Beautiful Spring-Easter Dinnerware & My Last Trip Before The Stores All Closed

Day 3 of my captivity.

This self-isolation stuff reminds me of the “Cat’s Diary.” Such strange times we’re living in!


Just before I left for Ohio, I stopped into Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma to check out their spring dinnerware and decor. I’m so glad I did now since almost all the stores have closed their doors. It’s really weird to imagine all the stores out there filled with beautiful wares that no one can touch or purchase. I will continue shopping online to support as many businesses as I can. I hope they all weather this storm and come back stronger than ever this summer.

Pottery Barn has beautiful, whimsical dishware in stock for spring and Easter online.


Love these darling plates with a Peter Rabbit theme.


These adorable bunny plates are currently on sale here: Peter Rabbit Salad Plates.

I think I’m going to jump on this sale because it’s not often you see dishware 50% off.


I love these napkins so much. They are currently on sale 50% off, too! You’ll find them here: Napkins.


And these! I love how Peter is hiding, diving headfirst into the flowers. Sooo cute! You’ll find them on sale 50% off here: Peter Rabbit Napkins.


This cute bunny reminded me of the one I so often use in my spring/summer table settings. I think is sold out but you can see him here: Bunny with Basket.


I saw these beautiful eggs while I was in the store. They are currently on sale, too…again 50% off. You’ll find them here: Decorative Egg.


If white doesn’t fit into your decor, these cuties are on sale here: Bunnies.


There weren’t a lot of tables to see when I visited, just this simple table in gray and white.



One more in white and soft blue…


I remember these plates from last year. They are back, at least online, and you’ll find them on clearance here: Bunny Salad Plates.


Next, I headed over to Williams Sonoma just a few doors down. It’s hard to believe that if I was there today, I wouldn’t be able to shop in any of these stores. When I was there ohhing and ahhing over all the new spring dinnerware, I had no idea they would be closed just a week later.

They’ve brought back the cute Peter Rabbit plates I purchased last year.


You may remember them from this previous table. (See this table in full here: Dining in Mr. McGregor’s Garden: A Spring Table Setting with Peter Rabbit: Dining in Mr. McGregor’s Garden: A Spring Table Setting with Peter Rabbit.)

You’ll find the plates I used in the table setting below on sale here: Peter Rabbit Plates.

Bunny Glasses for Peter Rabbit Table


Another pattern that’s been brought back this year is this beautiful damask bunny set.


The colors are so soft and the bunnies look so real.




I came very, very close to buying the pitcher the evening I was there.


I mean, look at that face! Sooo sweet! You’ll find all the dishware in this soft damask pattern (including the pitcher) on sale here: Bunny Dinnerware.


Loved this sweet bunny bowl! If I didn’t already have a similar one from a previous year, I would have bought this one. It’s on sale 30% off here: Family Bunny Bowl.


I don’t ever remember seeing this pattern before. What a beautiful delicate pattern! They had it available in a lot of different pieces including platters, dinner and salad plates. You’ll find it currently on sale here: Garden Bunny Dinnerware.


I loved this etched pitcher. It looks like an antique! I could see it filled with fresh-squeezed orange juice on a beautiful spring/summer morning. It’s currently available here: Etched Pitcher.


Did you know Williams Sonoma carries MacKenzie Childs? I don’t think I’ve seen it in my local store before. The pieces are so fanciful, yet functional. They have several of the MacKenzie Childs teapots here: MacKenzie Childs Teapots


I would love to make dinner in a flower-covered pan with a birdie perched on the lid. So dreamy and enchanting! This adorable piece is available here: Floral Pan with Bird Handle. 

I would never put it away, it would live on top of my stove full time.


Hope you enjoyed this virtual shopping tour. I wish I had more to share since it will be a while before we can shop again in person.

See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I LOVE those wicker napkin rings (and everything else). I wish I had more storage room. Before the self lockdown I managed to get 2 cut glass candy (?) dishes in a resellit shop here for the equivalent of $10.00. I used to have quite a collection of cut glass before I moved to Mexico. Stay at home but don’t turn into a lazy slug the way I have become!

    • The weather here has been rainy so staying in as much as possible. I am going to hit the antique shops when everything returns to normal…miss antiquing.

  2. Off subject a little bit but my question is how do you store your wool sweaters until next fall?

    • I have a big, longish shelf in my closet where I stack them, so they just remain there for the winter. I need a better spot since the stacks have gotten a lot higher over the last few years. If you don’t have space, maybe you could purchase some of those rolling “under-the-bed” plastic containers and store them away with a few of the humidity control/silical gel packet thingies.

  3. I love this. It is my first email from you. It cheered me and helped me to remember that, “this too shall pass!!” Thank you!!! XXX OOO

  4. Bunnies! Lots and lots of cute bunnies! Great pick-me-up today, thanks Susan. Glad you are with family, and not home alone.
    (Are the boys still using the Christmas bedding? Or are they back to the dinosaurs? )

    • Not getting much sleep, but enjoying all this time with the boys. I have to go to bed early each night because they are awake with the chickens each morning. lol
      No, Nancy changed it out a few weeks after Christmas. We’re back to dinosaurs now. 🙂

  5. Hahaha – Susan! 😉 The Cat’s Diary made me laugh out loud!! That’s so perfect! Thanks for the humor today, and also for the shopping, since we can’t get out to do it. Thanks again and take care over there!

