond anniversary band around when on a crowded Metro car, but that is it. I recently bought some very pretty costume jewelry and will probably wear that on our next trip..coming up in November. Would hate to lose anything precious. Thanks for all the great posts !

  13. Cheryl Gordon says

    I don’t have any really expensive jewelry. When I travel, I wear only things that are easily and cheaply replaced. That way I wouldn’t feel bad if it got lost or stolen. Can’t afford the good stuff anyway! I wouldn’t bother wearing anything I had to cover up.

  14. Terri Santiago says

    Hi Susan
    I personally don’t like the watch band.
    I would rather take the bracelet off and leave it home, while traveling abroad.
    QVC has diamonique jewelry that looks like real diamonds, great for travel.
    Just get a pretty fake out diamonique bracelet.

  15. I guess I am in the “don’t take expensive/meaningful jewelry on a trip” camp. If the watch was inexpensive, no loss if it’s taken or lost but the bracelet is revealed… it’s very sad that we have to think this way when going anywhere these days. Looking forward to your next travel story!

  16. i understand when auto-correct changes my sons initials (b.j.) into a name (bjorn) but changing my daughters nick name, abi into abu has always made me wonder…

  17. I talk into my iPad all the time, I do have to proofread it, though. One time it changed “Eva” to “Amoeba”! I leave my jewelry at home when I travel, it isn’t worth the risk in my mind.

  18. Dawne Marie says

    Hi Susan,
    If I were you, I would leave my good jewelry at home. Too worrisome to wear and if it were stolen my trip would be ruined with bad memories. I am traveling soon, took my expensive watches to the safety deposit box. The rest will be kept in my safe or hidden in a safe place. I usually leave junk jewelry in the safe and good jewelry well hidden. I have worn small scarves as a bracelet. You could do that over your bracelet if you must take it!

  19. I’ve heard that with skin allergies that it helps to paint the posts with a couple layers of clear nail polish. I don’t have pierced ears so I have no issues.
    I think the travel warnings about jewelry depend on where you’re going. While I don’t go around looking like I’m wearing Liz Taylor’s private collection I do have some nice pieces like a thin gold choker band I wear with a big blue topaz pendant. If I feel uncomfortable I turn it around so the stone is hidden. I also have a large blue topaz ring as well as a big citrine ring I wear constantly. I live in Mexico and wear the same things daily and nobody has hit me over the head yet but most of my travels take me to London where I don’t stay in sketchy areas. No point in having it if it spends all its time hidden under a mattress. Again, this depends on where you’re going. I have seen people tie bandeau scarves around their wrists so that may work if you coordinate with what you wear.

  20. Although I don’t feel like myself not wearing my best jewelry, I take a small jewelry case to our safe deposit box anytime we leave the country. I generally wear less jewelry on those trips, and the bank is the first place I head when we return!

  21. With the exception of my rings, pierced earring and a watch; I never travel with expensive jewelry. That being said; due to value and sentimental reasons never take my rings off in a public place either. (i.e.: To wash my hands.) Also, with respect to other every day jewelry namely due to the hassle of replacement, I ensure (like the expensive pieces) are stashed away in a safe place if there will be strangers in the house. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Re the latter; lesson learned when a friend of my eldest sister who had some beautiful pieces of jewelry that she wore every day go astray when hosting a dinner party for her step-daughter’s proposed wedding. Unfortunately, who ever it was knew exactly what to take and pretty well cleaned her jewel box out.

  22. If it’s valuable and you love it, leave it home! Crime happens all over – “nice” neighborhoods draw those looking for vulnerable people. Theft is nothing new – over 30 years ago we were warned not to wear any good jewelry in Bogota. I left everything special at home and was able to relax and enjoy my sightseeing – I followed that plan ever since. I think the watch only draws more attention to your wrist.

  23. Ann Pauley says

    Dear Susan,
    On the topic of jewelry, I will be going to st
    Maarten, st Thomas and Puerto Rico in
    October; any recommendations on where to purchase reasonably priced emerald jewelry,
    Without being taken?

  24. Thieves are on the lookout for good jewelry and crime is always about opportunity. You’re no match as a petite woman and that big watch will scream “Look- I’m trying to hide something you want!” Think about how nice your homecoming will be when you’re reunited with your favorite bracelet. Please don’t let denial lull you into taking the risk. Your vacation memory will be marred forever if you are accosted and robbed.

  25. I lost a beautiful, sentimental, valuable watch on a trip and decided then it was better to leave it at home. An expensive camera is enough to keep up with I feel.

  26. I’ve traveled to Europe numerous times over the last twenty five years and lived near London and in Paris. I am careful about what I wear, but be sensible and aware as much as possible about your surroundings. Public transportation (which I highly recommend) is sometimes quite crowded as well as areas where crowds gather to watch a special feature and I would not wear extra nice jewelry then. If it is precious, then leave it at home. You rarely hear the stories where people travel again and again and have no bad experiences. . . that never makes the news. So many people are fearful of traveling to different countries or places they’ve never been before, it is a shame so much bad news is perpetuated making people even more fearful.

  27. Leave the bracelet at home. If you get robbed they are going to demand that you hand everything over. The last thing that want to do is reveal the bracelet under the watch and give them the impression that you have valuables hidden on your person.

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