My Test Results are Back & I Would Love Your Recommendations for a Steamer

Thank you so much for all your caring comments yesterday. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated reading those! They were very comforting when I was feeling my absolute worst.

I wanted to give you a quick update to let you know I got some good news this morning when I logged on for my test results. Sometime during the night, the test results were posted to the online portal and thankfully, I do not have COVID. I never thought I did since my only symptoms were what I thought was a sinus infection, a relatively low fever (100.9) and breathing issues that seemed to be worsening. My body aches were pretty mild, just lots of sinus pain.

I don’t normally have breathing issues with sinus infections, at least not the kind that feels like it’s coming from the chest, so I knew something else was going on. I was really surprised when the doctor told me I have pneumonia since I’ve never had that before.

The antibiotic seems to be working on the pneumonia but the sinus infection is definitely fighting back. Mucinex Sinus-Max seems to be helping a lot but I’m also thinking about buying a steamer. A BNOTP reader suggested using a steamer in an email, and that sounds heavenly! Thanks so much, Ruth!

Any recommendations for a good one? There are a bunch on Amazon and I noticed some appear to be more “facial” oriented, while others are more sinus oriented.

This one below appears to be for sinus issues, congestion and cough, so I’m thinking of ordering it this evening. Also, it’s a one-day delivery item so that would be perfect. You can read more about it here: Personal Sinus Steamer and see the others here: Steamers.  


Update: The price jumped up on the above steamer to, so I am ordering this one below instead: Steamer.

If you have a steamer that you recommend, please let me know. I can’t use a Neti-pot–tried that once a few years back and it was excruciating. The pain it caused in my head made me feel like I was having a stroke, but I would welcome your steamer recommendations.

I hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe. I’m so profoundly sad each time I hear from you that this horrible virus has had an effect on your life or someone you love. I will be so glad when a safe, effective vaccine is out and this nightmare is behind us.


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  1. Can’t tell you how glad I am to hear your good news! I have known quite a few people with this virus and one friend lost her mother and another his brother to it. I hope you find just the right steamer for your sinuses. I know you will!

  2. Well that is good news that you do not have COVID! I’ve never tried a facial steamer but I have had good results with Neti Pot. If you have never used Neti Pot it looks much worse than it really is. I have also found that Flonase spray helps shrink the swollen sinus passages. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Hi, Susan,

    When someone in our family has a sinus infection, we use Nasaline. It is a saline packet that you put into warm water to dissolve, and then you put the water into your nasal passages with a Nasaline syringe. It works SO much better than a Neti pot and is easy to use. Even a steamer won’t get the junk out like Nasaline does, and it helps prevent bacteria from building up. Each person in the family has his or her own syringe, which you can clean and store in between uses. Some vocalists use Nasaline or a similar method on a daily basis, not just when they’re ill, to keep their nasal passages clear for singing. You can find the Nasaline syringe and packets of saline on Amazon. Also, drinking hot peppermint tea helps clear sinuses as well.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!


    • I’ve used the Nasaline, too and it works wonderfully. A steamer opens it up but does not clean it out the way this does. I couldn’t use the NetiPot, either, but this works really well.

  4. Such great news — thanks for keeping us posted.


  5. Pat Francoforte says

    So relieved for you! Please keep a watch out and if you aren’t feeling better, get checked out again! Will be keeping you in my prayers!

  6. Carol Liebst says

    Excellent news! Hope you feel much better soon!

  7. Glad to hear you don’t have Covid….however, a dear friend’s husband, 68, no underlying conditions, died this morning from Covid. First Symptoms: called dr. with what he thought was a sinus infection. His dr sent him for a Covid test: positive. He ended up in the hospital, then pneumonia….ventilator….3 weeks later he is gone. Better safe-than-sorry!! SO glad yours is just sinuses. xoxox

  8. Please try a Neti Pot before the steamer. Steamer will help, but the neti pot really cleans your sinus out. If your really stopped up it may take a few times. But that warm saline water will work it’s way into your sinus cavities and break it up. You will blow a lot out including the water. TMI. You can find you tubes on neti pots and also google will help.

  9. Susan, I’m relieved to read this good news. I’ve been checking to see if you had left an update. Great news that you are feeling better and feel the antibiotic is working. The main thing is for you to rest and get back your full strength. Please keep us updated as you can. Thinking of you! Get well soon!

  10. So happy you don’t have a Covid! Having suffered for years from sinus infections I’ve tried everything. I had an non-invasive procedure two years ago that my Drs. in Western NC are experts in their field-balloon sinus dilation allowed me to breathe again! I can recommend Neti pot, Arm& Hammer Simply Saline Nasal Spray, and mucinex. Get well soon!

