Take a Peek Inside My Travelon Travel Purse

Welcome to the 329th Metamorphosis Monday!

How was your weekend? I was supposed to clean out the garage but instead I spent part of the weekend doing this. The addiction continues. 😉 With summer almost here and dreams of travel always on my mind, I’m loving travel puzzles these days.

Paris Jigsaw Puzzle, Fleur de Lys by Re-Marks


This one will look like this once completed, well except the blue shop is also visible in the puzzle. I Googled to see if there really is a Fleur De Lys in Paris and there is, although it doesn’t quite look the same as this one. I want to walk down streets that look like this so badly it hurts!

Fleur de Lys Puzzle


A Peek Inside My Travel Purse

Last Monday in THIS post, I shared a change I was making in my purse/bag for travel. After hearing so much about issues of theft in Europe for naive, unsuspecting tourists, I ordered a bag that was getting amazing reviews on Amazon.

The Travelon Anti-Theft, RFID Safe, Cross-Body Bag
Travelon Crossbody Travel Bag with RFID Block


It arrived a few days ago and I love it! Several folks wrote or e-mailed questions about this bag, so as a follow-up to that previous post, I’m sharing exactly how it looks in use so you can see what fits inside the bag. So far, it exceeds my expectations!

I went with the color “stone” but the bag comes in a variety of colors including Navy, Black, Purple and Chocolate.

Best Purse and Bag for Safe Travel


You can see the area where the cut-proof cable runs through the shoulder strap of the bag. I was happy to see that it’s totally comfortable on and you don’t even notice it’s there. The body of the bag is slash-proof, as well. That’s to prevent slash and grab thefts.

I was hoping one of the pockets on the front of the bag would work for my Lonely Planet Fast Talk Phrase book I purchased for Italian and it easily does. The pockets on front are nice and roomy. Even my cell phone (inside a heavy-duty Defender Otter Box) fits easily inside either pocket. I’m not sure what I’ll put in the other one, most likely lipstick and tissues.

Travel Purse RFID Secure


For now, I plan to carry my cell phone in the zipper pocket located above the two flap pockets on front.

Best Ant-Theft Bag for Travel


It easily fits inside that pocket with room to spare. Out of curiosity I tried my Kindle and it fit, too! My Kindle is the second version, or is it the 3rd…forgotten now. Anyway, it’s 5 inches by 7 1/2 inches in size and it fits inside this pocket, too.

Best Anti-Theft Purse for Travel


That particular pocket is also one of two latching pockets on this purse. Since this is a crossbody bag, it’s highly unlikely someone will try to steal from a pocket while the bag is hanging on your body directly in front of you, however, you can never be too safe. The latches take a little maneuvering so if you choose to use them, I think they will  ensure what you place in the pocket is safe from theft while you’re wearing your purse.

Most Secure Travel Bag Purse


There’s another zipper pocket on the back of the bag.

Travelon Anti-Theft Travel Purse


My iPad Air didn’t fit inside this outside pocket but it did fit inside the bag…more on that in a sec. My Kindle definitely did, with room to spare, so I would imagine an iPad mini or any similar device would fit. I won’t be carrying the Kindle on tours, but I may take it on the long plane flight over. (The spots you see on the photo below, are not on the bag. I think they are on my camera lens since they keep appearing in photos. I need to take my camera in for a cleaning sometime soon.)

Travelon Travel Purse Bag


Kindle down inside bag…

Best Purse Bag for European Overseas Travel


My plans right now are to carry my credit card, debit card, passport and IDs under my clothing in this Lewis N. Clark Neck  Pouch with RFID blocking technology that prevents a bad guy from scanning and reading credit cards.

Lewis N. Clark RFID Neck Wallet & Passport Pouch


But it’s nice to know that the 5 slots inside the bag are also RFID secure so if don’t want to wear the above pouch underneath my shirt, I can carry my cards safely inside the bag without worrying about a bad guy scanning them.

I have an iPad Air and it fits nicely inside the bag while still inside its blue Apple iPad case. I was so happy to see it could be left in its protective case and still fit inside the bag.

Secure Purse Bag for Travel


Just for fun, I stuck my travel guide for Naples & the Amalfi Coast inside the bag, but it’s unlikely I’ll carry the whole book with me. Rick Steves, crazy man that he is, rips the pages he needs right out of his guide books. I’m going to follow a suggestion made on my previous post and just photocopy the pages of the places I’ll b visiting and carry that particular day’s destination with me each day.

Notice the two pen slots. I’ll only be carrying one pen with me so I tucked the small LED flashlight that’s designed into the bag, inside the slender pocket where the other pen would go. That way it’s out of the way, inside the bag. The flashlight hangs on the small, black strap you see tucked inside the pen pocket.

