Everything Old is New Again

Have you ever been out shopping and saw something that instantly reminded you of a scene from a movie?  Or, maybe it reminded you of something from your childhood? Recently while shopping in HomeGoods I saw this lemon tree.

Ceramic Lemon Tree_wm


It instantly took me back to two Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies we’ve toured here on BNOTP. Do you remember this scene from the 1961 movie, Lover Come Back. Carol (Doris) has just realized that sweet Linus is an imposter and is actually Jerry Webster, a scheming ad executive, hence the look on her face. πŸ™‚   (Tour Carol’s New York Apartment here: Lover Come Back Movie House Tour)

Notice anything in the background?

Lover Come Back


Here’s a little closer view, see it there on the left? While we’re here, notice the shape of the lamp shades. Those are back in style, too.

Lover Come Back with Doris Day and Rock Hudson


That same lemon tree was used a few years later in the 1964 movie, Send Me No Flowers, again staring Doris Day and Rock Hudson. There it is on the left.  (Tour this movie house here: Send Me No Flowers Movie House Tour)



Here’s a fuzzy close-up.

Ceramic Apple Tree Centerpiece from Movie Send Me No Flowers


I have a similar one that was given to me by my sister a few years ago. It had once belonged to her mother-in-law and is probably from around the 1960’s, I’m guessing.  (Tablescape with accompanying video can be viewed here: Spring Table Featuring Metlox Poppytrail Sculptured Daisy)

Retro Table Setting with Lemon Tree Centerpiece


Isn’t it funny how things always come back. They may be slightly different, tweaked ever so much, but they seem to always return.  Don’t throw away anything! πŸ˜‰

Have you seen anything lately that reminds you of something from an old movie or something from your childhood or younger years?

Ceramic Lemon Tree_wm


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  1. I am the biggest fan of I LOVE LUCY. I watch it over and over, know all the lines, and still laugh out loud.
    Have you ever seen the hutch in Ethel’s living room, the big oak one that is placed in front of the wall? It has two small shelves on either side. Well I have that exact one, I use it for a dresser. I pulled it down out of an attic in the late 1960’s and still use it. I love the way it is built.
    Have a good weekend and love the new format on your site. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marcee ... ILLINOIS says

      W ow. How cool is that Rosie. Love these stories!

      There is/was a made for TV movie called Deep In My Heart. A real tear jerker. In a dining room is a modern breakfront/buffet cabinet EXACTLY like the one our mom & dad bought for the house. I loved it so much as a kid! Wish mom had never sold. Most other family furniture I have.

    • I hadn’t noticed it but I’ll watch for it next time the show is on. That is really neatl that you have the very same one! Love that! πŸ™‚ I was once antiquing in a small house that was just a couple of miles from my home. It was an old house that had been turned into an antique store. They had a huge secretary in there that had a big sign on it saying it was the exact same secretary that had been used in the movie Bull Durham. I liked it and kept telling my husband about it but it was too expensive of a purchase to make without us both deciding. I wanted him to be in on the decision. As I recall, it was around $900 and this was probably 15 years ago…so was def a lot of money! I would stop by there every so often to see if it was still there and it always was. Finally one day we both had an opportunity to go see it together and wouldn’t ya know it, it was gone. πŸ™ I kept thinking it would have been so neat to have owned something like that, then watch the movie and see it in the movie, too. Oh well, wasn’t meant to be.

      • Marcee ... ILLINOIS says

        Ohhh …. wet crackers. Very sorry you missed out Susan. That does happen frequently. To me also. When I desperately wanted to purchase a gorgeous dining room set …. too much hemming and hawing was making it all difficult. Finally …. made up my brain to buy …. went to the resale shop …. g-o-n-e. Several months later we purchased something. It was just as nice. Old and beautiful!

  2. That is hilarious – my mother-in-law has one! I think I will put my name on it!

  3. I’ve noticed that Dorothy Draper inspired dressers, the black lacquer with gold leaf detail and brass pulls are all the rage now. I grew up with my grandmother’s hand me down dresser and never thought much of it. It may have even been an original Dorothy Draper for all we knew. I knew nothing about the designer as a kid, and I didn’t really like it much. My sister and I damaged the top of the dresser as teenagers pretty badly. It was thrown out before I was 20. But every time I see one now, it brings me right back to my childhood.

