Favorite Fall Fashions for Sweater Weather, I’m Shopping the Sale!

You can really feel autumn trying to sneak in here in Georgia. The temps will be going back up again this coming week, but lately, there’s been a crispness in the air and the nights are much cooler. Autumn will be here before we know it! The cooler temps have put me in the mood for a bit of fall shopping and I just discovered one of my favorite stores has a 2-day sale going on their new fall arrivals. Actually, I think today is the 2nd/last day of the sale.

Sweater Weather Pumpkin for Fall


I really love the look of this pullover sweater–the collar, the Henley button style, and that gorgeous camel color. This warm caramel color is such a gorgeous neutral! It always feels so classy, even a bit elegant. You’ll find it on sale 25% off here: Camel Sweater.


I have a Talbots vest very much like this one and in this same color. It has always been a staple in my autumn wardrobe. I love vests because you can easily wear them while driving and not have the bulkiness of a coat. Paired with a sweater, they are so cozy and warm. I love this winter-white color because it goes with everything. It’s on sale and available in quite a few colors here: Quilted Vest.


This vest really caught my eye! I love the color and the longer length. It would be especially nice on colder days when you want a bit more coverage. I’m seriously thinking of adding this one to my wardrobe–so wonderful that it has pockets! I have a feeling it won’t last long because it’s a style I’ve never seen them do before. It’s on sale 25% off with free shipping here: Quilted Long Vest.


Love the versatility of this adorable jacket. It looks great with denim jeans, but could easily be worn with dressier slacks or a skirt. I could really see it with a pair of winter-white slacks.


Here’s a close-up… such a pretty color and design! It’s currently on sale 25% here: Beautiful Quilted Jacket.


I love Talbot’s corduroy pants and have purchased many pairs over the years. I think most of mine are the straight-legged style but I’ve been curious to try their jeggings. Definitely adding a pair of these to my wardrobe for winter. You’ll find these corduroy jeggings on sale in a bunch of different colors here: Stretch Jeggings.


If you prefer a straight-leg style over jeggings, you’ll find those in both the regular and curvy styles here. I always buy the curvy style since they fit my hips better without gaping in back at the waist. You’ll find them on sale with free shipping here: Straight Leg Corduroy-Curvy and Regular Style.


Talbots has brought back their popular “riding” boots again this autumn. I’m not surprised since they sell out every year. I love this classic style and the heel height is perfect for comfort! You’ll find these beautiful boots on sale here: Leather Boots.


I’m getting excited now about the fall fashions–sweater weather is just around the corner!

Sweater Weather Pumpkin, Fall Decor


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  1. Tina W Reynolds says

    I recently discovered that Talbots Chatham ankle pants fit me perfectly—NO hemming! Yay! Confessing two things: I was surprised that the 10P fit me. Sadly, my middle is a trifle more round (!) and, I ordered them in 3 colors and one pattern, which was on sale. Later, I ordered a pink gingham shirt and blue linen blouse that is a dream. Each were on sale. I really needed the clothes, and the bargains made it all possible. LOL, you may be a bad influence on me…or a good one! I think I would get a lot of use out of the blue quilted jacket. There is so much “in-between” weather in Indiana.

    • If it makes you feel any better, thos Chatham are pretty tailored so they may run a bit small. I have one pair that I don’t think I can get into right now, but I love them.
      I know, we are going through that right now. I had on flannel PJ bottoms earlier and now I’m shorts again. lol

  2. Susan, I love seeing you get excited about autumn and cooler weather. 😀 Knowing as we do how you hate the cold and love your hot Georgia summers, it’s quite a … metamorphosis! (Heehee, not that you stopped loving the heat.)

    I always loved the cooler weather best, but after reading for so many years about your love of the heat, I have actually slipped more toward that end of the spectrum now. Like Tina said, you might be a bad (or is it good?) influence, lol.

    • I psych myself up for it by reminding myself that I can stay inside in my cozy sweaters wrapped up in throws and doing puzzles. Ha!

      Ha! That’s a great influence! 🙂

  3. Hi Susan, I’ve been dropping by the porch for years now and love your taste and personality. I was wondering if you ever think about doing a post for the guys out there? I’d love to know what your favorite clothes, cologne, gifts, etc. are for the men in your world. I know that’s out of the norm but would love to see what catches your eye. Thanks, and keep up the good work, your garage reno (and everything) look so nice, Trent

    • Trent, that is such a great idea! I will start thinking about that and do a post just the guys…love that idea! Thanks for suggesting it!

    • Oh, and thanks so much for those kind words–so appreciate it!

      • Great! I’ll look forward to it, can’t wait to see what you share. I think your English Country living room is what first drew me to your site, I’m a fan of the style as well and enjoy seeing all that you come up with and do. Thank you for keeping us all entertained and sharing your time like you do! It’s a chilly day here in Indiana, Definitely sweater weather! keep cozy, tis the the season for it, Trent

  4. I like the coziness of sweaters but not enough to make me hate seeing summer end. If anything, they’re more of a reminder of the months ahead that I’ll be freezing my tooshie off lol.

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