  11. So thankful you don’t have COVID. I was actually thinking of you today and whispering prayers that you would be ok. Living alone and being sick is not fun. I’m sure you’ll be feeling better soon. Lot’s of rest, vitamin C and chicken soup!!! God bless.

  12. What a relief to test negative. However, pneumonia nothing to fool around with either. Glad the meds are kicking in and you feel better. Now if you can just get the sinus under control…that sounds just awful. What is that ad on TV all the time? Novash..

    • I purchased a Mypurmist personal steamer a few years ago and have been pleased with it. Relief is temporary but it can be used as often as you want.Mask is also replaceable.It is available on Amazon and also at Walgreens. The antibiotic will be the cure,but this provides good temporary relief which is soothing.I’m with you on the nettipot…definitlely not a fan. Have also been told by Dr.’s that nettipots can worsen the infection if not done properly.Your negative COVID-19 are good news. Your symptoms however are very similar to ones that relatives and friends have experienced.Praying you recover quickly and are feeling much better soon.

  13. I have had sinus issues for several years and also had sinus surgery. A neti pot really is your best option. If you use the special saline wash packets that you mix with warm distilled water, you should not experience any pain. I once used plain water and it was excruciating. You can also make your own saline solution with salt and baking soda. Also holding a warm washcloth on your face helps. Hope you feel better soon.

  14. Thank you for the update, Susan. I’ve been thinking about you today. So glad your test result for Covid was negative. That alone probably made you feel better! Sinus infections are no fun at all, but I have used a similar steamer to the one you are looking at, and have found relief. If you choose it, I hope you have the same results. Make sure you complete all your medicines, stay HYDRATED, and REST….. Healing thoughts are continuing to be sent your way.

  15. Have you ever tried sinuorega? It is an all natural nasal spray that can be found on Amazon. A life changer for my husband and dil.

  16. Nasaline and DiSTILLED water – never use tap!

  17. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Oh what good news Susan!!! I didn’t think you had it either, but it is the first thing that comes to mind right now. Yes, it was the pneumonia that made the breathing hard. That is serious enough. I’ve never used a steamer for my sinuses but thinking now I should after reading this! So let us know which one you definitely decide on and if it helps. I have awful sinus issues too and get sinus infections. Even did the allergy shots for 5 years. So I’m anxious to see how a steamer works out for you and then I will try it if it works! Hope you are feeling well soon, nothing worse than a sinus infection….well there is, but sinus infections are not fun! Big hugs, Brenda

  18. I have had several experiences with pneumonia (I live in Ohio like your family). My first warning is that it will leave you exhausted long after the infection is gone. I was always surprised how long it would take me to feel normal after a bout with it. Even a light case of pneumonia will take me a few weeks to get my energy back. I wish you all the best. Thank goodness it was not the virus.

  19. I sure hope this is a short, quick illness for you and I will pray for your quick recovery! I have never had pneumonia, but my sister has and she would go for breathing treatments at the doctors office to release chest pressure. She also had a terrible cough and they would pound on her back. She said her lungs hurt. (So very sad and she was miserable). Hopefully, yours will never get that bad. Though, I might ask the doctor about a treatment ahead of time. Certainly can’t hurt! Take care, we all love you and need you well!!

  20. Hello Susan!
    What a scare and I’m so relieved you are not COVID positive. Mucinex in my go to. I was prescribed Mucinex when it was still a medical prescription. Steam helps in a shower.
    Wishing you a speedy return to full health soon!
    Best Regards,

  21. Gail Krushinsky says

    Try a Neilmed. It comes with small packets to put in the bottle and use water that is sterile but not cold.

  22. Navage is the ad I was thinking of.

  23. Best news today Susan. Must have been all the prayers.
    Some forms of pneumonia are contagious.
    Musinex worked for me but I complained for years about the headaches. Then one day I read the enclosure and realized the headaches were from the Musinex.
    Feel better soon.

  24. Cyndi Raines says

    Praise be to God it is not Covid! Will keep praying for you to recover from the pneumonia and sinus issues. Get as much rest as possible dear friend. I have had sinus infections before and they are terrible. I am sure the pneumonia is also. In the winter we always have a humidifer going to keep moist air and then if needed we have a small room vaporizer if stuffed up with a head cold. I have found even warm wash cloths on my face helps relieve that sinus pressure. I have heard some scary things about those neti pots, but that facial vaporizer looks like it may be very helpful. Praying for you! Hope you are still with family so they can assist you.