Secure Purse Bag for Travel


The other side of the bag has two pockets, one of which is a great size for a passport as you can see here. I’ll be carrying tissue in the other pocket. Nothing worse than going to a bathroom only to discover there’s no paper! I just noticed, there’s another zippered pocket above the two small pockets inside. I can’t believe all the little storage pockets on this bag! I think I’ll tuck a little notebook or diary in that pocket for jotting down notes along the way.

I took the flashlight out of the pen pocket for this picture so you can see how it just hangs down inside the purse. If you’re not carrying an entire book inside your purse, you’ll have room for more stuff. I couldn’t pull the bag open and take photos at the same time but it’s plenty roomy enough for the things you need to carry while touring each day.

Travelon Travel Purse With RFID Safe Card Pockets


The main compartment of the bag can be doubly secured with the latching mechanism. I plan on using those latches because I won’t be accessing the inside of my bag that often on a tour and it only takes a few seconds to open it. What makes it secure is you have to hold the bag a certain way to get to the latch to open it. So I don’t think anyone will be able to easily unlatch it, undetected.

Best Purse for Traveling to Europe


The bag also has a metal hook thingy so you can hang your bag onto a chair back. I doubt I’ll use this and will most likely wear my bag even while eating. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable having my bag hanging behind me on a chair, even with this type latch.

Mose Secure, RFID Purse for Travel to Europe


I love this bag! I’m so tempted to order a second one in Navy. This is going to become my house touring, garden touring and all-day-shopping bag, in addition to being my travel bag. I’ve always loved crossbody bags because they don’t slide off your shoulder and they free up both hands for whatever you’re doing.

You can read more about this bag on Amazon here: Travelon Luggage Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag, Stone, Two Pocket

Best Purse and Bag for Safe Travel


I’ve discovered that a big part of traveling is the anticipation you enjoy the months prior to a trip. At first I was a little disappointed that the deal I found for my trip to Italy (read more about that here: Trip to Italy) was for a trip in the fall. Now I’m glad because I’ve come to realize the preparation, anticipation and dreaming period is one of the best parts of traveling! How did I not know this?!

Part of the dreaming has included purchasing two books. I spent about half an hour one evening reading all the reviews and looking at the various travel books online. The ones I like best are the Eyewitness Travel books because they aren’t just filled with pages and pages of information like most travel guides. Instead the info is punctuated with photos showing the major attractions or highlights in that particular area or place. They are filled with pictures all throughout.  I like their byline: “The guides that show you what others only tell you.” They are beautiful books! I’d buy them even if I didn’t have a trip planned!

These books are dense and packed with information, so again, I’ll just make copies of the pages I need to take with me each day while on tours. But I’m having so much fun drooling over them in advance of the trip. You can see all of the eyewitness travel books here: Eyewitness Travel Guides

EyeWitness Travel Guides Italy, Naples & The Amalfi Coast


Are you traveling anywhere this year? I’d love to hear about your travel plans so please share in the comments. I have the travel bug bad!

Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters for this Met Monday!


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  1. You look so organized and ready to go Susan! Love your puzzle, yes very addicting and much more fun than cleaning out the garage! Thanks for the party fun today~

  2. I had a travel purse very much like yours back when I was in the corporate world – except mine converted from shoulder to backpack with a zip strap. Nice bag, and I’m sure it’ll serve you well. I love the crossbody style but I need the weight evenly distributed or musculoskeletal migraine headache ensues for me. :/
    Thanks for hosting us, Susan, and I hope you have an outstanding week.

  3. Love your travel puzzle! I have not worked on a jig saw puzzle for ages. Once I start I just can’t stop and oh what fun.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

    • lol I know! I have to take breaks in between doing them because it’s hard to stop once you start. I love having one going on the board in the office all the time, though…just love seeing them underway. Thanks, Susan!

  4. I was at Amazon yesterday researching your purse. I am so tempted to purchase one just for outings. Here in CA it gets so hot I bought an umbrella just to protect me from the sun. They provide them at The Getty.

    I was wondering if you are going with friends or a group?

    • I’m going with a tour group. One of my friends wanted to go after hearing about it, but unfortunately my tour is fully booked. I used to try and plan trips with friends, but they would say they wanted to go, but would never commit. So I just decided to go and quit waiting. I wouldn’t go by myself but I’m looking forward to going with a group.