  6. Regality3 says

    Bunnies and kitties, what more could a Quing want? (PS: “reactions” s/b “rations”). I have no more room for dishes; but, dang, I might need to pick up a spatula or three…sometime.

  7. The Cat’s Diary is hilarious. Love it! I think my husband might feel that way. He just suggested going for a drive even though it is cold and raining outside! He’s desperate to play golf again which he should be able to do if the rain ever stops.
    I found some cute salad/dessert plates at Michael’s last week. Some had bunnies on them and others are pink and look like roses. Unfortunately, they aren’t available online.
    Thanks for the pretty reminders that spring is just around the corner. At least I’m getting some spring cleaning done!

  8. Love “The Cat’s Diary” which I haven’t heard of before. Googled it but not quite sure if it’s a book or blog? Please share details as it made me smile

    • I’m not sure where exactly it first came from. I first read it many years ago. There are a few versions and they sometimes differ slightly. The way it’s written is how so many of us imagine our cats must think sometimes. 🙂

  9. Got the notice we were closing when I was flying back from a family trip to LA. So much cute stuff.

  10. Susan, I could not resist! I ordered the plates & napkins, can’t wait to see them on my table. I’ve loved Beatrix Potter’s illustrations as long as I can remember.

    • I am trying to resist the plates, the ones I don’t have. I should probably cave and get those…love Peter Rabbit! I did order both napkin styles, though…couldn’t resist those especially at these prices! Usually PB and WS only discount 25%, not sure if I’ve ever seen 50% off!

    • Sabrina, I’d love to see a photo of how you use the plates and napkins!

  11. Lovely Post, Susan. Glad you shared this. Thanks. I remember your adorable Peter Rabbit table setting last year. So cute. And I love that floral pot with the bird on top. It just makes you happy to look at it. Lots of pretty things for Spring. I hope the stores do well through their online sales.

    Keep your spirits up, friend. This too shall pass.

    • It does! I love it so much! I love when something is functional and beautiful at the same time. I wish everything in whole world was that way. lol Not very practical, I know.
      Thanks, that’s what I keep saying to myself, family and friends.

  12. Love “The Cat’s Diary” really helps to have a little laugh right now. Now, I have to do a little self promotion. I own a small “gift shop” in Washington state, thankfully not in Seattle. DO NOT FORGET YOUR FAVORITE LOCALLY OWNED SHOP! We have phones, smart phones, and can help you find what you need! And if we’re really fancy, a website to shop at. The entire restaurant industry here is delivery or curbside pick only. We are all working very hard to be open later, when this passes. Support your local favorites, buy a Gift Certificate, or just call and say Hi. We are very lonely. We are allowed, at this point, to stay open, following hygiene guidelines. (FYI, even though Amazon is based here, our state sees very little revenue from them) Thanks for listening.

  13. Franki Parde says

    Tell me…”what a difference a week makes!!” Grandkiddos are next door and I can only “visit over the back fence!” 🙁 I have that McKenzie-Child tea pot in black (I have charcoal back kitchen cabinets) and luv it on my kitchen range!! franki

  14. Oh, how cute everything is. those napkins are adorable. I would like one of everyhing.

  15. Brenda Lawrence says

    The Cat’s Diary was so funny! At first I thought it was a play on words for the title. As I was reading the first few lines, I thought who has this person held hostage…then I kept reading and realize it was a cat. lol I felt pretty dumb. Oh well, it gave me a laugh and that is what we need with all that is going on. I don’t shop much, but it isn’t fun having everything shut down as that is when you really wish you could get out of the house even more. But we will get through this and it will be in the books like the gas shortage in the 70’s. Love seeing all the beautiful spring table goodies, I love Peter Rabbit and loved all the other bunny goodies. Sure made me smile! Looking forward to when the rain isn’t around as much and we can at least be outside more. Stay healthy Susan! Hugs, Brenda

  16. Fun walk through with you, Susan. I was in WS last week and noticed the Peter Rabbit sries was back. I bought the cute cookie jar last year thinking I’d fill it with cookies and give it to my little great nieces for Easter this year.

  17. I so love those Damask bunny plates. Last time I was at Michael’s I bought two packages of wooden bunny napkin rings before they disappeared. A quick trip to GW today because it was next to where I had to go. Imagine my surprise when I snagged 8 green glasses with a clear foot. We are all going to go stir crazy if this situation doesn’t get better. Stocking up on chocolate.
    Thanks for taking us shopping with you. Stay well.

  18. Cyndi Raines says

    Darling bunny plates, but sadly, no more room for dishes Time to put away my St. Patrick’s table and get out more spring things. For the last 2 days, I took advantage of some moderate weather and got myself outside for some early yard cleanup. Felt good. Rain expected for the next two days so can start back in the house. Linen closet and hall closet organization is calling again, but I don’t want to answer, lol. How can they get messy so fast? I really try hard to keep them organized but they do need tidying. Enjoy your visit Susan. I am sure they are thrilled to have you.

  19. Susan, you are so funny!!!!
    What a great post to start the day “Cat’s Diary”

  20. Donna Zoltanski says

    Bunny fun!!

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