  25. I am glad to hear the good news. I agree with many of the others that a Neti pot is really helpful. I have suffered with sinus issues for decades and the Neti pot offers temporary relief, it is safe, and you can use it as much as you need to. Other helpful advice; be gentle with yourself.

  26. So glad you got a negative report. My husband and I use an herbal remedy for sinus issues. A nutritionist recommended Stoneroot and we have used it for years. It is a liquid extract in a dropper bottle. Use about half a dropper in a little water several times a day until the infection is gone. We use it anytime we have a slight sinus issue and one or two doses takes care of it. One problem with antibiotics and sinus infections is that the infection improves, but returns after discontinuing the antibiotics.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  27. Eileen M Conway-Whitaker says

    My husband was prone to sinus infections and had to go on antibiotics. Last few years, we have been using peppermint oil. Massage into 4 sinus areas on face. He hasn’t had an infection in years.

  28. Susan, so glad you don’t have Covid. You have received many good suggestions, but no one has mentioned good old fashioned Chicken Soup. It actually has medicinal qualities and it will make you feel better as it is so comforting. Be good to yourself and take it S L O W…

  29. Karen Kovich says

    I would use a nasal steroid spray if your doctor okays. I just NanoSteamer Large 3-in-1 Nano… for my complexion but it would be great for sinuses.

  30. franki parde says

    You must have been feeling “pings” all day long…thought of you so many times! SO GOOD to see your “Post” this AM!! No recommendations for you…we did get the Pneumonia vaccination. Here’s to better days coming…franki

  31. Leah Dengler says

    I second the NeilMed Sinus Rinse, much easier than a netipot, even my 15 year old can use it and Flonase daily. Be sure to use sterile water with NeilMed, I like it just slightly warm to really get the yuck out. Those are my sinus lifesavers. Tons of water too. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  32. Valery J Shaw says

    When I have a Sinus Infection , I cannot use my Nettie Pot-omg- It felt like a knife was up inside my Upper Nose , Eyes and Head when I tried – it was horrid. — Anyway- I bought Head for my Shower called a “Steam Head”. Then I get in the shower – with Doors all shut and no fan on – and Sprinkle Drops of Eucalptis Essential Oil in my shower like on the sides and on the shower floor. The Steam activates that and it really clears my Sinus’s.

    • That’s exactly what happened to me when I tried to use a Neti Pot when I had a sinus infection, excruciating pain like I was having a massive stroke. It lasted like a full minute of agony…swore I would never use a Neti Pot again. Worse thing ever! Thanks, Valery. I will Google for that!

  33. Shirley Simmonds says

    Keep posting about your sinus issue! Hive been doing allergy shots going on 3 years now. I do have allergies and asthma, but my complaint was my sinuses all along! Finally in year 3, he’s starting to listen to me.
    I’d love to know how the steamer works!
    I usually do a hot shower and hot wash clothes on my face. I can’t do Neti pots either!
    I love the steroid Prednisone, but the doctor will only give it to me 2x a year, so I wait till I think I’m going to scream! It shrinks the nasal cavities and I’m good to go for 4 mos. or more! It’s supposed to be hard on your liver.
    I’m so glad you are on the mend! I also recommend chicken soup!

  34. BRADEY WANDA says

    So glad your results are negative. You be careful with the pneumonia. I know you said you can’t do the Netipot but in our house we swear by it. Flonase and nasalcort are our go to sprays. Just rest and let your body heal. We are not 20 anymore. Prayers for continued healing.

  35. So glad to get this update on your test. And that you are NOT on vacation somewhere, especially a cruise ship. (That was a rather scary time.) I am making notes on your readers’ recommendations; these are great ideas to have on hand.

  36. Glad your test was negative but sorry about the pneumonia. Please let us know about the steamer because two of my grandsons have terrible sinus/allergy issues and yes they are under a doctor’s care. However, I would love to purchase a steamer for them to use when they’re really really bad.
    Feel better soon.

  37. My prayers were with you also…prayer really does change things.

  38. Happy to hear of your test results! This will certainly be a different fall/winter with folks experiencing symptoms that cross over COVID/Influenza/Sinusitis/Adenovirus etc.
    Stay diligent everyone! If you feel ill, do not hesitate to seek care & testing!

  39. So glad you are on the mend and don’t have Covid. Sinus is the worst pain…hang in there. Praying for you !

  40. Darlene Gardner says

    Susan, what wonderful news that your covid test was negative! Now, you just need to concentrate on getting better. Glad the pneumonia part is responding to medicine, now get those sinuses straightened out. I don’t have any imput on what to use, I will be interested though in how you like the steamer, because I have sinus trouble as well.

