Easter-Spring Table Setting with a Visit from the Easter Bunny

Welcome to the 495th Tablescape Thursday!

Thanks so much for sharing all the wonderful dream-like places you’ve visited over the years. It makes me wish I could travel all the time just so I could see them all! If you’re looking for ideas for your next travel adventure, be sure to read the comments left on yesterday’s post. So many wonderful places to see in this big world!

I was so hoping I could place this week’s table out on the porch, but unfortunately, it was a bit too cold for that. Though it’s not feeling very spring-like outside, it’s feeling very spring-like inside.

Easter Table Setting, 2018


For this week’s table, I needed a touch of pink in my centerpiece. That made me think of  Miss Bunny who made her first appearance on the blog back in 2009.

Bunny & Wreath Centerpiece


You’ll find that older table setting here: Spring-Easter Table Setting.

Bunny for Easter Centerpiece


Miss Bunny always brings along a basket of flowers and a large, pink Easter egg when she stops by for a visit.

Easter Bunny Centerpiece


I love her sweet face and floral hairdressing. She stands completely unassisted, making her easy to use in a table setting centerpiece.

Bunny with Green, Pink Flowers and Ribbons for Easter


For this week’s table I’m using the adorable bunny plates I shared recently in this post: Shopping Haul for Spring and Summer Entertaining.

Easter Tablescape, 2018


Little egg-filled nests are cute place card holders from Pier 1. I noticed today, the little metal card holder can be removed to use them for decorative purposes when not needed as a place card holder.

Easter Eggs & Nest Place Card Holders


I thought about using green flatware for this table but decided I liked the look of the cream-colored flatware better.

Easter Table, Bunny Plates, Pink & Green Floral Charger Plates


This set of porcelain bunny plates depicts four different bunnies, and all are adorable!

Bunny Salad Plate for a Easter Table Setting


If you’re not a fan of bright, bold colors, you would enjoy these plates since the colors in this pattern are soft shades of gray, tan, white and pink, with touches of black. The writing on each plate is in a different color, and again, all the colors are soft/subtle.

Adorable Bunny Plate with Floral Charger


I tried each bunny plate on a white dinner plate and it looked fine, but I tend to like brighter colors so decided to pair the bunnies with pink plates.

Easter Table Setting Ideas with Bunny Salad Plates


Could you resist that adorable face?!


Sooo sweet!

Bunny Plate, Egg & Nest Place Card Holder, Floral Chargers, Easter Table


Three of the salad plates incorporate a little pink into the pattern–the cute bunny ears. Only one plate didn’t have any visible pink.

Gray, White, Pink Bunny Plates for Easter Table


The green glassware is from Pier 1 (I think) many years ago.

Gray, White, Pink Bunny Plates for Easter Table 2


Cute, cute, cute! If these bunny plates are still available, you’ll find them here: Bunny Plates.

Pink, Gray, White Bunny Plates for Easter, Floral Chargers


This bunny plate was the only one without any pink in the design because the inside of his ears isn’t visible. lol

Floral and Bunny Easter Table Setting


He’s adorable just the same, though.

Floral and Bunny Easter Table Setting 2


Love this pattern!

Sweet Bunny Plate, Floral Charger for Spring & Easter


The dinner plates are vintage International Glenwood, made in Alliance, Ohio. I found 20+ pieces while antiquing many years ago, then filled in with additional pieces found on eBay. I love this pattern and especially love that it depicts a Gardenia in the center, one of my favorite flowers. Gardenias smell sooo amazing and just a few in a vase will fill your whole house with their beautiful fragrance.

International Glenwood Plate


The charger is by Spode and the pattern is Emma’s Garland. Found these in Marshalls for $3 each many years ago. I love the floral pattern so much, just such a happy pattern!

Spode, Emma's Garland Charger or Buffet Plate


Forgotten now where I found the floral napkins, may have been HomeGoods. The green napkin underneath is from Pier 1.

Floral Napkins for Easter Table Setting


Happy Spring to you my dear Friends! If you aren’t already, I hope you’ll be seeing signs of spring where you live very soon.