  5. You must have been a Girl Scout — always prepared. I ordered one of these bags after you showed it the first time. I’m glad to see that there is so much storage in it. My husband accuses me of carrying my entire suitcase in my purse. Of course, he’s always glad when I have something he needs. Now, I just have to train myself to put things back in the bag where they go. I organize my purse, but then when I get something out, I throw it back into the purse without thinking. I may really need that flashlight to find something in that big dark hole.

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      …. Glad when you have something he needs, lol. Laurie, I don’t need to carry as much as I used to but there was a time that I kept a second bag in my car. It was a smallish satchel style bag I no longer used and had those ‘extras’ that women such as us like to have on hand, but probably won’t need every time we go out. It was nice because it helped lighten the load and keep my ‘real’ bag more streamlined. Just a thought. I never had any theft issues but you could always use a tote or something less conspicuous if you intended to leave it in the car rather than the trunk.

    • lol Folks used to accuse my sister of that but then just like you mentioned, everyone loved it when she had the thing they needed.

  6. I may have to get one of those bags Susan for the next time we travel! Thanks for doing all the research and the sneak peek inside!

    P.S. Don’t clean out the garage, just leave the door closed whenever possible 🙂

  7. Susan, it looks like you have a good start on your trip. I hope you take lots of photos for us to enjoy and go vicariously through you!

    • Thanks, Jan, I will! I’ll try to post about each main area that we see. I don’t want y’all to feel like you’re stuck watching someone else’s travel slides. 🙂

  8. Great purse! May have to get one for my trip to Italy! I agree with you – the Eyewitness Travel books are the best! I haven’t picked up the Amalfi coast one, yet, but I will!

    • They really are beautiful books! I was thinking the other day, if I wrote a travel book, it would be more like a scrap book interspersed with photos…and that’s just how these books feel to me, but with tons of information, too. Amy, the Amalfi coast one is great, too!

  9. That puzzle is so full of color! Thank you for hosting this AWESOME blog hop Susan.

  10. You know Susan you don’t have to go to Europe to see streets like that – we have them here in Quebec City – AND Old Montreal ! ( google them – it’s like being in Europe while staying in North America – and with it being a predominantly French speaking province it ” feels ” like it even more )
    Having said that – there’s not a city like Paris on the planet – absolutely none – I need to get back there ! )
    Your puzzle is gorgeous !!!!!!
    Thanks so much for hosting – hope you have a wonderful week
    Big hugs,

    • I definitely need to add Canada to my bucket list, Suzan! Is Spring or Fall the best time for travel to Canada?

      • Either/or – but for Montreal in particular it’s summer – without a doubt ……..
        There’s a festival almost every week –
        Just for Laughs
        Montreal Int’l fireworks
        International Jazz Festival ( one of the largest in the world )
        Food fests
        Wine/beer Fests
        Fashion week
        And if you come to Montreal – you HAVE to stay in Old Montreal
        At this Auberge

        All of Canada has its beauty – Banff is pretty spectacular as well – but if you’re looking for a Parisien type of holiday in North America then Montreal is the place 🙂

  11. Susan, thanks for hosting! I love your bag, especially the size and all of the different compartments. I’m sure it will be great for your trip!

  12. Oh…I want to go back with you! Looks like a great bag. On my last “over the pond” trip I took a nylon type bag but it did not have the new technology for blocking thieves. Lightweight is the way to go in picking a travel bag!
    sheila e

  13. Susan, I’m like you….I like to be prepared. Hubby and I went to Italy and Greece a couple of years ago. I used a small backpack, but love the idea of the bag you’ve found. Fall should be lovely! We went in summer months and it was HOT……and I’m from California! I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time. Oh, and don’t forget to try one of the buses that travel around the bigger cities and you can hop on and off, if you get a chance. You’ll see a lot for not much money and then you can get off where you’d like to see more. Ciao!

  14. Nancy Carr says

    I have used Travelon for years. I have not purchased the newer ones with the safety features, however, I will before I travel again. The cross body is a must. I learned I could also toss my old Travelon bags in the laundry and air dry them. Not sure how this would work with the new safety features though. There are a lot of sources for Travelon bags including QVC and ebay and more. You got a winner and will have a great time traveling.

    • Nancy, I was wondering about that, too. It may be possible with this bag, too. I’ll have to look and see if that’s in the FAQ or something. This bag is so inexpensive, if I had to buy one a year, I don’t think I would mind too much for the peace of mind they offer.

  15. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Hee … your excitement is infectious. Yes, I always understood that half of the fun is the planning and anticipation. My husband is the type who would say, “Oh, I got some time off so we’re leaving for a 1 month European tour in 3 days.” And then he wouldn’t understand as I proceeded to freak out about not being ready. I sometimes think I should start NOW to ‘get ready,’ just in case, lol.