  41. If all else fails, try acupuncture or acupressure. I used to get chronic sinus infections and often got some relief from this treatment.

  42. Whew! Amen to this good news, Susan.

    Do take good care – rest and stay quiet till you get better.


  43. Please be careful when using Flonase. There have been reports of some people losing their sense of smell even after they stop using the product.

  44. Biodynamic Barb says

    Great news!

    I haven’t had a sinus issue in years (decades?) but I used to use a saucepan and a towel. Head over saucepan, towel over head. Add some essential oils to the water (I can’t remember which ones – need to search which ones are safe to inhale, perhaps another reader can recommend? Rosemary, thyme and myrrh?)

  45. So glad you do not have the Covid-19 virus. Take it easy. The steamer should help with your sinus and breathing.

  46. Mary from Virginia says

    So glad it isn’t Covid! However Pneumonia isn’t anything to mess around with either! I am sorry you can’t use the Netty Pot. I have not tried the newer style netty pot, I have the tea pot style. Not sure if that new one is the one that didn’t work for you. When I have had a sinus infection I used a humidifier at night and good ol Vick’s Vapor Rub.
    I hope your steamer is a help to you. Vitamin C & D, hot tea, and soup. Don’t I sound motherly?! Get well soon!

  47. Oh I’m so glad you don’t have covid as well – pneumonia is bad enough! Good luck with the steamer. Sending more healthy vibes your way! Hope you enjoy your weekend anyway!

  48. Walgreens and CVS have steamers in stock you could get one today I still still use a nettie pot when needed . Glad to hear you are improving Sending prayers

  49. BOBBI DUNCAN says

    Yay, no Covid-19, thank goodness! My son gets many sinus infections and swears by Navage. Those Neti-pots are not effective for him. Hugs!

  50. Jackie Allen says

    Thank God. I was thinking of you all weekend. Take care of yourself. My Dad was always a Vick’s vapor rub fan. So that is my go to. I ended up with a really bad sinus infection 2 years ago from allergies. It was in my chest and I could not talk without uncontrollably coughing. Ever since, I do Flonase nose spray everyday and when it’s allergy season I take an allergy pill 1 month prior and 1 month after. All I could think about this year if I got that cough again everyone would stay more than 6 feet away. So far I seemed to keep it away now for two years. Feel better. Looking forward to reading your blogs!! Jackie.

  51. Great news, Susan! Prayers answered!
    Neti-pots don’t seem to help me much, either — I thought I’d try Navage also through this winter’s juniper allergy season.
    Flonase is wonderful — I use it every day during allergies.
    Get better, so happy to hear your news!

  52. So thankful you tested negative for Covid!
    I don’t have a steamer but as someone who has had two sinus surgeries (f a blocked sinus from birth) and has chronic sinus infections, the only thing that works consistently to keep my sinuses flushed and clear of infection is NeilMed Sinus Rinse. ( You don’t have to use their solution. You can use Kosher salt (without anti-caking agent) and baking soda solution. There are recipes online for the solution recommended by most ENT physicians. I also use a saline nasal spray (like Ocean) in between rinses to keep my sinuses flushed. Hope you find something that works and that you feel better soon.

  53. Susan, I am so relieved that your COVID-19 result was negative. I hope the antibiotic along with whatever steamer you choose will help the sinus infection quickly. Feel better!

  54. Thanks for the update, Susan! So glad you don’t have COVID. I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  55. Susan, I am so glad to hear you don’t have COVID!
    Sinus infections can be nasty – and painful. I hope you heal up soon 🙂

  56. Susan, you will never know how much you have helped me. I am a rather new subscriber to your column so I have been randomly reading some of your older columns. I came across this column about your sinus problem and the help you have received from a steamer. It didn’t hit me right away but a few days later, I wondered if steam might help my chronic cough. I have spent years going from doctor to doctor trying to get rid of this cough. It has really affected my life. A few days ago, I tried holding my head over a pot of boiling water. It seemed to help so I tried it later that day, and the next day and the next. My husband and I both think it is helping. How funny would it be after years of doctors and different types of meds, a humble pot of boiling water is the solution. Thank you for writing your column. I always enjoy it.

    • Wow, that’s amazing that the steam has helped so much…that’s wonderful! Lin, I just purchased this steamer in July: and I really like it a lot. I use it with distilled water and it takes so little water, a gallon of distilled water is going to last me a very long time. It would be amazing if steam ends up curing your cough! I hope it continues to work! ♥

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