Easter Table Setting, 2018


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I loved those little bird nest place cards, and thought they’d also make great decor items. It’s so hard to resist anything spring-themed for me, I love it all and it’s my favorite season. Your table’s adorable, Susan. I thought I wasn’t too deep into bunnies until I started a post, rounding mine up. Oh gosh, it’s a little beyond a small collection, and without my even noticing it! Glad to see I’m in good company. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thank you for having us in to share our tables.
    Happy Spring!

    • Thanks so much, Rita! lol Yes, you are definitely in good company! When I started going through a few of my closets looking for spring goodies, I was finding some things I’d forgotten I had.

  2. I like the particular green you’ve pulled out of the plates–green is a tricky colour to work with; too dark, and it looks dull. The pink works I think because your eye *wants* the bunny to have pink ears. lol. I’ll be leaving Florida early this year, so I probably won’t get to see our Miami Supreme gardenias bloom. Their blossoms are up to 4″ across, and they are as resistant to bugs as you can hope for with gardenias. I hope the neighbours pick them!

    • Thanks, Beatrice! I know the inside of their little ears don’t look very pink in the photos, but they really do look pink in person. lol
      Wow, 4 inches is amazing! Sounds beautiful! I’ve forgotten what type Gardenia I have, but the blossoms are a lot smaller. It was almost completely killed during an ice storm a few years ago, so it’s trying to recover. I had a few blossoms for the first time again last year. Happy Spring to you!

  3. Oh Susan, your big bunny is adorable!! And those plates, both the bunnies and the florals are fabulous!!! I have been trying so hard not to buy any more bunny things, I already have a house full, but they are always so tempting! Thanks for the fun today!

    • Thanks so much, Jenna! I know, they are sooo hard to resist each year! Whoever does the buying for the stores must know how irresistible bunnies are since they offer them each spring. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. OMG I love this tablescape! The so cute bunny plates, surrounded by pink and then floral-too adorable. Please, please put my place card at the one with the brown ear.

  5. I’ll have what Miss Bunny is having…she hasn’t aged a bit!! Lovely!! franki

  6. That tablescape is absolutely gorgeous! I love it. Thank you so much, Susan. Happy Easter.

  7. OMG, Susan!
    I love Miss Bunny! She looks so shy but ohhhh sooo sooo cute! And so classy with that ruff around her neck and those flowers in her hair! Oh, and those bunny plates! They are so beautiful! I’d hang them on my wall! ๐Ÿ™‚ Susan, they remind me a lot of PuiPui! Do you know him? He is the most stylish bunny in the world and everyone loves him! He can be whatever he wants to be: a cook, a football player, an English gentleman, Sherlock Holmes, and so much more. He is just adorable! ๐Ÿ™‚
    And he has his own Instagram page! https://www.instagram.com/mumitan/
    I am sure, you’ll love him, too! ๐Ÿ™‚
    ~Hugs to you~

  8. Susan, what a wonderful table! I need the sunshine as here in Pittsburgh we are still shoveling out from 6-8 inches of snow yesterday! Ugh. I especially like the bunny with the droopy ears – he reminds me of my Scotty who gets what we call ‘airplane’ ears when he’s guilty of something. Maybe this bunny got caught in Mr. McGregor’s garden?

  9. Very pretty!

  10. Peggy Nodine says

    Love Miss Bunny, she is quite the prissy lady. She looks lovely with the pink plates, and I love the flowered charges, just the right spring touch. The green is a nice accent, and I love bunny plates of any kind, I have quite a few, and had to talk myself out if these when you posted them earlier. Sooo cute!! Your egg wreath under Miss Bunny is very pretty too.
    Love this tablescape thanks for sharing it. Peggy

  11. I LOVE following you. I’m a table-scape freak and yours are spectacular–this one being no exception! Thank you for inspiring me!

