2 New Lamps I Just Ordered & A Sale on a Sale on a Sale!

Ever since I ordered a new lamp for the guest room, I haven’t been able to get this new lamp source I recently discovered out of my mind. Lamps are one of my favorite things in the world! Seriously! I always cram as many into a room as I can reasonably use, preferably one in every corner or area of a room. It usually works out where I end up with 4-5 lamps in each room.

Blue and White Lamp for Guest Room


The lamps I normally come across these days in local stores are so poorly made and they all have the dreaded drum shade that I don’t especially like. If you love lamps with drum-shaped shades, I don’t mean to offend–they just aren’t my fave. I was shocked by how nice this lamp was when it arrived!

Decorating in Blue and White


The price was awesome for a lamp of this quality and it really got me looking around my home thinking where else I could use more of their lamps before they vanish or their prices shoot up.


Blue and White Lamp


I have ordered two more lamps from the same company over the last couple of days and can’t wait until they arrive! Green is my favorite color so when I saw this green and white lamp, I knew I had to fit into my home somewhere. It’s so different–I never see green and white lamps! Would you call this a Chinoiserie design? Whatever it is, I like it!


Green and White Lamp



I plan to use it here in the office. I’m going to replace the tall brass lamp you see there in front of the yellow and white buffalo plaid draperies. I already have 2 brass lamps and 1 chrome/silver lamp in this room so I think replacing one of the brass lamps with this lamp will be a nice upgrade for that spot.

Home Office, Pottery Barn Bedford Furniture


The green and white design should work well with the green and white chair on the other side of the office.

Reading Corner with Hat Storage, Travel List Bucket Map


Of course, they will be on opposite sides of the room, not right up against each other. Hopefully, the greens are not so different that they won’t work in the same room. I’ll know in a couple of weeks when it arrives. Fortunately, they offer free returns just in case it doesn’t work.

Reading Corner for a Home office, Vintage Dress Form


It’s a large lamp, measuring 30 inches, which I love! I love big lamps and I can not lie! 😉 If you love big lamps, too…you’ll find this one available here: Green and White Lamp.

Green and White Lamp



This is the other one that I ordered. I am surprised how much I like it because typically orange is my least favorite color! Least! But I just ordered an orange and white lamp! What is becoming of me?! lol

This one is shorter than the blue and white lamp I just placed in the guest room and the green and white lamp I just ordered for the office. That should make it perfect for the two places I’m considering using it.


I’m thinking of using it here in the upstairs family room where I’ve been adding touches of orange over the past few years. It could go on the chest you see here in the background of this photo.

Hermes Tray for Living Room Coffee Table


Or, I may use it on the blue chest in the corner. The white lamp I have there now has seen better days and it needs a new shade badly. (This is an older photo before I moved the grandfather clock to the top of the staircase in the upstairs hallway.)

Blue Painted Chest, Addition to Upstairs Living Room


If I don’t place it in the upstairs living room, I may use it here in my dressing room off the master bedroom. I used to have a lamp there on the left atop the built-in drawer unit, but I stole it to use on a secretary in the bedroom. The orange would be a fun look with the framed orange Hermes scarf, I think.

Peloton Bike in Dressing Area off Master Bedroom


This sassy orange and white lamp is available here: Orange and White Lamp. This little lamp may turn me into an orange lover, despite myself! If you would like to see all the lamps they have in stock, you’ll find those here: Lamps.


I can’t wait to share what I’ve been up to in the guest room the last two days! I definitely got my exercise, so much so I couldn’t even move yesterday! lol I hope to share it for this Metamorphosis Monday!

Sale on a Sale on a Sale!

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As if that’s not enough of a sale, they are giving an additional 5% off for Talbots cardholders. Wow! As soon as this post goes up, I’m shopping this sale! See everything that’s included in the sale here: End of Season Sale on Sale!


Happy Shopping!

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  1. Nancy Carr says

    Thank you for sharing. Beautiful lamps.

  2. Orange lamp with Hermes scarf – perfection!

  3. I am not a fan of orange either, but what a beautiful version of it on that lamp! It would look so good in both places–glad I don’t have to choose.

    • It really shines on that lamp, doesn’t it? I was surprised how pretty it looked. Thanks, Mia! I have to stay away from the lamp store for a bit now–I like too many of them! lol

  4. Virginia says

    I have always heard that it takes a ‘bold’ woman to wear and decorate with the color orange. I had 2 orange lamps in my den one time and I donated them and used 2 brass lamps….I regret that action. I should have kept the orange lamps and put them into attic storage to ‘rotate lamps’ later. Lesson learned. I love your selection of the orange and white lamp…..use it!!!!

  5. I love the way your new lamp looks! So substantial, not tall and skinny! I also love, love, love the two new lamps you ordered! Can’t wait to see how those colors look, I like orange a lot, and the green one is beautiful!

    • Definitely! I love skinny lamps for some places where room is tight but I’m hoping a bigger lamp will not look out of place at the end of the desk. It’s pretty big, so will have to see. It’s actually the same height as the tall, skinny lamp I have there now…just fatter. Thanks, Katherine!

  6. I too love lamps, the color green, and orange is my least favorite color. And I also love a good Talbot’s sale thanks!