    • You are so right about the dresses. I’m seeing a lot of vintage clothing. I think I’ve been living under a rock because I only realized about a 1 1/2 years ago that there are blogs all about sewing and making vintage clothes using vintage patterns. I was completely enamored at all the old patterns I was seeing. The clothes was so elegant.
      Lisa, such a fun about the dresser…wonder if it was an original? πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve noticed that the Dorothy Draper inspired dressers, the one that is black lacquer, with gold detailing and brass pulls are in style now. I had one growing up. It was a hand me down from my grandmother and I didn’t really like it much at the time. My sister and I shared it and damaged the top through the years and we wound up getting rid of it before I was 20. Now every time I see one online, it reminds me of my childhood.

  5. How odd that they used the same prop in the Doris Day movies?
    Such a happy prop, though! LOL!



  6. Great post, Susan: how did you ever remember that lemon stand from those movies??!! Now that you ask the question it occurs to me that whenever I see “vintage tablecloths” in tablescaping posts, I am immediately transported back to the kitchen table in my childhood home! I realize my Mom had quite a few of these tablecloths that covered our “dinette set” (stainless tubular legs and a gray granite-looking top that was probably formica?) with matching padded chairs. As soon as I see the brightly colored, patterned tablecloths feel like I’m back at that table eating breakfast before school!! And she had to iron the cotton cloth, too, without a steam iron!!! Rosie

    • It just stuck in my brain because when I watched three movies from the Doris Day/Rock Hudson romance collection, all in one weekend, I just noticed the lemon tree was in both. I can’t remember if my sister had given me the one I have at that time or not…have to go back and look at the dates on the movie post and on the tablescape post. I just thought it was so interesting that they recycled the prop. lol I love that about the tablecloths, Rosie!

  7. So true! I made so many “fruit” things in ceramics in the late 70’s/early 80’s. Wish I kept some things, but not enough room. xo

  8. Marcee ... ILLINOIS says

    Folks definitely observe set decorations! Me too. When I was in high school …. going into university, my goal was to be a (anything) set designer. Never came completely true. Had the opportunity to do similar things though.

    Doris Day movies play continually on cable. You can get cavities watching them. Those times do not exist any longer.

    Re ceramic lemon mini tree …. Jackie Kennedy Onassis had one on her dining room table for years and years. Everyone wanted her to loose it …. but she loved it. Wonder what ever happened to it. Maybe auctioned off. It is nice. Not sure re dusting.

  9. Vicki Daugherty says

    Love the lemon tree…. but what bothers me is walking into a nice antique shop and seeing many of my wedding gifts in there as ‘antiques’!!!!! Hilarious! I know we’re all growing older, but let’s be real. Those items are collectibles, not antiques. Too funny.

    • lol Well Vicki, I would say there not antiques, they’re vintage, but that sounds just as bad. πŸ˜‰ I know, I’ve seen the same thing when I’ve been out antiquing.

  10. Love the lemon tree. It reminds me of the Colonial Williamsburg apple and lemon decorations. It would fun to have a ceramic one, but I have no place to store it. I have inherited many things from my parents and my in-laws. I am almost scared to get rid of anything because I know I will regret it!

    Hey Susan, have you ever watched this movie on the Hallmark Channel titled “Backyard Wedding” It was predictable from the beginning, and the acting wasn’t so hot but I was interested in the house that served as the brides home. The walls were stenciled and it had quilts. Would you know anything about this house?

    Thanks so much!

  11. Susan.. No ceramic trees, but I always wanted Doris Day hair! My being a deep brunette never deterred my wish for her hair styles and boy, could she wear those little skinny legged ankle pants with flats! Your lemon tree is awesome, too!