  12. Cyndi Raines says

    Isn’t Miss Bunny the sweetest! I have a very cute light brown male bunny wearing a darling sweater that has a carrot on it. I am sure if they were introduced to each other, they would be quite a pair! Hehe Your table is so pretty with the pink and green and sweet birds nests. Hope we have a gentle spring with no heavy frosts. โš˜

  13. Lilies and Glitter says

    Dear Susan,
    Love your pretty table setting, itโ€™s so happy. Iโ€™ve never used my collection of bunnies …3 children x 1 bunny every Easter = LOTS of bunnies in my tablescape. They usually sit on the backs of sofas and special little bunny benches But this year Iโ€™m going to use a few, thanks so much for the inspiration

  14. What a pretty table! Those bunny plates are so sweet, and I love the pink rim of the dinner plate with them. And those chargers are some of my all-time favorites! What a steal at $3 each! I’d buy them in a heartbeat. And Miss Bunny makes a perfect centerpiece for all this bunny cuteness.

  15. Beautiful table setting Susan! I love the bright, spring colors and those adorable bunny plates. We just got about 16 inches of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. ๐Ÿ™ Hopefully old man winter is done with us and we can start seeing and feeling spring! Hugs, Brenda

    • Re your table Susan …. ditto and can relate to how Brenda feels about old man winter as there is very little signs of Spring where I live as well.
      -the other Brenda-

  16. I am crushing on those chargers!! You have a beautiful mix of florals and that is not easy to do!! Fabulous bunny table!!!!

  17. Your table is adorable and I love the bright floral design of the chargers. You got quite the deal on those! Miss Bunny is perfect- I love that she can stand on her own. So often a taller piece like that isnโ€™t capable. The bunny plates are adorable- every year I find more I want!
    Weโ€™re still melting down up here but at least itโ€™s been sunny and weโ€™re climbing in temps which in turn melts that white stuff! Boy I have had enough of it!!

  18. Pattie Small says

    My homes are done in reds and greens and most holidays work pretty well with that –Easter totally stymies me. Any suggestions for tablescapes and general decorations for Easter????

    • My home is done is similar colors, I have a lot of jewel tone colors in my dining room and living room, so I know what you mean. I wonder if you could use deeper pinks and greens, or perhaps go the other direction and use pinks and greens that are so light, they don’t fight your existing colors. It might take a little experimentation to see what works.

      Something like the salad plates I used in today’s setting…paired with white dinner plates would work since these plates are so neutral in tones of gray, white, and black. You could even use them in a red dining room (like mine) and they would look great. I would just avoid the lime greens and the bright pinks that you think will clash and go toward paler tones or those that are more neutral. So many people now are decorating in neutral tones, you may be able to find more spring/Easter decor in those colors than in previous years.

  19. Linda Page says

    Everything is just too adorable. I love the big bunny. She is so sweet. But the bunny plates stole my heart! And I love the bird nest placecard holders! Can I drop in for lunch??

  20. Hi Susan, you created a Tablescape monster with me and your original bunny scape in 2009. It has been a joy to follow you and to gather for my Tablescapes. After all these years, my favorite still remains this bunny and the many colored ribbons. Thank you for the inspiration.

  21. What an adorable bunny and so perfect for an Easter centerpiece!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  22. Miss Bunny is a keeper! love your setting!

  23. Such a darling Spring and Easter table! Thanks for hosting..

  24. Using the cream-colored flatware was a great choice. The florals are playing well together and Ms. Bunny is adorable. I’m also quite smitten with the little bunny plate sans pink. This such a fun table and thanks for hosting!

  25. The bunny plates are so darn cute and especially using the pink plate underneath. The charger plate just sets it all off beautifully. I love the little butterfly on one of the plates and I like your floral cushions. So Springy!

  26. Such a happy Easter table! That big ole bunny reminds me of my very first stuffed animal. I still have it but it is a bit worn.

  27. I love your creative decorating ideas and exciting tablescapes. So fun and enjoyable! When I set a table for a luncheon or any meal for that matter, I always consider making the centerpiece low so that one can see and chat across the table. Years ago while entertaining, I did not have that in mind and one of my guests took the centerpiece and set it on the floor. LOLโ€”-I learned the hard way.

