Shopping Haul for Spring and Summer Entertaining

So often when I purchase new goodies to use in table settings, I don’t get to share them with you until I have a chance to use them in a table setting, weeks or months later. By then, many of the things I’m sharing are often no longer available.

So today I’m sharing some of the items I’ve purchased in the last week or so, just in case they are things you would also enjoy for your spring/summer tables. Almost everything is on sale, so I’m afraid some of these items may no longer be available online. Everything is selling quickly now with Easter just around the corner and spring fever in the air. I’ll link out to them if I can find them online.

Green is my favorite color and though I have a lot of solid green colored napkins, I didn’t have any plaid or gingham. Love these two patterns! (Available HERE and HERE.)


Love these blooming cactus napkin rings. I need to see if they will work with some of my existing china/dishware. (Available HERE.)


I purchased quite a few bunny plates this season, so look for some of these in future table settings. (Available HERE.)


I purchased 2 sets of these online, but unfortunately, when I drove over to pick them up from a local store, they only put one set in the bag. They are shipping the others to me, so hopefully I’ll have them soon. (Available HERE.)


These haven’t come yet but I’m expecting them anytime. I think they were on backorder. Couldn’t find these on the site, so they may be sold out now. Found the platter, HERE.


I purchased this adorable bowl last year.

Bunnys climbing out of bowl


Here’s how the back/inside looks. After I saw this, I was ruined and had to get it last year. It’s currently on sale, HERE.

Easter Bowl with Bunnies Climbing Out of Bowl


Cute nest/egg place card holders, I think these will be cute for any spring table, not just for Easter. (Available HERE.)


One of my favorite tables to set for summer is anything in a nautical or beachy theme. Love these nautical “rope” style napkins!


Here’s a close-up…such a cute design! (Available HERE.) I’m already imagining how I’ll use them this summer. 🙂


I’ve been hoping to replace the cushions in the wicker chairs in the seating group on the porch for a while, but could never find any I really liked. I love blue and green together, so I think these will coordinate well with the existing green cushions on the porch swing and settee. (Available HERE.)


Fell in love with this pillar candle holder the second I saw it! ♥


It should go nicely with some of my nautical dishware that’s in this same color scheme. (Available HERE.)


Hope you enjoyed this little shopping haul. Look forward to using these goodies in future spring/summer table settings for Tablescape Thursday

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  1. OK Susan, now that you have bought out Pier1 what’s left for the rest of us? Can’t blame you for getting it all. It looks great. Really like the napkins.

  2. Is this the bunny bowl that shows their tails from the back? You made quite the “haul” lol.

  3. Oh Susan, I envy your hauls because I am tieing my hands behind my back in an effort not to acquire anything more. That does make coming up with new ideas for tables more challenging, but I am determined to make do with what is.
    Oh, the mop/bucket does make cleaning a nasty porch much easier.

    • Does it ever! I was going to use mine today but I ran out daylight. I did the porch swept though. I should probably wait until after pollen season to mop it…if I can make myself wait that long. lol

  4. I have purposely NOT gone to Pier 1 this year cause it is TOOOOOO dangerous for me. Love your haul!

  5. Well I already had Pottery Barn’s nature series bunny plates which they never had a dinner plate to match so it was somewhat of a challenge because these plate are off white. I love them though so am still looking for a dinner plate that will coordinate. This year I just went ahead and got the matching Pottery Barn floral plates with the bunny on the salad/dessert plate. Really wanted the navy and white gingham also but they are only showing the lighter blue. I imagine they will be pushed for the 4th which was my plan. I will be interested to see what you pair the plain bunny plates with…are the Pier One plates a true white or off white?

  6. Well somebody has been struck with bunny fever I think, lol. That first plate (PB) with the crackle texture is so cute, and could be used in a stand or something, as well as a placesetting. Those green plaid napkins would also be so pretty in a casual Christmas setting. Great choice. (I will be sorry to see bunny season end.)

  7. Tina Reynolds says

    What a wonderful haul! Loads of possibilities! I have the PB bunny bowl now and I love it. I also purchased one set of 4 mixed pastel gingham napkins( 1 each of pink, yellow,green and lavender) at Pier 1. then I decided that I had to have another set—ordered online. Then, after some thought, I realized how nice it would be to have 4 of each color. Hustled off to a Pier 1 45 miles away,only to find them sold out! Again, ordered online. I will be using the lavender with my bunny plates (I believe called Floral Meadow Bunny) at our Easter breakfast! Whew! A lot of running around when I could have simply made the decision to get those 4 sets all at once! Big LOL!

  8. Cyndi Raines says

    Great finds! Love the nautical napkins and the beautiful shell candle holder.

  9. Hi, Susan. I resisted most of these goodies but did get some bunny plates and that vacuum you recently told us about. I ordered the brighter floral bunny plates because I already have some of the others. Still waiting to get them.

    I really like your blue and green cushions, too!

  10. Believe it or not, I already have some of these napkins and have been thinking about the bunny dishes. Glad to know they are on sale now.

  11. I just set up my green table…with the gingham Pier 1 napkins with phalaenopsis orchid rings, white Italian chargers, green dinner plates, and Pier 1 magnolia salad plates. A gold-green mercury pillar holder has a green candle with monstera leaf applique, and the Nicole Miller tabletop glass greenhouse has an orchid plant nestled in bright green reindeer moss. I walked into Home Goods last week, and there were 4 Villeroy pale green diamond-cut tumblers! I did the walk of pride to the cashier!

  12. I especially love the seashell candle, and the blue plaid napkins. I love napkins and have so many, but there is always room for more!

  13. I think Pier 1 sent the leftovers to Zulily. I subscribed to them years ago for the kids clothes and dolls and I’ve never discontinued. This morning they had the bunny dishes you pictured, Susan. They’re gone now, however they do have serving pieces-platters, mugs, bowls.
    To tempt you with other things, they seem to still have lots of blue and white nautical plates–the shells patterns.

  14. I love everything you bought! I really like the colors on the chair cushions. Happy Spring!

  15. The bunny bowl is adorable!!!

  16. Great haul. That must have been a fun day! I particularly like all the napkins, so fresh and pretty. And the nest/egg placecard holders. So sweet.

  17. I purchased the pastel gingham napkin sets at Pier 1- so nice and clearance pricing. Thanks for the idea to try Pier1, I forget to shop there.

  18. Hi Susan, I absolutely LOVE your posts and photos. So many great ideas! My question is……I thought I saw on one of your posts an Easter plate for deviled eggs. It had a bunny in the center of the plate. But, now I can’t find it on any of your posts. Hmmmmm……can you help me? Love ya! Karen

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