    • She looks so cute in all the beautiful outfits she wore in her movies. Did you see this old post Susan…you might like it: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/doris-day-movie-fashion-style-pillow-talk-and-lover-come-back/
      And this one: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/vintage-hats-and-doris-day/
      I heard her interviewed about a year ago and she was funny, gracious and sharp as a tack. Sounded like she did in the movies, just as alert and bright as ever. The person who was interviewing her was a bit condescending at times I thought, but Doris never acted the least bit irritated. She was so nice and even complimented the interviewer on her interviewing skills. She really was, and still is a class act! She’s also a big animal lover and has taken in a gazillion strays. Truly a wonderful person from what I’ve read and heard.

      • Marcee ... ILLINOIS says

        Yep. All true. Subscribing to Doris’ blog isn’t too newsworthy. Her anniversary recording awhile ago sold out.

        Did anyone ever see the Johnny Carson interview with Doris Day? Oh. Nice. My perception of her completely changed. Doris is so down to earth. I think Johnny had a crush on her!! Haa. Yes-yes. He was smitten. You could see it. Wish Doris could be interviewed by Oprah. That would be so very special. There were so many hurdles for Doris to overcome. Her entire life practically. Always sad to learn.

  12. I have a deep and abiding love for the 40’s and I’m always looking for vintage items from that time. Did I read the price on the HG lemon tree correctly? $199.99??!!
    You always have the best posts and thanks for all the time you invest in your blog, I really appreciate it. have a wonderful weekend!!

    • Thanks, Susan! Yep, $199. I remember looking at the bottom to see who made it and I think it Fitz and Floyd, but I’m not postive now since it’s been a while. I remember it was a well-known name…I think Fitz and Floyd.

  13. ~Susan~
    Yes, things always seem to make a comeback!

    My mom collected “OWLS” in the 70s and look now owls everywhere ! isnt that a Hoot !! hehee


  14. phyllis hance says

    When my sons was born 47 years ago, my Mom brought me a ceramic lemon tree almost like this one to me while I was in the hospital…..1965. I still have it and have always loved it.

  15. I LOVE movies from the sixties. The sets are amazing. I love them even more now that I can pause them on the DVR and really study the sets.

  16. Hi Susan! It’s so neat that you noticed the lemon tree prop in both movies!! DD movies are some of my absolute faves (just ask my hubby how many times he’s had to sit thru. ‘That Touch of Mink). And that is a bit pricey for HomeGoods…

    Thanks for this fun post!

  17. pam ~ crumpety tree says

    Susan, you can practically smell the fresh lemony scent. Yum. I too loved the old Doris Day movies and even her shows. I loved that one where she came swirling down the circular staircase. She always had beautiful clothes and apartments, unrealistic though they might be on her secretarial salary, lol.

    I have a thing for lemons as well. And do you know I read recently that the scent of freshly cut lemons causes a physiological and psychological thing to happen to people … it makes them happy! I believe it.

    As for movie decor, the only thing I can remember is that in the movie Sabrina, with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond, there is a scene where there is a commercial being shown on tv and in it an actress lays across her bed. That was the same bed I had at the time, baring the difference in size — hers being a full and mine being a king. I got such a kick out of that. I loved that bed and didn’t want to give it up when we moved, but I did. I’ve got a totally different bed, style, vibe, color, etc. now. Change can be fun. πŸ™‚ Love the Doris Day posts. I’m so glad to hear she is well. I wish you’d post the link to that interview, if you have it. I’d love to see her, too. I was thinking of her just recently and wondered what has become of her. Thanks for posting!

  18. Hi, Susan. My mother has what I think is a capodimonte lemon basket…it’s so funny how something can seem dated today and fresh and new tomorrow. This is all we need–another “excuse” to hang on to things! LOL. ~Zuni

  19. Thats too funny. I have seen that at Homegoods as well. Very nostalgic!

  20. So funny…..I made a bunch of those in ceramics class for gifts in the 1970’s…….it such a colonial thing!!!

    Love DD and all her movies, what a class act, beautiful smile…….

  21. So cool! I was watching an episode of Bewitched and there is a picture on the wall with a young boy crouching. We have this same eerie picture in my moms room. I looked on the back of our painting and it’s clearly not an original but I’ve never seen anyone else with this painting and thought it was cool!