    • Wow, I can’t believe someone would do that without asking you first…that’s awful! I don’t think I’d be inviting them back a second time. I make my centerpiece as tall as I wish, then when we are sitting down to dinner, for tall centerpieces, I just moved them over to the buffet. Don’t ever be afraid to create a big, beautiful centerpiece…the bigger, the better! ๐Ÿ™‚ My friends/family always love it when I create a pretty centerpiece. Just move it to the buffet when you sit down to eat.

  28. Hi Susan: Your beautiful Spring table setting is especially welcome today.. we had almost a foot of snow last night in NJ! Just seeing those adorable bunnies made me happy! I also love your gardenia plates. I have a special place in my heart for gardenias. They were my late Grandma’s favorite flower and she had a green thumb when it came to growing them. Always love seeing your beautiful table settings.

  29. Hi Susan: I was so shocked to see the pretty gardenia plates today. I was born and raised in Alliance , Ohio and remember my great grandmother having the exact dishes. She used them to set the table for Sunday supper for many years. Iโ€™m not sure what or who has them now but your tablescape brought back so many memories of wonderful family dinners. Now Iโ€™m going to have to search ebay for some to add to my collection.

    • Really? How awesome is that, Denise! You should be able to find them on eBay. If you don’t see enough dinner plates or whatever you need, keep checking back. I see that pattern on there a lot and it’s usually not very expensive.
      Tip: Whenever I purchase dishes on eBay, I always “message” the seller via eBay message system to ask that they please use a lot of bubble wrap and a large enough box when boxing up/shipping the dishes.
      Before I started doing that, often dishes would arrive broken, sometimes ALL of them. Inexperienced dish sellers will barely wrap them and often put them in a box the same size as the dishes trying to save on shipping cost.
      Since I started messaging the seller after I purchase the dishes and requesting that they really pack them well, I haven’t had any broken dishes arrive.

  30. A lovely table and those bunny plates are precious. I do like your vintage dinner plates. The colour is perfect with the bunny plates. Thank you for hosting.

  31. Susan, I’m so sorry that it’s been cold in Atlanta too. I think we’re all looking forward to spring.
    Today I was Googling some keywords and discovered that there’s a site that has scraped a lot of photos from your site, including those from the link party. I think it was homeandheaven. ๐Ÿ™ It gets tiring dealing with the underbelly of the online world, doesn’t it?

  32. Your table is absolutely enchanting! So lovely to see any sign of springโ€”we have snow predicted here in northern IL this weekend

  33. Tammy Schulz says

    I have been enjoying your blog immensely since I found it last week. Your creations are so pretty and I have copied several centerpieces already! I enjoy shopping at the stores you mention and appreciate the links to where items can be found. My only question is: when it comes time to actually eat, where do the extra plates/ decorations/ 2nd napkin go? The last time I set a pretty table like this, my parents were flustered about where to put the salad plate as the table became crowded. Any suggestions?

    • Thanks so much, Tammy! Often when I have friends over for dinner, if we are dining on the porch where the table is pretty small table, we’ll help ourselves to the salad or salads I’ve made first. The salad plate can stay in place on top of the dinner plate while it’s being eaten.
      Once we finish our salad, everyone serves their plates. I almost always place the food on the counter in the kitchen or the breakfast table…very informal buffet style. Occasionally, some folks will put everything on their dinner plate and not use their salad plate at all, but most folks do seem to enjoy a separate salad plate. I prefer one since I usually have a big salad. Where do your parents usually put the salad if they are having one with a meal?
      If I’m serving soup, the soup tureen or bowl will be on top of the salad plate, so we would start with soup, then progress to salad. When I’ve had dinner parties in my dining room, that table is larger so it would be possible to have the salad along with dinner, but usually the salad is eaten first, just like when you’re dining out in a restaurant or at a special event.
      With the napkins, guests normally just lay the napkins across their lap. They can use whichever napkin they prefer unless I’ve used a sheer type napkin as the outer napkin, in which case they would use the inner “fabric” napkin. If you think your guests will feel uncomfortable with two napkins, you could just use one. I noticed when I was in Pier 1 recently, they were layering them on their tables, too. It’s just a really pretty look.
      Hope that helps…really just do what you feel comfortable with…no rules, just have fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Tammy Schulz says