    I love your bag and like others have thought about buying one. I’ve never had a cross body bag but they make so much sense. You are getting organized in typical Susan fashion so when the time comes, you’ll be ready and it will all go smoothly. 😀

    • Pam, I would jump for joy if my hubby had ever said that! I’d race him to the car! lol Next time he says that, say Yippeeeee! Then grab the passport, a change of clothing and go! 🙂

  16. Traveling in Italy during the ‘shoulder season’ is fantastic and I know you’ll have a wonderful time. Your tour bus should have water (usually to purchase!) but you’ll probably want to take some along as well and a mini-bottle should fit in your purse. Walking the steep cobblestone streets of the Amalfi Coast can work up a thirst. Another thing I always have in my purse is a compact and foldable thin (but strong) fabric shoulder shopping bag. Great for holding those souvenirs from each location while shopping. Whether it be exquisite Carthusia perfume from the Isle of Capri (www.theperfumesshoppe.com/Carthusia-perfumes-s/39.htm), limoncello (sunshine in a bottle) from anywhere on the Amalfi Coast, inlaid wooden jewelry or ring boxes from Sorrento (I prefer the more ancient craft of intarsia over marquetry), hand carved cameos, or dishes decorated with lemons (since you’re in the Land of the Lemon) you’ll be glad you have a bag to sling over your shoulder that is large enough to hold your purchases. Some shops will mail your purchases to your home address which I have never done except for very large items that won’t fit in my suitcase or carry-on luggage. Spend some time before you leave researching and educating yourself about shopping in each location as there are shops that will rip you off if you’re not careful. Trip Advisor is a good place to start. Good luck and have a wonderful time!

    • Jan, I have to tell you something funny. I keep seeing the phrase the “shoulder season” and I wasn’t sure what that was. I thought, is that in the fall when you need a sweater over your shoulders because it’s just a little chilly. lol I just googled it and the definition is the period between the peak and off peak season, which is normally spring and fall. All this time, I’ve been thinking the peak season was in the spring and fall because everyone I’ve talked to and every book I’ve read recommends going during that time to avoid the summer crowds and heat. But obviously peak season is the summer when there are crowds! So, now I know what the should season is! 🙂
      I do think this bag will hold a water bottle, especially since I won’t carry the whole guide book with me, just copies of the pages that apply to the place we’re visiting for the day.
      Thanks for the shopping bag suggestion…that’s great! I’m going to try to not buy tons of little stuff. My plan is/was to choose one or two nice items to remember the trip by. But we’ll see how it goes once I’m there. 🙂
      Wow, check out the prices for that perfume on Amazon…must be some good stuff! Thanks for all these great shopping tips! I’ll google for the info on Trip Advisor, too.

  17. I recently bought a similar purse for travel that has the security benefits like yours. I took it to Las Vegas and for the first time felt safe(er)!! I bought a black one and am contemplating getting the style and lighter color like yours from Amazon. We are going to Paris this summer so I would like to have both! Enjoy Italy, especially the beautiful Amalfi Coast.

  18. Italy’s definitely on the list for someday, so I can’t wait for you to go and share your trip with us. I can’t believe everything you can fit into that bag! Have a great week. 🙂

  19. Nikki Hartline says

    I never had a problem with the lights going out in Italy, but there was a 3 hour power outage the day I was in the Cairo Museum. I was in the bathroom when the power went out. I didn’t carry a flashlight then, but I do now. Most bathrooms are located on inside walls, and in non-civilized countries, you can’t count on battery backups.

    Enjoy Italy.

  20. Mary from Virginia says

    You think of everything, such a great purse. Can’t wait to hear all about Italy!

  21. After reading your post last week, I ordered a travelon purse for my cruise. Did you know you can buy travel toilet paper — on Amazon of course. I went on a trip several years ago where the tour organizer gave us each one.

  22. Susan, you will have the best time and it will be the first of many trips!!! I’m so excited for you!! My parents traveled the world quite a few times and I always purchased the newest Eyewitness Books for the places they were going as soon as they booked their trip. They always traveled with Globus Tours and had nothing but wonderful experiences with them. I hope you have as much fun as they always did!!

  23. My kids sent me one of these in a different style- for a trip we’ll be making to see them. Mine is geared to hold something like my iPad which they know I love. I see the comment about going to Quebec City and that’s one I definitely want to visit! I’m not ready for a trip to Europe but I do dream about it!
    Thanks for hosting!

