Dining with Beautiful Blue Willow

Welcome to the 728th Tablescape Thursday!

I’m running behind today–the painter is back again today and that always puts me a bit behind. Last night I was in the mood for a blue and white table setting. I just recently ordered napkins that I thought would be pretty with my Churchhill Blue Willow dinnerware, one of the dinnerware sets I use on a daily basis.

Blue and White Tablescape, Blue Willow


I know this photo was taken at kind of a weird angle but I included it because it most accurately shows the colors of everything on the table, including the tablecloth, the china, the glasses, and Mr. Rooster. Mr. Rooster was a find in Cracker Barrel a couple of years back. He lives in this spot full-time and loves soaking up the sunshine that pours in through the bay window on our sunny days.

Blue and White Table, White Rooster Centerpiece


Many years ago I received an email from Allison, a lovely BNOTP reader. She offered to send me a table square and some napkins that she was no longer using. This beautiful handstitched table square was among the beautiful pieces I received. I don’t think I’ve used it in a table setting before. I had this table all set but it still felt like it needed something. That’s when I remembered this beautiful table square and I love how it looks in this blue and white setting. Thanks so much to Allison for thinking of me and sending it my way! ♥

White Rooster Centerpiece in a Blue and White Table


I found these Blue Willow napkins (top napkin) quite a few years back–not sure if I’ve ever used them on a table, I think I may have. Last night when I was finishing this table, I couldn’t make up my mind about which napkins to pair with the Blue Willow napkins, so I decided to use both so you could see two different looks. Which combination do you like best below? At first, I thought I preferred the tiny checked pattern (paired with the Blue Willow napkin) on the left, but as I looked at the photos for this post, I started liking the plaid napkin (paired with the Blue Willow napkin) on the right better.

Trying Different Napkins


The pretty blue glassware in this table is Noritake, Breeze Clear. I love its wonderful swirl design.

Blue and White, Blue Willow Table Setting


The Churchill Blue Willow china was collected over several months as part of a promotion Publix was having. Each time you shopped in Publix, if you spent a certain amount of $ in groceries (seems like it was $35) you could purchase a place setting for $2.50 each. Each place setting only included a dinner plate and a cup and saucer if I’m remembering correctly. I think I had to purchase the salad plates separately, but I could be remembering that wrong. Anyway, I bought A LOT of groceries over the span of a couple of months because I was afraid the promotion would end before I had enough place settings. I managed to collect 12 place settings and a bunch of the serving pieces like platters, bowls, sugar/creamer, etc… Did anyone else collect Churchill Blue Willow from Publix back in the day? This would have been around 20+ years ago now. Wish grocery stores still did promotions like that!

Blue Willow in Blue and White Table Setting, Blue Handstitched Tablecloth


I hope someone will recognize the flatware pattern. Update: The flatware has Oneida Community on the back. I found this beautiful patinaed silverplate flatware on eBay many, many years ago. The hydrangea napkin rings are from Pier 1, back in the day. Here’s how the checked napkin looks in this setting…

Hydrangea Napkin Ring, Blue and White Table


And here’s how the blue, white, and black plaid napkin looks in this setting. I love how its colors mimic the exact colors in my Blue Willow china. The plaid napkins were a recent purchase and are still available here: Plaid Napkin in Blue, White and Black.)

Blue Willow Napkins, Hydrangea Napkin Ring


Does anyone recognize the flatware pattern? I need to look back at some older posts to jog my memory. The charger plates were from Horchow online back in 2008.

Silverplate Flatware, Beautiful Patina


It didn’t quite work out but if I had shifted the tablecloth around a few inches, I think the glasses could have ended up perfectly centered in these beautiful floral circles on the tablecloth. (I moved this glass over to show how it looks on the circle of flowers.) I may try that today to see if it will work. I think it will throw off having the corners of the tablecloth hanging down in front of each chair as I have them positioned now, but it would be interesting to see if the floral circles were designed into the tablecloth to work that way…creating a place for the glasses.

Beautiful Blue Tablecloth with Hand stitching


Hope you enjoyed this blue and white table setting. Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Blue and White Table Setting


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  1. Thanks for the tabletop fun Susan! Your table is lovely, I can’t believe that pretty china was obtained at Publix!