  22. Molly Tilson says

    oh wow! I seem to remember these ceramic lemon trees being the decorating rage in the 70’s. When I was
    first married, I took a ceramic class to make lemons to decorate with…definitely should have kept them! Who

  23. My mother had Hitchcock chairs when she first married. I found some about twenty years ago and I really wanted to have something that reminded me of home. Even though my mom no longer has hers (they went in an estate sale my mom had before she went to the home), I still remember growing up on Washington Street whenever I’m around my little table, sitting in a Hitchcock chair!
    (And thanks so much for hosting tablescape–I love looking at all the great ideas!)

  24. Okay, I could use the lemon tree. I think I saw one like that at Sur La Table.

    I did notice that Jackie was wearing a jumpsuit I had on “That 70’s Show”. When I told my family they laughed their head off.

  25. Susan, the ceramic lemon brought back lots of memories. Wonder what else your sis might have from that time. This reminded me of ceramics class in 1973, when I painted a stand of large mushrooms with orange and green (gulp, my favorite 2 colors then…thank goodness it’s back then). Does anyone else remember the paints that dripped onto the other colors. Eek! What were we all thinking? Kept it for ages, in the closet…finally parted with it! I also went crazy over owls. Embroidery ones and party plan home accessories framed photos. Ugh! Avocodo green and harvest gold with that orange! What were we thinking?

  26. ISn’t it funny!? We’d all probably take half the stuff from those sets now. LOL. How much was the lemon pc at HomeGoods? I was trying to make out the price, but my eyes kept crossing. hahaha

    • It was $199.99! Pretty pricey! I was a bit surprised at the price and I looked on the bottom to see who it was made by. I think it was Fitz & Floyd. I remember it was a brand known for quality.

  27. OMG, Susan, it’s exactly alike and yes, they’re old fashion! I saw something just like it in a store and didn’t buy it thinking I didn’t know where to put it, but I love yours! Love that movie and I have a small collection of vintage Hollywood movies I love. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this post. Have a lovely week.

  28. Susan, you have a good memory. I would have walked right past that without connecting the thought to a scene in a movie. ‘-) Yes, it is curious how things keep circling around in this world of ours.

  29. Are my eyes funky or does that price tag say $199.99? OMG – we had this and sold it at a garage sale. I LOVE Doris Day movies – and her clothes in Pillow Talk make me swoon. And then I see grown woman in Uggs and pajama pants in the mall – REALLY? Put some REAL clothes on please! What would Doris think? Great post!

  30. Lemony Fresh! Though I don’t have a place for one, I actually like it. ☺ -Brenda-
    P.S: Read your previous posting and I believe the beaded top Doris is wearing in “Lover Come Back” may have been designed by Irene Lentz (Costume Designer) who designed a good majority of the fashions in her movies.

  31. How funny that you noticed that in both movies! What a clever mind you have. One of my daughters loves all things Doris. I will have to send her the link. I have no doubt she will be on the lookout for a lemon tree! Thanks for just a fun day brightener! Lori Lucas

  32. What an eye you have!!! πŸ™‚ franki

  33. Mom made a ceramic lemon tree like that in a ceramics course she took in early 70s. I loved it then and would love to have it now.

  34. Jacquelene L says

    I thought I was seeing things with the price tag, but, you answered yes, I know I’m not seeing things. My answer would be to buy artificial lemons and leaves and a pretty basket and make my own and coat the whole thing with high gloss modpodge, several coats. I am sure it would look similar and would not cost $200.00. Would be a great project for met. Monday sometime, maybe someone will take my idea and run with it.
    Jacquelene L

  35. Anthony Pincherri says

    I am interested in finding a print of the painting above Tony Randals bed in the movie “Send Me No Flowers.” It looks like 3 sailors? Can you tell me about it? Thanks.

  36. I was just watching the classic “Move over Darling” with Doris Day & Jim Garner. The Lemon tree is in this movie too! It is painted completely white. You’ll see it in the scene when she arrives home after catching her husband with his new wife. What a great movie! I wonder if the lemon tree was in every Doris Day movie?

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