  24. Hope you have strong shoulders Susan, you have everything but the kitchen sink in there!! 🙂 One thing you did not mention, was a camera. When we went to France, we purchased a small Sony which hubby could put in his pocket. Did not want people to realise we were tourists, of course until we opened our mouths!! 🙂
    I realise that not staying in any one place, you have to take everything with you. This was the beauty of having an apartment and I only took a small crossover bag with me on day trips.
    My shoulders and neck would not stand me taking too much.
    I am feeling excitement for you already and you are making me homesick for Europe!! 🙂

    • It really isn’t that heavy. I won’t be taking the Kindle or the book on day tours so those won’t be in the bag. If I take the Kindle, it will be to use on the plane.
      Megan, I’m so glad you mentioned about cameras. I don’t want to take my regular camera because it’s big and bulky and pretty heavy. I would like to take one that has an amazing zoom and great quality, but is small/portable. What Sony camera did your hubby take? Camera shopping is on my list of things to get done. I’d love to find one that will fit in my purse. I don’t really care if I look like a tourist. I think it will be written all over my mouth-gaping, eyes-popping face anyway! lol

      • Oops sorry, it is a Canon, powershot A2200 HD 4X optical Zoom 14.1 Megal Pixels.
        He is always buying cameras, he just bought a Nikon D2300. The small Canon is about 4.1/2 inches across. We took all our photos with it in Europe, including the ones I sent you.
        We would have loved to have had a bigger one for inside castle shots, but like you, did not want to carry a larger one around.
        Happy camera shopping!! 🙂

  25. Oh, Susan so excited (and NOT, at all jealous!) of your wonderful trip to come! So ready, aren’t you?! Look at how organized you are getting! I wish you the very best! I thank you so much for hosting your wonderful Party, too! It is always such a great source of Inspiration for me!
    Hugs and blessings,

  26. Hi Susan,

    I wanted to share my favorite travel product with you. It is from Sholdit.com and it’s a scarf. I don’t even carry a bag when out and about (except a bag for purchases) and my camera. I tuck my passport, cash, a credit card it it. No one is the wiser. We have never had a problem with theft but I realize there is always a first time. I love scarfs anyway and their product is beyond practical.

    Have a fabulous week.

    P.S. Europe in fall is magical!

    • Love my Sholdit as well as my Travelon purse with oodles of storage slots. We tend to travel internationally at least twice a year. Both are really durable and smart purchases for those who travel in our crazy world!

  27. Elizabeth Elliott says

    Sounds like you are going to have a great trip! My husband and I have been fortunate to travel the world, mostly, for his work. I have been picpocketed twice. The first time was in Indonesia. I was touring a Hindu temple and a group of people surrounded me and then quickly dispersed. This was my first international trip, so I was unprepared. When I had a chance to check, my purse that had been under my arm had been slashed and my wallet and glasses case had been removed. Fortunately, I didn’t have much money in my wallet. The second time was in Thailand. Being wiser, I had all of my money and credit cards in my neckpouch. I had a “belly pack” with my glasses, kleenex. Two ladies came up near me, unzipped my belly pack and took my glasses case. When the ladies ran off, I realized what happened. My husband took off after them and got the glasses back. (My hero!) Picpocketer’s skills are unbelievable! You are doing well to be so prepared.

    • I’m sooo impressed with your hubby…what a man! How did he catch her? That’s amazing! Yeah, I think I’m going to wear my credit cards, Id and passport around me neck and under my clothing. My bag will be handy for other stuff and it slash proof. Scary to think of someone that close to you with a knife sharp enough to rip through a bag!

      • Elizabeth Elliott says

        My husband was suspicious when they came up near me, but it was so quick the act was over before he could react. He is six feet tall and they were small ladies. When he caught up with them he confronted them. They denied it, but he kept at them (he has been both a sheriff’s deputy and a school vice principal and principal). They eventually threw the glasses on the ground and ran off.

  28. Stephanie says

    Hi Susan, Great news about your trip. You will love it. Having been to Europe several times here’s some helpful tips. You will need to buy a chip for your phone over there,you phone will not work in the EU without it. Plug adapters (for phone and other devices you use)needed.
    As for not trying to look like tourist,I’d say try to blend in for safety’s sake and for the locals not trying to rip you off $ wise.
    Wear comfortable shoes but no sneakers ! That’s a true mark of a tourist.
    Don’t over schedule because some times a long line or weather changes your plans so be flexible and have fun !