        Thx Susan, that’s helpful! Too often we cram our salad onto our plate with other food. I love your idea of serving salad first, then removing those plates for the main course. As a mom of 4, I rarely set a pretty table unless it’s a holiday. But now that the kids are 11~18 yrs I can bring out the china more often. I found your blog while googling Mad Hatter parties and decided to host a tea party for 8 with this theme. Our 1898 Chicagoland Victorian home beckons us to tea! Now I can use the tea cups with broken handles I haven’t parted with for a tipsy tower of dishes! Also just made your double vase flower holder with Easter grass and jelly beans in between and received many compliments. Wonder if you have a place introducing yourself on your blog as I am curious about how you landed doing this lovely blog? Thanks again for your inspiration!!!

        • Oh, I love a great Mad Hatter party…that is awesome! I’ve created several of the AIW parties on the blog over the years, they are one of my favorites to create.
          I’m so glad you like that centerpiece, I should make one of those again sometime, it was a lot of fun to make. Thanks for sharing how you found BNOTP, so good to know!

          I should probably create a page like that…but the Reader’s Digest version is: I posted some photos on the site, “Rate My Space” back around 2007-2008 right after I had just added a screened porch onto my home. RMS was part of HGTV and was a fun site where you could share your decor with other decor enthusiasts. If you were trying to decorate a room and needed some advice, you could post pics and others would give you ideas or make suggestions. Mostly it was all good, but of course, the occasional troll would leave mean comments on posts.

          I made a lot of wonderful friends there and eventually one of them suggested I start a blog. I had no idea what a blog was, so they sent me the link to one. I was shocked to see it was an actual website and didn’t think I could do that, it looked really complicated. Eventually, several folks did start blogs to get away from the trolls on RMS.

          I created BNOTP on a 3-day weekend. I had a Monday off from work and got a wild hair and decided to see if I could figure out how to start a blog on Blogger. After a couple of years of blogging, the readership had grown so much, I decided to retire from my job and blog on more of a full-time basis. My previous job was extremely stressful/dangerous, so I was definitely ready to do something else. You can read more about that position here: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/for-the-past-two-years-ive-been-leading-a-double-life/

          Have really enjoyed blogging and have met some of the most wonderful people here in Blogland! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Shirley Ore says

    Susan, your bunny table is just wonderful. Love Miss Bunny. The plates are fabulous. I have the bunny plates purchased last year at Pier One…love them…I enjoy reading your posts , they are so inspiring.

    • Thanks, Shirley! So glad to hear that. Pier 1 knows what we like, don’t they. They get me every year with their adorable spring finds!

  35. Miss Bunny is so pretty in pink! Love all the floral dishes!

    Thanks for hosting!

    Happy Easter!


  36. I like your dinette white wicker table and chairs. Where did you buy the set?
    Is the wicker durable? Love your blog!

    • Thanks, Adriene! I purchased it about 15+ years ago at a local store called Grand Harbour. Unfortunately, they are no longer in business here, not sure about elsewhere. I didn’t have a screened porch at the time and really wanted some white wicker in my life. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Susan, this is such a colorful and whimsical table, I just love it! Combining the pale pink dinner plates with bright Emma’s Garland plate colors works beautifully. The adorable bunny adds a perfect touch of whimsey to the table. Great job! Thanks for another great Tablescape Thursday.

  38. Hello, I adore Miss Bunny on your Easter Spring table setting. Can you please tell me where I can get one like her or if hand made directions to make her?

    Thank you

    • Thanks so much, Pam! I wish I had better news…I found her in Marshalls back around 2010. I just took a look and unfortunately, she doesn’t have a label on her anywhere. This is a good time of the year to visit Marshalls, HomeGoods, TJ Max, Tuesday Morning…places like that for spring/Easter goodies. I hope you can find something similar. Also, you may want to check on eBay, this is the time of year the sellers would typically start posting Easter/bunny things.

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