Easily Add Lighting to Attics, Closets & Sheds & A Wallet Update I Just Made

Welcome to the 512th Metamorphosis Monday!

I have two quick updates to share for this week’s Met Monday. Hope you find these helpful!

I store the majority of my Christmas decorations here in the upstairs bonus room eaves. As seen below, there are little doors that lead to that storage area.


That area can be quite dark, especially when all the wreaths I hang on my exterior windows are still hanging inside. In this photo, I had already pulled out all 13 wreaths and several boxes of ornaments and decorations, so the light from the bonus room was able to shine in a bit better. Normally it’s darker than this, not that this is super well lit.


In the past, I’ve hung one of those utility-type lamps that you can clip onto something when you need more lighting, but it’s a pain to run an extension cord from that light to an outlet in the bonus room, plus I’m always tripping over the extension cord as I get things in and out of storage.


I saw these battery-operated lights while dropping off a package at UPS recently and decided to purchase a couple.

Battery Operated Lights for Closets, Attics, Storage Areas


They are magnetic or you can just use the velcro attachments on the back. I used the velcro since there’s nothing metal inside the eave storage on which to stick the light.

Battery Operated Light for Under Eave Storage


I placed one right by the entrance into the eave area and here’s how it looked turned on. Of course, it’s much brighter than it appears, my camera just won’t take a great pic staring straight into a light.

Attic Lighting, Battery Operated


The other one I stuck along the slanted ceiling deeper inside the eave storage area.

Lighting for Under Eave Space, Attics Closets


Here’s how it looked turned on. Again, very hard to photograph a light while it’s turned on.

Battery Operated Lights for Attic, Closets


I turned off all the lights in my bonus room and just turned on the two lights, and here’s how it looks. As you can see they offer a lot of light. I really like how these work!  These lights are available online here: Attic/Closet/Undereave Lighting and here: Light for Attic, Closets.

Easy way to add lighting to under eave storage and attics, closets


Foil the Bad Guys!

After a recent near-pickpocketing in Egypt, I decided to purchase some of the protective RFID sleeves to use here at home. (If you missed the post about what happened in Egypt, you’ll find it here: How I Foiled a Pickpocket Thief in Cairo.)

I was thrilled to see the sleeves fit well in the two wallets I use throughout the year. This is the wallet I use the most during the fall/winter months, and as you can see the sleeves easily fit with room to spare. The sleeves can be labeled or color-coded to know which card is which, but I always return my cards back to the same slot in my wallet, so I didn’t need to do that.

RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeves, Brahmin Wallet


This is the wallet I like to use during the spring/summer months. Again, I was happy to see the RFID protective sleeves fit great! This gives me peace of mind that when I’m out shopping in crowded areas or even in the grocery store, a thief won’t be able to steal my credit card info as they walk by.

You’ll find the set of sleeves I purchased to use in my wallets here: RFID Sleeves. That set also comes with 4  passport covers which I like since passports have a chip in them, too. I’m also going to give a set to family members this Christmas. They will make great stocking stuffers.

RFID Protecter Sleeves for Credit Cards, Tiffany & Co. Wallet


Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  2. Love your idea on the lights! I purchased the RFID sleeves several years ago and as you said they are very slender and fit easily in my wallet. Yes, they make great stocking stuffers!

    Thank you for sharing all your wonderful adventures and ideas!

  3. Cyndi Raines says

    Those lights are awesome! My sister just purchased some very similar to those at Big Lots and loves them. I’m going today to purchase 2. I ordered the protective sleeves for my wallet. Thank you for such great tips. I hope to put up my window wreaths today and the greenery around the porch railings and columns! Ho, ho ho! Let the fun begin!

  4. Oh boy! Brahmin wallet. My fave bag. I like the credit card sleeves. Will order. I own purses with rfid but it’s not marked inside. I forget which ones are rfid!
    The light looks very handy.
    Thanks for all your great sharing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  5. Rhonda Storey says

    Sussn, I LOVE those lights too!! I get mine from Walmart and Harbor Freight. ($2.99 with coupon at Harbor Freight). I have one in my pantry, and two in the water heater closet. The light is very bright for a battery operated one. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. Thank you for the amazon link to the RFID protective sleeves – they are so reasonably priced – everyone is getting a couple for their stockings! Also, I wondered if you could take a picture of the attic space with the lights on, rather than of the light itself. I’d love to see how it helped! Thanks again – always love your posts!

  7. Terri Santiago says

    Happy Thanksgiving Susan to you and your family !
    I ordered the light switches for my attic. There is a light up there, but my Christmas decorations are on the other side, not well lit and holding a flash light was not convenient.
    I have ordered so many of the products that you have tried and true.
    Thank you for your product thoughts.

  8. Susan, I purchased a set of those Flip It lights to put in my husband’s stocking. They are definitely bright! It’s a great idea.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Love your beautiful wallets! It’s easy to identify your Spring/Summer option, but what company made the Autumn/Winter wallet?