    • Stephanie, I read that about sneakers somewhere else, can’t remember where now. Those are the most comfortable shoes normally. Do they not wear sneakers in Italy? I don’t get the sneaker thing. They are so comfortable for standing and walking, it just doesn’t make sense to me that folks wouldn’t wear them in Italy, too. I don’t really care if I look like a tourist because one look at me, and I think it will be obvious. The minute I speak, it will definitely be obvious. lol
      Thanks for the phone tip! I called Verizon and asked about their plans and they have some for travel overseas. They didn’t say anything about the chip so thanks for mentioning that. I have a Samsung Galaxy s3 phone and I may upgrade to the s6 by then. I’m trying to decide if I should go with another Samsung, which I’ve really enjoyed, or change to iPhone. I don’t like the OS at all for iPads and iPhones, but I like the graphics/picture quality of Apple products…just not their OS. I’m afraid I will be over-scheduled. They offering some awesome side tours on our few days off, so I won’t be able to resist those.

      • Europeans really do not wear sneakers on the street though they probably exercise in them. Sneakers still mark you as a tourist from the US or Canada. There are many cute and comfortable shoes with great support and tennis shoe-like sole. Skechers make great Mary Janes which are stylist…and not grandmotherly looking! We have been going to Europe for 17 years on a regular basis.

        As for the cell phone, we buy an International plan from Verizon for our cell phones and one tablet. No need for European chips in your phone since you must buy one for each country you visit. Some years ago that was the case. Using your own cell phone overseas makes life so much easier!

  29. Thanks so much for the party!!


  30. Enjoying the travel-prep posts alot, so can’t wait until we get the post-travel ones! Great collection of information and suggestions, from posts and comments.

  31. Nancy Carr says

    I commented above that I have laundered my Travelon bags before (before the ones with safety features). It never said in the reviews of the Travelon that this could be done, but it was worth a try and it worked. I wear Birkenstocks and have one leather pair of sandals I have washed on gentle at least 15 times and they just will not wear out! I air dry them of course. Birkenstock has never said this could be done either. I throw rubber flip flops or shower shoes in the laundry and air dry those once in awhile also.

  32. Patricia says

    Traveled to Amalfi and most of Italy for a month last year. You will want to fit a small water bottle into your bag. Italy has fantastic clean/safe/cold water fountains available for refilling. We used rail walked everywhere with no problems. If It was an especially crowded area I would move my bagallini to my front. There are great, stylish and comfortable walking sandals- ditch the sneakers. Bring a pin and chip credit card that can be used at ATM’s and exercise caution when using them. Enjoy the Limoncello!

    • Just read your remark about the limoncello and oh my goodness is that stuff good. Susan be sure and have some you will love it I’m sure.

  33. This is going to be such an amazing trip!

  34. You are one of the most organized people I know!!! The bag seems like it will be perfect and your trip sounds fabulous. I know I will never get to Europe; my fear of flying keeps me close to home. So, I will go via you!!! Thanks for hosting!!!

  35. well, it’s looking like you are ready to leave tomorrow! we are planning trip to the beach and to Tenn during the 10 weeks that the kids have off for summer vaca.

  36. Oh Susan, I used to do puzzles all the time~ they are addicting. I may have to take it up again. The colors in yours are so pretty.

  37. I’m leaving for Italy this Wednesday! Very last minute trip with my daughter and granddaughter for her college graduation. Still we did lots of planning. Back and forth texting, what to bring, wear, hotels, tours, and all. We’re just going to Rome for 3 days and Capri for 3 days along the Amalfi coast. I’m sure that will make me want to go back! Maybe in September too. Gotta go now and finish packing!

  38. This is great! I am going to order one for myself. I am planning to travel to Prague at the end of the year to visit my daughter who is moving over this summer to teach English as a second language. I love this bag…perfect and very safe and secure. I am also going to order the Lewis and Clark pouch and tell my daughter about it as well. Thanks for sharing!

  39. I have that handbag. Was invaluable on my trip to France last year. It is very easy to secure and comfortable. Great Choice.

  40. I have the same bag in black, and took it to London and Paris two years ago. A street urchin tried to pickpocket my bag but I caught him and scolded him. LOL! I love that bag!

    I’m going to London and Paris again in June with my granddaughter who is 18 and going to Europe for the first time. I will strongly suggest she get a similar bag, although ALL teenagers swear by their backpacks!

    Europeans believe sneakers are only to be worn at the gym or if you are playing a sport. Otherwise they don’t wear them much. Good walking shoes are a must, but if you get a good BLACK sneaker you might get away with it! I recommend both Propet walking shoes and Alegria sandals. Stylish and very supportive.

    Good luck, Susan – I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous time!

  41. It looks like you are set to go. I have always thought that the planning and anticipation of the trip was just as great as the trip itself. Enjoy it all. We are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this year and will be going on a cruise. I can’t wait.