  2. What a sweet tablescape. I love the table throw! How lovely that Allison gifted that to you. It looks so pretty with those beautiful Noritake glasses. And that flatware is gorgeous. I like the formal look of the Blue Willow with the flatware mixed with the more casual table elements. Susan, 728 unique tablescapes! You are a marvel. I don’t know how you keep coming up with them, but I’m glad you do.

    • Thanks so much, Pam! I can’t believe it’s 728 weeks since TT started! I wish I could slow time down, it’s all going by way too fast!

  3. lynn kopatich says

    Is the flatware stainless or sterling? Are there any hallmarks or names on the back of the handles or the knife blades? I recently traced a 1905 commemorative spoon I bought in an antique shop with several books I have on sterling and stainless patterns.

    • It’s silverplate. I just looked and it says Oneida Community. I wonder if Community is the pattern. I remember when I bought it, it reminded me of a sterling pattern I had seen and loved at some point.

  4. Sharyn Kimbrough says

    Susan, blue is my favorite color, so this post was very meaningful to me! Always loved Blue Willow! I prefer the blue-checked napkin. The silverware is also my style. How sweet of one of your followers to send you the beautiful table square. What a peaceful, at least to me, table setting.

    • Thanks, Sharyn! It really was sweet of her to do that. I’m glad I was finally able and remembered to incorporate it into a table. I’m so glad you like it! ♥

  5. Susan, I don’t know the name of your flatware but I have Oneida ‘Silver Artistry’ that was bought in the US around 50 years ago. The knife shape is very similar but the handles are more ornate than your flatware. Forks and spoons are the same shape.

    I also have a set of Oneida Silversmiths’ Plate that was made in the UK around 45 years ago. The knife shape, forks and spoons are again the same shape as your flatware but less ornate.

    Perhaps this is an old Oneida design?

    • You’re so right! I didn’t think to look on the back of a piece when I set the table, but it does say Oneida on the back. Thanks, Di!

      • It seems that you have identified the flatware! Oneida it is.

        I’ve remembered that the flatware I have is ‘Mozart’ which was also made in Stainless Steel. That name seems to tie in with the composers’ names given to Oneida flatware.

        Community Plate, I believe, relates to the type of silverplate used (?thickness).

        I also have Arthur Price of England flatware and that flatware is rated by how many years of use you can expect.

  6. I have several sets of silverplate flatware (most are partial sets) but don’t recognize the pattern. The handle shape is common to 1960s-1970s Rogers and Oneida patterns; if you browse through the images at replacements.com you should be able to identify it (FYI, Rogers is often listed under International Silver). Good to know the pattern name, for looking for additional pieces on eBay and such!

  7. SUCH a pretty table Susan – I love the blue, and both of your napkins are perfect. After a long look, I think I like the plaid one just a tiny bit more, but either one – or both – would be great. And how sweet of Allison to send you the table square. It’s another perfect touch. Thanks again for hosting the party – I can’t wait to dive in. Happy Thursday!

  8. Tablecloth is beautiful but I like the checks better than the plaid. Love the glasses as well. You do a fabulous job of putting the tablescapes together.

  9. I do love blue and white! I wish I’d lived near a Publix while that promo was being offered. Unfortunately I have never lived close to one. But I do have a few pieces of Blue Willow and some other blue transferware pieces – if I ever see them at yard sales, etc., they generally go home with me. And that tablecloth is exquisite! What a lovely gift. I think I like the plaid napkins best but either one will work. As always, thank you for the inspiration your tables give your readers.

  10. Very pretty indeed. I do like the plaid napkin with the larger print on it, I just sets off the colors so much more. Reminds me of all the tables my Grandmother used to have for special days and occasions. I know it is not the silver pattern she had but it reminds me of one called Michangelo I believe but not as dramatic. Lovely table an the Rooster is a wonderful addition!

  11. So pretty and inspiring. I have some older Blue Willow plates that belonged to my grandmother. Many happy memories of her and the meals she served on them. Lovely post!

  12. Your table looks beautiful. I love Blue and White. I have pieces all over my house. I have the Johnson Brothers Willow dishes. Even use the bread and butter plate as coasters in my den and sunroom. It’s timeless. Looks lovely, Susan.

  13. I love your table! I love the table square!. Everything is so pretty! I think I prefer the plaid napkins but either one works well.