    • Thanks, Margie! That’s a Brahmin wallet I’ve had for about 6-7 years. I’ve used it to death but amazingly it has held up. I don’t think they still make that exact same one, but they make some that are very similar. I love Brahmin, the quality of their handbags and wallets is amazing! They have a local store here in Atlanta and that’s why I’ve purchased my bags/wallets, but they are also online.

  10. Hi Susan, I went to the link you posted for RFID sleeves and noticed a RFD card that you can put in your wallet that is suppose to do the same thing as the sleeves. What’s your opinion on that card vs the sleeves. You’re becoming my travel expert.

  11. Those lights are the GREATEST thing I’ve ever seen!!!! None of my closets have lights in them. These will be great. Thanks for posting about these.

  12. I was wondering where you store Christmas decorations and how you store them! Mine are up in the attic space (very low ceiling with one electric light and I put up string lights to plug in if I’m up there for very long). I saw similar switch lights at Harbor Freight just a few days ago. The amount of batteries they take scared me away!

  13. Susan, You did it again !! Just when I needed you. I was ready to call the electrician to put lights in the bedroom closets upstairs. A very inexpensive way to solve my problem. Susan and FLIPIT to my rescue. THANKS.

  14. I love those lights! I am going to get a couple or so for closets! Thanks!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. I have used sleeves on my credit cards for several years now, ever since I had someone “scan”my cards. I also have my drivers license and my pass port in them. I know mine work, because I had my passport in my hand going thru security once and I kept setting off their alarm. The woman took my passport from me and had me walk thru and no alarms went off. She said it couldn’t read thru the sleeve so that set off the alarm.

    • I don’t think my Driver’s License or Military ID have a chip in them, but I’m not positive. If they do, it’s not obvious like it is on my credit cards. I think I’ll go ahead and put them inside the protective covers as well…just in case they have a chip I can’t see. When I travel, my passport is inside the pocket of my travel bag where it can’t be scanned. You are so smart to be protecting everything…so sorry you had to go through having them scanned in the past. Did that happen when you were on vacation? That’s awesome that you had confirmation that the covers work!

      • Mine were skimmed here in the Atlanta area. Possibly at the VA Hospital. My covers are by I Dentity Stronghold. He is the guy who first came out with these, I think. He has videos on You Tube showing how some of them don’t really protect anything, including some very expensive things like Tumi luggage/wallets.

  16. Love those rfid sleeves. Grabbing some for everyone’s stocking! Thank you

  17. Sandra D in Joliet says

    I’m glad you posted a link to the sleeves because I looked for them after you posted your story…..I looked at so many and a lot of people complained the cards didn’t fit the sleeve. When I buy some I’ll go from your link in hopes of getting the right one. I’ll also be looking for those lights for my closet. If I had an attic I would buy extra velcro so I could use the lights when working/hunting in the attic, detach it when through so I can use them in a closet, etc. Unless you’re in the attic a lot. They look great though

  18. More good ideas from you! I have a card case for my credit cards that is RFID but these sleeves look great. I like the lights too. Great idea to use that under eaves area for storage.

  19. Thanks for the info on the Wallet Protectors! Just ordered some from your post as I was looking for something like this. Was originally thinking of getting a new wallet but like the one I have. And it’s nice that they come with a Passport Protector – I can use that too! Enjoy all your posts, I had previously ordered your favorite travel purse based on your recommendation.

  20. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Your blog is one of many things I am thankful for! I just ordered the lights above for my closet hoping it will solve a frustrating problem of darkness.
    Brahmin handbags and wallets are excellent quality, and now I will add protective sleeves for my credit cards.
    Thank you for your year round sharing, it is greatly appreciated.

  21. Thanks for sure, I have enjoyed reading lots of posts today

  22. Not related to today’s post but…
    My 2 year old pre-lit tree is 2/3 unlit. Sigh! The instruction booklet talks about replacing fuses which came in little bag with the tree. I vaguely remember a few years ago you did a post on that. I think if I could look at your pictures along with the instructions I might do better. Can you remember where I should look in the archives?

    • Hi Hope, I just landed so I can’t access the computer, but the post you’re looking for should be under the Holiday/Christmas/Decor category at the top of the blog. It’s probably also under the DIY/Repairs category. Once I get to my son’s house I can bring up the computer and find it for you and reply with the exact link.

    • Also, you can use the search feature that’s in the sidebar of the blog to search for the words “dead lights” because I think that’s in the title of that post.

    • Hope, I finally have access to the internet. Here’s that post you were looking for: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/dont-throw-out-those-dead-christmas-tree-lights/

      • Wow! Thank you SO much! I couldn’t believe I remembered that post from 6 years ago. But I remembered thinking if I ever get a pre-lit tree I might need to know this. I have the potential of 7 plugs to check. All buried deep in the tree where it is hard to see what is what. So looking at these pictures is a help to know what to look for! I will tackle this in the morning when the light is brighter…especially now that we have snow up here in Canada. Wish you a marvelous Thanksgiving with your family!

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