  42. Hey my friend, sorry its been so long. I have had a CRAZY year with my father and my health. But bright days ahead. We will be heading to England for about 14-16 days this September. I love this purse. I have one but it has seen better days. This should keep you safe. I had a horrible experience in Rome with two picket pockets. Unfortunately for them, I taught self-defense as a police officer and it really didn’t work out too well for them. By the time my husband realized what had happened, I had them both in headlocks. LOL “When in Rome…” I love you are going to Italy and can’t wait to hear all about it, but please do be extra careful. NO white tennis shoes. Email me if you ever want to talk. 🙂 xxoo, Barb

  43. Susan, thank you for hosting!

  44. Susan I’m so excited for you, you are going to love Italy. I’ve have the pleasure of being in Italy twice and I love it, friendly people, good food and memories of a life time. After seeing the bag you bought for your trip I’ve decided to buy one for myself and my daughter. I’m taking my granddaughter and my daughter to England and France for my granddaughter’s high school graduation in June of 2016 and this bag will be needed. I’m not sure my granddaughter will want one, I’ll check on that with her but for sure I do. Thanks for sharing as I ALWAYS look forward to your post. Let us know when you are leaving because I want to pray for you to have a wonderful and safe trip.

  45. That looks like one super-duper hi-tech bag! I love cross body bags for the exact reason you mentioned, you can carry it and still have both hands free. Plus the strap doesn’t keep slipping down off your shoulder 🙂

    My travel plans for this year are permanent – my hubby and I are selling our house, packing up our dogs, and moving to Nova Scotia! It’s going to be a big adventure – especially because we still don’t really have a place to live!

    • Kelly, you should contact HGTV and get them to help you find a place. What’s the name of that show they always have that shows couples moving to another country and house hunting? Novia Scotia sounds exciting! I can’t wait to hear how you like it! 🙂

  46. The Amalfi coast is my favourite place and my heart aches to go back. You will have a blast. I like to do the puzzles during the anticipation phase but also go for movies filmed in my trip location. Try “The Amazing Mr Ripley” and “All You Need is Love” with Pierce Brosnan. Both filmed in Positano and Capri.

  47. A big thanks to you, Susan. I travel mainly in the United States, and spend a lot of time in airports. After reading your previous post, I went to Amazon to check it out, and ordered it. It was on my doorstep in a couple of days, and I love it. Have fun in Italy. I will be living vicariously reading about your trip.
    PS…love the puzzle…much more fun than cleaning out the garage!

  48. This post made me go buy my own bag just like yours! Except that I chose the navy color, and I just got it today. I’m not traveling overseas right now, but I certainly do a lot of garden tours and home tours. This will be great. Thanks for the post.

    • Robin, I hope you like it as much as I like mine. That navy is such a great color…I’m so tempted to order a navy one too.

  49. Great post, Susan! Love the info about the Travelon bag, the puzzles (love the Nancy Drew and Italy coast), and your travel research. Did you notice that on the link to Amazon, it shows the purse on male figure?

  50. Thanks, Sandy! I guess it can be unisex. At the Travelon website, where the bag cost almost twice as much, it shows it shows a picture of a real person (not a silhouette) and it’s being carried by a woman.

  51. Susan,
    When travelling internationally, I always have my passport and enough cash to get me out of/away from any troublesome or dangerous situation that might occur. On my last trip, which was 2weeks in Israel, I came up with the idea of wearing my I.D. Pocket around my waist instead of around my neck. I put the pocket with my Passport and cash to the side, just shy of sitting on my hip. It was comfortable to the point of forgetting about it, didn’t show at all, as it sometimes does around your neck, and didn’t become irritating by the end of the day (if not before) because if rubbing on my neck. Just a thought. Have a wonderful time. I enjoy reading your posts!

    • I was just thinking about that last night and was wondering if I should pin it inside my clothing. That way it would be completely invisible with no neck strap showing. I wonder if the neck strap is big enough to go around my waist…I think it probably is. I’ll try that because I do like the idea of it being totally invisible a lot better. Great idea about carrying enough cash to leave if necessary. Candy, did you carry American money and Euros, both? Thanks, Candy!