  14. I have Oneida from the late 70’s. This looks just like it. It was called Beethoven or Brahms.

    • Beethoven rings a bell! I think I had been admiring a sterling pattern named Beethoven when I came across this on set on eBay, and it reminded me of it. That may be the name of this pattern because I just did a search and there was a Beethoven pattern by Community Oneida and this silverplate says Community Oneida on the back of each piece. Thanks, Peggy!

  15. My mom collected these dishes for me as a wedding gift. We celebrate our anniversary on Sunday – 29 years. We eat off of them most nights – have only a few chips on one of the bowls! Happy to see that you enjoy them also!

    • It is so durable! I’m a bit careless when emptying the dishwasher…so clumsy at times and I’ve never had a piece chip. It’s amazing! Happy Anniversary!

  16. What a lovely tablescape. Blue and white is always so pretty.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  17. I bought my Blue Willow from that Publix promotion, and I can’t believe it has been 20 years! I rushed to get 8 place settings, salt and pepper in the shape of the “lovers” from the story of Blue Willow and sugar and creamer. I ran out of time for the teapot, but I later found something similar at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. I love that beautiful square for the table, it looks handmade! Do you remember where the napkins (the Blue Willow) came from? They go together with the dishes perfectly – sometimes different pieces from other makers have slightly different shades of the blue and look off next to each other.

    • Elena, I just did a search and found where I used the napkins before and in that post, I mentioned I couldn’t remember where I found them. Here’s that post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/spring-tablescape-with-blue-willow/ They don’t any tags. I often cut tags off napkins, I hate when they show in a table setting. Wherever I purchased them, I was only able to buy 4. I thought it showed the Blue Willow scene but looking closer, I see it’s more of a pastoral scene. I just snapped a photo for you…here’s how they look. I’ve had them so long, I can’t remember where I found them. I’m guessing Marshall’s or HomeGoods since that’s normally where I used to find napkins back in the day.

    • Let me try this again, not sure why but the picture isn’t showing.

    • I had no idea they had the S & P in the shape of the lovers, my store only had the plain kind. Now I want those! lol

  18. I got my blue willow at a local super market too, but we don’t have Publix on LI. I think it was King Kullen. Yes, it would be fun if they had those promotions again. With inflation just by buying milk , eggs and bread we’d be at the minimum!
    Hope I can find my blue willow, it’s packed away since I moved and I haven’t found it yet!

    • I know. I don’t need more dinnerware but I wouldn’t be able to resist another deal like that if it was a beautiful, classic, transferware pattern. Hope you are able to find it…too pretty to keep boxed up. 🙂

  19. What a beautiful table square that was gifted to you Susan! A beautiful table setting as well. Hard to believe the dishes were gotten at the grocery store, so pretty and fancy looking. I love both sets of napkins with the dishes, but the buffalo check one I like a bit better than the gingham napkin, but still…love them both. Your rooster looks right at home in his spot! Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks so much, Brenda! I know, that was the “good ole days” back before self-checkout and all the other reductions/cuts in customer service.

  20. I just checked on the Oneida Beethoven pattern and it looks very much like yours. Replacements has it on their site and it is silverplate. It came out in 1971.

  21. Tina W Reynolds says

    I have a weakness for table linens. That table square and the beautiful napkins had me swooning. My dining room is blue. It took me 4 months of painting samples above and below the chair rail to decide on the colors. (Pratt and Lambert brand “Maitland Blue” and “Symphony Blue”). Wide crown moldings had me dreaming of yet another blue for the ceiling. I chose a very pale hue. Later that day, my grandson took out the paint fan deck and pointed to another deeper color. He said, ” You should get this one! “( “Blue Fox”) And so, we did. I love it. I only wish that I could be so decisive! Well, another perfect and perfectly lovely table! I got some Churchill table ware about 20 years ago at our supermarket, too. It is a blue and yellow pattern that features American monuments around the edges of the plates. The salad plates have a steamboat in the center! It is called “Millenium”. The grocery made it so affordable, and I needed to get 12 place settings for a big dinner I was planning at that time. Fun!

    • I think I’m developing one! lol I love the vintage linens so much, although I’d almost be afraid to eat with them on the table for fear of getting a greasy stain that wouldn’t come out.
      So cute that he helped you choose the colors! ♥
      I’m going to do a search for Millenium, that sounds so interesting! Wish our grocery stores would do these offers again! I remember Publix was always packed back when that promotion was running. It was such a vibrant, busy store back then!