    • Hope you found some awesome deals, Bernie! Looking forward to sharing how these lamps look. I need to really love them to keep them–hopefully, they will be great.

  7. I do love both that orange and green lamp! I think the orange will look super against the scarf in your exercise area as a first choice! The green will be great in your office too. I’ve had a dress in my Talbot’s cart and need to act on it for a wedding we’re planning to go to. My problem is my daughter is expecting anytime between now and 1 week before that wedding so I’m not totally certain we’re going! Sales right now are so darn tempting!

    • Rita, if you do get it, just don’t take the tags until you know if you’re going because you can return it if you don’t need it. Congrats on the new baby on the way! That’s so exciting!

  8. franki Parde says

    Oh, good nite…I luv that orange!! And, I HAVE NO PLACE FOR IT…I’m still thinking though… Looking forward to your “reveal!!” franki

  9. I love the little green arm chair, might I ask where you found it? Keep your Blogs coming!

    • Thanks, Martha! I found it in Pier 1 back when I was first putting the office together. I love the “cottage” feel of it since I didn’t want the office to feel too, too officey. Miss Pier 1…why did they have to close?!

  10. Both lamps will look great! Wonderful find!

    • Thanks, Toni! I hope so, I’ll share them either way…couldn’t resist the pretty colors. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  11. Michele M. says

    Gorgeous lamps – and your excitement. Love the matching china finials on them. And those awesome bases – they are fabulous.

    “I like big lamps and I cannot lie.” Susan, you are so funny. Now I can’t get that rap song out of my head.

    Our heat came back – can’t complain though – had an entire week of perfect (and I mean perfect) weather. Such a treat for Ohio.

    Happy weekend. Enjoy.

    • lol I couldn’t resist…it’s true, you know! lol

      It’s been blooming hot here, too! I’ll still take it over cold, though.

      Have a great weekend, Michele!

  12. Kathleen says

    Great lamps with great shades! What are the colors in the parasol (the picture of the sunbathers)? The orange lamp with the teal would look pretty.

    • The parasol is kind of a golden yellow with splotches of burnt orange. I need to get that painting framed. I took it to the framery in Michaels a few weeks back and they were suggesting that they take it off the current canvas thingy so it wouldn’t be so deep. I couldn’t decide that day so ended up putting it off. I have two paintings now that I need to get framed…but I keep buying lamps instead. lol
      Thanks, Kathleen! I’ll be sure to share them when they arrive.

  13. Linda Practical Parsimony says

    All my lamps are antiques. People ask where to get one, and I tell them yard sales or antique shops. I love all the lamps you are getting.

  14. I am wondering where you purchased the blue and white lamp, the first lamp you mentioned. Thank you for any info. you can provide.

  15. Great choices in the lamps! As soon as I saw the orange and white I knew where it was going–with the Hermes tray, of course! Orange is not my favorite color either but that will look fabulous in that room. I think the green and white will be perfect in your office.

  16. Jill from Southern New Hampshire says

    What gorgeous lamps, Susan. I’m with you on orange being my least favorite color, but your lamp is what I consider coral – an orangey-red like sea coral. It’s the same color as my faux sea coral from PB, my coral-motif salad plates, and some cute coral-themed throw pillows I found on sale from Tommy Bahama one year. I’m tempted to get it, but we have a large red and yellow Asian-style floral lamp in our living room from Pier1. I’ve been looking for a green chinoiserie lamp for my home office too – and have my eye on the exact one. It’s more of an emerald/kelly green but seems to be out of stock everywhere except Amazon where it’s suddenly now 3x the price of everywhere else that used to have it like Home Depot and Target. It’s by Jonathan Y – the Penelope 22″ Chinoiserie lamp. It doesn’t seem to be as nice as the quality of yours, but it has the shade of green and birds I want, so I will just keep checking to see if it’s back at a better price sometime.

    • Jill, I had that happen once when I was trying to find a floor lamp. It was available at Home Depot and a couple of other stores online, then suddenly it vanished and the only place I could find it was on Amazon where it was way more expensive than it should have been. I kept searching and searching and eventually after about two weeks, it was suddenly available at Bed Bath & Beyond where I ended up purchasing it. Then just a few days later it was everywhere again, even on Amazon and the pricing was back to normal. So I bet something similar will happen with your lamp. I noticed that Lowe’s had it in stock at one point, so just keep checking back at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Amazon, etc… and I bet it’s pop back up. They may even get a return and relist it–I’ve had that happen when I was trying to find clothing before and the store was out of my size. I hope it comes back in stock. It’s a beautiful lamp!

  17. I love the green and orange lamps you ordered Susan! I can’t wait to see them in their spaces. The orange lamp is going to look amazing in either space. I don’t like drum lamp shades either, they have no character. lol Hugs, Brenda

  18. Love, love, love all your lamp choices! It’s so much fun when a small change can make a world of difference when it comes to decorating, or just plain letting that spurt of creativity take over from the every day activities! Absolutely can’t wait to see how everything looks! What a fun couple of days to watch what you’ve been up to!

  19. Love the orange! So fresh! We have the white lamp (like yours by the grandfather clock) in our master bedroom. It’s started emitting a loud hum (like our ears are ringing). So I guess it’s time to replace ours, too. It’s just hard to find reasonably priced lamps with such presence!

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