      • Susan, we were with a small tour of about 20 people, so didn’t make a lot of daily transactions. We got some Sheqels once we arrived and used those for lunch, small incidentals. Other purchases we made with a credit card (make sure you contact your cc company before you go). I kept my passport and $1,000 cash with me at all times. That tip was from a close friend who travels all over the world (has taken several Rick Steves trips). She knows that can get her on a plane, train, or buy the use of a car if she has to. She’s not a drama queen-her last trip was 72 days, from New Zealand to China to Russia to Germany-just very practical and a lawyer, so her mind is always thinking about being prepared. She also sleeps with it under her pillow. I figure she’s a pretty good “go to” whenever I have the opportunity to venture out of the U.S.
        I agree with you that planning is half the fun. I also use a Travelon purse. On my last trip I did decide that if I have anything electrical that I consider essential that I’ll take two. I had my hair appliance blow out the first day of the trip (with proper converters) and while that certainly didn’t do anything to put a damper on the trip, I sure would have liked some of my pictures better had my hair been “normal”! You can’t just run out and pick up another-nor do you want to take the time. Also, this trip I used packing cubes-found some at Marshall’s and a couple at Container Store. Of course Amazon has many. My Joy Mangano “My Little Steamer” travel size was wonderful to have along, especially since I used the packing cubes. I hadn’t travelled internationally in about 4 years, so it was great fun to have the experience again. Italy is so wonderful. I have friends who left for Florence on Saturday. Wish I was there! These are tips from my modest travels. Hope they help.

        • Thanks for all that great info, Candy! I hadn’t even thought about blow dryers. I was hoping they would have one in the hotel since it’s supposed to be a pretty nice hotel. I guess I’d better find a small one I can take since the one I have is huge.
          Wow, 72 days! Was she traveling alone? I can’t imagine being gone that long. She must really love traveling to be able to stay gone that long and not get tired of it.
          I’ll look for My Little Steamer, too. I think I’ll just have to be wrinkled a lot. lol
          I need to find shoes but I’ll probably wait until closer to October to buy those. I did find a small camera to take with me yesterday and ordered it. Now, I’m trying to decide what kind of notebook/small computer I want to take with me, so I can blog while I’m there. Still a lot to figure out! 🙂

  52. I agree that the anticipation of the trip is one of the BEST parts of a trip. When my husband & I agreed to travel to France and Rome in December, our trip was not until June. I spent the six months reading all about my destinations, making plans, shopping for the best items for traveling (like you did with your new bag), watching shows (like Rick Steves), etc. There was so much anticipation – and it was really enjoyable. It also made my trip better, because I was knowledgeable and prepared. I hope you have a MOST MARVELOUS vacation! Bon Voyage!
    Michelle from simplysantabarbara.blogspot.com

    • Michelle, I’ve been watching Rick’s videos, too…some more than once. I’m trying to learn as much as I can in advance since I know I’ll be on information overload once there. lol

  53. Susan, I saw this site on Pinterest and thought you might like to read it too. It’s about how to not get ripped off when eating in Italy.


    I am so excited for you and can’t wait to see your return pictures!

  54. I just bought the purse you featured. I love it! Wish I had found it before we went to Paris and Northern France.

    • Kay, has your purse arrived yet? I love it, too! You’ll be ready for that next trip! I have the traveling bug BAD! 🙂

      • Yes, It came today! I love it and so does my husband. Oh, Yes, I love your blog. I have enjoyed it for a long while. Love your pictures and your house.

  55. Susan, have you decided how you will pack your toiletries? I have been looking for a good hanging toiletries bag. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Not yet, but I will add that to my travel “to do” list. Thanks for mentioning it, I definitely need to give that some thought! If I find something I think will be awesome for that, I’ll be sure to blog about it.

  56. Susan,
    I have a similar bag and like it very much. Having lived in England and Paris and traveled extensively, I find that Americans are so worried about pickpockets in other countries but the US is no less prone to pickpockets in tourist areas, however, we often become blasé to that fact. We should always be aware of our surroundings. Bon voyage, your trip sounds wonderful, I have seen some of that area and you’ll not be disappointed!

  57. Susan, I will be leaving Oct. 9th for my Italy adventure. I will be with a tour group, as I assume you were. Do I need the tour books? Did you find them useful?

    • I really didn’t refer to them while away on the tour, but I loved looking at them prior to leaving. Rick Steves (crazy man that he is) recommends ripping the pages right out of the guide books that apply to where you’re going and just taking those pages. I will not do that to my beautiful Eye Witness Guide Books! Of course, when he’s giving that advice, it’s really meant for folks who are going on their own, and not on a tour.

      If you think you would like to read each night about the places you’ll be visiting the following day, you could photocopy those pages from the books and take those with you. Or, even easier, just go online on your phone (using the free wifi in your hotel) and read about them online each night. If you plan on going it on your own some afternoon, like during a day when you are given free time to explore, you may want to copy the pages & maps that pertain to that area so you’ll have those with you.

      I do love collecting the guides for reading in advance of the trip, but I wouldn’t use up valuable luggage space and weight taking them on the trip. You may need that weight/space for souvenirs that you’ll be bringing back. 🙂

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