  22. Susan, I am so glad you let me know about this post! The table square is as pretty as I remember, and it is perfect with your (Publix!) dishes. I actually remember when they were selling this set. Beautiful setting, my grandmother would love it is being shared and enjoyed. Allison

    • Thanks so much for sharing it with me, Allison! I need a better system for storing my linens or I’m sure I would have used it much sooner. It’s such a beautiful piece! Did your grandmother do the pretty stitching? That’s such a lost art these days, seems no one is creating these lovely pieces anymore.

  23. Such a lovely table setting and I love the table cloth! My mother used Blue Willow for years until little by little they either were accidentally broken or cracked. With 20+ grands it was bound to happen 😉

    • Karen, that’s so wonderful that she really used and enjoyed it! We should all follow her lead and not save the good stuff for “some day.”

  24. Oh yes, I too shopped at Publix just so I could get the BW dishes. I did get the cream/sugar, but missed out on the salt and pepper. These have been so durable -we’ve used them daily for over 20 years! Than you for the memories!

  25. Melanie Nalepa says

    I always enjoy your lovely tablescapes! The flatware pattern is Beethoven by Oneida. I debated between Michaelangelo and this pattern when I purchased my first set. (I now have many…lol…and you’re not helping my addiction!) I almost bought one of the roosters when I first saw you post a table with him, and I’m always sorry I didn’t. I still occasionally search ebay for one!

    • Thanks, Melanie! That def rings a bell, so I’m sure you’re right. I think I found Mr. Rooster in Cracker Barrel if I’m remembering correctly. Hope you’re able to locate one!

  26. Beautiful table! I have always loved Blue Willow. I also collected the promotional dishes at our Safeway grocery store here in Maryland. I had 8 place settings and some serving pieces. Sadly, I sold my dishes a couple of years ago as I was downsizing. 🙁
    Love that table square too! So pretty!

  27. What a beautiful table – I adore Blue Willow! I have two newer place settings that came from a grocery store near here many years ago. But before that I was able to get several plates and various pieces from Goodwill. When my now deceased elderly aunt came to visit she noticed how much I like Blue Willow. She was living in a “senior apartment” building at the time and residents would often hold a sale of items they no longer wanted. Each time I would visit her she would have a box of “those blue dishes you like”…so I gained sugar and creamer, a platter, some bowls….We did downsize 5 years ago, but the Blue Willow was coming with us! I just love the way it looks like so homey and like a Sunday supper when the food is plated. Thanks for sharing your table!

  28. Jane Briscoe says

    I think your flatware might be Modern Baroque silver plate. I am not at home to compare to mine, but sure looks like it. There is a sterling pattern Spanish Baroque that is similar.

  29. It’s all beautiful! Blue Willow or any Blue/White dishes are my fave. And that table square just completes the setting–thanks for sharing!

  30. I am still using my Churchill Blue Willow, but in my area of NJ it was my local Thriftway supermarket that carried it. I had a good friend selling Avon at the time and was in need of glassware, so I purchased the blue cobalt colored sapphire glasses, bowls, and luncheon/salad plates. I use them all! That tablecloth is such a wonderful gift, and I love all the napkins, haha. I wouldn’t be able to choose!

  31. You had me at blue and white! Ha! I always wanted Blue Willow dishes. Don’t know if I will buy more at this stage of life. Your table as usual is lovely and I love both napkins but the plaid edges out to me. Love the rooster also. The table square is gorgeous! You are blessed!

  32. Looks like the silver is Beethoven –
    Replacements has a great feature where you can upload a photo of a piece & it will search & help you ID the pattern – for silver, dishware and glassware!

  33. How funny….Blue Willow remains my very favorite and is still my everyday dishware!!! And I also collected it a bit at at time from my local family owned grocery store….Hegedorn’s……about 25 years ago !!! They ran a special every week for a different piece. The place settings were 5 pieces for $7.00. I regret never getting the soup bowls and tea pot.

    Love your square cloth, very sweet, I think they are called a bridge set with 4 napkins. I like the plaid napkins best, the check is too dark a blue. Recently Home Goods had the soup bowls, but when I went back to buy them , only one remained!! They will come around again….

  34. Blue is my favorite color, and I especially love the tablecloth. What a lovely gift! Thanks for sharing!

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